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Exercise Foxtrot
A Futuristic Wargame by David Masad


Welcome to Exercise Foxtrot. Exercise Foxtrot is a tactical simulation of futuristic warfare, where each player commands a company of hovertanks, and uses them to fulfill an objective. Exercise Foxtrot is different from most wargames in the fact that it offers tactical depth, yet extreme simplicity. The opposing forces are always evenly matched, meaning that victory goes to the best tactician. These rules assume that the game is being played on a hex board, but it can be played with miniatures just as easily - the size of the unit base is the equivalent of 1 hex.

The game can be played with or without an Umpire. If playing with an umpire, it is their job to interpret the orders and carry them out, as well as resolving combat. If you are playing a PBEM game, an umpire is required.


Every player has 24 tanks. Before the game begins, players secretly divide them into up to 5 platoons, A through E.


Players set up their platoons within 6 hexes from their map edge, with no more than a 1 hex gap between units within a platoon.


Players write down the orders they are issuing their platoons. Orders consist of maneuver instructions and combat parameters. Players then unveil their instructions, and the platoons act accordingly. All movement is simultaneous. There may be no more than a one hex gap between units within a platoon. If a larger gap is created (because of a unit being destroyed in combat) the platoon may not receive orders next turn - it must consolidate by moving so as to close the gaps. Combat Parameters remain the same as they were the previous turn.


There are only two types of terrain - Open Ground and Craters. Open Ground can be moved and fired across freely. Craters cannot be moved or fired across.


Combat can only take place when two units are within 4 hexes of each other. Both players roll 1D10 per tank participating and apply any modifiers. Lower roll is destroyed.


The game ends when one side has fulfilled their victory conditions.


Players may issue one order per turn to each platoon. An order consists of a Maneuver Instruction and Combat Parameters. A Maneuver Instruction consists of a movement target and a formation. The platoon will attempt to move to the designated point in the specified formation. Combat Parameters instruct the platoon how to react to enemy units.


FORMATION - Orders the platoon to assume one of three formations: Line, Column, or Box.

MOVEMENT - Orders the platoon to move to a given point, either tactically (4 hexes) or strategically (8 hexes). Platoons moving strategically must halt in order to fire, and suffer a -2 penalty on their roll.


ENGAGE AT WILL - Platoon will engage any enemies that come into range, and will continue moving.

HALT AND ENGAGE - Platoon will halt and engage any enemies that come into range. If moving tactically, platoon receives a +1 bonus to their rolls.

RETURN FIRE - Platoon will only engage enemy units that attack it first.

HALT AND RETURN FIRE - Platoon will halt and engage only enemies who attack it first. If moving tactically, platoon receives a +1 bonus to their roll.

EVADE ENGAGEMENT - Platoon will not return fire. If attacked, the tanks get a +3 on their roll, but if they win they do not destroy the enemy, only are not destroyed themselves.

A Platoon: Move to hex 0804 tactically in line formation, engage at will 

B Platoon: Move to hex 2213 strategically in box formation, evade engagement. 

C Platoon: Move to hex 1016 tactically in column formation, return fire 



SLUGFEST - The object of the game is to destroy all of the enemy's units.

REGULAR BATTLE - Both players have a Command Post that they must defend, while attempting to capture the enemy CP by moving a tank onto it.

ASSAULT - One player has a CP they must defend, while the other must capture it.

BREAKTHROUGH - One player must move all their units off a specific map edge within a given number of turns, while the other must prevent them from doing so.

KING OF THE HILL - A hex near the center of the map is designated The Hill. Players score one point for every turn they occupy the Hill. First to 10 points wins.

CAPTURE THE FLAG - Players must get a platoon to the enemy CP, then bring the platoon back to their own CP, while preventing the enemy from doing the same.

ONE FLAG - A single Flag is placed in the center of the map. Players must get it and bring it back to their CP. If the unit holding it is destroyed, the flag remains where it fell.

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