Wrong Way

Wrong Way

Wrong Way

TITLE: Wrong Way
AUTHOR: Clockstopper
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
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DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story are not mine. I wish they were, but they aren't. They belong to Joss and Co. I do own the situation I put them in though. It's MY PLOT. You think if I did own these characters I'd have signed on for the cheap free homepage? Don't sue me I have nothing of value but this, my computer and a few Buffy posters.
SPOILERS: None this is taking you all the way to the begin, well the second season, but it totally disregards anything you might have learned in the first season
SUMMARY: The result of Spike/Xander fan fiction and Sublimeís Wrong Way on repeat. Spike and Xander meet sometimes before the parent teacher thing and start a friendship/relationship. If youíve heard the song you know how it goes. If you havenít then this is the thing: Xanderís a whore to vampires and Spikeís the broken big bad looking for a little blood. Spike wants to save Xander, but not go against everything he is. Can he do it?

Chapter 6:

"Here." Xander said throwing nine hundred dollars on Joe's desk Thursday morning.

"Wha... what the hell? Where'd you get all this cash?" Joe asked his bewilderment evident in his face and his voice.

"Let's just say I can be persuasive. I wanna buy myself for tonight. So I can do that stupid thing at school." Xander said.

"The note didn't work. Can that little shit of a principal do that? I mean if you have a note from someone that's supposed to be your guardian they have to honor that." Joe said.

"Yeah, well, whatever. I didn't think it was wise to argue. Anyway I got the money... it's enough I counted it and everything. It's just easier this way." Xander said getting ready to leave Joe's office.

"I been getting some complaints, Alan. Vamps saying you aren't as good as you once were. Now I have no idea what that means on the male side of things, but I do know you've never gotten any complaints in all your time working here. They keep saying you seem distracted." Joe said.

"Sorry, I'll work on it." Xander said.

"It doesn't bother me. You're still bringing in cash and the bosses don't need to know about petty complaints. Where'd you get the money, Alan?" Joe asked again.

"I told you... I'm persuasive. I owe people some money now, but I can deal with that." Xander said.

"Don't lie to me. It's not nice. Did you get this money from that Spike guy?" Joe asked.

"What if I did?" Xander said with courage he didn't know he possessed.

"Well, for one the bosses would be mighty pissed that you're doing things on the side and for another that guy is bad news. He'd kill you in an instant." Joe said.

"I don't think he would. He could have killed me Tuesday when I went to go get the money, but he didn't. Joe, trust me I know what I'm doing." Xander pleaded hoping the older man would just let it go.

"Well excuse me if it doesn't look like you do know what you're doing. You spend an unusual amount of time with him and then you go to his vampire layer to ask for more money. Excuse me for saying this, I know you're bright and all, but that's just stupid, Alan. If you had to get out of this thing so badly then I could have just called one of my bosses..."

"No! They would have killed my principal! I may not like the little rodent, but he doesn't deserve to die. Just go with this okay. Write in the books that Spike bought me for the night. Just trust me when I say that nothing is going to happen to me." Xander said.

"I wish I could, but this all just spells disaster. I don't want you to get caught in the middle of something you don't have any control over. If this... vampire starts... I don't know stalking you, we're gonna have a huge problem."

"He's not going to. Look I'm going to be late for school if I don't leave soon. I promise that when I see you later on tonight we'll talk and you can give me the huge lecture about stuff. I gotta go now." Xander said.

"Okay, but the talk happens. You're swimming in murky waters here and I don't wanna have to resort to drastic measures to keep you from drowning." Joe said.

"Trust me, I've got this covered."


He didn't have this covered. He couldn't believe how colossally stupid this whole thing sounded. They were going to break into some... high school to steal some... books. It all seemed really stupid, but Spike was inclined to agree and play the part of the good little flunky once again. Oh how he hated what his unlife had become.

"So tonight, you'll go to the school where the Slayer will be at. Some of you may die for this, but that's a risk I'm willing to take. Go in and have a distraction while Spike and..."

"Wait half a mo... the Slayer goes to school?" Spike said interrupting the Anointed One's directions.

"Yes, Oh Ancient One, times have evolved since you killed you last Slayer." The minion Spike had met when he first stepped inside the factory... Spike wasn't too sure of his name only that he didn't like him all that much said.

"I'm just saying. It's awfully... weird that she goes to school. What the Watcher can't keep her under line?" Spike asked.

"This one is tough. She's got friends. Goes and does normal things. She's different. She must die." The Anointed One said.

"Yeah all for bathing in her blood, but maybe the upfront approach ain't gonna work on this bint. She's different. You said so herself." Spike said.

"What scared of a little Slayer, Spikey?' A minion said in a mocking tone. Spike gritted his teeth.

"Keep you lackeys under line or I'll be forced to resort to drastic measures." Spike said menacingly to the Anointed One.

"Very well, but the Slayer isn't our concern. I just want that book." The Anointed one said.

"The Slayer's gonna be a problem if she's gonna be there. Today's Thursday... they got some parent teacher thing going on. We can't be sure she won't be there." Spike said.

"Yes she will be there, but that is why we're sending in the distraction." The Anointed One said.

"Seems like things would be much easier if we just waited for a time when she won't be there is all I'm saying." Spike muttered.

"Slayer hangs around that library all the time. Her Watcher works there or something. This is the best time. While she's focused on killing all the vampires that are going after the parents and stuff you and me can go and get the merchandise." The minion that Spike was sure he didn't like said with a sickening smile on his face.

"Great, whatever. Let's just get this done with."

"Yes I agree. Please bring out the secret weapon." The Anointed One said.

Two minions nodded their heads and went over to a door. Spike watched as they dragged out a girl. She couldn't have been more then sixteen, maybe seventeen. She was bound and gagged and crying. She was struggling slightly and Spike saw the bite marks on her neck. She had been drained slightly to keep her from struggling too much. She looked over at the vampires in the room with wide eyed wonder.

"That's a girl. What's so secret about her?" Spike asked.

"She knows the Slayer. She told us about what is supposed to be happening tonight. She'll take the Slayer by surprise." The Anointed One said.

"How, I mean she's just a girl and I don't see her siding with us any time soon." Spike said.

"She will if she had no choice." The Anointed One said.

Spike didn't quite catch his drift until the Anointed One waved his fingers and the minion that Spike was supposed to work with went over and dragged the girl up to her feet. The girl was still struggling as she looked into the golden eyes of the minion.

The minion only smiled at her evil and then sunk his fangs into the warm flesh of her neck. The girl looked as though she was screaming, but the gag muffled her cries for help. When she had been drained of most of her blood, the minion viciously cut open his wrist and made her drink the blood.

"She should wake by tonight. You are all dismissed." The Anointed One said.

The minion threw the girl over his shoulder in a fireman's style hold and dragged her off to his room while the rest of the minions scampered off. Spike watched as the girl was dragged off. She'd wake up nothing short of a brutal animal if they were lucky. She'd have no finesse and would probably just obey everything she was told. She'd been a brainless minion.

Sired by another brainless minion. Not cared for and sent out to die. Spike had seen it done, but had never allowed it to be done himself. It seemed... well it seemed wrong to be truly honest. He never let himself think about things like that. He'd sired minions himself, but that was different.

They were always a bit smarter when he did it because of his Master Vampire status. The girl would wake up, want blood and probably rip herself to pieces trying to get it. Yeah she'd be a real secret weapon. More like secret distraction.


"How much sugar did you add to it?" Willow asked as she took a drink of the lemonade Buffy just made.

"Sugar?" Buffy said with a perplexed look on her face. Willow tasted the acidic drink and spit it out.

Buffy looked at her and she muttered, "Good."

"Hey Buffster, you seen Snyder around?" Jesse asked coming up to his two friends.

"No, but I sure do hope he stays away from me mother. I'm afraid of what they might say to each other." Buffy said.

"Hey don't worry about it. The little midget can't say anything too harsh. I mean just look... you and Xander did a great job." Jesse said.

"Yeah, speaking of Xander where is he?" Buffy asked.

"He hasn't shown up yet?" Jesse asked.

"Nope, he hasn't. He said something about having to work. I guess maybe he decided that his job was more important then staying in Snyder's good graces." Buffy said.

"I'm here, I'm late, but I'm here. Sorry about the hold up... there was some... things... I had to do." Xander said slightly out of breath.

"Well, at least we had everything done before. Just had to make the refreshments. Is your uncle coming?" Buffy asked.

"Huh... oh... um... no he had some... things... to do." Xander said.

"Oh, well, that can't be helped." Buffy said.

"Did Sheila ever show up?" Willow asked.

"No, she didn't she didn't show up for school today either. Most have decided that getting expelled was better then... whatever alternative she might have." Buffy said.

"Yeah I guess. Still it was sort of rude of her to just not show up like that. I guess she's just bad to the bone." Jesse said.

"I don't understand why we gotta be in that library making stakes. And why am I the only one in that library making stakes. You said you were only coming out her for a bit. Liar."

Xander turned around to see Cordelia Chase, the Bitch of Sunnydale High herself talking to Buffy, Jesse and Willow.

"I've only been gone a few minutes. Three at most." Jesse said.

"Still, it's manual labor." Cordelia said.

"Giles has a bug up his butt to make more weapons. Apparently evil's afoot." Buffy said.

"When is evil not afoot. And where is he getting this information from." Jesse said.

"Apparently Miss Calendar threw some bones or whatever and came up with dark forces aligning." Buffy said.

"Wait... Miss Calendar knows about... you know all that dark forces stuff." Xander asked completely thrown by the scene in front of him.

"Oh, that's right... um... yeah she's like a witch or something." Buffy said.

"Techno pagan is the correct term." Willow said.

"Hmm, you learn something new everyday." Xander said thoughtfully.

It seemed Buffy didn't value the term secret identity as much as the other Slayer's did. Xander only knew a small amount about Slayers from what Joe had told him, but he knew they were big one secret.

"Wait... Xander Harris knows you're the Slayer. Jeez, Buffy I thought Giles said your Slayer identity was supposed to be secret." Cordelia said.

"He found out all on his own." Buffy said.

"Then why haven't you been helping. There could definitely be more hands on deck. I sure as hell know I wouldn't mind being the only one whittling stakes." Cordelia said staring pointedly at Willow and Jesse.

"Um... I... um... hey Buffy do you need anymore sugar?" Xander said lamely.

"Why does everyone keeping asking if I need sugar?" Buffy asked slightly perplexed.

"Lemonade is traditionally served with sugar in it." Jesse said helpfully.

"Oh... um... do you think it's ruined. I didn't put in any sugar. Crap it's ruined isn't it." Buffy said and Xander was glad he had avoided any further interrogation.

"I'll go get some. There should be some in the teachers lounge." Xander said.

"Okay. Hurry the parents are supposed to be showing up soon. Snyder's not going to be happy and I don't want my mom to hear anything bad about me." Buffy said.

"On it. Go get sugar. I think I can manage." Xander said running down the hall making his way to the teacher's lounge.

He walked into the teacher's lounge and saw a few teachers and parents engaged in conversation. He walked over to the counter and grabbed what he assumed to be sugar. He walked out of the lounge only to come face to face with Snyder.

"Well, well, looks like you got the night off, Mr. Harris." Snyder said smiling all too sweetly at Xander.

"Yeah, came at a hefty price, but I got it." Xander said.

"Well, I hope to be seeing your... uncle here. I've got some interesting things to tell him." Snyder said.

"He's not coming. He did have to work. Can't just let the hotel fall to pieces." Xander said.

"That's too bad. I've never had a chance to speak with your uncle. He's done a pretty good job in turning you around from your devious ways." Snyder said.

Xander suppressed the urge to roll his eyes. He was a class clown before living with Joe in the hotel and Snyder was making it sound like he stabbed his teacher with a trowel and set him on fire.

"Well, I'm sure he knows. He's just a hard working individual is all." Xander said.

"Yes, well, it still seems he doesn't make enough to send you to college. I was talking with your guidance counselor and..." This time Xander couldn't suppress the groan he let out.

"Not this again. Look I don't wanna go to college and I'm not going. That's it final answer." Xander said.

"Ah... yes, well if it were up to me you wouldn't be going to college. You may have impeccable grades, but your attitude needs... adjusting. You're simply not college material, but your grades and SAT scores say differently. Just keep it in mind." Snyder said walking away.

Xander's teethe gritted and his fist clenched and unclenched. He tried to calm himself down a bit before walking back over to the table Buffy was trying desperately to fix the lemonade at.

"Where'd everyone go?" Xander asked.

"Back to the bat cave. Cordelia was very reluctant about it but Giles in all his British stuffiness convinced her to come back for a little while." Buffy said.

"Yeah I guess you can never have too many...

"Mom, hey... um hey." Buffy said. Xander turned around to see a woman, in her forties or so with the same color hair and eyes as Buffy standing just a little ways away.

"You already said that, dear. So do I get the full tour of your school?" Buffy's mother asked.

"Oh... um I really should stay here. Gotta hostess and all." Buffy said.

"You put all this together?" Buffy's mother asked.

"Um... yeah, with Xander's help of course." Buffy said grabbing Xander's arm so he was facing her mother.

Xander gave the older woman a smile and she gave him a warm inviting look. She looked so much like a mother or at least what Xander imagined a real mother would look like.

"Hello." Xander said.

"Why, hello. I've never seen you before. Are you new here or just not that close to Buffy?" The elder Summers asked.

"Um... sorta the last one." Xander said. "Oh." Buffy's mother said.

"Mom, why don't I take you to..."

"Are you Joyce Summers?" Buffy's mother, Joyce, turned around and Buffy cringed. Snyder was standing right behind Joyce and not looking all that pleased.

"Yes, yes I am." Joyce said.

"We need to talk." Snyder said shuffling past Joyce and Buffy. Joyce gave her daughter one last look before following him.

"Oh that didn't look good." Buffy said.

"No, it didn't." Xander agreed.

"Crap this isn't good. This has entered the realm of total badness." Buffy said as she began to panic.

"Don't panic. He could have just been looking like that because... maybe... okay I'm so not good with this comforting stuff." Xander said.

Buffy glared at him before walking off to Xander presumed was the library. Great now he had to man the front all by himself. Yeah he was glad he spent nine hundred dollars for this.

This night can't get any worse Xander thought.

Just as the thought had entered his brain the room was plunged in total darkness. A group of what he assumed were vampires jumped through the window and looked might hungry.

"Don't anyone be alarmed. We're just here for dinner." A vampire said laughing at his own stupid pun.

I stand corrected.


Spike watched as the group broke through the window all ready to shed blood and stupid. Of course it didn't much matter if they were staked in an instant. That was all part of their job. They were sent in to get staked or at least most of them would. Some of the smarter ones would eventually run.

Spike watched as the brunette who had just risen minutes before they were set to leave stumbled inside the school. To anyone who didn't believe in vampires she appeared to be drunk. She had some how been able to keep herself from going into gameface although Spike wasn't exactly sure how.

The hope was that she'd go in, have enough sense to tail the Slayer and lead her in the wrong direction. If not, then she was just another distraction while Spike and then minion standing next to him went inside the library to get a book.

"So, this book... what it look like?" Spike asked.

"Like a book, oh wise one." The minion mocked.

"Any special engravings. His Greatness say what it was for? Anything to go on whatsoever?" Spike asked.

"No, we're just supposed to do our job. Look I realize that this whole following orders thing might be new to someone as old as you, but I mean you had to have played Angelus's whipping boy for the twenty years he was around before that soul." The minion said chuckling at his own stupid wittiness.

If only he knew. Of course he didn't. He just heard the stories from whatever passerby was around to tell them. Spike cringed at the mention of his souled Grand-Sire. Spike had been smart enough to figure out what happened although her Royal Bitchiness had alluded to the details.

He remembered quite clearly what happened when he asked Darla where Angelus was. She'd screamed and kicked and beaten him within an inch of his unlife. Then, very calmly in a repose manner, she picked him up and threw him to Drusilla to be taken care off. After Spike surface wounds had healed a bit she declared that they were going to China.

Spike had sat back and watched the events that had unfolded. They had been without Angelus since Romania, two years had passed since then. Spike vaguely remembered raiding a gypsy village, but Darla never revealed why they had done so.

When they had met up with Angelus after that in China Spike had sensed something was different with his Grand-Sire, but didn't comment on it. He was too busy having fun with the Slayer. A few days after that Angelus was gone and Darla was unusually pacified for a few days after before returning to her usual bitchy self.

Spike gave the minion a menacing look and went back to watching the spectacle unfolding before him. Screams and shots and cries for help could be heard, but there was also some heavy fighting going on.

"So when do we know when to go in and get this mysterious book?" Spike asked.

"Jeez, you sure ask a lot of questions for someone who's supposed to be good at this stuff." The minion said.

"What, half-arsed plans. This thing'll never work. We're gonna be lucky if we get out of this with our arses." Spike said.

"Whatever the plan is easy. We just have to grab and take..." The minion's sentence was cut short and Spike turned to see him turn into a pile of ashes.

"What the..." Spike began as he turned around to see who the attacker was.



Xander began to pace the small room.

This is not of the good he thought as he looked around at the worried parents and teachers also locked in the room with him.

Buffy had heard the crash and came running out just in time to see two parents getting snacked on. She ushered the others along with Xander into an abandoned classroom. Xander was more then happy to just let her deal with whatever was going on out there, but Snyder seemed to have other ideas.

"Oh don't be an idiot." Joyce yelled to the man who was trying to escape through the window.

"I'm beginning to see a certain mother daughter resemblance." Snyder said and Xander watched Joyce glare at the little man.

"No you heard what Buffy said." Joyce argued to the small-minded principal.

"She's a student what does she know." Snyder replied as he took off his jacket and went to help the man with the window.

"That's really not such a good idea." Xander said realizing Synder and the guy thought that they could just sneak out of the school unnoticed.

"Oh not you too, Harris. Just shut up and do as you're told." Snyder said.

"Fine, but something..." Xander watched as the man was pulled through the window.

He could hear the sounds of a vampire feeding and the short screams of the man. His legs twitched until he was fully pulled from the window. Snyder stepped down and Joyce went to close the window.

"Like that could happen." Xander finished.

"We need to just stay here until Buffy tells us otherwise. She seems to have things under control." Joyce said.

Snyder didn't say anything more. He seemed to be shocked by the man's death. Suddenly the sounds of an axe went threw the wood of the door. Joyce and the other parents and teachers let out a shocked yelp while Xander stood up and stare at the door.

Soon a hole was formed and the vampire stuck his hand through it. The parents and teachers scampered to the farthest corner of the classroom. Just then Xander's pager went off.

"You're not allowed to have that on school grounds." Snyder said weakly. Xander just rolled his eyes and looked at the number.

"555... oh great now you warn me. Could've used this about a half hour ago, Joe." Xander mumbled.

555 meant that wherever Xander was there was a vamp attack that was going to occur in that place. Joe had told Xander to memorize all the codes, though Xander had been pretty confident, at the time, that he'd never go anywhere where there might be a vamp attack. Now he wasn't sure if he was glad that he'd memorized the codes or not.

"Hmmm... he's gonna start worrying... better get the heck out of here." Xander muttered to himself.

Xander walked over to the door and saw the vampire standing there getting ready to heave the axe again.

"Hey, buddy... um I really need to get out of here. Could you possibly just let me get by." Xander said chastising himself for how stupid that sounded.

"Yes, right away. Want me to stake myself as well?" The vampire asked sarcastically.

"No, that's okay although it'd be nice. Just let me out okay. There's no one in here but me." Xander said.

"Right, I can smell the fear of at least ten different people. Don't try to lie to me." the vampire said.

"Okay... so there's other people in here, but you don't want them. Trust me... here just let me out." Xander said waving his necklace in front of the vampire.

"You're one of Joe's. What's he doing letting his p..."

"Nephew out so late. Well I'm glad you ask that question." Xander said trying to lead the conversation away from Joe and anything to do with the hotel.

"Yeah whatever, well I guess I better let you out then. Wouldn't do having the Anointed One pissed off at me... but the others are fair game." The vampire said.

"Um... no that would be bad. They're... they're under Joe's protection too." Xander said saying the first thing that came to his mind.

"What are you guys on an outing or something?" the vampire asked and this time his voice wasn't too sarcastic.

"Yup, that's it. Um... I was beeped though so I gotta go. You know take care of business and what not." Xander said.

"Yeah, sure I'll let you out. I won't touch the others either. Just... put in a good word, okay?" the vampire said.

"Sure thing." Xander said as he opened the door and walked outside of the classroom.

"I better make sure you get out of here okay. Don't want someone snacking on you and have Joe's bosses take us out." The vampire said after Xander closed the door.

"No, it's okay. I can manage..."

"Gregory! Get your ass over here. The plan went sou... well, well lookie what we got here. That's the pet Spike had over Tuesday. What's he doing here? I can't imagine Joe letting his pets out and about." The vampire that Xander recognized as the one that wanted to have a go at him when he went to visit Spike said.

"That's what I thought, but apparently he and a whole bunch of other people from Joe's are here on an outing." The vampire, Gregory, said.

"Gregory you idiot. Did you check to see if those people had on the same necklaces?" the other most likely older vampire said.

"No, but why would he lie?" Gregory said.

"Because he's trying to keep those people safe. Looks like this little pet's a bit of a rebel. I like that. Let's take him with us." The other vampire said.

"Hey you better not even think that. Joe's bosses could cause a whole lotta trouble for you." Xander said weakly.

"Well, we'll just have to make sure to return you on time then won't we." The vampire said as he grabbed Xander and began to drag him off.

This is really not of the good


"William?" Angel asked again.

"Angelu... Angelus?" Spike asked choking on the name a bit.

"What... what are you doing here?" Spike asked.

"I could ask you the same question. What are you doing here, William." Angel said.

"I asked first." Spike said stubbornly.

Time was Angelus would have spent hours punishing Spike for even thinking about talking back to him. This time Angelus just looked down at his feet and then back up at Spike.

"I'm... I heard about... I heard that the Order of Aureilus was planning a coup here. Thought I'd swing by and see if I could join the mayhem." Angel said.

"Oh don't use that on me. I now you're... I know about your soul." Spike said.

"Darla told you?" Angel said in an incredulous tone.

"No, well she didn't have to. You were... different when we saw you in China. Then before that her Royal Highness took us to Romania. You only go to gypsies for the powerful curses. Then Dru..." Spike stopped himself and looked down at his feet.

"So you know. What are you planning on doing about." Angel asked in a cautionary tone.

"Nothing... much. Just doing my job. Playing the role of the dutiful lackey to the Annoying One. I swear that kid thinks he's a bloody messiah." Spike said.

"You, dutiful lackey. Somehow I just don't see it, Spike. You were always a bit to forward and opinionated to just sit back and let someone else have the reins. Or at least you were when I was in charge." Angel said.

"Yeah, well times change. Look I... well I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to be doing right now. Something about a book. I don't know these idiots aren't the best at planning. They sent in some vamps as a distraction and me and that pile of ashes right there were supposed to go in and get the book from the library. Don't ask me why his Annoying One was so gung-ho about the book he just was." Spike said.

"Well I can't let you get it." Angel said.

"Yeah, so you're all for the good side now, eh."

"Something like that. Look why don't you just leave? I won't come after you... this time anyway. Leave town. I can't let them hurt you, but I don't have much influence on these things." Angel said.

"Yeah still the Grand-Sire down deep behind that soul. Not a very soul-y thing to do there Peaches. Could goo of and kill someone. What would the Slayer say about that? I'm assuming you're working with here, right."

"If I'm right Spike, you're already trying to get yourself killed. I felt it you know. She was my childe. I felt her pass and then on some level I felt your grief for her. I know she's gone." Angel said and Spike knew whom he was talking about.

"I tried. I really did. She wanted to go to Prague. I wanted to go to London again, but no she had to go to Prague. Said the fishes were singing in her head about some sort of new kitten or something. I don't know I didn't pay much attention. I tried to save her, but... I couldn't." Spike said his voice heightened by anger.

"I know you did. It was five years ago. You have to..."

"What move on. God, she was my Sire. Sure not like you were, but... she gave me this life and you only instructed me on how to live it. I'm not like you... I can't just get over my Sire's death at the drop of a hat." Spike said furiously. Angel looked at him in somewhat of a shock. He was clearly puzzled by how Spike knew that Darla was dead.

"Yeah, that's right, I know you killed your Sire! You're such a disgrace! Dru and I both felt it and she knew. She told me that it was you. Well, I'm not like you. I can't just kill my creator and not feel anything about it!" Spike screamed at Angel. Angel grabbed his arms and held him tight.

"What, obviously you weren't feeling to in depth otherwise you would have known how badly I felt about it." Angel said shaking Spike lightly.

"If it had affected you so much then you'd still be feeling it. That slow burn. I can still feel it, Angelus. So don't tell me you know what it's like. At least I wasn't the one that killed my Sire." Spike said.

Angel let go of Spike arms. Spike straightened out his coat and glared at Angel.

"Spike, please I don't have time for this. My... just go okay. If you stay here the Slayer will kill you. She's going to figure out what the Anointed One is up to and when she does no ones safe." Angel said.

"Yeah and I bet you'll be helping her. Thanks, Angelus, but I'll think I'll take my chances with the..." Spike didn't finish his sentence. Something was wrong. Something was definitely wrong. He could smell.

"Xander." Spike muttered before he took off in the direction of the school.


"Well, the night's not a total waste. I got us a nice little toy." The vampire said as he strengthened his hold on Xander. There were various hoots and howlers from the group of vampires. Xander struggled uselessly against his captor.

"Let go of me. You're going to be in so much trouble." Xander said futilely.

"Can it kid. We're going to have some fun with you." the vampire said.

"Let me go. You're going to be sorry. Just let me go." Xander said struggling some more.

"Jeez this kid makes a lot of noise." The vampire said. He let go of Xander's arms and Xander thought he was being let go. Suddenly he felt something very hard connect with his jaw. Xander crumpled into a heap on the ground at the force of the blow.

"Gregory pick it up and let's take it back to the factory for some real fun." The vampire said. Gregory went to pick up Xander who was knocked out cold when he heard a growling sound from behind him.

Spike saw the minion went to pick up Xander and he began growling. How dare the lowly thing think it could touch his Xander? Spike charged at the stupid minion who tumbled back effortlessly. He began punching it savagely and barely registered its cries for help. He felt some minions coming behind him and stood up. He twirled around and kicked the minion that was closing in on him square in the chest. The minion fell backwards and crashed to the ground.

"Hey, Spike what's the big idea!" the minion that had been holding Xander said with an indignant tone in his voice.

"Who told you it was okay to touch him." Spike said with his face in the minions.

"He's nothing, but a whore. Really you shouldn't be too worked up about it. He's used." The minion said.

Spike growled and began to beat on the minion. The minion didn't seem to have the strength to fight back or was so shocked by Spike's reaction that he didn't register that he should fight back. Spike didn't care what it was. He kept pounding until his fist bleed and his vision got hazy. He wasn't sure why he was reacting like that, but he was and he couldn't stop himself. He just kept punching until he knew the minion would never be able to get back up and even then he still kept punching.

The other minions had all but scampered off to get away from Spike's rage. Spike looked pulled his fist back again when he saw the minion sway. His eyes were closed and he was bleeding from his nose, mouth, eyes and ears. He wasn't even making anymore noises. Spike knew he was beyond gone. He looked around and found a long wooden stick. Spike rushed over and grabbed it. He positioned it in front of the minion's chest and impaled it into the minion's chest. His rage only slightly dissipated as he watched the minion turn to dust.

He heard Xander's pained moans and turned around. Spike bent down in front of the boy. He seemed to be waking up, but he was still knocked out. Spike scooped up the boy and walked out of the school with him and made his way to his car.


Giles watched as the mysterious blonde man beat on the helpless vampire. He seemed in a huge rage. The beating lasted for a few minutes before the man realized the vampire wasn't more then a vegetable. The man looked around wildly before he saw a big stick and dusted the vampire. The man then proceeded to pick up someone else who was lying on the ground. The stranger was gentle to the other person.

The man then walked out of the building. Giles stood in awe at this scene and didn't know what to make of it. He didn't get a good look at the man's face or the person lying on the ground, but it seemed they were working together. It seemed they were working on the side of good and Giles knew they needed as many allies as they could muster. He just hoped the blonde stranger would be making another appearance.

Chapter 7

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