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Initiate Alpha Sequence

A Metamorphosis Alpha® play-by-post adventure run by supreme_arbiter


Percy "RAM" Jenkins



Other Stats





Percy is a man surprised by very little, although he reacts to new and unknown things or situations with obvious enthusiasm. His abuse of the phrase, "Waaaiiitaminute..." and variations on that theme, combined with his tendency to ramble on randomly about anything and everything that catches his attention earned him the nickname RAM (Random Access Memory). (The current instance of Percy Jenkins as a clone/Adaptoid does not remember this nickname, however.)

The gaps in his memory combined with his chronic headaches leave him constantly thinking of his situation as he tries to analyze and figure out each new situation---similar to how he worked as a computer programmer in his original life. He seems to be OK with his existence as a clone, but in the background of his consciousness, he wonders if the original him is truly dead, or still alive somewhere on Warden.


Percy is dressed comfortably in his Warden uniform. When not adapting to the form of another person or creature, he tries to maintain a friendly, wise appearance. His knowledge of the computer systems aboard Warden sometimes manifests itself in a didactic, although not superior demeanor.

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