In My Bathroom

In My Bathroom


Chapter 10:

"How does this look?" Buffy said coming out it yet another outfit. This one was dark denim low rise jeans and a black halter top with black leather boots.

"Black, don't want to clash with Spike too much now do you?" Anya said putting some more chips in her mouth. She and Dawn were held prisoners and asked about various outfits Buffy was trying on for her date with Spike.

"Right okay so I'm going to try on a new one." Buffy said.

"You have like an hour to get ready and you haven't taken a shower or done your hair. Why don't you let me and Anya worry about the outfit and you finish up." Dawn said.

"Your right. Okay I'm going to get in the shower." Buffy said as she walked out and over to the bathroom.

"Why is she so jittery? It isn't like her and Spike don't know almost everything about each other." Anya said.

"It's their first official date. After this there's no pretending that there isn't any feelings." Dawn said.

"Well she's being way too nervous and nitpicky." Anya said starting to look through Buff's clothes while Dawn searched as well.

"You go that right."

Buffy turned on the water to the shower with somewhat shaky hands. Why she was so nervous she would probably never know. She never remembered being this nervous with Angel or Riley or Parker or even Owen for that matter. And she knew Spike. It was a mystery to her. She wished that Spike was here, but he insisted on getting ready at Xander's. He said that it would offer him some time outside of the house and he wanted to be surprised for their first date.

Usually people who are barely going on their first date don't live together and Spike wanted to capture the magic. Nervousness was more like it. This had to be one of the most difficult things that Buffy would ever have to do. It had been so long since she had actually gone out on a date that she was worried she would forget how to act. It was all just so confusing. She washed herself up.

Memories flooded her mind. She remembered just a couple months ago before Spike left how caring he had been to her in this bathroom. It was filled with a lot of memories. He had treated her like something fragile and precious. He had asked her before he did anything and he had even been uncomfortable when he had to wash her. He had been so attentive and caring. Then he left her, but that was also for her.

To get his soul so she could feel better about being with him. So they could be together without her feeling dirty or bad. All he wanted was her. She had to give him this chance and more then that she needed to. She cared about him more then she could fully comprehend. Soul or no soul he was a good man that deserved her trust and love. Of course Buffy being Buffy couldn't give it to him just yet. So here they were taking it slow. Getting all nervous and excited over a date. Doing the normal thing.

As much as taking it slow benefited Spike it benefited Buffy just as much. She was afraid of getting hurt and of Spike leaving her when she finally decided to open her heart to him. Her track record with men was not a pretty one. She had opened her heart to Angel and he turned evil. Not to mention that when he did come back from hell they were together and he left her again. Then she had taken it fast with Parker and everyone knew how that turned out. Then there was Riley. She had given him everything that she had and it wasn't enough.

Was it her fault that he left? She may never know. Maybe she hadn't been that open, but that's who she was. Slayers were never open and he couldn't just accept the quantity of openness that she was willing to give to him. In the end it was no ones fault because they just weren't meant to be. Of course no matter how much she wanted to cover up the start of this clam-like behavior she knew the root. It was her dad. It was always the dad wasn't it? How weird that it was even for the Slayer.

Buffy dried herself off and started to blow-dry her hair. She had no idea of what she was going to do with her hair. Anything would do when it's Spike. He thought that she was beautiful with her hair in a ponytail wearing her Doublemeat Palace uniform. She knew that he liked it best when her hair was doing that wavy-bouncy thing.

Buffy plugged in her curling iron and waited for it to heat up. It quickly did so and she being to make slight waves in her hair. She waited on the makeup to see what Dawn and Anya had picked out for her. With her towel wrapped around her she walked out into her room.

"Okay so what did you pick for me to wear?" Buffy said to Anya and Dawn.

"Light wear." Dawn said holding up light denim low-rise jeans, a green peasant top, and corkscrew sandals. Anya held up selected accessories, which included a cross with green stones, emerald earrings, and a few green bracelets.

"Nice. Now leave so I can get dressed and finish up."

"A thank you would have been nice." Dawn and Anya muttered under their breath. Buffy choose to ignore them and finish getting ready. She put on the outfit and accessories and got started on her makeup. Her mind wondered to what Spike might be doing at this moment.


"How do I look?" Spike asked somewhat nervously.

He had spent at least an hour getting ready and had changed his outfit at least twice. Xander and him had to make a stop at Spike's old crypt. Clem was still occupying it and he had been glad to see Spike. Spike had gathered all of his belongs that were still left at the crypt and then they had went to Xander's.

Xander looked up from the TV to see Spike. He had a beer in his hand and was getting annoyed by Spike continually asking him that question. "You look just spiffy." Xander said and then glued his eyes back onto the TV.

"Are you sure?" Spike said trying to get his hair perfect. He had been ignoring it for quiet some time now and it was unruly. He knew that Buffy liked it mussed, but he wanted to make it look presentable.

"Yes already." Xander said a bit snidely.

"So this shirts okay?" Spike said.

"Yes that color really brings out your eyes." Xander said sarcastically.

Spike looked down at his clothes again. He was wearing baggy dark denim jeans and a light blue shirt.

"You sure the pants are okay?" Spike wasn't used to loose pants. He had borrowed some from Xander.

"Yes the pants are good."

"Maybe I should jus' wear my regular black ones. Although 'm tryin' to be different. Jus' not sure."

"I'm sure that one of your black jeans will match."

"You sure s'not to much black?"

"No you have to be you."

"Okay 'll be right back." Spike said as he walked back into Xander's room.

"That is one hopeless guy." Xander said under his breath.

"I heard that, Harris. Vampire hearin' an' all that rot." Spike yelled from Xander's room. He quickly changed his pants and laced up his combat boots.

"Okay so now how do I look?" Spike asked Xander.

"Fine you look fucking-fantastic."

"No need ta be snappy."

"You've been very annoying for these past few hours. What's the big deal?"

"Whas the big deal! 'S Buffy's firs' date and mine. 'Ve never been this nervous 'bout anythin' in my life."

"Just be the guy that Buffy... liked." Xander said. He didn't know where they were in their relationship.

"Oi right! I can't s'actly be that guy again. The soul an' all. 'M different an' I don't know if I can be that guy. This is bloody ridiculous! I shouldn't be nervous over this, should I?"

"I can say this much being nervous about this is perfectly normal. You're all in love with Buffy and you want her to feel the same. Damn there's more of that help Spike shit that keeps coming out of my mouth. I swear it means apocalypse." Xander said.

"So you and Demon Girl watchin' the Bit?"

"Anya is. She probably doesn't want me there. I figured another Saturday night alone is what the doctor ordered."

"'Ave you even tried to patch thins' up?"

"Sure... well in the beginning. I just don't know where to start now. I mean I love her so much, but let's face it I did the worst thing imaginable to a girl. I walked out on her on our wedding day. I don't know if there's any fixing that."

"'M sure there hasta be. I can tell that she still loves you, but she's hurtin'. Don't jus' let her go cause she thinks that whas' best for her was nothin' to do with you."

"Speaking from experience I presume."

"Actually yes I am. Buffy thought that I shouldn't be part of her life and I jus' didn't mope around and except that as an answer. No way, I pushed an' eventually she realized that we are good together. Course it took me gettin' my soul, but it was worth it. Do whatever it takes, mate."

"Okay so let's say I perfect the art of wooing her. What then? Where do we start."

"From the beginnin'. Thas' always a good place to start. No you're sure I look okay?"

"Yes you look fine. Go out and have a good night. Just remember if you hurt her." "You'll stake me good and proper. Heard that one a million times before. Get a new tune, Harris."

"How about I behead you?"

"Gettin' there. Think 'bout it so more an' maybe it'll come ta you." Spike said grabbing his duster and putting it on.

"What 'bout the hair?" Spike said pointing to his hair. He had decided to leave it be and let it stay at that spiky look.

"Looks different from the usual gelled back hairdo."

"Okay so everythin' is good. All right 'm gonna go now. See you round tomorrow for some research, whelp."

"Whatever Dead Boy Jr."


Spike stopped his Desoto in front of Buffy's house. The sun was down and everything was about to get started.

Okay mate how hard can it be? You go in there, get the woman you love and take her to dinner. That simple. Jus' get out of the car firs'. Spike took a deep unneeded breath and opened his car door.

He walked up Buffy's walkway and knocked on the front door. It felt weird to be knocking on the door instead of just going inside. Dawn answered the door.

"Oh you're here already." Dawn said.

"'M I too early?" Spike said with a hint of nervousness.

"No Buffy's just late. Come inside. Whoa that sounded weird."

"No whattcha' mean, Nib."

"Well anyway Anya and I were just watching TV. She's taking forever to get ready. I'll tell her you're here. Have a seat. Again that was weird." Spike stepped inside and walked over to the couch. Anya sat on the couch totally engrossed in a TV show.

"Are you nervous?" Anya asked without even bothering to look at Spike.

"A lil' bit." Spike said as honestly as he could manage. A whole lot would be a more correct statement.

"Don't be. Should be a walk in the park for two people who've done it a whole bunch of times."

"Comforting." Spike said sarcastically. Leave it to Anya to be blunt. Spike tried to focus on the TV until Buffy came downstairs.

Meanwhile Dawn had walked into Buffy's room. "He's here." Dawn said.

"Oh god! How do I look?"

"Fabulous. Should let me pick your clothes more often."

"Really everything looks fine. Nothing out of place?"

"That would be correct. You look good. Spike is going to drool all over you not that he doesn't already."

"Should I bring a jacket?"

"No it looks fairly warm and that's a long sleeve blouse."

"Okay so I have my purse and I look okay." Buffy took a deep breath.

"Okay I'm going." Dawn could have laughed as she saw her sister's slightly worried slightly nervous face.

She watched Buffy leave the room and walk down the stairs. Buffy made it down the stairs and looked around the room for Spike he was sitting on the couch talking to Anya about something. He looked good.

He was wearing the usual duster and black pants with combat boots. His hair was doing that spiky thing it did when he had just finished a good fight or when he woke up in the morning. He stood up when he sensed her presence. Instead of a black shirt he was wearing a blue one that brought out his eyes. All in all he looked good.

Spike was sitting watching TV and discussing something of no importance when he smelled vanilla. It was Buffy's smell. He stood up and saw her. If he had breath she would certainly take it away. Although she wasn't totally dressed up it was the most dressed up he had seen her in a while. She was wearing a green blouse that made her eyes shine brighter and jeans that hugged all her curves. Her hair was wavy just the way he liked it. She was beautiful.

"Hey." Buffy said. It was a slightly nervous hey, but her nerves settled a little just by being near him.

"Hello cutie." Spike said with some of his old confidence coming back.

"So were are we going? Or is it still a secret?"

"It is still a secret. We better get going. We'll be back later. Take care all." Spike said grabbing Buffy's hand and taking her outside and for the start of their first date.


"So Dawn and I were only at home one time and I think I was like thirteen and she was eight. Anyway we decided to make this cake and we can't cook for beans. Even though it was one of those already-made-just-add-water cakes we messed it up big time. The kitchen was a total mess. I think I got grounded for a whole month." Buffy said.

She and Spike had been swapping stories of their youth and laughing all night.

"'S odd how much of a kid you were before becoming the slayer. I never thought 'bout how slayers were before their calling." Spike said.

"Well I never thought about a vampires life before they were vampires if that is any consolation." Buffy said taking another sip of wine.

Spike had surprised her by taking to a nice little French restaurant right outside of town. Everything had been so perfect.

"So you go."

"I don't think that I have anything else to say about my life. It was pretty boring."

Okay so there was one thing that I should tell her, but I don't think that this is the most appropriate place ta do this.. Spike thought.

"You sure? I think we could drudge up some old sordid details of your life." Buffy said.

"No like 've said before, luv, my life was quiet and borin'. You know everything there is ta know 'bout William." Spike said taking a bite of his dessert. It was a piece of chocolate cake.

"Everything? Wow your life was boring if I already know everything." Buffy said sarcastically.

"What don't you know, pet?" "Your full name."

"Well that is somethin' that I buried a long time ago."

"Oh come on Spiky you can tell me." Buffy said as she slipped one foot out of her sandal and slide it up Spike's leg.

"Christ Summers!"

"You sure you don't want to tell me?"

"How am I s'posed ta think wif you doing that?"

"Just tell me and we won't have this problem."

"No... bloody hell all right it's Flannery."

"See that wasn't so bad and it's a very nice name. William Flannery."

"Yeah enough wif the name."

"Is that your whole name?"

"What do you mean?"

"You don't have a middle name?"

"Nope." Spike tried to lie unsuccessfully.

"Please don't try to lie to me. You're very bad at it."

"Okay so I have a middle name."

"What is it?"

"You gonna torture me?"

"Most likely."

"All right then 'll tell you. 'S David."

"So your name is William David Flannery?"


"That's a pretty name."


"Sorry ruggedly handsome. Better?"


"Mmm that cake looks good." Buffy said.

"You want some pet?"

"Yeah is it good?"

"Delicious. Open up." Spike took a forkful of cake and fed it to Buffy.

"Mmm that is good." Buffy said after she was done with the piece of cake.

"Would you like the check, Mister?" a waiter asked Spike.

"Yes I think we are 'bout ready to leave." "All right I'll be right back with the check."

"So do you have anything planned after this?" Buffy asked.

"I was thinkin' maybe we could either go see a movie or go ta the Bronze. Ladies choice."

"It's been forever since I've been to the Bronze. We could dance."

"Well that sounds great."

"Here you go sir," the waiter said handing Spike the check, "And have a nice night."

Spike looked at the check and took out some cash.

"You okay? Can you pay for it?" Buffy asked.

"Yes 'm fine. I do 'ave some money." Spike said.


"I swung by the crypt taday and got the rest of my stuff."

"Oh well if you're sure."

"Yes 'm sure pet." Spike counted out the right amount of bills and said, "Okay let's go."

"Lead the way." Buffy said taking his hand in hers.


"Well at least we got a spot." Buffy said as they entered the Bronze.

"Yeah so would you like a drink or should we dance."

"I think that we should just head straight to dancing. Had enough alcohol for one night." Buffy said leading Spike to the dance floor.

At first Spike was a little nervous about what to do. Sure he had danced before, but it had been a while. Buffy could see his shyness and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him closer. Spike placed his hands on her waist. They stood like that swaying in the rhythm of the music. Buffy's head rested on Spike chest and she breathed in his scent.

The smell of cigarettes and alcohol was absent but there was still that leather smell and the one that smelled like the ocean, which was probably his cologne. She could drift to sleep in his arms. For some reason she felt so small and delicate when in his arms. She felt so safe and protected. She couldn't remember the last time a man made her feel that way.

Spike held Buffy close to him. She fit so perfectly with him. She was his golden goddess. Everything about her screamed perfect. He loved her more then anything in this world. He could tell that her eyes were closed and she had just taken a deep breath. Spike rested his chin atop her head and closed his eyes. When he was around her he could pretend that there wasn't anything but them.

That they were the only two people alive in the world. The fact that she was letting him have this chance made him want to sing from the rooftops. Okay maybe shout because he just had an awful taste in his mouth about singing since Xander's little summoning demon phase. If he could stay like this forever he would be pleased. If he died in Buffy's arms he would die a very happy vampire.

The song ended, but Buffy and Spike were oblivious. All that really matter was each other. They stayed on the dance floor for the whole night until it was close to midnight. Spike and Buffy didn't talk the entire time. It wasn't one of those uncomfortable silences. It was a totally comfortable one.

"We should really be going." Buffy said.

"Yeah I think that would be good. Demon Girl would probably wanna go home and sleep in her own bed for once." Spike said.

"Yeah let's go take that long journey to the car."

"Hey it isn't my fault there wasn't any good spots."

"Didn't say it was, baby, but we should go." Spike was still a little shocked every time she called him a pet name like honey or baby.

He grabbed Buffy's hand and they walked outside. Once Buffy was outside she cursed herself for listening to Dawn. It was a chilly night and she didn't have a coat. She shivered slightly, but it was enough for Spike to notice.

"Cold, luv."

"A little." Spike took off his duster and wrapped it around her.


"Yeah." Buffy said. Buffy loved Spike's duster and to have it wrapped around her was sending her over the edge. It had Spike-smell on it. She shivered again and Spike noticed.

"Still cold, luv?"

"Yeah a little." Spike wrapped his arms around Buffy's waist and held her close to him as they walked to his car.

"Better?" Spike said in Buffy's ear. The feel of his cold breath on her skin was sending tingles down her spine.

"Um-hum," was all Buffy managed to say. Spike placed his head in the crock of Buffy's neck. They were halfway to the car when Spike raised his head and stopped.

"What's wrong." Buffy said.

"Don't you feel that?" Spike said.

He could hear and smell a vampire close by. There was also something else that he couldn't make out. Buffy focused and felt the hairs on the back of her neck stick up that indicated a vamp was near. She had blocked out the feeling because Spike was there, but now she could tell that it wasn't Spike.

"Yeah where do you think they are?"

"In one of these warehouses."

Spike answered, "Any weapons?"

"You think that the Slayer goes out unprepared? I always have at least two stakes in my purse. Are you sure that you're up to the challenge?"

"It's one fledging."

"It's eerie how you can tell that."

"Vampire senses. Let's go."

Spike and Buffy made their way to the warehouse where the vampire was located.

"Okay luv are you ready to take on this vamp?"

"Oh see I knew that they would fall for the whole defenseless vampire slash innocent victim thing. Good guys are so predictable," a voice said. The dark warehouse lit up with light revealing Willow, a few of her followers and a couple of vampires.

"Well this should be fun." Willow said.

Chapter 11:

"Oh I wonder what the good guys are going to do when faced in this predicament. Will they be able to make it out alive." Willow said in mock horror. Buffy pushed Spike behind her and he didn't complain. From what he saw he couldn't take any of these people except for the one fledging.

"Kill that fledging." Willow ordered to one of her men. The vampire was dusted in a matter of seconds.

"Now doesn't this look like someone is outnumbered. It's what six against one. The vampire won't be of any use considering these are all people. So the hero is caught in quite a predicament." Willow said as she walked over to where Spike and Buffy stood.

"You know I have to kill one of you after hearing about that delightful little prophecy that is meant to take me down. Protect the savior. Well it would seem that would be both of your guys's job. Nothing personal against you Buff, but the vampire just was to die." Willow said.

She was really close by now. Almost right in Buffy's face. Buffy didn't flinch although she was scared. No way was she going to get Spike just to loose him in a few days.

"You know what Wills this whole I've been done wrong thing is getting old fast." Buffy hissed in Willow's face.

"I'm just trying to do what you can't. Kill all the vampires. No you have to fall in love with all of them and then that blinds you. Then they leave you. Everyone leaves poor Buffy. She gets to shut down or run away, but I don't get to grieve my way. That isn't very fair."

"Willow can't you see that what you're doing is wrong?"

"Yes and it's about to get a whole lot worse. See I'm done with this whole vigilante thing that I had going on. What's the point? Evil keeps coming. So if you can't beat them, join them."

"So now what you think that you have what it takes to be the next big bad? Puh-lease! I've taken done things that are way scary then anything you have to throw my way."

"Ow, Buffy you wound me. Where's that whole gotta save Wills attitude?"

"Personally it left when you threatened people I care about. See the only reason that I don't have Giles do that spell to take away your powers is because there are people that care about you. I would have done it a long time ago if those people didn't stop me."

"Typical Buffy. Let someone you love die to save the world. Did it for Angel why would Willow be any different? See, Buffy, I always wondered if you have a heart and I can see it now. It surrounds this vampire and it surrounds all your friends and family. Does it surround me?" Buffy was quiet for a second.

"Yes." Buffy said in a barely audible whisper.

"Really you have a big heart. Even when I'm all evil you still love me. Touching really. To think that after all this time of badness you still care about me."

"It doesn't change the fact that what you're doing is wrong. I will care about you always, but I can't change the fact that you killed people."

"Oh with the speeches. They are so old and boring. Just shut up. Admit that you have thought about being bad. That it appeals to you."

"Maybe, but there's a difference from appeal and doing bad."

"You've been awful quiet there vampire. Got nothing to say. That's unbelievable, because you've always been so annoying about talking way to damn much."

Buffy looked back at Spike. She couldn't understand what he was thinking.

"I think that 'll let Buffy do all the talkin'."

"Still not like you. I would think that a man who is about to die, well again in your case, would have a lot to say."

"Nothin' much." The truth was Spike felt another headache coming on. It would be just great if he passed out and made their job easier. Buffy saw the repressed pain in his eyes and knew exactly what was going on.

No he can't pass out on me now. I need to find a way to get us out of here.

"Well why don't you tell us what that nothing much is."

"Jus' that I hope Buffy kicks your evil-wannabe ass."

"Oh you have such high expectations. Do you really think that with my magic little Slayer Buffy could take me?"

"Well what can I say. Always root on my girl." Spike said trying to keep his cool. The pain between his eyes was excruciating and getting hard to handle without his Buffy fingers.

"Right you two officially a couple now. I bet Xander and Giles just loved that."

"Actually they were very fine with it." Buffy said.

"You know Buffy it's a wonder Giles can stand it. You're supposed to be the slayer and here you are saving and protecting vampires when you should be killing them. Spike should be dead by now, but instead you decided to ride him like your own personal pony and then treat him like shit. And he stays. What a good boy. Now I see why you choose him. He's just so whipped that he'll never leave. Just what Buffy needs. A man that won't leave her like the other men of her life have. Well you know what I'm done with talking. Bored now, so let's get on with the killing. Boys." Three mean looking guys advanced forward.

"So you got a plan luv?" Spike asked still trying to keep his pain at bay.

"I plan to kick these guys's ass and then get out of here."

"That it?"

"Yeah I don't got a better plan. Do you have one?"

"Don't do my best thinkin' wif a headache that makes my head feel like 's gonna explode."

"Damn it if one of those guys think that they're going to get a hand on you I'll kill them. No one touches my Spike."

"Very possessive luv. Let's try focusing that anger on them." The three guys lunged at Buffy. Arms and legs came into action. These guys seem to be strong. It was probably some magical concoction. Buffy was landing a few punches and kicks, but these guys had some powerful mojo. Spike had figured that if the chip was malfunctioning that it was going to hurt anyway so he jumped in. He landed a few punches, but the pain in his head was intensifying.

"Spike get out of here!" Buffy yelled. She was having serious trouble fighting off these guys.

There was still Amy, that other guy and Willow herself to worry about. She had managed to knock out one guy, but he just got right back up. Willow was using magic to energize them like a battery. She would punch and kick and they would fall down, but then get right back. She saw out of the corner of her Spike trying to fight a guy as well. She couldn't let him get hurt. She punched someone again and ran over to Spike.

"Spike please go. You can't get hurt." Buffy said. She had never been so concerned about anyone in her life. She could feel the repressed tears in her eyes.

"Buffy I'm not gonna leave you 'ere alone." Spike said. As much as he wanted to leave and go curl up somewhere he couldn't he had to fight the pain and help her.

"Spike please."

"Let's go." Spike said grabbing Buffy's hand. She didn't understand what was going on until they were almost to the door. They were making a run for it.

Willow had been watching with delight as her men beat Buffy. She would try to take them down, but she wasn't a match for her superhuman lackeys.

"They're going to get away." Amy said.

"No they won't." Willow said as a shot of green sparks flew through the air and to the door. Buffy and Spike got to the door and when they tried to open it they flew back from a jolt of something that they assumed was magic.

"Didn't think that it would be that easy now did you? Puh-lease! Like I would make it that easy." Buffy got up, but Spike stayed down. That jolt had really sent more pain through him then he needed. He wasn't out, but he couldn't bring himself to get up.

"Wow I thought that he'd be stronger then that." Amy said.

"He's weak. He's been weak for a while now and that's why I choose now to take them down." Willow said, "Brian take him down. Maybe rough him up a little before you do so."

"Yes Dark Mistress." Brian said as he made his way over to Spike. He was going to enjoy this.

Buffy saw him walking over to Spike and panicked. She fought the three guys with all her strength and eventually knocked them out again. She ran over to Spike before the new guy could make his way over to him.

"Hey what do you think you're going to do?" Buffy said.

"I thought that I might kill that pathetic excuse for a vampire." Brian said.

"Well you're going to have to get through me first."

"You know at first I thought that you and him might have had just a fling or he was really sick. Then the Dark Mistress told me that you cared for the vampire. You are really disgusting. Some of the things in his mind..."

"Wait you're the guy that did that whole brain sucking thing on my Spike. Oh well know you are so going to die."

"Right I'd like to see you try."

"Well I never turn down a challenge." Buffy launched her attack.

Fists fell through the air. This guy wasn't easy to take down, but he wasn't as hard to take down as the other guys. It made Buffy wonder if he was using magic.

"That's right slayer. Wondering if I'm using magic to kick your ass. I'm not." Brian said as he punched Buffy again. She blocked his next punch and kicked him in the stomach.

"You know you're a pretty good fighter, but I'm better." Buffy said as she hovered above him.

Her fist hit his face repeatedly. Suddenly Buffy felt herself rise in the air. Something was strangling her. She tried to make it stop, but there were no hands around her neck. She looked over to see Willow's hand in the air and a shot of magic coming straight towards her.

"Why don't you beat him up now? Should be fun." Willow said never breaking her contact with Buffy. Buffy could feel the life being squeezed out of her, but she also remembered Willow saying she wouldn't kill her. She was only keeping her like this long enough to kill Spike. And Buffy would have to watch.

Brian hovered over Spike like a cat would do to a poor defenseless mouse. He was part demon hunter and he still enjoyed killing vampires every now and then. He had the power to beat things and he enjoyed using it. He looked at Spike. Spike was twitching slightly from the pain of the chip. He could still hear what was going on around him. He could also hear Buffy struggling. He wanted to help her, but it was like he had no control over his body.

He was going through a seizure like thing. So this was all going to end like this. Everything he had was about to be taken away from him because they were heroes. Well Buffy was, but he had helped out a lot. This was the end and he would never get to see his Buffy again. Spike squeezed his eyes tighter and wished for it to be over quick. He felt fist connect with his face and stomach. The pain was minimal from the pain that he was experiencing in his head. Spike waited for the stake to make contact with his skin, but it never came.

Buffy looked over at Spike and watched as Brian hit him repeatedly. Spike seemed to be in so much pain already that it didn't even faze him. Not to say that Buffy wasn't wounded. She would have screamed or cried but the hold on her throat permitted her form doing too much of that.

So this was how you get reward for saving the world on numerous occasions. You finally find something that makes you happy and it gets taken away just like that. Before long Buffy couldn't stomach watching Brian beat on Spike and she turned her head over to Willow. She really seemed to be enjoying herself with Amy by her side. Laughing at Buffy for her pathetic attempts to get away from the magically hold.

All Buffy could do was hope that something would come and save her and Spike. That's when she heard it. A loud crashing noise burst from behind Buffy. Buffy tried to turn her head to see what was going on but couldn't. She looked over at Willow who seemed to have horror in her eyes with a mixture of anger and sadness.

Buffy heard loud grunts and groans coming from all directions. There was a fight going on she knew that much. She didn't know who was doing the beating on Willow's team. She saw one of the men she was beating up early slide to the ground below her. He was out and not getting up. Suddenly Willow came hovering towards her.

"This isn't over Buffy. See one of these days is going to be your last and I won't be there to bring you back because I'll be the one that sent you there." Willow said dropping

Buffy to the ground and disappearing in a flash. Buffy fell to the floor and gasped for breath. She turned around to see Giles. She looked over to see if Spike was alright. He was still in a heap on the floor, but Brian was busy fighting off a girl. She was most likely the witch that the coven had sent to help them.

She was wearing black pants and a red shirt. She had the same kind of combat boots that Spike wore and the same kind of leather jacket. She had brown short shoulder length hair that was cut into choppy layers. Streaks of red, blue, and green along with an array of small braids stuck out in her hair style. She wore heavy black eye makeup and bright red lipstick. She was slightly tanned and pretty small. Not taller then Buffy that was for sure.

She seemed to fight Brian with easy using her fist and sometimes magic. She couldn't have been more then eighteen. Buffy watched her fight as she made her way over to Spike. He didn't look good, but he had been beaten up worse then this. It was mainly the chip that worried Buffy. She cradled Spike in her arms and watched the fight before her.

The girl was a pretty skilled fighter while Brian seemed to be more about street fighting. She was beating him easily. Her magic surpassed his and so did her strength. She would be very useful in battle. It didn't take long for Brian to realize that he could never beat her. She had always been too strong for him.

"All right, Mad, I think that we'll finish this up later." Brian said panting for breath. She was a few feet away and there would be no way she could stop him from teleporting out.

"Sure you always say that, but if I remember correctly I seem to recall you saying that and not showing up to finish it for four whole months. So I decided better bring the fight to you."

"Oh, Mad, you were never one for patience. I was just waiting for the right moment when I knew that I could take you."

"That moment would be never. Tow for the dark side and see if I care. I have a cause and that doesn't include you. Not anymore anyway." The brunette said.

"Oh well we'll see who comes out on top. Kiss to your mom for me." Brian said. The girl tried to run over to him before he teleported away, but it was no use.

"Damn it." The girl said. She looked around and spotted Buffy.

"Do you need help?"

Buffy thought it was sort of a 'duh' question. The girl came closer to them and so did Giles.

"Buffy what on earth happened to him?" Giles said pointing to Spike.

"I think that the chip malfunctioned again. He tried to help, but was taken down. I don't think that that jolt of magic that hit us when we tried to escape helped. How do you guys get in?" Buffy asked.

"We did a counter spell to deactivate the barrier." Giles said.

"Oh, I'm guessing you're the witch from the coven." Buffy said directing her attention to the girl that was hovering over Spike.

"Yep that'd be me. This a vampire?" the girl said pointing to Spike.

"Yes." Giles said, "It's really interesting story about him..."

"He has a soul. I can see it. It's pretty." The girl commented.

"Giles we need to get out of here. Help me carry him to the car." Buffy said. She knew that she was being rude to the girl, but something was more important right now.

"Wait a sec. Let me see if there isn't anything I can do to help." The girl squatted down and put her hands over Buffy and Spike's faces.

For a second Buffy could feel the magic following through her. It was like a burst of energy. Then she felt all her wounds heal at once. The girl stayed there with her hands glowing healing Buffy and Spike until there was no more to do.

"What was that?" Buffy asked curiously. It felt like warmth had been following through her.

"I healed your wounds. Not sure if that did any good for... what's his name?" the girl said pointing to Spike.

"Spike." Buffy said.

"Spike cool nickname. Anyway like I was saying I don't know if it did any good for Spike, but I did the best I could. Giles told me a little about the chip and I don't think that there is anything I can do about that, but if he doesn't have to worry about his wounds then he can recover from the chip malfunction better."

"That makes sense. Thanks."

"Don't mention it." Buffy picked up Spike. She was getting used to this. She asked Giles, "Where is you car?"

"No car. We got here and Madison sensed danger. We teleported here." Giles said.

"Oh well you can drive Spike's car. You know me and cars aren't exactly best friends." Buffy said.

"Yes of course. Where is it?"

"Not to far from here." Buffy said. Spike had been gaining more weight and becoming his old self. It would be harder for her to carry him.

"Put him down." The girl said.

"What?" Buffy asked.

"Put him down and I'll use magic to carry him. He's got to be a little heavy." She said.

"Okay thanks." The girl used magic to levitate Spike.

"I'll get the car and bring it around to here. Where are the keys?" Buffy searched through the pockets of Spike's duster and retrieved the keys then threw them at Giles.

"Be right back."

Silence engulfed the two women.

"Sorry for being rude earlier."

"It's okay. I can see that you care for Spike a lot. You were worried." The girl said.

"I didn't catch your name. Giles said something about a Madison and I heard that guy who was trying to kill Spike say somethin about a Mad."

"Names Madison Grace Fletcher. Call me Maddy everyone does."

"Hey Maddy I'm Buffy Summers."

Chapter 12:

"So what are we going to do? What's the next course of action?" Xander asked.

Anya had called him saying that there was official Scooby business going on at Buffy's house. Giles had come back with the witch and she had sensed that Buffy and Spike were in danger. They had left only to get back with Buffy and Spike. They seemed like no one was harmed, but Buffy explained that the witch had done a healing spell on them. Spike was knocked out and hovering in mid air.

Buffy and the new honorary member of the Scoobies took him to Buffy's room then came downstairs to explain what happened. Xander wanted to scream when heard the things that Willow said and did to Buffy and Spike. That was not his Willow. Something evil had taken over and was driving. After the story was over everyone turned to Buffy for the 'what to do next'.

"I'm not sure Xander. We don't even know what that prophecy is talking about. We have to just resort to research with no slacking off." Buffy said to everyone. This was serious now. If Willow tried to kill her and Spike and knew about the prophecy she would surely try to kill the rest of the group.

"Well I think it's safe to say that they have retreated for the time being. I can't sense the evil anywhere near here. I'm guessing that they have some bigger plan. The prophecy pertains to the champions. She might go after the other one." Maddy said.

"So what information did you get from the coven?" Dawn asked.

"Not much other then the fact that the savior is one of the most important tools in this battle." Giles said.

"Then wouldn't the savior be Buffy?" Anya said.

"No she was told to protect the savior. The day of light and dark is easy to figure out. It's an eclipse. We just need to know who the savior is." Maddy said.

"There are a lot of things that we need to know. Like whom the wind is. I'm guessing the tree is Willow. You know Willow is a type of tree. There are just holes everywhere." Xander said.

Maddy stood up and paced the room. What should she tell them? How much should she tell them? They were in this thing deep just like she was. It was personal. She too was hoping to safe someone if not at least set them free.

"The wind is Brian." Maddy said.

"Who's Brian?" was the question asked by the three people that weren't at the battle.

"Wait the guy who tried to kill Spike?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, see he's in a plot to try and take over. He let's Willow get to the top and then he takes over. 'The tree will sway in the breeze' and 'keep the wind away from the savior' they both refer to the same person. Brian. He's going to try and take over and he will defeat Willow making it easy for her to be over powered." Maddy finished.

"How do you know Brian?" Buffy asked.

"His mother and my mother were friends that belonged to the same coven. I grew up with Brian. While he started to learn more about magic and used it for evil instead of good." Maddy said. She knew that she wouldn't have to reveal too much too soon.

"So what happens now?" Xander asked. "We research and we call this champion. Do you know who it is?" Buffy asked Maddy.

"Yeah and so do you. Angel's the other champion." Maddy said.

"Well then it shouldn't be too hard to get him down here. I think that we should start looking at the vengeance demon reports now. We don't know how long we have left. Did you check our e-mails Dawn?"

"Yes and no response from Sam yet. Hopefully she hurries up and responds. After tonight we don't need him going into more shock."

"Yeah I agree. So let's get started."


"Dark Mistress I'm sorry that I failed you." Brian said with as much truth as he could muster.

"It's okay. You couldn't predict that the watcher was going to come with a very powerful witch. Although I sensed that there was something off about her."

"Yes I know, Mad, she is very powerful. Also half demon."

"She's half-demon. That's very interesting. Anyway have you conjured up the beast?"

"Yes and he would like to know what or who his primary target is."

"Tell him to go to LA. I want him to kill a special vampire for me. This one also has a soul. His name is Angel and I believe that he lives in the Hyperion and runs a business called Angel Investigations. Send him there."

"Yes Dark Mistress."


"Angel Investigations, we help the hopeless." Cordelia answered the phone. She was just getting back into the swing of things after being a Higher Being.

She was sent down her for some reason she just couldn't figure it out yet. She had hated it that angel had lied to her about being a vampire at first, but then she got over it. There had been a lot more supernatural occurrences lately and Lorne said that was because something was starting. Great another apocalypse should be just what the doctor ordered. She watched as Angel and the rest of the gang started to get ready to go out for patrol.

Connor was there. He was around more often nowadays. After the whole underwater adventure that Angel and he had been through things were starting to get better. Things between Wes and Angel were getting better as well. There was still tension between them, but for the most part things were light and breezy.

"Uh-huh." Cordelia said into the receiver.

She was jotting down a few things about this client. She hadn't tried to use her powers lately. She was just trying to ease into things. It was getting boring going back to the role of being the good little secretary and not being able to kick some serious ass. She was eased by the fact that Lorne and Fred usually stayed in during the patrol as well. Fred was researching something on this new bad and Lorne was being Lorne.

So she wouldn't be too lonely tonight. Things with Angel hadn't gone exactly the way she had planned. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, but was called away to be a Higher Being. After that when she hadn't told him, she had amnesia and a point in time, but even after that things had been strained.

"Okay well we'll have to get back to you on that. We are just so busy and poltergeists are kind of at the bottom of the list. We will call you when we have a definite. Thank you for calling Angel Investigations." Cordelia said as she flippantly hung up the phone.

"God what is with this town? Something has to be going on. All the things that go bump in the night are coming out." Cordelia said.

"Well something is definitely amiss." Wes said. Even thought he had changed an awful lot since he had first come to America from England he still clung to his proper ways.

"The phone's been ringing off the hook all day." Fred noted.

"Well that's what the patrol is for. We are going out to see if there is any demon lurking around." Angel said. He stuck a stake up his jacket sleeve and held his broad sword in hand.

"Just be careful. I have a feeling that this is something really Big, Angelcakes." Lorne said.

"Well be fine. We can handle anything." Gunn said.

"Yeah." Was Connor's reply. He had become a regular monotonic man. Cordelia thought that he sounded just like Oz.

"You guys be careful tonight. We don't need you guys getting hurt. There could be a big evil a brewing and we need all the help we can get." Cordy said.

"We'll be very careful. Things will be good. Let's go out and fight the good fight." Angel said as he and his troops filed out of the hotel.

"Let's hope that they'll be okay." Cordy said.

"They'll be fine, Cordy, they're big boys that can handle themselves." Fred said.

"Yeah Angelcakes will get the job done. If there's trouble a brewing then they'll be able to stop it." Lorne said.

"Let's just hope so." Cordy said as she went back to her menial work.

Two hours later

"Damn I thought I said to be careful." Cordy said as she tended to Angel's wounds. They had come back terribly wounded. There was blood all over their clothes and they had broken weapons in hand.

"We were and then all of a sudden this big rock like demon comes out of nowhere and attacks us." Angel said.

Cordy finished up with Angel's wounds and walked over to Connor. He was badly beaten just like Angel. He had lots of cuts and scratches all over his face.

"This is bad. Any demon that can take down you guys has to be big trouble." Fred said as she put a bandage on another one of Gunn's wounds.

"We hit the books and do some big research." Angel said.

"We might need some more strength on this one." Wes said.

"Like who?" Angel said.

"I was thinking that we should break Faith out of jail. Being in there isn't helping any and if a big evil is coming we will need her help." Wes said.

He had been contemplating whether they should get Faith out of jail for a while now. Ever since they had first found out about something big coming.

"Yeah I think that you're right Wes. We could also ask Buffy to come down." Angel said.

"No she probably has her own problems to deal with." Wes said.

"So how do you break a prisoner out of jail without getting caught?" Gunn said. He was in on whatever would help them to safe the world.

"Well Faith is strong so it shouldn't be too hard. Police will be looking for her, but I'm pretty sure that there is just too much to think about right now what with all the deaths." Wes said.

"So what's the plan?" Connor asked. He was trying to play the part and he was getting quite good at it.

"I go and talk to her and convince her to come out. Then we drive off. Relatively simple plan. I will just need someone to come with me and drive the car." Wes said.

"That'll be me." Gunn said.

"So when does this all go down?" Angel said.

"Tomorrow. The sooner the better." Wes said.

"Right so we break a psycho out of jail. That should be fun." Cordy said.

"We need her strength. It's the only way we're going to beat this thing." Angel said.

"Well if she goes all psycho serial killer on us I'm so bringing her down." Cordy said.

"Well yeah of course."


Wes stepped inside the County Woman's Correctional Facility. It seemed wrong that the slayer was within those walls. Sure Faith was a killer, but things could have been worse. Okay so it didn't get much worse then killing a person, but the dark side seduced her. Wes was ushered to the visitor's area.

He sat in a chair looking at the other side of the glass. It looked easy enough to break. Faith came walking over to her chair and looked at Wes. He picked up the telephone and she did the same.

"Hey Wes nice to see you. Good to see that I wasn't totally forgotten. So what's the up?"

"We need your help Faith. A big evil is coming and it kicked our asses. We need some more fire power."

"That right. Well what do you except me to do behind bars? Gotta tell you Wes that there isn't much I can do."

"We were thinking that we would break you out. Angel really needs your help Faith. This new demon is out to kill Angel and possibly all of us. We need you in this one."

Faith stood up and picked up her chair. The guard didn't have time to react before Faith threw the chair threw the glass. She jumped out and Wes and her hurried out of the jail.

"Where's you car?" Faith asked a little frantically. She had just broken out of jail and that's bound to shake up even the most stable woman.

"Gunn should be here right now." As if by magic Gunn came whirling around the corner and stopped abruptly.

"Come on get in!" Gunn yelled. Wes and Faith did as they were told and Gunn raced back to the hotel. The three people walked inside the hotel and came face to face with the whole group.

"What's going on Angel?" Faith asked.

"We're heading back to Sunnydale." Was his only answer as he continued searching for stuff and packing.


"Um... Spike wake up." Buffy whispered into Spike's ear. She had just finished her call to Angel and he was coming with everyone. She really had to tell him before they showed up. Spike stirred but didn't totally wake up.

"Come on baby it's time to get up." Buffy cooed to him.

"Hum, wha?" "You have to get up now."

"Hum why?" Spike said.

"Because it's good for you to get up and walk around. You were asleep for a while and now you need to get your strength back. Besides I have to tell you something."

"Okay, jus' give me a second." Spike said falling asleep all over again.

"You're just going to go back to sleep aren't you."


"Oh Spiky you're impossible you know that. You really should get up. Drink some blood maybe."

"Too tired. Why don't you jus' join me?" Spike said wrapping his arm around Buffy's waist.

"Spike I have to get to work and I have to tell you something."

"Okay 'm sittin' up." Spike said as he pushed himself into the sitting position.

"Okay tell me whas' on your mind luv."

Buffy looked at him. His hair was all mussed and his eyes were still filled with sleep. He looked so damn sexy like that. Truth be told he always looked sexy to Buffy.

One kiss couldn't hurt. Buffy thought as she leaned closer to Spike and captured his lips with hers. She could never get enough of his kisses. They were so perfect. Their tongues equally matched in that old dance they knew so well.

"So thas' what you woke me up for?" Spike asked after Buffy stopped their kiss breathing heavily.

"What you didn't like it?" Buffy said as her lips formed into a pout.

"Mmm I love those lips." Spike said as he went back to kissing her. Buffy willingly let him explore her mouth again. It always felt nice when they kissed.

"So luv that answer your question?"

"Um-hum. Anyway that wasn't what I was going to tell you."

"Really so what are you gonna tell me." Spike said absentmindedly pulled her onto his lap and caressing her arms while letting his head rest in the crook of her neck.

"You keep doing that and I'm not going to remember."

"Well you'll jus' havta deal wif it."

"Okay well there's no easy way to say this, but Angel is coming and should be here tonight."

Spike was quite for a moment and Buffy could see that muscle in his jaw ticking.

"Are you okay baby?"

"Yeah I knew that the poof would be comin' sooner or later." Spike said with a little too much venom.

"Well don't worry about him. He's just going to be here to help. That's all."

"Yeah well 's gonna be a crowded house if Finn shows up wif his wannabe demon fighters."

"Riley's married."

"That still leaves Peaches."

"What do you think is going to happen? I'm going to see him and say 'hey why don't I forget the sexy vampire that went through a whole ordeal to get his soul for me and trade him for the vampire that's always so broody and is cursed with a soul.'"

"I don't know." Spike said rubbing his head with his hands.

"Jus' a lil' insecure is all."

"Spike insecure. Two words I never thought that I'd hear in the same sentence ever."

"Can you blame a bloke? Christ look at you Summers. You're so bloody beautiful. You can do much better then a guy who slaughtered hundreds of people." Spike said lowering his head.

"Look at me. Honey look at me." Spike lifted his head and looked into her green eyes.

"You're a good man, William. You've proven yourself to me on more then one occasion. I don't want anybody else."

Spike closed his eyes for a second.

"I guess that 'm jus' 'fraid you'll realize that you can do better and leave me. I love you so much that I can't think of what it would be like if I had you and you left me." Spike said in a whisper.

"I'm scared too. Every guy I've ever been with left me and you just don't get over that. I care about you so much that I don't want you to leave me either. It's so hard for me to admit my feelings to you and be open. I don't want you to go either. I don't want this all to be a dream. I know that I couldn't leave you know even if I tried really hard." Buffy said.

"I couldn't leave you either, sweetheart. Can't go anywhere without my heart." Buffy lay in Spike's arm and just enjoyed the feel of Spike behind her, his arms protectively wrapped around her.

"Um I really hate to leave, but I have to go to work."

"Mmm, I'll miss you." "Yeah I'll miss you too."

"I'll be thinkin' 'bout you all day."

"I don't even want to know what those thoughts will be about." Buffy said teasingly.

"You know you don't have to wonder." Spike said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Buffy's eyes widened comically.

"Whas' the matter luv?"

"Nothing I just haven't heard you talk like that since you got your soul."

"Well sometimes Spike comes out and sometimes William comes out."

"Mmm comes huh?" Now it was Spike's turn to have his eyes widen comically.

"What you think you're the only one with a dirty mind?"

"Better go luv before I decide to make it more then thoughts."

"Okay I'll see you later baby." Buffy said kissing Spike on the cheek.

"See you later kitten."


It was four in the afternoon. Things had been relatively slow. Research had been boring and tedious. Dawn had come home and went straight to her room and turned on the boy bands. Spike had to get away from Buffy's room. It was too close to the N'SYNC fest going on in Dawn's room.

She had probably had a bad day at school. Spike had tried to help with the research, but it just gave him a headache and the group had insisted he sit on the couch and rest. So here he was. Buffy didn't get off until five and that was at least an hour away. He was watching some mindless TV show when Maddy entered the room. She plopped down on the couch and let out a stressed sigh.

"Whas' wrong?" Spike asked.

"I can not stand being in the same room with N'SYNC posters and music. If I hear Justin Timberlake's new song one more time I swear I'll blow something up."

"Not s'actly your thing, doll." "I'm starting to regret my choice not to bring my Walkman and CD's." Spike looked at the girl.

She was wearing black Dickies pants, a black Addicts T-shirt, and Converse shoes. Her hair was disheveled and she was wearing black bracelets and a chain necklace.

"The Addicts huh?"

"Yeah they're okay. Really wish I had my The Used CD though. Or maybe my Foo Fighters. Anything but having to listen to that shit. Seem like the punk rock type yourself."

"Yeah I guess so. 'Aven't listened to music in a while. Usually like the Sex Pistols."

"Yeah they're pretty good. So why did you do it?"

"Do what?"

"Get the soul."

"For a woman."

"I'm guessing it's that slayer that likes you so much."


"Oh isn't that sweet you love her."

"How can you tell?"

"I can see it radiating off of you in waves. Special abilities of the wicca life and all that."

"Yeah I love her."

"Don't let her go." Spike gave Maddy a quizzical look.

"Just when you find love that you can't live without always fight for it. It's always worth it. Even if you loose yourself."

"Sounds like you know from experience, doll."

"Yeah I've loved and lost."


"Yeah I am eighteen."

"Okay so whas' you sad story."

"I don't know if I should tell you."

"Come on. 'M bored out of my mind and besides I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours."

"Fine well I was dating this guy the one that tried to kill you."

"That Brian bloke."

"Yeah well he's part demon hunter and well if you promise not to tell anyone."

"Cross my heart."

"I'm part demon."

"Hey join the demon club."

"Thanks, but that didn't sit well with him. It caused a riff between us. Then he started to use his powers for evil and not good. I just let him go without trying to help him shy away from the dark side. It was coven rules and I just followed them. Now he's gone and the only way to let him rest in piece would be to abstract his powers and let him move on."

"Wow lot to go through at such a young age."

"All right your turn."

"Well s'not really that bad. Jus' lost a girl. I was devoted to her and she left me... twice. I never give up on love, doll."


"'M love's bitch and 'm hopeless."

"That is one lucky slayer."

"No 'm the lucky one. I can't even believe she is considerin' being wif me."

"Why not? You seem like a nice enough guy."

"I guess I am. I don't know. All I see and feel is the guilt and pain of all those thins' that I did."

"Well there's an easy way to get rid of that."

"There is?" "Yeah you get on with your life. You find what makes you happy and you never deny yourself of it. Or if it gets really bad then I can always do a spell."

"No, magic an' I don't 'ave a good history."

"Okay then no magic, but it's an open idea. So what are you watching?"

"Not quite sure. Jus' turned the TV on an' it was already on this channel. Din't bother to change it."

"Well that's..."

"Unh I had the worst day ever. I hate flipping burgers and I hate the Doublemeat Palace." Buffy said throwing her coat down on the couch.

"Hey Buffy is the basement free?" Maddy asked.

"Yeah why?"

"Because I can't stand Dawn and her boy bands. Need to be far away from them. Can I live down there?"

"Yeah sure. I think there's a cot down there."

"Great I'll be off." Maddy said walking upstairs.

"You two talking?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah we happen to 'ave a lot in common."

"Oh, well that's good."

"Hey, why don't I get you upstairs and you can tell me all 'bout your horrible day."

"Upstairs?" Buffy said with a gleam in her eyes.

"To talk, pet."

"Okay let's go. I like our snuggly warm bed."

"Our bed?"

"Yeah it's our bed. You live here even without really saying you do so it's our bed."

"Alright then luv let's go to our bed."

Buffy and Spike raced upstairs to their room and jumped into their bed. Buffy sat between Spike's legs while Spike slowly massaged her shoulders.

"So what's so bad 'bout taday?"

"I hate working there. I come out smelling like meat-like products and it takes forever to get it out."

"'S not that bad." Spike said inhaling her smell deeply. Although it was a pretty bad smell he could still smell the vanilla and her own scent.

"You're only saying that because you love me."

"Won't deny the love part." Spike said resuming his massage.

"Anyway I just hate working there. There's this guy there and he makes me feel like 'm a total idiot. Him and his whole college talk thinking he's the shit. God he's so bloody annoying." Spike quirked an eyebrow.

"Startin' to talk like me now, eh luv."

"Yeah I guess things tend to rub off. You get the idea though right."

"Yeah luv I do. So anything else."

"Well I just hate that job. The slayer shouldn't have to work at a menial job." Buffy said almost forgetting all her anger as she felt Spike's fingers working out all the knots in her shoulders and back. It was like all the tension and anger was being released by his fingers.

"'Ave told you that 'fore, pet. But like you said gotta keep the job to keep social services of our backs."

"Yeah I know. I guess I just missed you a lot and that made everything seem a little more frustrating." Buffy said as she closed her eyes. His fingers were sending pleasant sensations through her whole body.

"Nice ta know that you're thinkin' 'bout me, luv. If 's any consolation I had the most boring day wifout you here."

"Mmm," was all Buffy could say. She was just too relaxed to think about anything else. Well except him. It was like they were the only two people on earth. He had a way of making her feel like a pool of Jell-O.

"You tired luv?"

"Mmm just very relaxed. Working out all those knots and twist in my back. Never noticed how good you are with your hands."

"Never took the chance to fine out. 'S okay though because now I get to show you any time I want."

"Yeah you're going to have to give me back rubs more often. Makes me feel like a pool of Jell-O. Probably do anything you want me to."

"Temptin' luv, but slow remember."

"We go any slower and I think that I'll spontaneously combust." Buffy joked.

"Yeah well..."

Just then the doorbell rang. Spike was about to get up and get it when Buffy stopped him.

"Let someone else get it." Buffy said. She didn't want him to stop. It was the most intimate contact they had had in months.

"Okay, pet." Spike figured that Dawn or Maddy would get it.

Giles, Anya and Xander were all at the Magic Box. It had been finished with repairs and now they were using it again. No one got the door.

"I think that the two girls that live in this house can't hear the doorbell." Buffy said.

"Teenagers." Spike said.

"You want me to get it. I wonder who it could be though." Buffy said.

"No let me get it pet. You stay here and get all comfortable."

"Okay I'll be waiting." Spike got up and walked out of their room. Buffy watched him leave and felt a little sad at his absence.

God Buffy when did everything in your life start to revolve around Spike. She thought to herself.

Spike was cursing under his breath secretly planning to kill that was at the door. That probably wasn't possible considering he had the chip in his head, but he could always dream. Whoever had ripped him away from Buffy's arms deserved to pay. They were so close to just giving in and stop playing it slow. He sauntered down the stairs and walked over to the front door. He opened and saw a pair of the coldest eyes he had ever seen.

"Peaches how are you?"

"What are you doing here Spike?" Angel said with lots of hatred. Everyone behind him seemed a little scared by Spike's presence as well.

"What do you mean?"

"Just because you're a neutered little vampire now doesn't mean I don't consider you dangerous. Get out of this house!" Angel said. Spike was a little worried at what Angel was saying. He doesn't know you have a soul. Spike thought.

"Hey calm down, Peaches..." just before he could finish his sentence Angel lunged at him.

Chapters 13, 14 and 15

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