Fighting Powers

Berserker: the nanites modify the host's adrenalin, seratonin, and other hormonal levels. A good example of this are the victims of the Dark Gundam Cells from the G Gundam Series. This has a maximum of Mn(75) rank.

Martial Supremacy: the nanites could be programmed to condition the bone, nerve, and muscle tissue as well as the brain cells to program the host with any martial art (within reason) he observes.

Natural Weaponry: the nanites restructure the cells of the host's body at key surface points to allow him/her to grow spikes, claws, spines, barbs, etc.

Weapons Creation: the nanites restructure the dead skin or hair cells of the host's body to become weapons or components of weapons. The max. is equal to the host's Endurance Rank.

Weapons Tinkering: the nanites can temporarily boost the neural pathways in the host's brain to allow him/her to modify existing technology. The max. is equal to the host's Reason rank(+2CS if specializing).