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The hero can destroy a target's physical structure without resorting to a physical or overt energy attack. The molecular bonds that give a target its solidity are directly Disrupted, with the result that the target collapses into dust, sand, liquid, or even vapor. The Material Strength of the target determines what Intensity FEAT is required. For example, asphalt has Gd Material Strength and consequently would require a Gd Intensity FEAT to destroy.

The hero can Disrupt any target within both line-of-sight and range. The range is determined by the Power rank. The amount of matter the hero can Disrupt in a single turn is the number of pounds equal to his Power rank number. If the player chooses when creating the character, he can increase either range or amount affected any number of +CS by decreasing the other factor an equal number of -CS.

Example: an initial rank of Gd(10) can be altered by up to +3CS and produce results as varied as Fb(2) range(Contact only) and In(40) effect (40LBS.) or In(40) range (11 areas) and Fb(2) effect (2LBS.).

Also when creating the character, the player can choose whether to make the Disruption permanent or temporary. Choosing the temporary option raises the Power rank +1CS. The duration of the Disruption is determined by a separate Reason FEAT made at the time the Power is used. A green FEAT gives a duration equal to 100 turns times the Reason rank number. A yellow FEAT increases that to 10,000 turns time the Reason rank number. A red FEAT makes the Disruption permanent. At the expiration of the duration, the Disrupted matter reforms in its original shape although not necessarily in its original location. If the target is living, the Power has the peculiar effect of placing the target in a state of semi-Suspended Animation. All life function cease for the duration but the target somehow retains consciousness and awareness.

This Power is often incorporated into weapons systems. A Disruptor Gun can be designed and built by a Reason rank and an expenditure of Resource points equal to the Power rank desired for the weapon.

Stationary, non-living, unprotected targets are automatically affected by the Power. Moving targets require the hero to make an Agility FEAT in order to hit the target. Living targets are allowed to resist the Power in the same manner they could resist any energy attack. Targets can be protected from Disruption by the use of such Powers as Force Field vs. Energy, Resistance to Energy, True Invulnerability, a combination of Collection and Molding, certain Magics, and certain Power Controls. Any of these can reduce the Intensity of the Disruption by the opposing Power's rank. The Judge is free to decide for himself the results of partial protection from Disruption.

The Nemeses are any of the Powers mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Range: Column A.