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:::Emerald Weapon:::

Emerald weapon can be found in the bottom of the ocean near the underwater laboratory, run into him to start fighting. Emerald has aroud 1 million HP. Make sure everyone in the party has a max HP/MP of 9999/999 by using HP and MP Plus Materias (try not to use too much b/c the more materia each character has equipped of any materia, the more Aire Tam Storm hits for [ex. 2 materias equipped = 2222 HP damage]). Then equip the Underwater Materia, a must unless you want a 20-minute timer.

KoR Method

Try to have everyone with his or her Limit Breaks at Level 4 and get a party member into this mode before the fight. After the barrage of 64 hits, use W-Summon Knights of the Round. Have 2 Mime Materias, and Mime the W-Summon as many times as possible. If Emerald breaks in and uses Aire Tam Storm then revive the group and start the process again. This should kill the Emerald Weapon. Equip Final Attack/Phoenix (or Revive) just for safe measures.

Anti-KoR Method

I don't have a file that I can fight Emerald right now but this method is very possible. The next time I fight Emerald I will use this method. Have your party at their Level 4 limit breaks and strongest weapons. I suggest having Cloud, Cid, and Red XIII. It is also important to have 99 megalixars (see Tips and Strategies). Enter the fight with limit breaks. Designate one person to give out megalixars(your weakest of the three). Equip a mastered Double-Cut on all three. You should have a max. of 5 materias per party member(which means surviving Aire Tam Storm is possible). Attach Quadra Magic to Gravity. Attack with 4x Cut, Garvity, and limit breaks. Heal like crazy! This will take a lot of patience.

But in the end, to the victor goes the spoils, 50000 EXP., 50000 AP., 50000 Gil, and one Earth Harp.

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