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:::Tips and Strategies:::

In Speed Square at the Gold Saucer, you have to get over 3,000 points to get an item, right? Its pretty aggravating right? I have the answer. If you have a controller with a turbo button/semi-auto you are the lucky ones. Flip the turbo button to "On" after you are in the coaster. After you have done this you will have an unlimited amount of full power to kill all the planes and what-not with. Also, if you are short of 3,000 at the last turn, try to bust out the last light on the left and another on the right in about the middle. You get 400 points for both.

If you kill the Zepplin Engine in Speed Square you get 30,000 points supposedly (I haven't been able to do it yet).

Supposedly you can throw a Phoenix Down on the boss in Cosmo Canyon and he should die instantly, but I went through it again and found out it didn't work (it didn't work for me and I threw 10 on him but if you have done it please email me). I read that a Hi-Potion does something. Someone also emailed me saying the boss was instantly killed using a Phoenix Down so I suggest trying both. Good luck!

Level up! Do it early in the game because it makes your future boss fights really easy. It takes a lot of time though. You can also gain a decent amount of money to but potions and materia.

Here is how to get the Beta Enemy Skill: Equip Fire-Elemental to your armor so you absorb Fire attacks. Don't forget to equip Enemy Skill. I suggest doing this to the person with the most HP.

The way to get the bottle in the Inn at Kalm is to keep pressing Circle while in front of the dresser.

W-Item Duplication Process: Equip W-Item materia. Go to the Midgar area and get into battle. Go to W-Item and choose the item you want duplicated and choose who it goes to. Then press O again BUT press X. From now on press O, X, O, X, O, X, etc. until you get 99.

Snowboarding Game: In the snowboarding game at the Golden Saucer, if you beat course A,B,C, and get at least "Good" on all three you will unlock Time Attack. When you begin the snowboarding game you will see a yellow ballon, hit it and you will enter time attack.

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