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Jist Shrine!

Welp. Here it is people. I finally broke down and decided to make a page to show off all the Jist pictures that I've begged, threataned, and/or demanded off of people, or that just showed up on art boards, or in my e-mail.


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This page was last updated December 3rd, 2001. (Wow a four months exactly! ... I try be faster next time.^^;;) Five new Jist pictures, and one old piccy is now colored.

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Currently this is just for Jist piccies... might make pages for some of my other OCs later, we'll see.

Well some of you happy people reading this might be wondering just WHO this "Jist" person is. So here is a little char info fer yah^^

He's so confused about all this fuss over him!^^ Full Name: Jist Vavinchi

Age: 16

Birthplace: Sacramento, CA

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Rock Candy

Birthday: August 11, 1984

Blood type: AB-

Residence: Travels Jade.. sorta. (For those that don't know, Jade is a generic fantasy world linked to Earth^^ Kinda a sister diminsion)

History/profile/thingy: Jist was originally a human boy from Sacramento, he was pretty average... Until he was identified as an idle subject in a gene-modification project. This project was the result of a collaboration between scientists from Earth and Mages from Jade. The mages would capture the animals and retrieve DNA and the scientists would pay them and modify the subjects. He was taken from his home (along with the rest of his family) and they were all subject to said modifications. Jist was the only one to survive beyond the initial modification. He was turned into well... what you see in the pictures here.. The scientists neglected to accurately monitor how strong Jist was actually getting however and he managed to escape (killing scientists in the process). He went to his house for a while but knew he wouldn't belong there anymore, so he took his pet cat, Ryo-oh-ki and went though a portal at the labs that led into Jade. Once there he picked a direction and started walking...

He evidently headed in the right direction cause his life is going pretty good right now.^^ He's met some nice people.. at least one of which you'll see in the piccies. (She's VERY important to him^^)

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Well there you go, drop me a line at Mine E-mail. If you have any comments/questions/want to give me a Jist picture.^^

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