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Electrical Control

The hero can control all forms of electricity, whether natural, artificial, or Power-based. He can control the Intensity and direction of electron streams and alter the conductivity of materials. He can shape electron streams into any desired form. This permits him to develop Power stunts based on lightning–constructs designed to perform certain tasks (shields, cages, barriers, etc.)

The hero can increase or decrease the electricity's Intensity and reduce damage by his Power rank number. If the electricity is Power-related, then the target's Power rank determines the Intensity of the FEAT the hero must make to gain control.

The hero has Power rank Resistance to Electrical Generation.

Optional Powers include Electrical Generation, Energy Doppelganger, Energy Sheath, Energy Body, Carrier Wave, and Energy Path.

Because electricity forms the basis for most of our technology, the hero can use his Power to remotely control any electrical device on a Gd Intensity FEAT. More complex devices like computers require a more complex form of control and a Rm Intensity FEAT.

Range: Column B