In the Name of Entertainment

In the Name of Entertainment


In the Name of Entertainment:

Xander smelt like stinky cheese and pepperoni. It had been another long day of delivering pizza's to Sunnydale's finest, which consisted mostly of frat boys and overweight citizens. He shirt had grease, marinara and other weird unidentifiable stains on it to add to the hideous colors.

He just wanted a shower some food and to sleep until the next millennium or workday which ever came first. He didn't even want to contemplate going over to the new Scooby meeting that was schedule tonight. At this point Xander was willing to let whatever apocalyptic thing happen as long as he got a good nine hours of sleep.

"You smell." A voice said and Xander looked up to see Spike standing right in front of him.

"Long day at work. Sorry if I offend your sensitive vampire senses... oh wait no I'm not." Xander said.

"Oh, snappy. What demon girl not coming over to release some of that... tension you got during your oh so important mission to keep America in the red zone for heart attacks?" Spike asked.

"As a matter of fact Anya doesn't like it when I smell like I spent the day at a dairy processing factory." Xander said walking over to the couch and flipping the channel to something he wanted to watch.

Spike didn't even pay rent, but it seemed everything in this... basement was Spike's way. The vampire had even gone as far as rearranging some of the furniture, but Xander thought that was mostly out of boredom.

"Oi! I was watching that." Spike said and Xander almost thought he heard indignation in his voice.

"Oh I must have missed the memo that said you started paying for utilities." Xander said sarcastically.

"Come on, I was watching it first." Spike said and Xander wanted to laugh at the sorry attempt for two-year-old tactics and pout. Admittedly the pout was a very nice touch and Xander could almost imagine for a second that Spike was as innocent as he looked.

"What happened to your gung-ho attitude about killing demons. Shouldn't you be chopping some demons head off or something." Xander asked.

Spike sighed and plopped down on the sofa a good few feet away from Xander. The smell was pretty strong and Spike wasn't to keen on getting too near Xander when he smelled like that.

"Slutty's too busy sucking face with her new boy-toy to really worry about the creatures of the night in this city." Spike said.

"That's not true. Buffy's very dedicated to killing all the demons in Sunnydale... well some anyway." Xander finished looking pointedly at Spike.

"And besides Riley helps her with the demon killing now. They're patrolling together. Oh yeah and don't call her Slutty. If she knew she'd kick your ass no matter how helpless you are." Xander said.

"Right I see a lot of real patrolling getting done in that scenario. Probably shagging right now if you ask me. Right up against some sort of crypt or... oh maybe a headstone." Spike said.

"You're disgusting, Spike." Xander said his face screwed up in what he hoped was disgust.

Truth was Spike was mostly like right... except for the shaggin part. Heavy kissage, but shagging was definitely out. Xander remembered saying something similar to Willow and Giles when Angel was around.

"Oh, so it's okay for the Demon bint to talk about you two getting it on like bunnies but when old Spikey opens his mouth to speak out against the all mighty slayer it's bad Spike shame on you. I'm just telling it like I see it. Couldn't keep her hands of the poor bloke during that one apocalypse last week." Spike said.

"Yeah, maybe you're right, but I don't think they're... shagging. Even if they were I wouldn't want to know because that's too much damage to the psyche." Xander said.

"You know she's not some blushing virgin right? I mean she shagged the Magnificent Poof good and proper that it screwed out that pesky soul of his. Then there was that Peter bloke. Opened those legs right up didn't he." Spike said.

"It was Parker and I still maintain that you're disgusting. Besides it doesn't matter. This is Buffy we're talking about here. She's like a sister. I don't want to here about that stuff." Xander said.

"Whatever you want whelp. She's a bit too skinny for my tastes anyway. If I had my pick of your lot it would definitely be Red. Such a feisty little thing. That one's got power I can smell it." Spike said.

"That's really... disturbing Spike." Xander said.

"Oh like you've never thought about her that way. Heard what happened with you two when I captured you and held you captive in the factory last year." Spike said.

"One, there were a few illicit smoochies and no more then that. Two, it was a mistake. Three, who told you about that?" Xander asked.

"Oh, I heard some after dog boy left. Something about him cheating with some other wolfy chit and that teen witch thought it was some from of payback for what happened with you. People talk a lot about things they don't want you to hear when you're standing in the same room as they are." Spike said.

"Either that or they don't think you're important enough to hide things from." Xander said.

"Ouch, I'm wounded, Harris." Spike said with mock hurt.

They were silent for a few minutes. Spike shut up long enough for Xander to get into the plot of the show in front of him. He was a sucker for those fake crime drama shows and liked how easy it was for the bad guy to get what he deserved. If only really life were so easy. To get the bad guy all Buffy and the Scoobies would have to do would be to take the demon to court.

"So you're telling me you never thought about either of them that way." Spike said and Xander was almost surprised that he had stayed quiet for that long.

Xander sighed.

"Sure, I mean I had this huge crush on Buffy in the beginning, but... why am I telling you this. You don't give a shit." Xander said.

"No, I don't, but I'm bored so entertain me." Spike said.

"I'm not your own personal entertainment. I'm not just going to be one of those monkeys that dance to the organ grinder." Xander said.

"Oh, organ grinder, that sounds fun. How come I never had one of those?" Spike asked.

"Probably because they just play this music thingie and make monkeys dance for cash." Xander said.

"And people actually just throw dosh at this guy to watch a monkey dance. See this is why humans get eaten." Spike said.

"Because they give a poor man some money to feed himself and his starving monkey?" Xander asked with a hint of incredulity in his voice.

"No you git. They're too damn compassionate." Spike said.

"Sorry, Oh Mister Master Vampire. It's a burden that we can't all be as selfish and evil as you are. Really who wouldn't want to be a soulless creature as yourself." Xander said as he turned his focus back to the episode of Law and Order that was playing on his television. Spike got up and took a packet of blood out of the fridge. He looked at it with a disgusted look on his face before he poured it into a mug and heated it.

"It's not bad really. Being evil and soulless. Go anywhere you want, do anything you want... anyone. Really it's actually quite the life... if you manage not to get souled and turn into a nancy poof or get chipped." Spike said.

"Yeah all I'd have to do is give up my pesky aversion to everything evil and soulless and I'd be a shoe in." Xander said sarcastically.

"Trust me once you're turned you forget all about that do-gooder shit. Melts away like... well something that melts away really fast." Spike said sitting back down in his seat next to Xander.

"I'm not unconscious enough to be having this conversation with you." Xander said.

"Or drunk enough." Spike said.

"I don't do drunk, Spike. Least you notice the big drunken oafs upstairs and their bickering over all things unimportant." Xander said.

"Oh, so you think that you're better then them." Spike said.

"No, why would I think that. I just don't want to end up like them." Xander said.

"One night of getting pissed isn't going to make you them."

Xander sighed.

"Even if I wanted to, which I don't because I had this whole list planned out in my head... shower, food, sleep... I don't have anything to get 'pissed' with." Xander said.

"Oh come on. Your folks are loaded up with booze. Bound to have some more in the house."

"What?! Are you crazy? Are you suicidal vamp? My parents would kill me if I stole any of their precious liquor."

"Oh, too bad for you then." Spike said pulling out a bottle of what looked like Jack Daniels.

"Where did you get that?" Xander said narrowing his eyes a little at Spike trying to give the vampire his best intimidating look. Spike merely smirked at the poor attempt and tipped the bottle in Xander's direction.

"Your parents sure have a lot of booze in that liquor cabinet. What's really impressive is the massive amount of beer they have in their fridge. I don't think I saw one bit of food in there. Not even that crap you try and pass off as food. I'm wondering if they're vampires." Spike said.

"They're not. I think I'd be able to tell if they were vampires. They just don't... mom hasn't cooked since I was five. Does the amazing call to the local pizza place or something like that. Amazing they eat out every night, but they always seem so hard pressed for cash." Xander said.

"Yeah, I always wondered what your parents do for a living. I always see them leave promptly at seven in the morning. Your mum gets home by three, but your dad is always at work until late. They must be doing something." Spike said.

"Dad owns his own company or something like. Roof construction or something like that. I'm not really sure. When I was younger he used to work at an office doing something. Mom's a secretary for some sort of drilling company... either that or she sells AVON. I'm not really sure about her either." Xander said.

Spike looked at him with a quizzical look on his face. One eyebrow was arched up so high it looked like it was going to hit his hairline.

"What?" Xander asked.

"That's sad, Harris. Don't even know what the folks do for a living."

"They aren't exactly forthcoming with the information. I was never worried about it. Always had food in front of me and decent enough clothes so why complain."

"You call those rags you were decent enough clothes?"

"Shut up Spike... and go return that bottle now before my dad comes down here and kicks my ass and then yours as an afterthought... then mine again for having a guest who's a guy down here." Xander said.

"Old man not exactly happy with his dotting son, eh?"

"That's not what I said. He... he's an okay dad I guess... as far as dads go. I mean not so psychically abusive as verbally. Never hit my mom or me. Truth is he's just bitter and miserable with life. Always talking about how he could have done something with his life, but mom got pregnant with me. Every once in awhile he'll yell, but no hitting. He just... my mom and him aren't exactly... meant to be. They just grew up in a time period where you had to stay with the person you marry." Xander said. Spike was silent for a minute probably thinking of a good insult for Xander's barring of his life. He had that 'I'm thinking' look on his face.

"Sounds like you need this more then he does, whelp." Spike said tipping the bottle in Xander's direction again.

Xander looked at it. Some how that bottle with it's black label with that old western looking white writing and amber whiskey did look like the answer to his problems if not only for the night. Xander knew there was something inherently wrong with even contemplating drinking his parent's whiskey. There would be major yelling if he got caught. Was Xander to the point where he didn't care?

What are you thinking? Of course you're not there. Give it a year or a few months whichever comes first. Okay that was the stupidest thought I've ever thought in my span of time thinking. No it's wrong. Not only is it wrong it goes against the plan. Shower, food, sleep. Stomach's gonna start growling soon. But Spike does pose and interesting offer. Maybe I'm overdue for some relaxation. Doesn't seem so bad.

Making up his mind Xander took the bottle out of Spike's hands, looked at Spike, unscrewed the cap and took a big gulp. Bigger then he had intended on taking, but for some reason it didn't really hurt too much. Sure the burn was something that wasn't exactly welcome, but it wasn't too bad.

Xander chalked it up to the long line of alcoholics in his family and the fact that he'd probably gained some sort of genetic tolerance. Spike was staring at him with a look that was somewhere between awe and satisfaction that his plan had worked.

When Xander was done with his gulp he took the neck of the bottle out his mouth, wiped his mouth on the back on his hand and made a sound that was between a sigh a grunt and that eww sound the Scoobies always made.

"Good then?" Spike said grabbing the bottle away from Xander.

"Eh, it was okay. Nothing special." Xander said.

"You know you swallowed quite a bit for someone who doesn't drink." Xander looked sheepishly over at Spike and burped.

"Didn't mean to." "Whatever my turn." Spike said taking a swig from the bottle. When he was done he imitated Xander's earlier actions and held the bottle up to Xander's face.

"Want some more or should I be a good-doer and return it to your drunken parents to get even more pissed while you sit down here and give my Sire a run for his money?" Spike said. Xander looked at him challengingly.

"Give me that damn bottle." Xander said snatching the bottle from Spike's hands and taking another large swig from it. Spike could only smirk.


"I didn't say that and your evading the question." Spike said snatching the third bottle from Xander's hands.

Spike couldn't help but admire the boy's tolerance to the alcohol. Granted, Spike had drunk most of the three bottles, but Xander held his own. The first bottle was gone within an hour and Spike, against Xander's protests that he had to work in the morning, went upstairs to see Xander's dad passed out in front of the television and Xander's mom nowhere in sight.

He grabbed another bottle of Jack and made his way back down to the basement. Now, three hours later, they were on their third bottle and shooting the shit about nothing in particular.

Xander was wasted and Spike didn't really blame him for being so. Humans, however tolerant to the effects of alcohol, were no match for vampires. Spike could probably drink five bottles and think nothing of it. Spike looked down at the ground by the couch where Xander was currently lying.

There had been a point during their drinking fest when Xander went into a fit of laughter and rolled off the couch with a loud thud. Xander had looked around, blinked a bit and started laughing again until even Spike was laughing at him.

"Hmm, which question was that?" Xander said again looking up at Spike with his eyes partly glazed over.

"If you had to do one of the chits, to save the world if it makes you feel better, which one would it be and you can't say demon girl because you're already shaggin her." Spike said and took another big swig.

"You're asking to pick between my two best friends which one I would bang. That's kinda weird, Spike."

"Oh come on. You must have thought about it. You already admitted to having a crush on Buffy."

"Alright, if I was forced to chose, it would have to be Willow. Buffy seems liked she'd be too bossy in bed. Maybe it's because she's bossy with everything else, but you know." Xander said.

"I knew it!" Spike said as if he had found out the secret to becoming the next world dominator.

"Oh, come on you said it yourself. Besides I always liked Willow's red hair." Xander said.

"Yeah, redheads are always fun. Like I said... feisty." Spike said shoving the bottle at Xander. He waved it away and tried to sit up before the dizziness made him lie back down again.

"Oh, I'm gonna have a major hangover." Xander said.

"Just call in sick. Haven't done that in a while. Bound to have some days left." Spike said.

"I guess. So now that I'm drunk and probably bound to answer any question that you ask as well as asks any question I wouldn't ask if I was in the right state of things I want to ask you something. What's it like?" Xander asked.

"What's what like?" Spike said with interest.

"Being a vampire. You make it sound like this great thing. Now I don't know many vampires... mostly because Buffy stakes them before I have the chance to ask them stuff, but the vampires I do know pretty well, well one has a soul the other was crazy and then there's you. You seem pretty happy with the killing so I was just wondering what it's like." Xander said.

"You really are drunk." Spike said.

"Yes I am so answer the damn question before we find out if I'm a mean drunk."

"Bit feisty there yourself, eh. Okay, okay... well it's nothing like what you see nowadays... or at least not back in my day. There was honor back in my day and standards. Rules and regulations and all that rot that I never really paid attention to."

"Wow, vamps with honor and here I thought they just bit whatever walked by." Xander said.

"Well, yeah nowadays. The big Masters are all gone and the ones that aren't live in Europe were the really evil dwells. Hellmouths not exactly their style and if that Master was at all smart he wouldn't have ever set up shop here. Got his ass killed for it while taking the Order of Aureilus with him. You know we used to be the biggest baddest bloody line of vampires this worlds ever seen. I mean my line alone had some of the greatest vampires to grace this Earth. Angelus... well he was a genuine Master and ran his house that way. Darla was vicious... oh yeah she was really into the bloodbath. Drusilla was insane, but she was still brilliant when she was lucid enough to be. Penn, well he was redundant, but that didn't mean he wasn't all about the kill. Then there was me. Master before any of them were. Not very many vampires kill a Slayer let alone two." Spike said with a look of nostalgia in his eyes.

"So what now the vampires are all shit?" Xander asked.

"Well, yeah. I mean there used to be something in the kill. I know I'm channeling Angelus as I say this, but a true kill is art. I was never into that torture 'em thing like he was, but I didn't just go around slashing throats. Now, when Angelus was around we had some fun with the killing. Seduction always ranked high on Angelus's killing meter."

"How's that. I mean you slept with them before killing them?" Xander asked.

"No, I true vampire can make his victim want it. Can make them crave it so bad they think they're going to die without it." Spike said.

"Well, maybe that's why people get killed by vampires. They put some sort of whammy on their prey and bam they're showing their neck cleavage and it's over before you can even think oww." Xander said.

Spike looked as if he was thinking.

"Well maybe back in my day, but the vamps nowadays are just as stupid. I tell you, it's like minions having minions nowadays." Spike said. Xander began to giggle and Spike stared at him weirdly.

"What's so funny?"

"Just what you said... it reminded me... hold up I have to catch my breath." Xander said between bouts of giggles.

Spike looked annoyed and in the old days Xander would have thought that making this vampire annoyed wasn't such a good thing. When the giggling had resided a little Xander stood up and leaned against the couch.

"It's nothing really, just that you really sounded old there. Like my old health teacher. They were trying to teach us that teen pregnancy was becoming an epidemic and we had to stop it. The big line was 'Let's stop babies from having babies.' It was really funny. Sometimes I forget that you're so old." Xander said.

"I'm not old. A hundred and twenty-six isn't that old."

"Yeah, for a vampire. For humans you should be sucking pudding through your gums or quite possibly dead if you grew up and lived on the Hellmouth." Xander said.

"I guess. Don't remember much about when I was human. I was only about twenty-four. Anyway I don't really even count those years as part of my life. Old vampires usually don't. I'm just saying that the vamps nowadays could never be true Masters. Too many dumb minions going around making more dumb minions. See back when I was turned there was finesse in that too. Just look at what Angelus did to Dru. Now she may be crazy, but that was true genius on his part. And with Penn. Made that lousy Quaker into someone with power. Actually had Penn begging to become a vampire from what I heard then had him kill his family just like Darla had Angelus kill his own family. His whole town from what I've heard. Then there was me." Spike said.

"What, did Angel go around killing your family and then turn you as well." Xander asked.

"Actually he didn't. Left my family alone even after he turned me. No, he did stalk me though. I think it went on for a month before he actually turned me. I'd always see him to. He wouldn't care. He'd want me to see that I was being followed. Then when I was at my lowest... he turned me." Spike said remembering back on the memory of that night.

"So why didn't he kill your family. Didn't think you were important enough." Xander asked and he was watching and hanging on Spike's every word.

"No, thing was I was very important. See Angelus was so infatuated with me, from what Darla said, that he didn't even think about going after my family. Darla usually didn't lie about things like that. She said he would talk about me all the time. About how he wanted to turn me and make me his. It was flattering after I heard about it. Of course having a stalker is dangerous, but some part of you thinks its flattering. I was also the youngest so, I had some certain privileges." Spike said.

"But, how did Angel know you were going to be the youngest. I mean is there like a limit or something."

"Your just full of questions."

"Gotta get 'em out before I sober up. Just thought it'd be an interesting conversation is all."

"Well, Darla wouldn't let him turn anymore after me. She said five in a household was enough. So, Angelus picked out me with help from Dru and I think Penn might have had some say as well. Darla thought I was pretty enough although she wasn't too pleased with the end result from what I've heard and gathered. Some times I pissed her off a lot, while others we got along pretty well. Especially when Angelus was off torturing another victim. She wasn't really into that and neither was I."

"Sounds like Angel was Whipped Vamp." Xander said giggling slightly.

"When it came to Darla, yeah he was." Spike said.

"Who's Penn. You've mentioned him a few times, but I've never met him. Angel made him right. Why hasn't he come and you know said howdy?" Xander asked.

"Oh, Penn, he's the eldest of Angel's childer. That's what you call a vampire if it's not a minion. Cunning bastard he was. A little too redundant like I've said. Angelus made him kill his family and from then on his victims always resembled his family members. He was probably not what Angelus had wanted, but he was a good childe. Angelus liked to praise all of us for our individual efforts and Penn got a lot of that praise." Spike said and he seemed a little sad.

"You keep saying was. What happened to him?" Xander asked.

"He was staked not to long ago." Spike said somberly.

"How long's not that long ago?"

"Oh about last week." Spike said.

"What? How could you possibly know then? You were locked in the basement this whole time." Xander said.

"It's a thing. I can kind of sense when one of our line dies. Knew when Darla died. Knew when the Master died. Knew when Angel died. It's kind of this sharp pinch that last for a good long while then I'm always able to tell how Angelus feels afterwards. Didn't brood so much for the Master... always hated the git, but he was the top of our line. When Darla died... well Dru felt it more then I did, but I could feel Angelus. Boy did he go into a frenzy. You don't just kill your Sire and walk away from that no matter how in love you are with a Slayer." Spike said.

"Can you still fell it. I mean the loss of this Penn guy. That pinch still there?" Xander asked.

"No, it's not... not really anyway. Angelus is still a mess over it though. See to kill your Sire is a big thing. Imagine it's like killing your parents I guess. But to kill your childe... well I think that's something entirely different. Ever wonder why Angelus or Angel I guess as you lot called him never just came in and killed me a Dru outright. He could have. Pulled what he pulled with you first except he would have killed us. He couldn't. He even warned Dru to take me and get the heck out. We didn't listen though."

"It's like raising something from a baby. Watching that person or vamp in this case grow and become exactly what you wanted it to become and then having to just kill it like it's a mangy dog. Angel might be a souled bugger but he still has Angelus in him and that's who's screaming in agony and hate. I think a part of Angel is too. A small part, but still a part." Spike said.

"But Angel seemed like the ultimate bad ass vamp that didn't really seem to care about you. I mean just look what you did. You turned on him. I mean you keep talking about loyalty and shit like that, but it seems like you didn't have too much to turn on him like that." Xander said.

"There was a difference between that Angelus and my Angelus. See that Angelus was only obsessed with killing the Slayer and not so much about family values. He was changed by having the soul for so long that he couldn't see straight. That wasn't my Sire... well okay maybe a little bit of it was. It's been awhile you know. He just walked back into our lives and was all 'I'm in charge now so bloody listen to what I have to say.' He hadn't been head for awhile. I got a stab at running things for awhile and I liked being in charge. Then there was that whole issue with him leaving us. Never got over that. " Spike said.

"Okay so what you're telling me is that the Angelus I know and hate with a passion is not the same guy that stalked you and turned you into a vampire? Okay I guess I can buy that. I mean you knew him longer. I mean I don't know what the Watcher's really have on you. You lived with him for a long time so yeah I can believe that. So that brings up the interesting question of what Angelus was really like. For the time that you knew him." Xander asked.

"Oh he was a right bastard most of the time. Oddly enough like an overbearing dad if you can believe that. Tried to mold me into the perfect thing that he wanted and I did what he wanted because I was the good little fledging. After about ten years the novelty wore off. I still listened mind you because he was still my Sire. Just grew up a bit and wasn't all about listening to him all the time. Killed that Slayer to make him happy though. Didn't work because he was souled at the time. Spent about twenty years with him before he became the souled version of what he was. For most of the time he was a good Sire. Fun too if you can believe that." Spike said.

"No I can't believe that. The Angel I know can not be described as fun. Brooding and mopping yeah. I wouldn't exactly describe Angelus as fun either. Scary as all hell yes, but funny is out."

"Well I mean we hunted yeah and that was fun and bloody. Had us some good massacres. It wasn't all about killing though. Some times it was about sex which was pretty fun and good too." Spike said. At that moment Xander had opted to take another swig of the whiskey and ended up spitting it out as soon as he heard Spike's admission.

"What!?" Xander said after he was done choking.

"It's a thing with vampires. Sires have the right to bugger their childe all they want. It wasn't something I took to in the beginning. I was a straight kind courteous Victorian git who was all about asking a girl's hand in marriage before even thinking about doing something like that. You could see how taking it up the ass might have been a little shocking to me." Spike said.

"But you did. You just bent over and said 'Yes, Sire. May I have another'. That doesn't seem like a very Spike thing to do." Xander commented.

"Well, at first it was about that, but then... it felt good. You know it's just... well it was good let me tell you that and Angelus... well let's just say the vamp knows how to bugger an ass." Spike said.

"You... you liked it?!" Xander said and the incredulity in his voice was more then evident.

"Well, yeah. Of course the submitting got annoying after a while. I mean Angelus would only let me bugger him when I was a good little vamp and that almost never happened. So as I got older well I branched out a bit. Got to do some domination of my own. Course that was with humans." Spike said.

"Spike... you're not... well I never pictured you the... I'm mean you seem so Mr. Big Bad... I never thought of you as the gay type." Xander said.

"I'm not. Really I'm not gay. Vampires just don't really have preferences on what they fuck. Some of the really sick ones will fuck anything and I mean anything. Never took it up for a human though. Only my Sire. That's below me." Spike said.

"Oh so it's okay for you to ride the pole when it's Angel's pole your riding, but a lowly human is below you. Still got that vamp mentality. I mean right now some big guy could come in, tell you to drop your pants and just stick his cock straight up your ass and there'd be nothing you could do about it." Xander said.

"Well, yeah I guess with this chip that's a possibility. Course Angelus wouldn't take to kindly to that."

"If you guys are estranged then what's he gonna do especially with that soul?"

"Well, you don't just mess with a Favored Childe especially one that's been claimed... well was claimed. It's been to long for that to hold up. Still he'd be pissed. Years ago I was his you know." Spike said.

"What does that mean? You were his." Xander asked.

"Well once upon a time Angelus used to bite me to show ownership. Sires did it all the time. Now that always felt extraordinary. Almost as good as when he turned me. He'd do it while we were shagging. Take a nice bite right here." Spike said pointing to where Angel's bite mark used to be. After a hundred and some odd years it was bound to disappear.

"Really 'cause I can't see blood letting as a turn on." Xander said.

"Oh I guess with humans not so much, but for vamps... it's something of beauty really. Even for the vamp on the receiving end of the bite. Really powerful stuff." Spike said.

"Okay let's say Deadboy didn't really give a crap about it. Say he didn't come in and played your white knight. What would you do? You'd have to lie back or whatever and take it." Xander said.

"Not necessarily. Come on I lived with Drusilla for a hundred years. Do you honestly think I didn't pick up a trick or two." Spike said.

"What kind of tricks? I don't remember her having tricks. She seemed a little batty the time I meet her." Xander said.

"Yeah she told me about that. Really shouldn't mess with magicks whelp. Anyhow, Drusilla knew how to use the thrall. See it's this thing that draws in a victim and makes them all... compliant. They forget who they are, what they are, all they know is feeling. I heard it's intense. Dru tried it on me once and it was really amazing. You can make the person do basically anything you wanted." Spike said.

"I think Giles told me about that. You guys used something like that to get him to tell you how to open Acathla. Said you got him to see what he wanted to see. Of course I think that's what he was saying. He was pretty banged up."

"Least Angelus didn't get the chainsaw out like he wanted to. Deal was to keep Watcher Boy alive and I held up my end of the bargain. Sides I was never that advanced at the thing. I could get some people to you know give it up easily enough. Of course I couldn't get them to think they were fucking the guy of their dreams... but then look at me. I am pretty hot." Spike said. Xander looked at him quizzically and then shook his head.

"So what's that like? The thrall thing I mean." Xander said.

"Want a demonstration?" Spike said with a leer on his face. His pink tongue darted out to lick his white teeth.

"No, I think I'll remain demonstration free thank you." Xander said looking away from Spike and take another swig from the bottle that was more then halfway done.

"Oh think you might want a demonstration. Don't you Xan." Spike said.

Xander turned around to see Spike licking his lips and staring at him intensely. A rush of emotions went through him. All were very pleasant and Xander knew exactly what Spike meant by just feeling. Xander felt like his body was on fire in a good way. He never broke eye contact with Spike who seemed to be in somewhat of a trance as well.

"You can't do this to me." Xander tried weakly, but his eyes were still glued to Spike's.

"Shut up."

"Okay." Xander said.

"And that's how it's done." Spike said lowering his gaze.

Xander took a second to wipe all the feelings that had just run through him away. It was hard but after several minutes of sitting there shaking his head occasionally he managed to cool himself done a little.

"Wow, that was... it was like I didn't have control over myself and all I was feeling was... well all I was doing was feeling. It was weird." Xander said.

"But good right. I mean I'm a bit of practice, but I remember it feeling good." Spike said.

"Yeah there was a good feeling, but it was..."

"Wrong, bloody hell you good-doers are all alike."

"Still, passed the wrongness I can see how someone under that would give you everything you could possibly want. I mean when have I ever been known to shut up when you tell me too. When anyone tells me to for that matter. Did Angel ever do that to you?" Xander asked.

"No, I mean it's not like he had to. He was my Sire. All he had to do was ask and I would be ready to comply. It's not like it was such a travesty. I mean... despite many protests on my part he is a good looking vampire. All big and bulky and those large hands... he's just not bad looking is what I'm getting at." Spike said.

"Eww! That's gross. I mean it's... well its Angel, Deadboy." Xander said.

"You've never thought about him like that?" Spike said.

"No, no, noooo. Not even. Not at all. That's just gross. Very gross. Incredibly gross. Besides straight Xander. Very much into the women with their womanly parts and... boobs! Yes I like boobs." Xander said.

"Humans, you can still like woman and their boobs even if you think a guys attractive. Come on, Angel's nice to look at." Spike said.

"Well, okay I'm drunk so this doesn't get repeated or your dust understand." Xander said and Spike nodded.

"Angel's too bulky for me. I like someone I can wrap my arms around you know. And he's too tall. I like someone who's shorter then I am so I can rest my head on their shoulders. So he may have a pretty face but... not my type." Xander said.

"Interesting." Spike said.

"Okay I think I've bared enough to my arch nemesis for one night. It's... two-thirty in the morning and I'm tired." Xander said.

"You smell." Spike said.

Xander left his shirt sleeve to his nose and sniffed. He did smell.

"I'm afraid a shower will just have to wait until morning. I'm afraid if I take one right now I'll drown." Xander said.

"Suit yourself. Ready to tie me up." Spike said.


"You know to that hideous orange chair you insist you tie me to every night so I won't bite you." Spike said.

"Oh, yeah, no I'm too tired and I'd probably tie the ropes wrong." Xander said.

"Got news for you, you tie the ropes wrong even when you aren't drunk." Spike said.

"Why do you just sit there every night then?"

"Because... I don't know... seriously I don't know." Spike said.

"Okay, well you can take the couch. I'm going to sleep though." Xander said as he tried to stand up.

After three tries and falling flat on his ass on all three Spike got up and helped Xander to his feet. They stood standing with Xander's arms wrapped around Spike's waist to keep him from sliding down and Spike's arms resting on Xander's hips holding him up.

"Hmm, perfect fit." Xander said drunkenly looking up to see Spike's startled expression.

Startled soon turned to leering and Xander found himself with Spike's lips gently pressed against his own. Nice soft cool lips. Nice soft cool demanding lips that were kissing Xander passionately. Xander responded with his own passion and he soon felt Spike's tongue snake out and lick his lips.

Xander took this as a way of asking permission and he readily opened his mouth to let in the new addition. Spike's tongue was everywhere. Licking his palate, sucking on Xander's own tongue, exploring ever crevice in his mouth.

Xander felt the arms on his waist tighten slightly and pull him in closer and he complied readily. He had never been kissed like this. His mouth and lips were on fire and tingling nicely. He pulled away slightly to breath and Spike didn't seem to like that and tired to go it for more kisses.

"Hey, Spike, gotta breath here, remember." Xander said somewhat jokingly to alleviate the tension that was growing between them.

"You gonna go all the way with this, Harris. 'Cause if you aren't I might as well just tuck you in now and go into the bathroom." Spike said tensely.

"Why would you have to go to the bathroom?" Xander asked. Instead of answering with words Spike just pushed the lower half of his body against Xander to reveal the hard bulge growing in his impossibly tight pants.

Xander moaned at the friction and felt himself grow hard in response.

"Oh... um... you asked me something... yeah I know you did... you had to have... I just can't think what it was right now." Xander said. Spike chuckled.

"I asked you if you were gonna go through with this otherwise I'll just go have myself a real good wank and get out of your hair."

"Okay one question... am I still under the thrall?" Xander asked.

"No, not that I know of. See if you were I wouldn't have to ask you if you wanted to. I'd just demand it and it would be done. Maybe a residual thing, but I don't think so. Was never that advanced."

"Okay so I'm only on the high of liquid courage. Now seeing that I'm pumped with alcohol and I might regret this in the morning we shouldn't." Xander said and he could feel Spike pulling away from him.

"But I'm willing to risk that because right now... right now I want this and if I don't get it I think I might explode." Xander said and just to prove his point he imitated Spike's earlier movement by pressing himself against the vampire.

Spike growled and was latching on to Xander's mouth again. Xander felt his work shirt fall to the ground. He began to pull Spike towards the bed gripping that his black shirt and bunching it up. Spike caught on and let Xander pull the shirt off over his head. Xander stared mesmerized by the pale muscular chest. Xander's mouth went straight towards Spike's neck and he began to suck and kiss and lick to his content.

Spike obviously approved of what Xander was doing as he moaned and rubbed small circles on Xander's back. Xander dipped his head slightly began to lap at Spike's nipples. He took one in his mouth and licked at it till it was hard and dusky. When Xander began to bite Spike growled again and pushed him lightly on the bed. Xander fell back on the bed and watched as Spike pounced on top of him.

Spike began to kiss Xander's swollen mouth again. The kisses were desperate and filled with desire. They weren't the passionately sweet kisses they had shared a few moments ago. No, these kisses were filled with unadulterated lust. Spike let up the kissing and Xander was panting harshly.

Spike began to trail a lazy sloppy trail of kisses from Xander's lips to his neck stopping to nip lightly at Xander's chin. Xander's panting grew harsh as Spike began to lick and nip at his pulse point. He wasn't sure why the thought of Spike slipping into game facing and taking a bite out of him was turning him on, but he felt himself grow even harder as Spike bit down a little harder.

Spike sat up a little straddling Xander's hips and looked down at him. Xander's eyes were fluttering close and he was breathing heavily. His lips were swollen and he was flushed. There was a lovely red mark on his neck caused by Spike's special attention to that area of Xander's body.

Spike ripped Xander's white undershirt off of his body. Sure he would have spent the extra couple of second it took to take the shirt off properly, but he was too consumed with need to care about a ripped shirt. Xander didn't seem to be all that mad. In fact the boy moaned a little.

Xander heard his shirt rip and he knew he should have been mad, but he was busy not thinking at that particular moment to get into an argument over a torn shirt. They came in a pact three for five dollars at the Wal-Mart and right then Spike was licking and nipping at his chest so thought was totally gone.

Spike had managed to get the shreds of what was left of Xander's shirt off of his body and threw them in the direction of the trash. Spike spent time licking his belly button and doing the most suggestive things with his tongue all the while Xander's head thrashed and small moans escaped from the back of his throat. Spike let his hands caress over the noticeable bulge in Xander's sweatpants and Xander let in a sharp gasp of air.

"Lift up your hips, luv." Spike said in a husky voice that was driving Xander crazy.

Xander complied quickly and lifted his hips up enough for Spike to slide off his pants along with his underwear. Spike spent a good minute or so taking a good look at Xander's naked body. He had one of the most delicious looking cocks Spike had seen in a while. It was all hard and purple and filled with delicious blood. Xander began to feel self-conscious when Spike just kept staring.

"What're you doing?" he asked through his lust filled haze.

"Just admiring the view, luv." Spike said dipping his head again to take just the head of Xander's cock in his mouth. Xander's mouth opened wide and his eyes closed shut. The small sensation was almost enough to send Xander over the edge.

Spike applied light suction on Xander's cock and relished in hearing the small whimpers coming from the boy... man underneath him. He could tell Xander was being pushed over the edge. Spike hummed happily around the cock in his mouth and Xander's whimpers turned into sobbing cries.

"Hmm, demon girl not giving it to you good enough." Spike said letting Xander's cock slip out of his mouth much to Xander's protest.

"Why... why?"

"Why what, luv."

"Why're you still wearing clothes." Xander said. Spike smirked happily.

Least the boy knows what he wants. Oh this is going to be fun. Spike thought as he slipped out of his tight jeans.

Xander's eyes were instantly drawn to Spike's hardened member. His only thought was, "Wow, that's really big."

Spike chuckled and Xander looked puzzled before realizing he had said that last part out loud. He looked away sheepishly. Spike's hands went over to Xander's face and made him look at him.

"Eh, now, no looking away. This is about fun. No regrets until the morning." Spike said.

"Yeah okay." Xander said.

"Good, now just relax. This is going to be good, but you have to relax." Spike said.

Xander shook his head lightly to signify he heard what Spike said and would try his hardest to relax. Xander felt Spike crawl up his body and felt the press of those cool soft demanding lips back on his own. Xander' mouth instantly opened to allow Spike's tongue to come out and play.

Spike's hand traveled down the length of Xander's body as he distracted the boy with kisses. He lightly gripped Xander's cock and made easy up and down strokes till he felt precum dripping down his hand. He let go of Xander's cock, which elicited another whimper of protest from Xander. Spike had relinquished his hold on Xander's mouth and Xander's eyes opened wide. Spike brought his hand up to his mouth and licked the Xander's precum off of his hand.

"Hmm, you really are nummy." Spike said and was rewarded with the moans coming from Xander.

"Spike...please...come on do something already." Xander begged feeling helpless against Spike's continual teases.

"Got any lube, pet." Spike whispered in Xander's ear. "Huh?" Xander said. "Lube, you know something slick. Makes it easier to... you know bugger you if you've got something slick." Spike said.

"Oh, right... um should be some lotion in the top drawer over by my alarm clock." Xander said his eyes falling close again.

Spike shuffled through the contents of the drawer before he found the tube of lotion Xander was referring to. He went back to Xander and kissed the boy lightly on the lips.

"Okay now remember what I said about being relaxed. This might hurt some if not feel a mite uncomfortable at first, but it'll get better. Trust me." Spike said.

If Xander hadn't been so lust ridden he would have laughed at that statement, but right at that moment Spike was giving him unbelievable pleasure and he really was willing to trust Spike is he kept up everything he was doing. Xander felt the finger very acutely.

It was cold and wet and it was probing at the entrance of his ass. Xander felt as the finger pushed passed that tight ring of muscles and it slowly embedded itself into Xander's ass. Spike was right, it was uncomfortable and Xander had the thought that if one finger was uncomfortable then Spike's big cock was going to hurt like hell. Spike felt Xander tense up and knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Don't worry... everything will be fine. Just relax and everything will go perfectly. You have to relax though." Spike said.

Xander felt the finger still in his ass. He decided to squeeze his muscles around the finger just to see what would happen. It was different, but it didn't feel so bad after a little while. Xander's stopped flexing and looked at Spike to tell him without words he was ready for more. Xander felt the finger move in and out and brushed up against something.

"Spike... fuck... what the... oh fuck that feels good." Xander said and he tried to keep his voice down.

Spike smirked at Xander's reaction and decided it was time to add a second finger. The second finger went in without as much resistances as the other finger and Spike picked up the same tempo he had started before. He brushed up against Xander's prostate which made Xander cry out again begging Spike for more.

Xander felt the two fingers moving inside of him and pushing up against something that felt amazing. He was vaguely aware of he cries for more and vaguely aware of Spike adding a third finger. He was only in tuned with the feelings.

"Oh fucking shit... Spike that feels so good... more please... I need more." Xander cried out and Spike quickly slicked up his cock.

He took out his fingers and placed his cock at Xander's entrance. Xander had a few moments to whimper at the loss of Spike's fingers before he felt something bigger pushing against his stretched hole.

"Are you ready, pet?" Spike said in that lust-ridden voice that made Xander want to cum right there and then. Xander took a few deep breaths before he shook his head yes.

Spike lifted up Xander's legs to allow better access and held his knees legs apart. It took all his restraint not to thrust into Xander's hot tight hole fast and hard. He thrust in slowly, inch by inch, and was awed by the amount tolerance Xander was showing. He was biting his lip and shutting his eyes tightly. It took what felt like hours before Spike was fully encased in Xander's hot hole. Spike took a deep unneeded breath.

It had been a long time since he had fucked a human and Xander felt extra hot and extra tight. Spike could tell Xander was a virgin when it came to this and that just made it all the more desire filled. Xander knew Spike was giving Xander time to get used to the new feeling inside of him. It hurt like hell when Spike was pushing inside, but the pain had eased until it was all but gone and in it's place was a slow burning need for more.

Spike felt rather then heard Xander's request for movement. Xander had wrapped his legs tightly around Spike's waist and pulled him closer.

"Want more, Xan? Want me to move?" Spike asked and was surprised at the concern in his voice.

"Uh-huh... please move Spike... please..."

"Please, what Xan?"

"Please... oh good please just move... fuck me already." Xander said.

Spike growled again and moved out of Xander almost all the way until only the head of his cock was still inside of Xander before pushing back in. He could hear Xander's cries and moans and grunts of pleasure. It was like music to Spike's ears and he pushed thrust in faster changing his angle until he heard...

"Fuck, Spike, harder... right there... please harder... oh god... oh fucking shit that feels good... please Spike more."

Spike obliged and began to quicken his tempo all the while staying at that angle to hit Xander's sweet spot over and over again. Soon Xander was thrusting his hips back as Spike thrust forward.

"Oh fuck... this feels so good... fuck you're so tight and hot and... oh fuck."

"Spike! Spike please... I need to cum... please... touch me. I need to... fuck please."

Spike grasped Xander's cock, which was so hard he was surprised the Xander hadn't blown his wade already. He began to stroke it in time with his thrusting. Xander felt Spike grasping his cock and felt that talented hand bringing him closer and closer to the edge. His mouth was open and he was panting and moaning and babbling about nothing and he knew he was going to cum soon.

"Spike, I'm gonna cum... oh fuck." Xander said as spurts of milky white cum jetted out of his cock.

Xander was vaguely aware that Spike and latched on to his mouth again and was muffling what Xander was sure would have been a loud piercing scream if how hard he was coming was any indicator. Spike's thrust became erratic as he felt Xander's muscles squeeze and tighten around him. He felt Xander was going to come before Xander began to cry out.

He took Xander's mouth and began kissing him to muffle the screams he knew were coming. He didn't want Xander's parents rushing down to the basement before Spike was able to get off. It didn't take long after Xander's orgasm for Spike to get off as well. A few more well place thrusts and with the help of Xander's contracting muscles, Spike was spurting lukewarm cum into Xander's quivering hole.

Spike collapsed on top of Xander after coming and let himself experience a little after sex bliss before he was ultimately pushed off and thrown to the couch. He was amazed at how good of a lay Xander had been.

Minutes passed before Xander said, "Wow, that was... that was really good."

"Good?" Spike said lifting his head to look at Xander questioningly.

"Hmm, what do you want... amazing. Okay Spike that was amazing. You are the butt sex god." Xander said in a sleepy tone.

"Yeah don't you forget it." Spike said rolling off of Xander and to the other side of the couch.

"Hmm, no I think it'll take me awhile to forget that." "Wanna go again?" Spike asked.

"Sorry, don't have vampire stamina. Plus the alcohol didn't help any. I think I'm gonna pass out. I don't think I've ever cum so hard in my life." Xander said.

"Yeah, I give it to you good." Spike said. He was still lying on the other side of the bed not really ready to move at that moment.

"Don't toot your own horn. It was good, but there's room for improvement." Xander said.

"Oh I'll show you improvement." Spike said. Xander rolled over on his side and let his arm rest around Spike's waist.

"Yeah, I'll take you up on that. Right now I need some sleep. You gonna move on to the couch or just stay here?" Xander asked.

"You offering?"

"Well, I guess. I mean you did just fuck me through the mattress. The least I could do is let you lie on the bed afterwards."

"Sounds good to me." Xander turned more and Spike pulled him close to him until Xander's head was resting comfortable on his chest.



"You know you still smell, right?"

"The sex didn't cover it up a bit?"

"Oh it did, but now you smell like cum, me and stinky cheese. It's a weird combination."

"Good or bad."

"Not quite sure yet. Ask me next time."

"Okay night Spike."


"Yes, Spike?" Xander said a little annoyed that the vampire was keeping him from sleeping.

"You're good entertainment."


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