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Magical Enhancement

To create a Magically Enhanced character, use the Magical Enhancements Table to determine the type of enchantment, then again on the Special Conditions Table for special conditions of the enchantment. Read and note any descriptions below the Tables. If the character is granted a power, determine the power’s "school" , then determine that power's rank and treat the power as personal energy. If no powers have been granted, determine the enhanced abilities, then generate his/her magical Talents.
Magical Enhancements Table
Note: Abilities have an upper limit of Am(50). Any enhancement above Am(50) is ignored.
+CS to select ability: indicates that the player can choose the ability he wants raised. The ability is then increased.

+CS to random ability: indicates that the Player(or Judge) should use the table below:

Random Ability Table

Granting a magical power: indicates that the character has been imbued with 1 magical power that uses personal energies (roll on the list of personal spells).