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Magic Vampirism

The Mage-Vampire can drain the Magical energy from a target and convert that Magic into extra Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any other Magic or Powers he possesses.

The Mage-Vampire can force a nonliving, non-sentient Magical item or being to release all its raw Magic. He must make a FEAT whose Intensity is equal to the highest ranked Magic the target possesses. For example, draining the Magic from Silver Dagger's namesake weapon requires an Am Intensity FEAT. A drained item is now nothing but a collection of normal materials. Magical beings may be hurt or destroyed if the Magic was an intrinsic part of their physiology. If not, they are now normal, powerless creatures.

Living or sentient beings are harder to drain because they possess a Psyche. The would-be victim's Psyche determines what Intensity FEAT is required. A successful FEAT enables the Mage to drain Magic from the victim. An amount of raw Magic equal to this Power's rank number is drawn in equal amounts from all the victim's Magical Powers and any Magic that forms his physical body. The last applies if the victim is something other than human, such as a Golem. The process of feeding can continue indefinitely, as long as the Mage-Vampire continues to make successful FEATs. Each turn drains another rank's worth of Magic.

The Mage-Vampire can voluntarily cease feeding at any time by making a Psyche FEAT of any color except red. A red FEAT means the Mage-Vampire's hunger is beyond his control. He has entered a feeding frenzy that will only cease when the target has been completely drained of Magic.

If the Mage-Vampire fails to make any FEAT during the feeding process, he must break off his attack and cannot reestablish it. The victim instantly develops an immunity to that particular Mage-Vampire and cannot be subjected to any future Attacks by him. This immunity does not protect him from other Mage-Vampires.

The Magic that the Mage-Vampire absorbs is used to increase his Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any other Magic or Powers he possesses. The increase is in equal amounts to all the adjusted Abilities. The only Magic or Powers that cannot be increased is this Magical Vampirism itself.

Example: Darkhound is an Ex Mage-Vampire but possesses Fb Strength, Pr Endurance, Gd Psyche, and 2 Powers of Rm rank. His intended victim is Sytanceas, a demihuman Mage with 3 Magical Powers (Rm Sympathetic Magic, Fb Internal Limbo, and Ty Gateway) and an Ex Psyche. Darkhound makes the necessary yellow FEAT to begin feeding. He drains 20 points worth of Magic from Sytanceas.

The loss of 6 points each wipes out the Internal Limbo and Gateway spells and reduces the third Magical Power to Ex rank. Darkhound adds 5 points, to each of his relevant Abilities; he now has Ty Strength, Gd Endurance, Ex Psyche, and 2 In Powers. In the next turn, trouble strikes when Darkhound's player rolls a 51. Instantly a shock runs through Darkwolf and repulses him from his prey. The shaken Sytanceas looks first at the fleeing and then at the hank of fur he'd grabbed from his attacker…

Why do Mage-Vampires do it? Due to their peculiar nature, they lose energy at a disturbing rate. The rank numbers for Strength, Endurance, Psyche, and any Magic or Powers (except this one) drop 1 point per hour. The Mage-Vampire must feed to return things to their original levels.

A Mage-Vampire cannot actually starve if denied victims, but when all his affected rank numbers reach Shift-0, he enters a death-like trance. His Magical Vampirism continues to seek victims and can attempt to drain anything Magical that comes in contact with the body. When the Mage-Vampire's Abilities return to Fb rank, he returns to life.

When creating the Mage-Vampire, the player must play his Weakness (you cannot ignore it like many of your fellow players do theirs). The player can increase the Power rank by +1CS for each additional Weakness he takes, up to a maximum of 3 additional Weaknesses.

Magical Vampirism is communicable. A living or sentient being who was completely drained of all Magic by a Mage-Vampire must make a mandatory Psyche FEAT roll. A red FEAT means the victim has himself been transformed into a Fb Mage-Vampire.

The Nemesis for this is an enhanced Psyche 2 levels higher than the Mage-Vampire's Power rank.

Range: Column A.