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In process...

11-18-08 - Getting ever more serious about leaving the Sweep due to late paychecks. Crunching and working in the IGDA and such. Playing Smash Bros a lot, and TF2 Studio Rumble. Check out my new blog here: - Who knows when I will update this website again...
04-01-07 - I'm pregnant!!! >_> April Fool's! lol Okay so it's been a while since I've updated. Still working as a game programmer at Sensory Sweep. Recently held a local IGDA chapter committee meeting. Oh I never mentioned, I'm the Salt Lake Area Chapter Coordinator for the IGDA now. I'm one of the few that really cares about the industry as a whole, it seems. *laughs* Also I play way too much Guild Wars. If you have the game feel free to pm me there, my in game name is Vazor Strafe.
07-23-06 - Been living in a new condo; hoping it doesn't fall apart on us. Still working as a game programmer, still crunching. In two weeks I'll be 4th in the seniority list for programmers at Sensory Sweep.
05-04-05 - Well, it's been a while- I've been so busy working as a game programmer- all my time is taken up, especially during crunch times. Not much happening, may be buying a condo soon. Other maybes, too, stuff that may get me titles like Technical Director. We'll see.
Just a little advertising for a browser I like:
I mean, what other browser has both auto-reload and look up highlighted text through google in their context menus?
Oh, and I finally got to see the new Nausicaa. Pretty good job, I'm glad they didn't mutilate it. The other new Miyazaki works were pretty good too. The Cat Returns is really cute, and Porco Rosso is cool, kind of like watching an old black and white film.
Jaa, mata.

10-09-04 - wow.. 4 months. 4 months of pain, writing and finalizing my compiler. It is done though, and to break some incredible news, I'm all graduated (got my piece of paper in a nice green cover) and I already have a job in the video game development industry!!! I now work at Sensory Sweep, developing a game for the Nintendo DS. The game recently had a preview at the Nintendo Gamer's Conference. There's a video of the presentation at
The person giving the presentation is our main contact from EA. I work with him and have met him in person several times. Sweet, huh? :D
I think it is. Working in the industry is a lot of fun, because you're around a lot of fun-loving people. But it's also tough, because you have to be among the best-of-the-best to make it in. There are so many applicants that it can't be any other way. Then even when you get in, you have to say hello to insane work hours, 45-72hrs a week is not uncommon. And there are other problems, which I won't go into. On the whole I wouldn't trade the job for just any other old job. Well, back to work for me!

06-18-04 - NAUSICAA IS BEING RELEASED!!!! Nausicaa is being released by Disney in the US. Follow the links to read the news!!!!

Follow these links to find out more about Nausicaa.

05-04-04 - Graduated! Bachelors of Science coming soon, I still need to finish my Compiler project. River City Ransom is cool.

04-20-04 - I got my simulator done! Now, I have to see if I can finish my compiler in the next few days. :/ X/
Kenzen Anime rocks! We had our second meeting last weekend, and it was a blast!

03-17-04 - Still thrashing under the enormous burden of taking two Dennis classes at once. Hopefully will be finished with Simulator within the next couple of weeks. Pray for a miracle... ><. ''. good mod music site

01-15-04 - Final semester of school, hopefully. Taking a drawing class that is pretty fun, and doing a GBA game for Independent Study. Trying to finish senior projects. Xxp
updated resume at gamasutra:
Still working for Dennis, still at UVSC. Peace.

10-28-03 - Still kickin'. Not sure how, with all the things on my list of todo just staring me in the face. xXp I made a neat little flash movie at: mouserace.html
Check it out, I'll have more details later.

09-09-03 - Man, it's been a long time since I've had a chance to update... I am still working for Dennis and all summer that's about all I was doing. I am still going to school, and I am hoping to get everything done in time to graduate this spring. That would be sweet. In the meantime I have a lot of work to do; some projects are more enjoyable than others.
Anyone who's played the SNES game Chrono Trigger will probably enjoy this little story I made.
For visitors from the game programming class, if there are any who happen to see this page instead of getting the file directly, here is a link to the libci.lib file.

01-28-03 - Well I survived being laid off and I'm back with a vengance working for Dennis Fairclough. It's a real nice job here, but man, I've just got too many things to do. ACM Club fame suckered me into being a committee co-chair for the programming contest. And there's still school... blah. Anywho...

09-28-02 - Married life is great! I'm working and going to school learning C++. If anyone needs a programmer look me up I may be available for work soon(!) (

07-10-02 - Married life is great! I put up the Change Cursor link again. It's sweet! The only problem is it is way glitchy. The link is supposed to rotate you through three different pointers: default, crosshair, and blue(a .cur file on this server), but it seems to mess up after the fourth click or so. I'm blaming it on browser incompatibility. My logic is correct! (view source if you want to double-check me). Anyway have fun with it! ^^,

06-25-02 - Dude! I is now a married man. ^^D The honeymoon was awesome, and now I'm back at work.

05-17-02 - Hey check out this neat javascript thing I put together. '',

05-16-02 - My wedding is only a month away!! it's cray-z to think about it. anywho, I'm not just posting with a rant this time really! here, here's a link to prove it: vzLife in Javascript!!! kewl eh? it's a great benchmark javascript too I think. Opera runs the fastest so far. Let me know what you think. '',

05-04-02 - *yawn* I think I might put together a dhtml excito page for everyone to see. (an excito page is a page that does a lot of neat things but never actually serves any real purpose- i.e. just to show off) I'll try and have a midi jukebox, fading background and text, dynamic everything, etc.

04-05-02 - Haven't updated in a few days- not much to say- working at my new job and trying to get the comet cursor script to not be so annoying.

03-26-02 - What the heck- it's there so I might as well.
This is a pretty good comic and you should check it out if you have time.
(this site has been taken down or something 09-09-03)

03-25-02 - new version of vzLife- just added a better preconfig, and a random option. ''D Try it out: vzLife.exe.

03-12-02 - Dude!!! I finally finished the very first version of my pet applet project- javatto! It's fun! Check it out!

03-11-02 - I meant to put this up a long time ago. This is one of the greatest animes of all time.
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa)
The greatest work ever.

03-07-02 - Remember lifegen? Well I wrote a little program from scratch that is based on the rules of life developed by the mathematician John Horton Conway. Try it out: vzLife.exe. You can email me for the source code if you want. Bai!

02-27-02 - I finished a neat little database driven project at work today using the InOne platform. Check it out here.

02-25-02 - Kewl site!! (I could code this dangit) Glyphiti

02-20-02 - I finally finished that javatto project I was working on last year. Unfortunately it won't work unless you view it with appletviewer. You can email me for the class and data files.

02-19-02 - Updated more stuff and uploaded my portfolio and Crystal Minds - a short fiction.

01-29-02 - Hey here's a good resource for all those studying japanese hiragana and katakana-
Enjoy '',

01-28-02 - Happy New Year- I got a job as a lab assistant ^^, Here's a neat picture for you:
Silver Haired Guy

12-14-01 - Found the music from SoM that was on when I proposed to my fiance. som16.mid

10-30-01 - nothing really new here, but I haven't forgotten this great page. Here's a couple interesting links.
They Might Be Giants

7-11-01 - subfolder "cchaos" uploaded. check out cchaos/chrono.html

Alternate Email: vazor, at symbol, myrealbox, dot, com (no-spam anti-bot address)