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11/27/01 Posted By Jahoclave
Songs Page Up (Hell Yea) If Your a member and you want one on your info page all the songs to pick from are there. Just e-mail me the one you want on there. Also if you have other songs on the list you like that you feel you also need on the page let me know. I can arrange it.
11/25/01 Posted By Jahoclave
We are now accepting member applications
Plus if you aready are a member we need the following sent to either JahoclaveorKonapo (Preferably Jahoclave.
Your Character Name
Picture number
A short description about yourself
11/23/01 Posted By Jahoclave
We are not accepting any members till we get our forum up and we get our joining application on the site.
11/20/01- Hugo, tel'rith, dark_ruin, and polo deflect from Ivory Towers and join us. We are happy to have you guys aboard

11/18/01-Jahoclave talks to Konapo about his quiting MOD and they form a new guild. Jahoclave delievers this statement.

" I Jahoclave am resigning from MOD. Due to diffrences in political intrest and unintrest in the common good I now believe MOD leadership is incompetent. Furthermore I have moved on to a new clan of upmost character and intrest. I am now proud to sign on as a member of The Warriors Of The Cross."
Spellbook-worm and Abyss also join.

11/16/01-Konapo quits MOD