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The Tunnels & Trolls Archive

I’ve managed to get a solitaire adventure and some rule mods for T&T up on site, so I’m going to open up an archive page and group all such entries here. Keep checking back for more! I will be posting new stuff periodically, until all old and new T&T material has been gathered in to a compilation to drool for. As I continue my exploration of the web, I’ll try to include T&T specific links, as well!

Solitaire Adventures:
The Bullow Lands revised and corrected edition!

Queen Scorpions and Lady Nymphs

The Sunk of Tarsus

Campaign Backgrounds:
T&T In the Ancient Realms Campaign

Ancient Weapons, Classes, Races, and Armor in the Roman Republic

New Rules:
The Tunnels & Trolls Skill System

Nine New Combat Tricks for T&T

Characters and Other Fun Stuff:
Meet the Fearsome Five; it's their 17th Anniversary!

Visit Garen Ewing's Arconomicon for an archive of spells that include a variety I originally released in "The Keepers of Lingusia," lo those many years ago.