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Xibalba - The House of Night

Table of Contents

Zodiac Gods Publishing on RPGNOW.COM including the Rising Dark, Chirak and more!

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The Keepers of Lingusia is now available for download or in soft cover format at!

The Troll's Companion is now available at! This includes a plethora of new material, as well as online favorites like the Iron Tower and Bestiary.

Some NPC encounters using the new 4th edition rules

Molorn, a key NPC and possible foe for the new 4E game

Check out the newly scanned maps of Lingusia!

The Official Compiled Character Tables: Every chart and form you'll need for your AD&D or OSRIC games!

The Keepers of Lingusia Campaign Setting
The Bullow Lands corrected solitaire for T&T is now here!
The Ancient Realms Campaign: Hidden Magic and Mystery Cults in the Roman Republic during the rise of the Triumvirate
The Ad Astra Savage Worlds Edition in which the Ad Astra sci-fi setting gets savaged!
The D20 Resource Archive
NEW: Ad Astra A hard-Sci Fi space opera for Tri-Stat DX
The Tunnels & Trolls Archive
The World of Aichwod, a D20 Campaign World
NEW: Lords of Chaco D20 A first draft of the Mythic Southwest setting for the D20 system
The Caves of Chaos a Classic D20 romp through dungeon halls dark and dreary!

Welcome to the Multicosm! This site has polymorphed in to the promotional hub for Zodiac Gods Publishing, which includes The Keepers of Lingusia campaign setting, The Rising Dark Setting for Swords & Wizardry, and The Realms of Chirak Campaign World for D&D 4th edition. This site remains dedicated to archiving all of my endeavours in writing for my various preferred role playing games, especially Runequest II, Dungeons & Dragons in all its incarnations, GURPS, and the venerable Tunnels & Trolls. Much of the material in the Multicosm is geared towards mytho-historical campaigning, and the premiere campaign is the Ancient Realms of the Roman Republic. This site is updated about as often as NASA lands a successful Martial Lander. Enjoy!

Me on a summer trip to the Great Basin National Monument, Nevada