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Step4: Power/Talent/Contact Points Table

Players (and Judges who are creating NPCs) must roll on the table below to generate points to be spent to purchase Powers, Talents, and Contacts.

Power, Talent, and Contact points are rolled separately. The number before the slash (/) indicates the initial number of Powers, Talents, or Contacts the hero has, while the number after the slash (/) represents the maximum number allowable.

Note: Various Character Physical Forms have changes to Power, Talent, and/or Contact Points stated. If these changes state additional points, then add those points to the max. side of the roll made below.

Players can spend Resource ranks to gain additional Powers, Talents, and Contacts. Each additional Power lowers the Resource rank -2CS. Each additional Talent or Contact lowers it by -1CS.

Certain Physical Forms have pregenerated Powers, Talents, or Contacts. These are in addition to the numbers you roll below.

After rolling (determining) the number of Powers, Talents, and Contacts your Character has, go to the appropriate sections above.

After rolling up the Powers, Talents, and Contacts, you must roll up your character's Weakness(es).

Note: Various Character Physical Forms have pregenerated Weaknesses. These are in addition to any randomly generated Weaknesses.