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I Have No Dice And I Must Game

NOTE: This page is dead, and has been for a while. I might replace it with something else eventually.

If you want to read things of mine that aren't game rules and don't suck (or at least suck less), check out My deviantArt page.

Welcome to I Have No Dice And I Must Game! This webpage is devoted to games of all sorts, but chiefly ones that I write. I'll try to post new stuff regularly, but for now, take a look at the stuff that's already here.

RISUS: The Anything RPG
A brilliant creation of master game writer S. John Ross (go get his stuff, it rox), Risus is a simple beer & pretzels RPG that's perfect if you're new to role playing or too tired to bother with details. This section will have all my Risus stuff on it, eventually...

Risus Illuminati - some words and settings for running an Illuminated campaign.

Illuminati Advanced - a more advanced version of Risus Illuminati, adding more complex rules to            enhance paranoia

Risus Matrix - a Risus campaign based on The Matrix

 Risus Troubleshooter - A Risus campaign set in a world on the verge of becoming cyberpunk.

 Risus: The Wargame - A Wargame based on the Risus rules.

Heavy Ordnance Lite - Little kids and big guns. 'Nuff said. A stand-alone adaption of Heavy Ordnance to the Risus engine.

Random Campaign Generator - A small tool for bored GM's and players planning on a one-shot adventure or just wanting a laugh.

Exercise Foxtrot
 A gump simple wargame that puts the players in command of a company of futuristic Hovertanks.
Get the files to play it with Cyberboard HERE. Get Cyberboard itself HERE. Still need playtesting, so send me your opinions, thoughts, etc.

Keep It Simple, Stupid
 A wargame under development by me and some friends, Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) will be a simple-yet-comprehensive simulation of modern military covert operations (but NOT counter terrorism). It's currently in playtesting. If you want to see an incomplete copy posted here, e-mail me.

These pages use the Crackling, Morpheus and Abaddon fonts, all available at Fonts For Freaks or for download here

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