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Cyborg Exoskeleton

Cyborg - ExoskeletonThe hero's body is intact but is encased in a mechanical suit that provides him with life-support and Powers. The natural and artificial bodies exist in symbiosis. Tony Stark/iron Man is the perfect example of this.

The most common Exoskeletons are roughly the same size and shape as the being within; that is, the Exoskeleton resembles a clunky suit of armor. Exoskeletons can come in any size of shape, however. The giant robots of Japanese cartoons are actually immense Cyborg Exoskeletons.

Note: Normal Humans can have their abilities increased by the exoskeleton by rolling once on Table 1 here, then dividing the results among the hero's 4 physical abilities.

Because of their nature, armored heroes can use only certain powers that could be technology based. A suggested list of these powers, from the Ultimate Powers Book, is given here.

Once the powers for the battlesuit have been selected, rolls are made on Table 2 for the power rank of each power. These rolls are not modified, with the exception of Body Armor(see Exoskeleton Defensive Powers). Also generate a power rank for Armor Endurance at this point.

A method for realistic armored combat is posted here.

Repairing and modifying armor is also explained.
Reason: +1CS if character created his own armor.
Talents: If the character created his own armor, he receives a +1CS to his Electronics talent, and another +1CS to repair and modify his personal armor. If the character receives the armor from someone else, it is assumed that the original owner or people he knows(all NPCs) can repair it. In the latter case, the hero would not receive any of the Reason bonuses above, though he could receive training later on, at the Judge's discretion.
E.C.M.: When the character's powers are determined, a special power rank called Armor Endurance is also created. This is usually called ECM(electronic countermeasures) and is used against attempts to control the armor from outside sources.

The character then rolls up the number of his armored suit's powers, using the Power/Talent/Contact Table of this site.

These Cyborgs must first roll their Ability Ranks for the Physical Form inside the Exoskeleton, then modify the stats accordingly. The Cyborg would then follow the above-mentioned Exoskeleton guidelines. The Exoskeleton-modified Ability Ranks while wearing the Exoskelton would be considered artifical on their corresponding Table. Use the values in ( ) to reflect this.