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Dodging is an Agility Ability, and reduces the attacking column shift. A character who is Dodging may move only half his speed in any turn, may not engage in a charging attack, and may perform only 1 other action that turn, maximum (including making an attack).

A character who is Dodging makes an Agility FEAT at the start of the turn, as soon as Initiative is determined. That FEAT will determine the reduced effect of attacks on the character. The result may be no shift, a -2, -4, or -6CS shift on any attacks stated in the first part of the round. This means that the character may only dodge attacks of which he is aware. A character may not dodge an unexpected attack, such as a sniper who suddenly appears, an ally who makes an attack, or someone behind the character. (Blindsiding)

Powers may modify this rule, the most notable being the Spider-Sense possessed by the Amazing Spider-Man.

In any event, a character who is making a Dodging attack makes any FEAT rolls in that turn at a -2CS penalty.

Dodging is usually used against ranged attacks and charging attacks. It has no effect against Slugfest and wrestling attacks (though the character may dodge to avoid ranged attacks in conjunction with adjacent attacks---this has no effect on those adjacent other than to penalize the dodging character).