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(Also known as the Nameless Dimension)
Ruled By: Unrevealed, possibly no one.

Very little is known about the dimension of Raggadorr, and that which is known is partially assumed from snatches of incantations.

It has 7 roving rings, which must contain powerful magic for they are often called upon in Dimensional Entreaty spells and act to bind or are used as a barrier. These rings may actually be rings around a planet, such as Saturn's rings, or may be the only matter in the dimension.

A magic wielder can exist there because Kaluu fled from Earth and was trapped there for 500 years. Only a dimension-spanning catastrophe, caused by the struggle between Dormammu and Eternity, released enough energy to break his entrapment there. Upon his return we first hear of and see the Daemons of Denak, so it is quite possible that they originated in that dimension. He seemed extremely hateful of the dimension, implying it was not a location to which one would wish to be banished.

It has been referred to more than once as a "dimension beyond the edge of the universe", and other phrases that lead us to believe it is probably the dimension farthest away from Earth's dimension, but, as in the case of the Dark Dimension, its powerful magical essence allows it to be detected and entered.

It is also called the Nameless Dimension, which does not sound too pleasant, and may also be the location called "the Place which is Not a Place".

Another incantation, the Rains of Raggadorr, is an extremely powerful cleansing rain, washing off even the most vile of magical fungi. These rains may be powerful enough in their own dimension to support life without any other need of sustenance. They might also grant good health and increased longevity to its inhabitants. Kaluu had barely aged those 500 years, though he implied that the passage of time was the same in the Nameless Dimension as it was on the Earth Dimension.