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The full moon shines high over your head as you stare at the sign pointed towards town, squinting to make it out clearly. Dawnspell.., you say aloud to yourself, musing over the name. A horrendous squeak startles you backwards as you squint up at the face of the wiggling gargoyle. Yup! Dawnspell, the home of everything. You want it, they got it. Beware of the guards though, they can give quite a chase if you get too close. And the Queen! Ha! Shes ruthless.. The giant stone figure falls silent as the bushes rustle behind you, and with a nod of his head, he urges you onward.

As you pass him, the moon is covered by a cloud, large droplets of water splashing the worn dirt road. Glancing up at the towering castle; you sigh.

Welcome to Dawnspell
The Dark Side Of Nowhere

~Please Read Before Joining~

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