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Magic Transferral

The Mage can transfer some or all of her Magic to another sentient being. Only this Power cannot be transferred. Any combination of Powers and ranks can be transferred. The rank of each spell decreases the rank for that spell held by the Mage. For example, Jen'tmril has Ex Levitation. By transferring a Gd rank of it into her aide Eleanor, she reduces her own rank to Gd. The Mage can transfer a single Power with each spell.

Because suddenly gaining Magical Power is usually in the recipient's best interests, Resistance is not usually attempted. The recipient is usually trying to cooperate instead. If Resistance is called for, unwanted Transferral can be thwarted by such things as moving the target out of range, disrupting the spell's mechanism as it is being cast, or blocking it with such Powers as Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, or Magic Control.

The Mage should be in contact with the recipient in order to transfer the full rank of the loaned Power. For each 10' of distance between the 2, the rank of the transferred Magic drops -1CS. The decreased rank is still lost to the Mage; it is as if she transferred part of her Magic to the air itself. If the Mage attempts to simultaneously transfer her Magic to 2 or more recipients, she can by simply dividing the Magic equally between them.

The duration of the loaned Magic varies with the Reason ranks of the Mage and the recipient. A green Reason FEAT at the time of transferml gives a duration of 100 turns times the combined Reason rank numbers. A yellow FEAT,increases that to 10,000 turns times the Reason total. A red FEAT means the transferral is permanent.

Optional Powers include Mind Transferral and Power Transferral.

Nemeses include Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, and Magic Control.

Range: See above.