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Special Conditions Table

Special Condition
No Special Conditions: the character's enhancement is constant and permanent.

Effective during certain time periods: the powers only work during night, do not work for more than 8 hours at a stretch, or whatever period the Judge decides.

Requires self-sacrifices to maintain: something must be given up by the character to keep his magical enhancements. Possibilities include sacrificing wealth (character must not exceed a Resource rank of Pr(4)), his personal life (no secret identity allowed), friends (character is thought of as a rogue or questionable hero, at best), and so on. The Judge makes the final decision).

Keyword or gestures: the character can only increase his abilities and/or gain his power when he performs a certain gesture or says a keyword, such as "By the Mists of Merlin, let the Silver Sorceress appear" or some symbol must be displayed (Judge's discretion). The character would then be magically enhanced for a set time period, say 1 day.

Conditions laid down by the Judge: some other requirement than those listed beforehand must exist for the character to become enhanced (Judge's discretion).