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Cheater/Criminal List
Jerk List


-To become a lawyer you must pass rhe offical WOTC Bar Examine.
-Lawyers may charge whatever fees they wish.
-Lawyers must notify you of any fees before offering council.

Fileing a Suit

-To file a suit the representing attorney must post his reason (in the forum marked for such use) why this suit should be tried. (You may represent yourself, you may not get a lawyer later if you choose as such.)
-The post must be in the right forum or it will be tossed.
-We do not try suits that occur in battles in un-offical battleing arenas or if no judge is present at the battle so it is a waste of time to do so.

Suit To Trial

-For a suit to become a trial it must be taken by a JAG (no not a Judge Advocate General and also Cathriene will not be there.)
-Suits may be thrown out if no JAG wishes to do so by stating it as such. Or if the suit is not acted upon in one month (one week if a tournement suit.)
-Any JAG may request a questioning or the procecusion before they take a case.
-Tournement suits must be filed within one week after the battle in question and must be taken by a JAG before the week is up or it is thrown out.

Summons to Court

-Once a suit becomes a trial the defendant must be summoned to court.
-Summons are made by the prociding JAG.
-The defendent is given two weeks in which to reply to the summons.
-If the defendant never appears online within the two weeks the prociding JAG will continue to try to establish contact with the defendant intill the defendant is found to be online.
-If the defendant after two weeks or after appearing online does not appear in court the procicusion may present their case without the defendant having any benifiet of legal council or defense.
-After three weeks if no contact is made the procicusion may present there case but at time the defenedant is summoned the defenedent may enter into the case with benifit of legal council and defense.

The Trial

-Both parties have rights to object and to call any witness they wish and to present any evidence they wish.
-The JAG will decide if the objection stands and will make any corrections neccesary to the trial log.
-To call a witness their name must be on the sheet of witnesses presented at the begining of the case. Either party may ask the JAG for permission to add a witness at any time.
-All evidence must also be on a list and given to the opposing party before the trial. Any party may ask for permission to enter in new evidence but it must be given to the opposing party if permission is granted. Failer to do so will result in a contempt of court charge and a possible mistrial.
-Only the representive for the party may ask questions and are speak during the trial. Failer of this will result in a contempt of court.
-Witnesses may also speak if asked to do so.
-Objects are to be as followed. Anything may be asked and answered. If opposed party objects they must post what they are objecting to by (giving the post number e.g. post number 43 and must state exactly what they are objecting to. They must also clearly state why they are objected to it. The JAG will decide if the objection stands and will edit the log as necisary.
-The procicusion will present first and the defendant may ask any questions of any witness and ask the JAG to sapina the whole file any evidence came from. Failer to turn over the file will result in a contempt of court.
-Then the defense will present their case in the same manor.
-Both parties will then have their closing arguments and will no longer be allowed to post in the trial log. Failer to do so could result in a contempt of court and/or a mistrial.
-The JAG will then select a twelve member jury and will select a forman.
-The jury will read the trial log and will discuse why the defendant should be found guilty/not guilty.
-In order for a jury to vote two thirds of the jury must post that they wish to do so.
-The jury will then vote upon the verdict of ever charge agaisnt the defendant. A two thirds majority vote of guilty must happen in order of a guilty verdict. (A full majority guilty vote must be had in tournement trials in order to overturn the results of the battle.
-The jury will then present their findings along with a recomended punishment. (this recomendation must be agreed upon by two thirds of the jury or no recomendation is to be given.)
-The JAG will then sentece the defendant.

Failer of Representation

-If a JAG feels that a lawyer did not try to protect the rights of his client the JAG may take the offender to the JAG council where the JAGS will discouse what to do with the offender. (most likely it will be a removal of licesence.)

Legal Punishement

-The Wotc can only enfoce an action of the followin Overturning battle results, suspension of praticpant, and suspension of judge and/or lawyer. Fines will strongly suggested to be paid but can not be forced to be paid.
-Crimes and there punishment.
--Tournement Crimes-That of any breaking of rules in place to insure that of fair play in a tournement. The guilty party may be suspended, and/or overturning the battle results. May include up to a 500g fine.
--Offical Crimes-That of any breaking of bribing an offical. That of the offical accepting the bribe. The Offical unfairly calling a match and/or failer to do duties. Up to suspension of player and/or offical. May be suspened from all WOTC battleing arenas. Up to 100 gold fine to the persucutor and/or the additon of a 100g fine.
--Player Crimes
---Cheating in battle. Up to a suspension of play and/or 100g fine. Cheating and killing that of the opponet is a minumum three month suspension and up to 100 gold fine to the prosecution and up to 100 gold fine to the WOTC. Plus labeling of a cheater/criminal.
---Verbal Harasment as defined by the player code of conduct. Up to a 400g fine to the harrased party and up to a 200 gold fine to the WOTC. Plus Labeling of Jerk
---Multiple Player Killing and/or physical harrasment of players at a specific location or moving to that of a player. Up to 1000 gold fine to the parties harrased and up to a 5000 gold fine to the WOTC. Plus labeling of Jerk, and PKer.
---Spawn Killing defined as that of killing players as they appear at their spawnpoint. Up to 10,000 gold fine per player per death incurred by such action. Up to 500,000 gold fine to the WOTC. Plus reporting of action to the admins. Plus labeling of Jerk, and PKer.
---Stealing as defined by the action of killing a player in a manner above and taking items dropped by a player. ( if the player drops the item by his own action it is fair game to anyone to grab it.) Minimum of the value of the item stolen plus the additon of 100g to the victom player. Up to 500 gold fine to the WOTC. Plus labeing of cheater/criminal.
---Conning as defined by promising a service and charging money but not providing the service as agreed apon. Up to the amount taken for the service and/or a 3,000g fine to the prosecution. Plus up to a 400g fine to the WOTC. Plus Labeling of a cheater/criminal.
--Court Crimes
---Contempt of Court. Up to 200g fine. Plus additon of a mistrial.

Paying Fines

-The WOTC can not force any player to pay a fine, but may take actions of any means to force a player into paying as long as it is clearly stated that this is what the action intends to do.
-All fines including those going to players are paid to the WOTC and then the appropriate amount will be distbute to the player.


-Any member of any Clan/Guild convicted of a crime subject to that of their leader in regards to their status within their own clan/guild. No punishment can be issued by a JAG that actively forces a member of a clan/guild status to change in anyway.