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Oki peoples. Here's a neat new lil section of the page.^^ Decided to get me some cyberpets! And lookit! Now theres more then one! HELP! I can't stop! @@ ^^


This little dragon here is called Eternity? Ain't she cute?^^ Got her from The Dark Crystal Realm. You can go there too and get your own cute wittle dragon. Just follow the link to the right.^^


nother sign
This is Lariko, she's an emana. If you want one of your own just click on the sign to the right. She's all grown up now.^^ If you kept up with the site you coulda watched her grow up from an itty bitty egg!^^

wolfwood cross Vashkitty
Heres some cute little people from Trigun that I adopted from Happy Donut Land.^^ If you want your own just click on them to be taken to HDL.^^ On the left of the page we have Wolfwood and his cross, and on the right with have Vash and the cute little black kitty that shows up in every episode. If you have no idea who these people are, do yourself a favor and check out the anime Trigun, put out by Pioneer.

Oki that's great. Take me back to the stuff actually dealing with Jist on this Jist site, willyah?