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The hero can control any force that actively decreases the temperature of something else. This can be used to increase or decrease the Cold's Intensity by this Power's rank number. This function overlaps both Heat and Cold Generation but differs in that this Power cannot alter the natural temperature of a target or alter local temperatures to suit the hero's whims. There are 2 primary functions to this Power. The 1st is to counteract or supplement cold-based Powers. The hero can alter such Powers as soon as they are emitted from the target's body. Such powers can be increased or decreased by this Power's rank number. The hero can also redirect such Powers. This leads to the 2nd primary function.

The hero can shape fields of intense cold and produce useful results. Ice Generation is a form of this Power. The hero can create shapes of rapidly-formed ice that he can use in a variety of Power stunts. The hero can also develop variations on Ice Generation that use other materials present in his local atmosphere. Such substances include carbon dioxide (even more slippery than ice, and the fog can knock people out), nitrogen, oxygen (potentially dangerous since a concentration of it can make normal flames explode with +2CS damage), and the inert gases (an Am Intensity FEAT, since there are so few of these present in Earth's atmosphere---but on other planets, not so tough). Cold Generation is a Bonus Power.

Optional Powers include Thermal Control, Molding, and Body Coating.

Range: Column B