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The hero can fly by creating a small cyclone that carries him through the air. The hero can travel at Power rank speed but is limited to SX(150) rank. Maneuverability is determined by the hero's Agility.

In addition to the hero's body, the Whirlwind can support additional weight. Each additional 500LBS decreases the Whirlwind's speed -1CS. Passengers are not battered by the high winds but are safely held aloft by updrafts in the cyclone's interior. Still, all passengers must make an Endurance FEAT or become air sick.

The Power provides rank level Resistance to Physical and Sonic attacks when active.

High winds can affect the hero. Strong winds decrease the Power rank by their Intensity rank number. If the wind is powerful enough, the Whirlwind can be dispersed. Such winds can be natural or created by such Powers as Matter Animation or Weather Control.

Optional Powers include Weather Control and Matter Animation - Air.

These are also the Nemeses.

Range: See Above.