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Links! Links!

Oki what we got here is a little grab bag of links. We got artsites, homepages, and... well just click and see!

The Misfit's pad This is Glenn's homepage! It has neat poems and stories and arts and stuffs and go check it out!

Naal's page of Random crap! This is the homepage of my very very very bestest friend in the whole big old wide world! ^^_V So go lookit it!^^ It's got.. stuff!!^^

Dragoness's Lair This is Dragoness's site, home of many many purty piccies!^^

Nagi-oki's art. Another art site with great stuffs. Some piccies of Jist here you won't find on this site^^. (Cuase they are big group pics)

Zaphod's pad. My *gasp* 2nd RL friends page of stuff. Go read his pages of nothing and his rants. Just don't call him a #@x0r.

Goldfoxx Creations Here's Bryan Tallman's home page. He's the one that did the kyooote Jist plushie piccie^^ Go see the rest of his neat art and stuffs.

T'tanni's Chibi-Shrine Here's T'tanni/Dizzy's page.^^ Its got loads of rilly kyooote art stuffs^^ Go lookit!.

The FPFC This here place has lottsa great info 'bout Fred Perry and es a nice comminity too. Has a killer art board anybody can post to.^^

DXSMachina Great anime/furry/wierd oO art here by Diana Sprinkle. She's a great artist with a cool style.^^ Go check it out! And maybe buy something from her.^^

Cheetaholics The offical home page of Gold Digger. Has pictures, issue summieries, and the only place I know of to get the Fred Ports outside of a con.

Elfwood Elfwood! A HUGE fantasy and sci-fi picture gallery.. tons of artists and pics. So much bet you won't ever be able to look at them all.^^

Wendy Wendy comic. A cute little comic about 4 girls and... oh just go read it.

MOB Monthly Original Bishoujo A combo art site/monthly contest. Everymonth a new cute girl is featured and everybiddy draws her..and the winner gets thier own cute girl featured.. lather rinse repeat.

MAG Monthly Anime Gajin!^^ Just like the MOB except with ANY kinda chars and its been around a bit longer.

The Infinite KAPOWEI Network The Ultimate Sheila shrine!^^ Go lookit! It's brought to you by StealthKat.

Computer Stupidities This page will make you just shake your head at how DUMB some people can be.

Operators Standing By Here's proof that people don't need computers to show thier stupidity. "Great" stories from an answering service... some of the other operators are as "fun" as the callers.

Phan Art Here's GD11's art page. Lottsa kewl pics here, go lookit! Gogogogo!

Improfanfic In the mood for something written instead of drawn? But still want anime? Then head over here to find tons of great impros in the anime style! You could even be a writer!

The adventures of Mayberry melonpool A funny sci-fi comic strip. And it's really comic! No deep seated angty plot lines here. Nice stuff that really should be syndicated.

Absurd Notions Nice comic that appears mondays and fridays. Watch fantasy people play games where they pretend to be in a fantasy world.;)

Bob the Angry Flower! Join Bob, Stumpy the stump, and Freddy the floating fetus on all there politically Incorrect adventures! If you're offend be sure to let the author know, he'd love to hear it.

PHW Nifty art site of a soon to be big name in the comic book bizzyness. Recently restored from an icky period of nonexsitance which was thanks to icky meanies.

GD2k The GoldDigger 2K MUSH! Where Jist and all his lil friends live work... eh on that one^^;; and play!

HaLo A nice little page of drawings by Erin. I really like her art style, it's nice and clean and simple and cute^^.

Mad Puffin's Art The home page of one of the latest artists to give me some Jist piccies^^. Cool art comboed with RL photos.

Raven's domain Raven's site. Go here to see all the cool art work of his. I just love how he has the shadows go in his pretty pics.^^

Cael's art Caelestis' site.^^ Go lookit alla the pretty pics.

You can't be serious. Khymerion's art page. I really like his style.^^ Anime... but kinda diff. The clothing designs he uses seem sorta Tenchi influanced. Jurian to precise.^^

Flipside! A great online Manga. Has two girls as the main chars, and its just getting started on the big story. Very nice and theres alot there so go check it out!

Illy-chan! Illy-chan's home page! Lots of art, stuff about her, and her kiddies. (kids and kittens!). Go say hi.^^

Okay I'm done w/ the links take me back to the main page.