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Well Of Souls Division

1/29/02 Posted By Jahoclave
Sorry about the absence. I haven't been home much. Also my computer was broke. In time to come I won't have much time to work on this site so if anybody would like to take over just let me know.
12/16/01 Posted By Jahoclave
Added the Well of Souls Division page. Don't go around trying to join it cause the real divison dosen't exist yet. Got about 29 levels and 79 hours to go.
12/8/01 Posted By Jahoclave
Well added the law section so you guys can see why the JAG forums were needed. Hope to have the tests up soon. Got some player pages done. Working on backround sound. Also added downloads page so you can get your hands on the neat stuff our WOTC programers and mod makers make. Also this is an annoucement the WOTC is making a RPGWO World for WOS.

12/3/01 Posted By Jahoclave
Well our forum is up thanks to Daddeo.(Yes contrary to popular belief other people do stuff for the guild.)I think we might have our first membership pages done before the end of the year(empahsis on think). Also added politics page. (So Sephuro you can stop bothering me. Now I bother you to add one for your site.)

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