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:::Ruby Weapon:::

Ruby Weapon can be found in the desert near the Gold Saucer after Diamond Weapon is dead. Run into his head to fight him. To beat him, with all three party members left, get 2 or 3 Mime Materias (preferably mastered) and the Master Command Materia. Also, have either the Summon Hades Materia, Time Materia, W-Summon Materia, a Mastered Enemy Skill Materia, and the Master Summon Materia. Also, make sure you use HP Plus and MP Plus Materias to give everyone 9999 HP and 999 MP. With the following method you can easily finish off the Ruby Weapon at level 70. Equip everyone with Mystiles and either Ribbons or Fire Rings. Now, equip Cloud with the W-Summon Materia, the Knights of the Round Materia, and either the Mime Materia or the Master Command Materia. Equip the others each with a Mime, and give one the Enemy Skill Materia, and one the Summon Hades Materia. Put the Bahamut ZERO/Quadra Magic on someone. Kill off everyone except for the person with the Enemy Skill Materia in another fight. Enter the fight with Ruby Weapon with only this person alive. Have him raise everyone with Angel Whisper. Then cast Big Guard. Next, use the Summon Hades Materia (or use the spell Stop) on the Ruby Weapon. This should Stop him. Cast W-Summon of Knights of the Round with Cloud, then Mime it with the others. Since Ruby Weapon is stopped, he cannot counter. Keep Miming until he dies. Odds are that he will wake up during this process. He uses Ultima. Revive and Restore your party with Angel Whisper. Stop Ruby again with Hades or Stop, and attack with W-Summon Knights of the Round. Mime it. He should be dead or near death. It should be known that Ruby has around 800000 HP and takes forever to kill, since only Knights of the Round and the Bahamut Summons do any substancial damage. Don’t forget that fire helps Ruby and I cant remember if there is anything else that helps him, too.

But in the end, to the victor goes the spoils…45000 EXP., 50000 AP., 30000 Gil, and one Desert Rose

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