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Cyborg Artificial limbs/organs

Cyborg - Artificial llimbs/organsThe hero began as a Normal Human but has had parts of his body replaced by artificial devices. This may have been done to save the hero's life after a near-fatal accident or the hero may have voluntarily undergone the operation in order to gain Powers. The original Deathlok is an example of the former type.
While most cyborgs are High Tech creations, there are also Magical Cyborgs. For example, the Celtic god Nuada had an arm made of silver.

The player should determine what parts are artificial, using the randomly generated Abilities and Powers as a guide. For example, Strength of Rm or better suggests the limbs and skeleton are artificial. Hyper-Running or Hyperspeed could come from a leg-replacement. Vision Powers seem to require at least 1 man-made eye.
Intuition: These types of Cyborgs initially have a decreased Intuition (-1CS) due to mental anguish over a perceived loss of humanity (in the former case) or a self-hatred toward their original weak human form (in the latter).
Contacts: At least 1 Contact must be either the lab or hospital that created him or a facility that provides maintenance services.
These Cyborgs roll their Ability Ranks on Column 1 of the Random Ranks Table. Agility and Strength Rank Numbers would be considered artifical on the Table. Use the values in ( ).