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NaniteThis needs a clinic or research facility that has Am(50) resources and a group of scientist with Biology, Robotics, Genetics, Chemistry, Computers, and a total Reason of ShY(200).

Cyborgs of this type can have the following powers:

Note: These powers do not activate automatically. It takes a number of rounds equal to the power's rank X0.1. For example, Kaos the Cyberknight is a Nano-Cyborg. Kaos has the following stats: F:Ex(20) A:Ex(20) S:Ex(20) E:Rm(30). He has Thermal Vision of Rm(30), Armor Skin(Inorganic/Temporary Un(100) Power Rank) of Am(50)(Temporary form is -2CS of the Power Rank), and Hyper-Strength(Temporary form) of In(40)(can only use this at full power for up to a total of 40 turns). Kaos is in his secret ID and spots Doctor Octopus robbing a bank. Kaos activates his Armor Skin. It would take 10 turns to go up to max. armor, so Kaos settles for Gd(10) for now. Kaos also activates his Hyper-Strength. It would take 4 turns to get the full 40 point Strength boost. He settles for a 10 point boost(S: Rm(30)).

Unfortunately, the nanites operate at peak efficiency with 1 power at a time. It takes a total of 2(12 seconds) combat turns before the nanites make the required modifications. The required times of power activation should be totaled up. The more powers to be activated, the longer it takes.