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This is where you will find info on current and enemies, as well as a little info on the specific npcs. This is useful for those who want to understand character reactions as well as to find out what the characters look like. Hopefully there will be pictures soon.


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Welcome to The Staff of Vidar Website: Characters

Current Characters:


Age: 3yr.,
RCC/OCC:Dragon Hatchling, Great Horned/Champion
Place of Birth:Somewhere as of yet unspecified in North America, rather close to the Arctic Circle.
Date of Birth:1st of April
Languages:Dragonese, American, Wolfen, Japanese, Western, Demongogian, French, Faerie, Gobblely, Euro, Spanish, German and Norse.
Skills of note:(Restricted to combat skills for space purposes): WPs Targeting, blunt, sword, and paired.
(Human) A young woman in her late teens. Very small breasted, but with an open and friendly face. Her eyelashes are short but very dark and defined. Her irises are a green verging on black. Her hair has a brassy color and sheen, and is kept back in a thick ponytail reaching her shoulder blades, but with bangs left framing the upper face. Her figure is extremely athletic, and her limbs have well-defined muscles. PB: 21, MA: 16.
(Dragon) An immense, glimmering green scaled dragon. Her appearance is at once breathtaking and horrific due to an air of barely contained violence. Her eyes are pools of molten gold that appear to swirl slowly when she is angry. The spines lining her back are of medium length and great length near the very center, and point outward from, and down her back. Her tail hold many short length spines and a few medium length ones near the base and the tip. The back of her neck is covered in short spines, with the same pattern as those on her back, but with medium length spines pointing up her neck directly along her spine. Her face is framed in small spikes, and her head is adorned with a very few large horns. PB: 30 MA: 16
Usual Attire: A huge backpack sized for her human form, which ties about her ankle in her natural form.
Weapon of choice: The Ash staff she always carries around, as well as an immense sword described by Joshua as "That wall you fight with"
Quirks/Insanities: Fairly naive on some topics, and doesn't have much sense of mortality for all her near death experiences.

Level: High
Magic: Yes
Psi: High
PPE: High
Health: Perfect

Brief History: Born in the deep northern wilderness, Uniqua's first experience with people was accidentally stealing various things she felt she could take which she wanted. She encountered a mercenary company at a later point, who were largely responsible for turning her into the person she is today. Though well-intentioned, they were sub-par, and she nearly died in the mission which destroyed the lot of them. After another month of wandering and dimensional travel, she came across a city being devastated by a person claiming to be Zeus and a Hundred Handed. After a long battle, she found The Staff of Vidar, and decided to return him to his body. Now she has succeeded at this after months of extraordinary adventures, and is Vidar's Champion.
Character Goals: Still largely driven by the Hatchling instinct to learn, Uniqua tries to know and be a part of everything she possibly can. Also very much wants to excel in her position as Champion, since she doesn't know how long she'll be able to keep it.
Disposition: Blunt, straightforward, and simple when she doesn't see a benefit in subtlety, hinting and complexity. Cheerful and friendly but a little too introspective at times.
Family: Uniqua doesn't know any of them, so it's not very important.
Allies/Friends: Player Characters. Una: A psychic sensitive with prodigious precognitive ability.
Enemies: Knights of Ya-Blik, an Ice dragon that nearly killed her, and two powerful super beings that also nearly killed her. May be racking up black marks with Death.



Age: 25
RCC/OCC: Halfling/Juggler Mage
Place of Birth: Unknown
Date of Birth: July 16
Languages: American,elven, Japanese, Russian, demongogian, French, family
Skills of note: Chemistry, biology, harp, flute, piano, performance, most computer skills.
Human form: 6'0" athletic male, with tight musscled arms(look strong but not overly muscular), long black hair with silver eyes. Has a red rune imprinted of his neck, as well as large cat ears and a panther tail. PB:18 MA:17
Feliniod form: 6'2" with feline eyes, black fur, and a small muzzle
Panther form: A large panther with silver eyes
Usual Attire: Loose fitting T-shirt and track pants. In battle he wears blood red scale mail. Never wears footwear except for new boots of fleetness and only when nessecary.
Weapon of choice: Diplomacy, vast magic knowledge, and two silver lined great scimitars bearing the images of Jenna and Uniqua that he calls love and peace(battle fury blades).
Quirks/Insanities: Phobias: master vamps, and tombs

Level: med
Magic: yes
Psi: high
PPE: Very high
Health: Good

Brief History: Trained since he was very young in many fields(many of which he won't talk about) but robbed of a childhood. Has traveled most of the world for his family, but prefers the circus because it's been the only place he was ever able to let go.
Character Goals: Knows now that he can't escape his future kingdom(although is planning to hand that right to the first ofspring that is qualified) has decided to try and work out two seperate lives a King, and on a little estate with jenna and any children they may have. Also seems more then a little interested in his magic skills then seems normal.
Disposition: Is a generally happy guy and now very easy going. Tends to be a little joking although due to recent events seems to have retired from all out pranking, wether this holds is another matter. Will talk and listen to just about anyone however is not out to actively meet anyone. He's made alot of friends(in the 5 digit range) but even more enemies. Tries hard not to let mistakes bother him but it's sofar been an uphill battle.
Father: Tolin.
Mother: Shelara.
Sisters: Kai(twin, female), Callisto(little sister).
Psuedo-daughter: Rue.
Wife: Jenna
Girlfriend: Uniqua(though most don't realize)
Allies/Friends: Miguel and Trisha, Caliet and the aforementioned family plus something he and Calli sometimes refer to as The Family, however only jenna, and uni only seem to know what that is. Is generally friendly with the other characters and npcs and is a gracious host, however the 'Kingly' seperation is starting to set in, unbeknownst to himself. Has many friends all over the planet.
Enemies:The knights of Ya'Blik, Vampires, Dunscon, Bringers, Grim Reapers, Desmond Bradford. Worries about what kineko's up to and will take action if necessary.





Age: 19
RCC/OCC Gunslinger/Spell Breather
Place of Birth: Ciudad Juarez
Date of Birth: 14 July
Languages: American, Spanish
Skills of note: art, gambling, gun slinging, horsemanship, literacy, mythology, some lore skills.
Appearance: pb 15 ma 17. 5'9 and 190 lb.. A slim well build Mexican man with his long black hair pulled back in a loose tail and a clean shaven baby-face.
Usual Attire: brown leather boots, jeans, a long sleeve shirt under his armor (if worn) and an armored duster
Weapon of choice: any pistol and Xania, a rune sword
Quirks/Insanities: very protective of his wives, loves painting and drawing and expresses his odd sense of humor through his art.


Brief History: Miguel was born in the slums of Ciudad Juarez, growing up with his wife, Trisha Velasquez. She was kidnapped from the brothel that owned her; Mig met the group while in pursuit. He has recently discovered his abilities as a Spell Breather, an exceedingly rare type of mage. Was also asked by Artemis to be a bodyguard for Calli. Is now mind linked to Trisha, Tori, and Angel, who is the nymph formerly inhabiting Trisha's old body.

Character Goals: live comfortably with his wives, protect calli, and help Art and Uniqua in the quest for Vidar.
Disposition: Usually rather cheerful, but quick tempered, especially where his wife and close friends are involved.
Family: Trisha Velasquez, wife. Anne, living magic, pesudo daughter, Tori, living magic, wife. Angel, wife

Allies/Friends: the Dragon Uniqua, Artemis, Calli, Sue and Dunni his living magics.
Enemies: The Knights of Ya-Blik top this list, but he isn't fond of Kineko and would see legal trouble in Juarez for possession of stolen property (Trisha)

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Name: Terrance “Flip” Fraser
Age: 20
RCC/OCC: Psi- nullifier
Place of Birth: Ice wall, Canadian Rockies
Date of Birth: February 29
Languages: Japanese, American, Dragonese
Skills of note: snowboarding, photography, computer programming
Appearance: lengthy brown, messy hair, unshaven, otherwise clean. brown canvas coat, and uaually has a goofy lookin' grin on his face Ma:11, Pb: 14
Usual Attire: brown canvas coat, purple shades
Weapon of choice: deadball
Quirks/Insanities: pothead

Level: low
Magic: no
Psi: high
PPE: high
not possessed
Health: Good

Brief History: Athlete until recently, when he decided it was time to strike off to do something with himself, for the good of people, and to become a hero, if only in his own mind.
Character Goals: Never to let fear rule his judgement
Disposition: usually out going, and loves a good joke as long as no one is hurt by it.Even if it is on him… and it usually is
Family: mother dead of illness, father left before he was born, no siblings
Allies/Friends: entire town of Icewall, and anybody else that considers him one of theirs
Enemies: none known so far

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Cailet(honorary PC)

Name: Cailet Cristia
Age: 11
RCC/OCC: Temporal Wizard (4-D Being)
Place of Birth: England
Date of Birth: January 1st
Languages: Dragonese, American/English, Japanese.
Skills of note: Magic, Psychic and Demon/Monster Lore, Horsemanship, Singing, Dancing, Cooking and Play Guitar.
Appearance:Cute lil’ 11 year old girl with long blond hair, emerald greenish eyes and a British accent. Wearing an elegant white dress. PB -22, MA - 27.
Usual Attire: White or pink dress reaching down to her ankles, with lace. Also wears slippers, and sometimes can be seen with a bow or ribbon in her hair. An engagement ring can be seen on her finger.
Weapon of choice: TW Parasol with targeted deflection.
Quirks/Insanities: Incredibly perky, idealistic, and unjaded.

Level: Medium
Magic: Yes
Psi: High
PPE: High
Not possessed
Health: Good

Brief History: After spending the first 11 years of her life as a student in England, a mis-teleport found Cailet inside a giant picnic basket carried by Uniqua. She has since then joined the group, become officially engaged to Eric, become Thoth's apprentice, and left the group but making occasional visits.
Character Goals:1) To become a fundamentally good person.
2) To help as many people as she can.
3) To learn as much as possible.
4) To achieve immortality in the form of a living legacy she leaves behind to the world.
4) To significantly impact the world.
5) To promote happiness and goodness through the spreading of optimism and idealism.
Disposition: Perky, cheerful, and eager to please. Cailet is incredibly mature for her
age, showing deep thought, and solid morals.
Family: Mother, father, 3 sisters, and Eric.
Allies/Friends: Uniqua, Artemis, Johnathan, her mentor Thoth, her family, and others within Uniqua's group. Also the forces of good in general.
Enemies: The knights of Ya'Blik, and the forces of evil.


Rider(currently replaced, see rube)

Name: Rider, or the disliked nickname Gringo
Age: Unknown
RCC/OCC: Br'talb Demon Hound Rider (quite obvious from appearance to those who have encountered them, though wearing different armor)
Place of Birth: Wormwood
Date of Birth: Unknown
Languages: Br'talb, Demongogian, Gobblely, American
Skills of note:
First Aid, Wilderness Survival, Land Navigation, Monster Lore, Track/Skin/Preserve Animals, Sing, Dance (though uses the latter 2 very rarely)
A strong 8ft tall figure dressed in something looking like a black weighing 300lbs. Wears a frightening (HF11, PB:3) demonic insect mask (PB of face underneath unknown) with large round eye slots, spiny horns, and mandibles. Combined these hide all features of what he might look like underneath, except for a ponytail of long silvery white hair that comes out of a hole in the back of the mask. Upon close examination it can be seen that instead of normal hands the man has 2 thick fingers and an opposable thumb, allowing immense strength while limiting personal dexterity. He wears 2 belts crossed over his chest diagonally and one across the waist, which houses a 1ft long knife. Two sabres are clipped to either side of the saddle of his current mount, along with a thick loop of rope and a string of spikes. On his back is a small powerpack with an e-clip inserted into it, with a long power-halberd with a blood red stone with a skull in it, locked into place, removable by pushing a button. Carries his bow, javelin and lance on his other hounds as he doesn't have enough room for them on the one he rides. Is almost always is accompanied by his 3 demon hounds (PB12, PB5, PB4), riding them in turns so they don't get tired and get equal exercise. MA 7
Usual Attire
: An outfit made by Tori looking like a black poncho with black dress pants and a black dress shirt. Wears his insect mask at all times,
Weapon of choice: Power-Battle Halberd
Quirks/Insanities: Very torn between emotions and his honour, no insanities as of yet.

Level: Low
Magic: No
Psi: Low
PPE: Low
Not Possessed
Health: Perfect

Brief History: Born on wormwood as a great warrior, dissatisfied with the corruption of the hound riders upon their inclusion in the Unholy's dark forces, he left their ranks and while trying to reach Worldgate was teleported to Rifts earth during a fight defending a carriage of human nobility from a Morphworm.
Character Goals: Keep self and hounds safe and well fed, find weapons with which to do so
Disposition: Cold to those he doesn't know, but close allies and friends will be protected with his life, he considers them one of the pack if they proove themselves worthy. A natural leader who doesn't back down and values personal honour and accountability, though he will kill to provide the meat needed for himself and his hounds to eat.
Other Br'talb, none of note.
Allies/Friends: Br'Talb of honour who don't follow the Unholy, all Demon Hounds, friendly with party but not pack-status
Enemies: Skelter Bat, Feathered Serpent, Sky Riders, Kineko (more of a rivalry, not blood hatred), Kai (for dancing with Tori)

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Name: ivori
Age: 19
RCC/OCC shemarrian warrior
Place of Birth: shemarria
Date of Birth:(day & month) 3 march
Languages: dragonese and poor american
Skills of note: swim, climb, gymnastics, land navigation, survival, intelligence, detect ambush, detect concealment
Appearance: pb 20 ma 16. a tall beautiful amazon with close cropped red hair and violet eyes.
Usual Attire:seldom seen in anything other than her unadorned plate armor though she does have normal clothing in her belongings.
Weapon of choice: her oversized cannon of a rifle and her clawed gloves unless she is really angry, in which case she will use her bare hands to rip her enemy to pieces.
Quirks/Insanities: extreme attachment to her mount Apoasha, an ICHNEUMON beast, called a monst-rex in english.

Aura- none

Brief History: ivori was in the wilderness on shemarr when a ley line storm broke out. When it ended ivori was trapped on earth in the wildeness near silvereno. Ivori was actually caught in a ley line in shemarr and ended up in the wilderness near silvereno.
Character Goals: return to shemarr.
Disposition: coolly arrogant and aloof
Family: none she will discuss with outsiders.
Allies/Friends: only her mount.
Enemies: none to speak of currently, all previous ones are deceaced.

Johnathan(Honorary PC)

Name:Johnathan Auwrmy
RCC/OCC: Cosmo-Knight
Place of Birth: Axis-5
Date of Birth: Earth Calender, February 24
Languages:Trade 1, Trade 4, Oninese
Skills of note: Radio:Basic, Basic Math, Demolitions, Demolitions
Disposal, Intelligence, Basic Mechanics, Lore: Demon, Magic, Pyshic, CCW Law, Play Violin (expert) and Cooking.
Appearance: Tall, well built and heavy set. 6'9" muscle-man to be blunt, always seems to have a 5'o'clock shadow along with his goatee,green eyes and long dark brown hair, which is usually pulled into a pony-tail. Often wears a smile...unless expecting trouble. M.A: 17 P.B: 18
Usual Attire: Often wears full jungle fatigues with combat boots and a heavy duster over the clothing, concealing most of what he carries. His armor is mostly skin tight except at the shoulders, which are slightly extended and he appears to have guards at his knees and heavy gauntlets, the armor has a light blue tint to it.
Weapon of choice: Cosmic Weapon, if the situation demands. Otherwise, he carries an assortment of small arms made by Naruni and Bandito Arms.
Quirks/Insanities: None, except for a tendancy to loose his cool and blow up on the nearest target. Also tends to drink when the opportunity presents itself.

Magic: No
Psi: No
PPE: High
Not Possessed
Health: Good
Enhanced Human/Supernatural

Brief History: Born and raised on the war-torn planet of Axis-5. Father a retired General, mother a Warlock. Raised up in the military, it was inevitable that he would enlist and join the fight against the Kreeghor. He was trained for special forces rather than marine training, and was immediately put into a heavy armor tactical squad. Ultimately they were all slaughtered by a Kreeghor witch, minus Johnathan. Soon thereafter he joined the group and this quest. It was there that he met his wives and married, now he has a family of his own.
Character Goals: Do what he can in his duty to the Forge, protected his family and friends, Destroy the Kreeghor Witch that took out his squad.
Disposition: Usually a very friendly, good-mannered and generous man. He loves to have a good time and has partied with the best of them, and even got into a drinking contest with Thor. However, that could all change in an instant when trouble shows up, when his disposition becomes very cold and distant.
Family: Father, Mother and Sister: Dead. Current Family: His two wives, Fee and Victoria and his two daughters Kryste and Tunja.
Allies/Friends: Fee, Victoria, Uniqua, Eric Geist, Cailet, Miguel, Joshua, Vidar, Kineko, Usagi, and Artemis only to name a few. All champions of good could be considered a friend.
Enemies: The Knights of Ya-blik are a specific group. The Kreeghor Empire, the Splugorth, the Gods of Darkness, most alien intelligences, vampires and demons...just to name a few.

Chin Gui Bao

Age: 5000+
RCC/OCC : White Lead Leopard
Place of Birth: Accidental City
Date of Birth: Lost in the Sands of Time
Languages: Chinese, English
Skills of note: Wei Qi, Writing, Xiang Qi, Archaeology, Chinese Alchemical, Chinese Antiquarianism, Artistic Calligraphy, Toaist
Appearance: PB 15 MA 24..In human form looks chinese with spots on his leopard form looks made of metal with spots of corrosion on it.
Usual Attire: ancient Chinese men garb
Weapon of choice: What ever on hand (ancient)
Quirks/Insanities: None that anyone can see

Magic:: yes
Psi: High
PPE: Low
Not possessed
Health: Health

Brief History:
Studying most of his life to be a God.. and learn about likes to party..but works hard
Character Goals: Learn, party
Disposition: To learn about the world but mostly China and write a book
Family: The rest of the White Lead Leopard
Allies/Friends: Other White Lead Leopards
Enemies: The things he is hunting at the time..and family and allies of old kills

Rubiert Pon Halltar

Age: 34
RCC/OCC Asgardian High Elf /unknown
Place of Birth: United Worlds of Warlock
Date of Birth: June 8th
Languages: Dragonese, Old Norse, American, Spanish
Skills of note: Radio:Basic, Advanced Math, Business, Law, Streetwise (of known skills)
Appearance: 6'2" 155lb Elf with long white hair, piercing silver-blue eyes, and perfect looks (PB27), a scrawny build. His gaze is one of surety and determination, scanning everything and everyone, and yet it's strangely unified with a careless grin of mischief, and you don't want the dagger in his smile to every get you when you're not looking. (MA20).
Usual Attire: Dressed in regalious and yet rebellious finery. A fanciful brown coat with white fur trimmings on the shoulders is worn over a puffy green shirt with white fillings branching from the neckline. Black leather jeans and boots are worn on the bottom half of his figure, and he seems incredibly agile despite such a hindering wardrobe.
Weapon of choice: The only visible weapon is a laser pistol that he keeps strapped to his left boot, yet he rarely reaches for it. He seems to be quite adept with his letter opener and plays a lot of card games, with sharp looks quickly darting about.

Not possessed

Brief History: Little is known about his past, other than he came from the United Worlds of Warlock. He has a background in business, seems to know a lot about card games, as well as a little magic (none of which he has demonstrated yet). He doesn't mention his family or past associates, though from his interest in less than savoury businesses, and the reluctance to shed light upon the past, denotes that he may have had shady dealings that he would rather not mention.
Character Goals: Rubiert has thus far entered into an agreement with Uniqua, he has been delegated the task of finding good investments for a portion of the group's sizable fortune, and has promise of greater capital if he can prove to earn a profit with what he is initially given. He also seems to want to make friends with the group, and get involved in the local town businesses himself, though he is having a hard time with this. He seems to favour the Jungle Elf gardener, Ariti, and has patched up a misunderstanding they initially had. He seems to be throwing his rude city slicker demeanor to the wind in favour of pleasing this bronzeskinned beauty, and is having a rather uncomfortable time understanding how to relate to nature, which (strangely for an Asgardian elf) is rather alien to him.
Family: Doesn't mention them, assumed to be Asgardian High Elves as well. It is likely that someone in his family taught him business, as he possesses the knowledge ingrained deeply in his mind
Allies/Friends: Uniqua (boss), Flip (friend), Artemis (associate), Ivori (friend he likes to talk with), Ariti (female interest), Calli (fellow clever prankster), and Tian (nice enough guy, doesn't do anything bad, seems to share a more lighthearted feel for trickery)
Unsure Terms: Miguel (alienated by his killing Casper), Casper (alienated by getting killed and not caring), Bao (for his party puppeteering)
Enemies: Dwarves, Giants, SolGneriad, Plus any he makes along the way

Tian Lei

RCC/OCC Fox Spirit/Jian Shih
Place of Birth:China
Date of Birth:N/A
Languages:Chinese Ancient and Manderin Chinese, Japenese, Russian,English
Skills of note: Rogue and physical mainly
Appearance:PB 17/MA12 can appear as male 5’0” 100 lbs sort thin appears at times as an old Oriental Gentleman, a Young teen or and Old wise man, black hair, green eyes He wears black Robes and pants with red and silver piping.
Usual Attire: Blackoutfits, could be appear as a Fox and might not be seen at all
Weapon of choice: Sword
Quirks/Insanities: sticky fingers and watching others, likes the ladies

Aura-chi energy may see a fox form if those can see invisible they could see a form
Level: Med
PPE:no PPE he is a Creature of Chi Energy
not posses
Health: good
non human

Brief History:Carefree travels (via his abilities, doesn’t get bonus miles)likes to play tricks. He is a romantic at heart. He is in search of magic and weapons of power which he will liberate from evil or the unworthy without a second thought. He defends the weak and plays tricks on the mean and powerful. He hates those that pick on the weaker. He will steal from those that he believes are harming the weak and give aid to those less fortunate. He studied Gui Long a long time ago maybe under a dragon
Character Goals: watches over the less fortunate, tries to help those who are oppresed
Disposition: loves humans and can watch and talk to them for hours
Family: back in china and others realms
Allies/Friends: positive Chi and those of good alignment Enemies: Negative Chi and Evil
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