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Scientific Magic

This is a school that has no particular philosophy or ethical background. Magic is regarded not as a way of life, but rather as a tactic used to attain one's goal. Followers of this school are seldom spellcasters themselves, but rather combine elements of magic with obscure or highly advanced forms of science to create effects that seem magical. In this school, the distinction between science and magic is never clear; either or both could be used to produce a single effect. Alchemy is the best example of a semi-magical science. The character, such as Diablo, would be an alchemist, that is, he brings about his effects through the use of potions, powders, and pills he himself creates (sometimes through materials or energy tapped from dimensional or universal sources). A scientific sorcerer is somewhat vulnerable (his items and creations can be destroyed or stolen, robbing him of power; or he could run out of items whereas spells are usually always available). However, a scientific spellcaster is somewhat less restricted in what he can accomplish (add 3 more spells, 2 of Personal energy and 1 of Universal energy to his capabilities, in artificial forms, of course).

The time required to gather materials and create new items, powders, potions, or tablets are left to the Judge and depend on the spell, how strong it is and what its effects are. It is suggested that items with effects of Rm(30) rank or less can be created at the rate of 2/day, while items up to Am(50) rank can be produced at the rate of 1/day. The creation of items with greater effect, or the creation of any permanent item requires the equivalent of a ceremony and must be handled by the Judge.

A scientific magic wielder begins his career with access to his master's laboratory, which is stocked with equipment whose cost in resources is equal to the master's Psyche rank number. The magic wielder can use his master's lab as long as the master agrees. If the student wishes to set up his own lab, he only needs to spend his Psyche rank number in resources for equipment (the master makes up the difference). The Judge should use the guidelines on ceremonies and ceremonial areas to handle the creation of items in laboratories.

A scientific magic wielder automatically receives 1 scientific talent of his choice (such as engineering, biology, genetics, physics, etc.) in addition to any other talents he may normally receive. The automatic talent received by alchemists is pharmacy (the mixture and preparation of medicines).

Scientific magic is a "neutral" school, and no special bonuses or vulnerabilities apply to it.