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Ruled By: Currently unrevealed.

The Quadriverse is a 4-sectioned dimension, possibly a multiverse, where life and science have no relationship to any other part of the known universe. To enter the Quadriverse, one must encounter its female guardian and enter her mind, which is not as difficult as it sounds, merely desire to do so and it happens. The Quadriverse seems to violently affect characters' drives, making them savage and careless, They seem to revel in their own power, using the most extreme of their powers to kill rather than to defend (a Reason FEAT roll with a penalty of a 3CS is allowed the hero each encounter to control his aggressive tendencies. Karma loss for killing is not applicable here.)

This is a sanity-threatening dimension, far worse than Phaseworld or the Dark Dimension. A character can die a number of times here, then return to life again about 10 rounds later (pain is felt, though, and Karma loss from being defeated is as normal). There is a final death after about 7 "false" deaths.

The dimension itself is evenly divided into 4 smaller sectors, 2 opposing black and 2 opposing white dimensions (checkered). The first sector is Menace, where the threat to the character's sanity first begins. The second sector is Calmness and Tranquility, a lonely stretch of land with a lovely castle. The third sector is a smoky Inferno (flaming Ty(6) damage per every other round to any character not protected against magic, heat, or flame). The fourth sector is Home, where the inhabitants of the dimension dwell in pastoral peace. One must go through the first 3 sectors to reach the 4th.

Quadriverse was ruled by the Creators, a league of sorcerers from various time periods, who sent the sorcerer Xandu to neutralize Doctor Strange, so that they might expand the Quadriverse into the Earth dimension. Led by Stygyro and backed by the power of the In-Betweener, they were powerful enough to plant suggestions and illusions in the mind of the Ancient One, though he was one with the universe. The Ancient One temporarily stripped Doctor Strange of his title of Sorcerer Supreme and the Creators temporarily took over the Earth dimension by transforming themselves into stars, forcing the real stars into human form. Eventually, all was set right again by Doctor Strange and Apalla, 1 of the star/humans. Now that Doctor Strange has set things in the Earth dimension aright, they may possibly have returned to rule Quadriverse again.