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Dual Persona

This spell makes the character one with a magic wielder from the past. There are 2 separate personality patterns in the magic wielder's brain, and the character has at least partial access to the memories and knowledge of his ancient counterpart.

The way in which the character relates to his Alter-Ego is left to the Judge. Some suggestions include:
The Judge must decide whether or not the ancient spellcaster has some physical form.

If the character casts this spell, the Alter-Ego is a predecessor from the caster's own school of magic. If the Alter-Ego is discovered by accident, it might not be friendly to the caster.

While the 2 are joined, the player character has a strong resistance to all mental probes and attacks, magic or otherwise. This resistance is in the form of a +2CS in the caster's favor when FEAT rolls are allowed to ignore or defend against mental controls and attacks (not to exceed Mn(75) rank).

If the Judge so decides, the other persona might battle for control of the character's body. Circumstances under which this could happen include:
An entirely new magic wielding character can even be rolled up and it might exchange places with the caster on such occasions, or just give timely advice.