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Thermal Control

The hero control applied heat or cold; that is, can control any force that actively changes the temperature of something else. This includes any source of heat or cold, whether natural, artificial, or Power based. The Power overlaps both Heat and Cold Generation but it also differs from them in that this Power cannot affect the natural temperature of a target or alter the local temperature to suit the hero's whim. For example, Thermal Control could cool a girder being heated in a furnace, since that thing is being actively heated, but it could not change the temperature of another girder lying outside the furnace (nothing is being done to that one).

Thermal Control is mostly used to counteract or supplement temperature altering Powers. The Power can affect such others as soon as they are emitted from the target's body. That is, you can affect the Human Torch's fireballs but not his Fire Sheath. The target's Power rank determines the required Intensity of the FEAT. Controlling the Torch's heat takes an Un Intensity FEAT.

Optional Powers include Heat Generation, Fire Generation, Cold Generation, Fire Control, and Coldshaping.

Range: Column B.