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Initiate Alpha Sequence

A Metamorphosis Alpha® Play-by-Post Adventure Archive


  1. Cloned!
  2. Escape
  3. Forest
  4. Separated
  5. Allies
  6. Catch-up
  7. Reunion
  8. Watcher
  9. Kidnapped
  10. Offensive
  11. Cafeteria
  12. HUT
  13. Chased
  14. Armory
  15. Herded
  16. Spacedust

Dramatis Personae

in order of appearance...

Player Characters

links to final stats...

Mutated Animal (Snapping Turtle), played by blaen_495
Zhaxier Cole (DEAD)
Blendoid, played by zhaxier
Nike Thomason (NPC)
Pure Strain Human, played by gene_queen_supreme
Percy "RAM" Jenkins
Adaptoid, played by gammaben
Amanda Flockheart
Pure-Strain Human, played by amanda_flockheart
Claus (DEAD)
Mutated Animal (Cat), played by cy_berleagic
Tinker (DEAD)
Robot (Moonwerk General Purpose Technical Support Unit), played by Ogre1994 and zhaxier
Sharneste (DEAD)
Mutated Lion, played by amazonworshipper
Arkady Dmitrivich
Pure Strain Human, played by nad_senrac and publius1024
Gregory Powell
Pure Strain Human, played by scottenkainen
Rufus X. S.
Mutated Jackal, played by Shrsholn

Non-Player Characters

Pack hunters in the Enviro Room.
Humanoid leader of the Enviro Room "savages."
Dark Dwellers
Hairy Ugly Things (HUTs) controlled by the Watcher.

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