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Illusory Invisibility

This is not true Invisibility but is actually a clever simulation. The effects are nearly the same, anyway; the hero becomes effectively invisible to any living or artificial being.

The hero actually remains visible but he can now surround himself with a holographic Illusion of empty space. This field can be limited to the hero's body or increased to cover a large area. The maximum radius of this effect is the number of feet equal to the Power rank number.

For example, a Pr(4) rank could cover an area extending 4' from the hero, a Mn(75) rank could cover an area extending 75', and a Class 1000 rank could cover a square mile.

Within the, Illusory Invisibility, things remain visible. From the point of view of anyone within the Power's protection, it appears that the area has been surrounded by an irregularly-shaped transparent balloon that causes weird tricks of light. Outside the "balloon" a viewer sees only the Illusion of empty space, even if the viewer has just stepped out of the invisibility field. Standing at the edge of the field can result in a headache as the viewer's eyes see both the reality and the Illusion.

This Power can be cast at a target point some distance away. The area limit is the same. The maximum range at which the Illusory Invisibility can appear is determined by the Power rank.

For example, a Mn(75) rank permits the hero to hide an area 150' wide (75' radius, remember?) located up to 6 miles away.

Of course, the hero has to be able to see his intended target; otherwise he would be unable to simulate the appearance of emptiness appropriate to the target area. When casting this Power at ground level, a practical limit to range is 1 area (132') from the hero.

Casting an Illusory Invisibility in the air or in space is easier and can be done at rank level range.

Note: this is an Illusion, it can be detected by careful visual examination or the simplest of physical tests.

The "empty space" is only what the hero imagines such an empty space to look like. As the hero tries to hide more area, the problems of realism multiply. If the Illusory Invisibility and the viewer move in relationship to each other, the viewer might be able to detect a slight distortion of light at the edge of the field. (The player can imagine it by thinking of a clear drinking glass.)

Example: Consider an airship surrounded by a mechanically created version of Illusory Invisibility. Inside the airship, vision is unaffected. The crew can clearly see the world below. The field extends 1' around the airship. From the ground and sides the ship is invisible. The flaw is when the field is viewed from above; a viewer sees the ground below but may realize that the surface detail is not continuous. Rivers And roads have sudden, unexplained gaps.

Since the Invisibility is holographic in nature, it can be mechanically detected and recorded by such means as photography, television, and the mechanical senses of artificial beings. It can also be seen at any distance and will deceive telescopes, remote cameras, and Telescopic Vision used outside the field's effect. Sensory Link can be deceived if that Power is used to link up with a viewer outside the field; if it is used to link with someone inside the field, the deception fails. Clairvoyance cannot detect Illusions at all and thus would also penetrate the deception.

The Power cannot deceive any of the other senses or such Powers as Sonar, Radar, or Psionics.

For example, Daredevil would be unaware of such a field even being employed; this can lead to problems for Matt Murdock. ("What I don't understand, DD, is how did you know the Dreadnought wasn't real?")

The Power provides limited protection against light-based attacks originating outside the field. This is equivalent to a Force Field vs. Light with a -2CS rank.

For example, a Gd form of this Power provides Pr protection against lasers and hypnotic lights.

The main protection it offers is that if the viewer doesn't know there is something to shoot at, then he won't shoot.

The Invisibility lasts as long as the hero can maintain his concentration. In the case of mechanically-derived Invisibility, it lasts for as long as the equipment functions. Judges are free to decide the difficulty of either case in any given circumstance.

For example, the Judge decides that the above-mentioned airship's Invisibility Generator can function for up to 10 hours of continuous operation but shuts down if it receives a single jolt of electricity of Am Intensity.

The hero can terminate his Invisibility at any time, either purposely or accidentally. Simple physical contact can alert a viewer to the hero's presence, whether the hero accidentally envelops him in the field or the hero makes a distance attack at the target. A spray of a coating material will temporarily reveal the extent of the field; in the middle of an obscuring cloud, the field shows as a silhouette of clear air. Once the hero realizes that his field is visible, he can correct the Illusion to reflect the new addition to his surroundings; this takes a green Intuition FEAT.

Note: the Judge should roll this for the hero without telling the player he has become visible; failure means the hero has either not yet realized his predicament or has not yet gotten the Illusion properly altered.

Optional Powers include Light Control and Light Emission.

Nemesis Powers include Light Control, Radar, and Sonar.

Range: Column B