Defensive Powers

Force Field vs. Energy/Emotion/Mental/Power Manipulation/Psionic Vampirism/Energy Vampirism/Physical: (personal only) The nanites can emit a low level Electro-Magnetic/Beta-Alpha/Tachyon wave/Inertial dampener field that surrounds the surface of the host's body. This has a maximum rank equal to the host's Endurance rank. This is due to the massive power drain on the nanites(doesn't work against Darkforce).

Reflection: the nanites modify the host's skin cells to serve as a mirror coat to reflect most energy attacks (doesn't work against Darkforce, Vibration, or Cold attacks).

Resistance to Emotion & Mental Attacks: the nanites could be programmed to manufacture certain combinations of psychotropic drugs and then release them when the host is under stress.

Resistance to Energy: the nanites restructure the cells of the host's body to become resistant to most forms of energy (doesn't work against darkforce and -1CS resistance to electricity and magnetism).

Resistance to Physical Attacks: the nanites restructure the cells of the host's body to become resistant to all forms of physical attack (including aging and disease).

Resistance to Power Manipulation: the nanites can temporarily boost existing powers to resist outside manipulation. This does not work against magical versions of Power Manipulations. The amount of the boost is equal to the rank number of the host's Endurance rank.

Resistance to Vampirism: the nanites can fight off the effects of Power and Bio Vampirisms only.