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(This dimension is now believed to be destroyed, but can be reached by slipping into Earth's past and entering from there.)
Ruled By: Currently uninhabited; formerly Lectra, Empress of Phaseworld and Sorceress Supreme.

This dimension is rarely found in the recordings of interdimensional adventures. Lectra ruled from her home of Allendra, a huge, glittering, golden city-island that sinks beneath the sea of Phaseworld when she is not in attendance.

Phaseworld was an extremely magical extradimensional world, where the Sorceress Supreme could command the very elements of the planet itself. Its beauty was breathtaking and awe-inspiring, its people, delicate and almost angelic. Anyone travelling to Phaseworld will find they have a +1CS in all magical actions and combat (even magical items and magically enhanced characters are better there).

Lectra's green-haired sister, Phaydra, was the rightful ruler but Lectra ensorcelled her and seized the throne. Lectra, in her quest for power, tried to convince Doctor Strange to marry her and co-rule her dimension, but she accidentally destroyed Phaseworld when she shattered the Soul-Mirror which bound the sisters to the land. If one travels to this dimension now, he will only find lifeless rubble floating in space.