Hey! That's My Life

Hey! That's My Life


Chapter 9:

Buffy sat in a hospital. Elizabeth the Bloody was sitting in a hospital waiting room without tearing something to shreds. This day couldn't get any weirder. It couldn't get any weirder if a bunch of bunnies came running through like a chorus line and merrily did the can-can right before Buffy's eyes. Of course bunnies would freak the hell out of Anya, but Buffy wouldn't put it passed the Fates for it to happen. It was all just flying by in some surreal way like Buffy was watching it on a television show.

Part of Buffy, the part that wasn't controlled by the feelings of the Slayer Buffy, was telling her to go out and search for Spike. To make sure that Spike was okay because damnit if she was going to let anything happen to him. The feelings of heartache she had felt at the news that the Riley guy was married had left and now she could care less about what happened to him. He was in the way and it didn't really matter because he'd be leaving soon. So, no, she couldn't muster up too many comforting words to the sobbing Sam. Her mind wasn't really into 'saving' Riley either.

Buffy hadn't lied when she said she had no idea how to take care of humans or anything like that. She'd been a wreck and just listened to what Sam's suggestions were. Buffy had rarely gone to the hospital with the Scooby Gang seeing as they liked to keep things under wraps and usually batched themselves up after fights. Buffy could do that. She could slap on a bandage and stitch wounds, but she had no clue as to what to do when you were in a hospital or how to act. She came off as standoffish in general and when you threw in the death of some human she had never met before, you could bet that she was even colder.

Sam had snapped at her for calling the nurse a 'stupid chit' and that was the lasting thing Buffy had said to her or the hospital staff. Buffy had called the Scoobies thinking that they'd want to know and possibly to ask for help in killing the Suvolte demon eggs. Buffy knew they needed to die. She wasn't stupid. Suvolte could be trained to bend to someone's will in an instant. They were stupid only in it to kill and hunt and feed and basically better themselves in brutish ways. They were like Fyral demons in that aspect. Big, brutish, ugly, and easily manipulated. If someone we're to get their hands on the eggs then that would be a whole new realm of bad.

Buffy was also aware that just by thinking this she was taking a huge step into the side of good. Before Spike had come back from the dead, she had been trying her hardest to… 'atone' for lack of a better word. She felt that she had failed Spike by letting him die and had to right that. But with him back and in her bosom, literally on frequent occasions, she didn't have to do the white hat thing. She could and had been before this alternate reality thing, try to turn Spike into the liking the dark side. She just knew that the Suvolte would cause her and the people she… cared about unwanted problems. So it was better to hack and slash until every last egg had been taken down.

But instead of being out and on the hunt she was sitting in the Sunnydale hospital waiting room watching as the Scoobies comforted themselves and Sam. Never before had she felt so out of place. Even when they were at the Scooby meetings and people were shooting down her ideas.

"Um… guys, I… uh… I think that maybe I should go out. Search for the eggs and what not. I'm not really needed here." Buffy said.

"Don't you want to know how Riley is? I mean I know he left you, but… I thought you'd care a little." Sam said and Buffy couldn't find any easy way to say that she didn't give a shit what happened to Riley.

"I… um…"

"Buffy really takes this stuff seriously. We should let her go and kill these things. Besides you don't want Riley's sacrifice to be for nothing." Willow said to try and placate Sam

"Riley wouldn't even be in this mess if it hadn't been for that… vampire."

"Hey you're gonna back off just a bit there. Who knows what would have happened if we hadn't brought Spike. We were out numbered and there was no way we could have taken those demons without help. We could be in the morgue right now instead of just the hospital." Buffy said angrily.

"No we would have been able to put the tracker on the momma demon and we'd be out hacking at the eggs." Sam said.

"God you Initiative people are all the same. Demon fighting can't be solved with science. It's all about blood and violence and the fight. Not trackers and new gadgets. Jeez I don't even know why I bother. I'm going to go to The Alibi Room a bit. See if he knows anything maybe get into a game and find something out that way. I'll see you all later." Buffy said walking out of the hospital.

"Can I get a whiskey?" Buffy said to the bartender.

Willy hadn't been around for awhile. After the Initiative came in and was fighting demons he had decided to back up and start fresh in New York. The new bartender was less keen on giving up demons and harder to break.

"What are you doing here Slayer? You know you aren't exactly welcome here." The bartender said.

"Yeah, yeah I know and whatever with that. I'm looking for some information, but after the day I had I'd settle for a nice cup of whiskey." Buffy said.

"This isn't Willy's place anymore. I don't rat out demons. Those fuckers are getting scary." The bartender said while he poured a glass of whiskey.

"Spike come in here?" Buffy asked.

"As a matter of fact he did. Drank a few glasses and then demanded to know if anyone had information on the new Suvoltes that's came to town. Beat the shit out of a few demons before he got his answers and then left." The bartender said.

"Shit, how long ago was this?"

"About twenty minutes ago. Guy looked pretty wrecked." "I don't suppose you know where the Suvolte nest is."

"If I did I wouldn't tell you." Buffy let out a frustrated sigh and jumped up from her seat. She grabbed the shirt collar of the bartender and pulled him over the counter.

"Okay now Spikey may have a chip in his head, but I don't. I'm the slayer in this town and if I have to kill ever last thing in this room to find out where that fucking nest is I'll do it because I'm having a REALLY BAD DAY!." Buffy said slamming the bartenders face into the counter.

"Now I'm going to ask again. Do you know where the Suvolte nest is?"

The bartender sputtered and spit out his blood. He tentatively felt his teeth and realized Buffy had knocked one of them out completely.

"Jesus Fucking Christ! You didn't have to knock out one of my teeth." The bartender yelled.

"Well I was clearly not getting my point across. Now I'm not going to ask again. Tell me now or something more permanent and important gets lost." Buffy said in a menacing growl. Part of her, undoubtedly the part that was having the Slayer Buffy's feelings was upset by this behavior, but Vampire Buffy was loving it. It had been so long since Elizabeth the bloody had been able to wreak some havoc.

"Alright, Alright. They're in a cave somewhere. I'm not sure which one. I don't exactly speak Suvolte. Anyway some demons spotted the Suvoltes coming out of some caves."

"The ones the Initiative used?"

"No, I don't think so anyway. Suvolte, well the breed like bunnies. They're also prone to going out in public. They don't really give a damn about people." The bartender said.

"And I'm guessing they don't like to share game strategies. So point me in the direction of the demons that saw the Suvoltes." Buffy said.

"Oh I would but your boy Spike already took care of them. Took them with him."

"Fuck. You got anything else."

"Nope I'm all out of information. Just know they were somewhere in the caves."

"All right." Buffy said letting go of the bartender's collar. That was all she was going to get out of him and if she wanted any chance of making it to whatever caves the Suvoltes had been held up in before Spike got himself into major trouble she would have to stop with the not so nice pleasantries.

Spike wiped the goo of his forehead. There were at least two dozen eggs and they were all hard and damn near impenetrable. Spike had learned that the hard way when he had gone to smash one with his foot and had almost broken his ankle. He was glad that he had thought to bring some sort of weapon although he hadn't had one when he had left the forest earlier that night. The night was just going really terrible and if he admitted it to himself the whole day had been pretty sucky.

Spike took his axe and swung it down with all his might on another egg. He still had four more to go. Spike hadn't intended on anyone getting hurt tonight. It was supposed to be a simple kill job, but then that Riley guy tells them that they have to put a tracker on the demon to find the eggs. Didn't hide his disgust for Spike either and Spike was feeling a little ill at ease around the man. It didn't mean he wanted him to get viciously mauled by a dangerous demon.

To be honest Spike wasn't sure what had happened. One minute he was holding the Suvolte demon and the next Buffy was yelling at him to snap out of it. He knew he had gone into game face and had been growling. It was so hard for him to remember the exact events that had taken place after he had heard that voice whispering in his head. He wasn't even sure it was a voice. More like a… feeling.

"Fucking piece of shit! And she wonders why I can never love her!" Spike yelled as he hacked the egg that he had just smashed.

The feelings had obviously registered from the Vampire Spike who had probably hated Riley with a vengeance if Buffy's attitude towards Rene was anything to judge by. The Suvolte demon was just convenient. It was all starting to register to Spike now. The feelings of hate and violence he had be feeling earlier before Buffy had arrived with the Riley guy. The Vampire Spike must have felt his presence already.

God everything was just so screwy! Spike thought as he smashed another egg to bits.

Spike had felt so devastated after realizing what he had done. He couldn't stay there and face Riley and his wife Sam. He had already seen the contempt in Sam's eyes and he couldn't deal with getting all emotional. He had to get away from them so he ran. He ran into the woods and just started screaming at the top of his lungs. It had been different to hear his voice which was usually less deep and raspy.

It was easy for him to slip into that weird cockney drawl that was so unfamiliar to him. He screamed and raged and stomped and kicked a tree before he composed himself and walked over to The Alibi Room to gather information. He wasn't exactly a popular person among the demon types, but he managed to find someone with answers. He made the two demons show him where they had seen the Suvolte demons and in fear they lead him to the right lair.

He had planned to kill them. A demon was a demon was a demon… or well usually. Spike knew some demons weren't bad. He had met Clem at his party and he knew there were others out there like Clem. These demons were big though. Big and scaly and green and although they quivered in fear because of Spike's close proximity, Spike couldn't be sure that they weren't entirely evil.

They were holding each other though when Spike had turned to glance at them. They really looked very scared and Spike didn't have the heart to kill them. He asked them what kind of demons they were considering they obviously understood English. They said they were non-violent obviously knowing what Spike had been getting at. He had nodded at them and told them to run off before he changed his mind and they had scurried off like bugs.

Now Spike was alone thrashing the Suvolte eggs and feeling really awful and some how not seeing away to fix things.

"Stupid fucking… why can't I just go home? I want to go home. I want to go home RIGHT THE FUCK NOW!." Spike screamed as he smashed another egg.

"Whoa, I don't ever think I've heard words like that uttered from your mouth before. Spike whirled around to see Buffy standing there just a little ways behind him. She was still wearing her Doublemeat Palace uniform and had a black jacket over that.

"Oh just fuck off. Can't you see I'm having a moment here?" Spike said.

"Um… yeah those eggs are looking a little trashed. Why don't you just break all of them already? You've got like two left." Buffy said.

"Well I was thinking all right. It's been a rough night if you didn't notice. I got someone mauled." Spike said bringing his axe down on one of the remaining eggs.

"You didn't get someone mauled. You had no choice in the matter." Buffy said.

"Yes, yes I did! I could have stopped myself, but I wanted it. I wanted him dead." Spike said as he continued to smash up what was left of the egg he had been working on.

"You didn't want him dead. The other Spike wanted him dead… for good reason of course. Shit if I could get my hands on one of them Initiative wankers I would have done the same thing."

"But I'm the Slayer. I'm supposed to… you know protect the innocent. Not get them mauled." Spike said looking at the last egg. He really didn't want to smash it just yet. The eggs were giving him an excuse to stay away. If he smashed them then he had to go back and face all those disappointed faces.

"They won't even care will they? They'll just chalk it up to my demon ways and right it off… okay not exactly right it off but they'll be like… they won't be shocked." Spike said.

"I'm guessing not. I mean I fuck up all the time and they just say oh that's Buffy for you. Eternal fuck up. Course there's always the looks of disgust, but… you get used to them after awhile." Buffy said.

"So what lesson is this supposed to have taught me? That I'm an evil monster and shouldn't be trusted?" Spike said.

"Spike… I heard what he said. About how you screwed everything up. You didn't screw it up. Hell you saved that bastards life… you know right up until you put it in danger. You got angry because he was judging you and looking down on you. Can't believe you didn't process that. I thought you were smart." Buffy said somewhat jokingly. "Hey I am smart I just didn't… get it right away. So that's how you feel. Like everything you do isn't good enough." Spike said.

"Not everything. I mean I'm good at some things. It's not an everyday occurrence, but…" Buffy began to trail off. She wasn't exactly sure how to continue.

"But what?" Spike asked stepping closer to her wondering if it was a bad idea, but then pushing down the thought. They were supposed to learn from each other about something and pushing each other away and revealing only half truths wouldn't help.

"I guess it's just hard. You know trying to make up for everything I did and you know I don't know that I'm doing it right. Probably fucking it all up, but I am trying and no one… no one really sees that. You don't really see that." Buffy said looking up at Spike with wide eyes. He was so close and he wasn't warm like he used to be, but he's mere presence warmed her.

"I do sometimes. I mean I know you're trying. I'm just… I haven't been in a good place in my life. I mean I know you… try, but…" Spike was at a loss for words. He wasn't sure he could explain his behavior.

"Well I don't know what that's like. And I don't know what it feels like, but I guess that's why we're here isn't it. To figure out what the heck is going on with the both of us. Guess we need help answering that question." Buffy said.

"I guess. I just wish I could be sure. Sure that any of this even really means anything." Spike said.

"I'm sure it does. Whoever did this wouldn't have done it without a reason… even if it is evil." Buffy said.

"Uh… this all so frustrating. I just want to go home." Spike said.

"I know so do I." Buffy said then she thought about home. Where was her home? She was getting ready to pack up and leave Sunnydale… for good this time none of that come back after a year. Everything was packed and ready and she was going to leave, what was it yesterday night. God they'd only been in this dimension two days and already it was screwing with their minds.

"I just want to go back to where I'm the Slayer and things make sense… well the weird kind of sense my life makes. I lied. I don't like it here. It's not easy being a vampire with all this bloodlust. How do you deal with it?" Spike said.

"Well, I'm old. It's easier as you get older. Can live off one good feeding for almost three days. Certainly can live of the same body for a week if you don't drain too much right away. I guess, when you're young like technically you are, it's harder to control. That and the restraint you have to show is unnatural. Really, really unnatural." Buffy said.

"Is this what it was like? When you first got the chip. I mean you did look pretty terrible, but I wasn't really paying attention." Spike said.

"Yeah pretty much. Hit me full force and I wasn't ready for it. In time… I adjusted." Buffy said. "I don't… well I don't know… you're… the fight we had before you left. Are you still leaving?" Spike asked.

"Nothing's keeping me in Sunnyhell. I thought… well I had hoped I could make like the dark side of life, but… you're not… well you're not willing to go there and I think by doing it I'm making you… less you. less like the person I fell in love with. This… freak show as you once called it… you can never love me Spike and I think it's time I find someone who could." Buffy said.

"Yeah, you're right. I can never love you. It's not that you're a bad… person it's just…"

"If you say I don't really love you then you're wrong. Damn it I can't take this anymore. This is exactly why I'm leaving. You think I can't love, but I do and you know what if you can't except that then I better off gone." Buffy said angrily.

"Yeah you are. What you think this is easy for me. I don't love you and I don't think I can, but whatever you feel for me. It's not real. It can never be real. As long as you're here though I'm going to let myself fall back on you and I can't keep doing that so you should just go." Spike said as he smashed the last egg and walked out of the cave.

"Fuck." Buffy muttered. That was not what she had expected.

She wasn't sure what she had expected. Spike was certainly the same even though they were in a whole other dimension. He was still lost in his self-righteousness and too clouded with black and white to see straight. Buffy wasn't even sure what made her love him. She had just woken up one day and realized it… literally. She would do anything for Spike, but he just couldn't see that she loved him. It would probably break everything he held dear if he did see.

Buffy knew about the bullshit the Watcher's spewed to make slaying vampires less like killing people. It was true for the most part. Minions were definitely nothing but killers, but they did retain some emotional feelings. Vampires hated that though. The feelings of love and caring for anyone at all were just wrong. Back in the old days it had been even worse although a lot of the time Sire/Childe and the occasional mate relationships were considered something sacred and were made up of those feelings.

Nowadays the vamps were pretty much cold hearted, but it didn't mean vampires didn't have feelings. A vampires first kill was more often then not their families and that was because that's were the feelings of love and devotion and attachment lie. Vampires were generally carefree in their own circles and didn't like ties to their human worlds.

It didn't mean they didn't feel. In order to reject feelings of love and devotion and attachment it generally had to be felt. So vampires could feel and Buffy could feel that she was very much in love with Spike now matter what Slayer Spike said. It wasn't a physical thing and it was a sex thing and it wasn't some weird twisted vampire way of viewing things. It was real and it was burning and Buffy hated it because it made her Spike's lost little puppy.

"Fuck the sooner we get out of this dimension the better. I'm done with fucking shit. God I need something to drink." Buffy said as she left the caves. She had no doubt Spike would be returning to the house and would make his way down to the basement and lock himself in. despite being utterly exhausted Buffy decided to stop by the Alibi Room and throw back some liquor.

"That didn't go well. In fact on a scale of one to ten, ten meaning it went absolutely fabulous and we have nothing to worry about and one meaning it was worse the World War two, I'd say it was oh… negative on million!" Maddy said and Brian had to agree with her. They had only been in their different dimensions for two days and already some innocent bystanders were mauled.

"I don't think it was that bad. They could have killed each other. Besides we need some patience. Rome wasn't built in a day." The Voice said.

"Yeah but I could be sent to the fiery depths of a hell dimension in a shorter amount of time. This was a stupid idea. The Powers said for things to let it work its course. They voted on it. Why couldn't we just have let it be?" Brian said.

"Because you didn't see what I saw. It will not be pretty if they do not see each other. It's working we just have to wait." The Voice said in a wary tone.

"Oh don't you get all wary on us. You didn't even do the work. I feel… I feel incompetent. The spell should have worked by now." Maddy said.

"It worked just fine. This is how it was supposed to be. We just have to wait a bit." The Voice said. "Someone… well two people could be dead and we're just sitting around here not doing anything.' Brian said.

"They aren't dead. Pretty badly injured, but everything happens for their own reasons. We must see why they were allowed to get mauled." The Voice said.

"Uh because you didn't do anything to stop it. Look if this thing gets any more violent we should be allowed to intervene. You know just a little." Maddy said.

"Yeah I agree with Mad." Brian said.

"Some how I knew you would say that." The Voice said.

"Well you are all knowing. So are we allowed to intervene if things go south?" Brian asked.

"Yes, but only if it's in a dire situation." The Voice said.

"Any more days like this and this whole mission will be a 'dire situation'."


Chapter 10:

The smell of old gym socks filled the air. Buffy turned her head around. She could smell it as if she was buried in thousands of old gym socks. It was making her sick. Of course vampires didn’t get sick, but it was… a figure of speech.

Buffy looked over at the people helping her patrol. Apparently none of them smelled the stinky gym socks smell. Buffy sighed thinking it was probably another one of her vampire enhanced powers. Smell… who would want to be able to smell things that were far away.

She had been stuck in this dimension as a vampire for a little over a week now. Things had not improved. She still had to sit at home, bored out of her mind, and no one was really talking to her. Tara made an effort, but Xander seemed wary and Willow was to interested on the spell that was used to send her here.

Spike had been angry with her as well. he only talked to her when it was absolutely necessary and that turned out to be far less then Buffy would have imagined. The whole thing that took place after that Renee girl had been mauled because of the Vampire Buffy’s feelings had stung Spike quite a bit and Buffy was really wishing she could take it back.

Renee had turned out to be just fine and was actually very grateful Buffy and Spike were able to get rid of the Suvolte eggs. She hid her excitement because of the fact she had been mauled but had claimed it an occupational hazard and told Spike not to worry. He of course told her he hadn’t worried because he didn’t entirely like her in the first place.

She frowned and her husband Sam looked as though he was going to say something, but Spike threw him a venomous look so he didn’t say anything. Sam was obviously not a stupid man, but Buffy thought he might have wanted to ask if Spike was also a vampire. He certainly acted like it on many occasions.

So here they were, patrolling in one big group all the Scoobies together. Dawn was over at Janice’s and Spike had made it a point to check everything out before he let Dawn leave. Buffy would have done it, but it would seem a little weird if she went in there acting like the big sister. Spike was actually very keen on performing his big brother duties. He went over to Janice’s and talked with her mom knowing for sure there wouldn’t be any vampire necking going on.

No one commented on Spike’s behavior having probably seen it before when he was the Slayer Spike. It wasn’t entirely too hard to manage. Buffy knew Spike was very fond of Dawn and would do anything to insure that Dawn was safe. It was one of the reasons she had always gone to him when Dawn needed protecting.

“Does anyone smell that? I mean it’s really rancid. Someone tell me they can smell that.” Buffy said.

She had been smelling the dirty socks smell for over an hour and it just wasn’t going away. Xander looked at her oddly and sniffed at the air. It was clear he didn’t smell anything, but you could never go wrong with a vampire’s nose.

“Um… what am I smelling for?” He said after sniffing the air and getting nothing.

“Smells like old gym socks. Really bad stinky gym socks.” Buffy said.

“Hmmm… nope I think I would smell old gym socks smell.” Xander said.

“It could be a demon some way off. I’ve never heard of a gym sock smelling demon though.” Willow said.

“It’s a Carrion Feeder.” Anya and Spike said at the same time.

“Come again?” Xander said slightly perplexed. It was a little hard to get used to how this Spike seemed to know a lot more then the other Spike had known.

“Carrion Feeder… digs up the dead and then eats them. Prone to cemeteries a lot of the time but I’ve never seen one in Sunnydale.” Spike said.

“Oh that’s… that’s just gross and sick and did I mention gross.” Xander said.

“Yes you did. Don’t worry Honey. Carrion Eaters don’t go after the living although they do have sharp clothes to rip through flesh. It’s quite a thing to see them it especially if it’s a fresh kill.” Anya said clearly not realizing that this did not making Xander feel any better.

“Okay so how do you kill it?” Buffy asked ready for a little action.

“Well… you don’t.” Spike said.

“What you mean I don’t. Is it like… immortal or something?” Buffy asked.

“No, Buffy it’s not immortal. They can be killed by anything. What Spike meant to say is that Carrion Eaters aren’t really a bother to the world. It’s a known fact that they’re harmless.” Anya said.

“I don’t call digging up dead bodies and making them their midnight snacks harmless.” Xander said. “Well of course it seems… seedy, but Carrion Eaters are really peacefully. Spike’s right I’ve never seen one in Sunnydale. They usually stay in one place.” Anya said.

“And they usual travel in packs. Thousands of those smelly little buggers all chomping away. Some people use them for disposing the bodies of people they’ve killed and stuff like that.” Spike said.

“Well we should check it out anyway. I mean what if it is one of those times. You said it yourself they don’t usually come to Sunnydale although that would be a first considering demons are like drawn here. Someone could have… summoned it.” Buffy finished off lamely.

“Well it doesn’t feel like anyone did any magic. I’d be able to sense it, but they could have done it somewhere else and then came here.” Tara said speaking for the first time that night. She had been rather quiet since the essences switch had taken place. She came over to research and that was about it. She had gone on a few coffee dates with Willow, but nothing seemed to be final.

“All right, but if I can smell that thing from her I’m sure it’s going to be even worse the closer I get.” Buffy said.

“Well if you would practice tuning your senses like I told you to do you wouldn’t have this problem.” Spike muttered in Buffy’s direction. He knew it was childish not to speak to her, but he couldn’t just let it go. She had said some pretty hurtful things that reinforced the idea of leaving. It had been a long time coming.

“Sorry, but I don’t know how and you’re never around to teach me. I didn’t realize how much I work until I was on the outsiders perspective.” Buffy said.

“Well… yeah okay but… oh never mind.” Spike said swinging his axe over his shoulder and walking at a brisk pace in front of the group.

“Boy is he PMSing.” Anya said.

“He’s just pissy about not being back in his own dimension.” Buffy said only partially lying.

“Yeah well we really wish we could be of more help, but I don’t think the spell we’re looking for is known to witches. It’s too powerful to pull off.” Willow said.

“So the ‘Higher Being’ thing is still an option then.” Buffy said.

“From what I gleamed on Giles’s phone call it could be any number of Higher Powers that float around the dimensions.” Willow said. She had had a lengthy conversation with Giles after the Renee incident. Giles had told her he would get the local coven working on a possible solution, but in the mean time to just keep an eye on Buffy and Spike.

“Yeah that’s all well and good, but do I sound selfish if I say I would like my best friend back. Not that you’re not a good person Slayer Buffy, but well… I guess I miss him like you miss your other dimension.” Xander said. He had opted to call her Slayer Buffy to avoid the confusion in his own head.

Buffy could understand why Xander was so anxious to get the other Spike back. The wedding was getting closer and closer and if things didn’t change soon Spike would be standing in as Xander’s best man. Buffy was also upset that she wouldn’t be there for her Xander’s wedding. She really was looking forward to being Anya’s Maid of Honor despite the ugly dresses.

“It’s not selfish Xan, it’s normal.” Buffy said. “This Spike is interesting though. I mean he’s less… sanctimonious.” Anya said.

“Spike’s not sanctimonious!” Willow said.

“Oh sure he is. And self-righteous. I think it’s a slayer thing. No offense Slayer Buffy.” Anya said also opting to call Buffy Slayer Buffy.

“None taken… I think. You really think he’s… okay.” Buffy said.

“Yes, I mean he adds a certain… flavor that would be missing if he wasn’t here. I mean the other Buffy… you know the Vampire Buffy. I always liked her. I think it was a demon thing.” Anya said.

“Hmm… I never thought about it, but it’s kind of true. I can argue with him and it not mean anything. I get that with Vampire Buffy. I guess I never realized that she was actually… part of the team. I mean not that I like her better then you or this Spike better then the other Spike… okay I’m going to shut up now.” Xander said.

“It’s okay Xander. No one’s better and no ones worse. There has to be a balance. In order for Spike to be the Slayer Buffy has to be a Vampire and in order for Buffy to be the Slayer Spike has to be a vampire. It’s a balance.” Willow said.

Buffy didn’t say anything. It did seem like it was a balance, but that didn’t mean she and Spike balance each other… did it. Buffy stopped thinking when she saw a big, hairy, brownish green demon looming over what looked like a girls body. The girl wasn’t moving and the demon smelled like old gym socks that Buffy assumed that it was the Carrion Eater.

“You didn’t say it was ugly on top of smelly.” Xander joked.

“Well I thought ugly and smelly went together naturally.” Anya said thinking he was serious. Spike was standing a bit closer then Buffy and the rest were and he was looking around to see if there was anyone. He didn’t see anyone and he walked over to the group.

“I don’t see anyone and I can’t sense anyone although I wouldn’t considering I haven’t got my vampire abilities. Buffy… see if you can sense anyone around.” Spike said.

“What how?” Buffy asked.

“Well just closer your eyes and try to focus on the heartbeats near you.” Spike said. Buffy sighed and closed her eyes. She took a few unneeded breaths before she could here five distinct heartbeats and the blood rushing through them.

“Okay I’ve got five right now… what now?”

“Well let your brain wander a little further. You should be able to hear them if they’re pretty close.” Spike said and Buffy did what she was told. It was a very odd experience and one she hoped she never had to relive, but soon she could hear three heartbeats in the distances.

“Okay I hear three over by that tree.” Buffy said pointing over to the trees facing the Carrion Eater.

“Good looks like some people did summon that smelly little bugger. Let’s go.” Spike said walking off past the Carrion Eater who was to intent on its meal to even realize that they were walking by. He walked into the thicket of trees and looked around for people.

Buffy was trying to use her smelling sense to find the guys and the rest were just looking around. It didn’t take them long to spot Warren, Jonathan and the other guy the recent pains in the Scoobies collective asses.

“Well, well, well if it isn’t my arch nemesises.” Buffy said although they were looking at her worriedly.

“Oh right Spike’s arch nemesises.” Buffy corrected herself.

“So are you the gits that summoned the Carrion Eater?” Spike asked.

“Yeah so what of it. You can’t take us were Gods.” The other guy said.

“What are you going to do Slayer… kill us?” Warren said challengingly obviously ignoring the other guy. He was looking at Spike who was looking at him as though he were a tinker toy.

“You have no idea what you’re messing with little boy.” Spike said.

“Yeah and neither do you.” Warren spat back.

“Hey guys shouldn’t we stop that thinking from eating that poor girls body. I don’t think her parents would be keen on the fact that she’s dead much less mauled.” Xander said.

“Yeah but they’ll take satisfaction that her killer is behind bars and hopefully becoming someone’s bitch.” Anya said.

“Yeah we should do that. Tara maybe you could do some sort of…”

“Already on it.” Tara said interrupting Buffy as she began to chant. The Carrion Eater looked up and for a few seconds held Tara’s gaze before thumping away from the body. Xander went over to the girl and carried her body over to the group.

“Well the good thing is she’s not that badly mauled. Bad news is… well she’s dead.” Xander said. Buffy glanced over at the body and saw that it was Warren’s ex-girlfriend Katrina.

“You sick bastard! What she wised up and left you so you killed her!” Buffy yelled as she launched at the three men that were standing in front of her.

She was prevented from kicking their asses by Spike who was holding on to her jacket collar. She looked up at him and glared.

“You can’t kill them remember. Chip.” Spike said. Buffy looked at him sullenly and Spike let go of her collar.

“Okay here’s how this is going to work. Me and Buffy here are gonna escort your sorry asses to the jail. Then you’re going to make a nice little confession while Xander and Anya take the body to the hospital or file a report or something. It’ll be nice and hopefully not bloody.” Spike said and this surprised Buffy. She thought Spike would be all for gore. He of course was looking a little worn around the edges and a simple save of the day would be nice.

“You think I’m just going to let you take me to jail. I’d die before…” “Oh shut it Warren. We did something wrong and we deserve to pay. I won’t give you any trouble I swear.” Jonathan said and Buffy was glad to see that one of them had sense.

“Well I’m not going to go down like that. Andrew… summon the big guns.” Warren said.

The Andrew guy began to chant and Buffy and Spike looked slightly worried as did the rest of the Scoobies.

“Tara can you stop him?” Buff said looking over at Tara.

“No one can stop us…”

“Oh shut your gob.” Spike said backhanding Warren who fell to the ground. Andrew flinched but kept chanting.

Spike was about to hit him as well when he was stopped by a big demon that merely flicked at Spike and Spike was sent flying backwards. There were two of the very large demons. They had long pig snouts and sharp horns on their heads. They were an ugly gray color and their skins seemed to be slimy. It also had what looked like talons for fingers. They had to have been at least six feet tall and they were drooling heavily and grunting Andrew seemed pleased with himself.

“Holy Shit what are those things!” Xander asked.

“I’m not sure… I think they’re Dev’shink demons, but I can’t be sure. They look like a cross between Dev’shink demons and a pig.” Anya said.

“Well we gotta fight them.” Buffy said.

“Are you crazy we’re down a Slayer and I don’t think we’re going to do much damage.” Xander said.

“Well we can’t just let these things roam wild. We’ve got to kill them… and don’t you dare try to escape!” Buffy yelled over to Andrew who was helping Warren to his feet. Andrew didn’t seem too concerned with Buffy’s yelling and still made his way to escape using the big demons as cover.

“Okay we’ve got to kill these demons and not let those two get away. Willow, Tara do some sort of spell to hold them. Okay Xander, Anya let’s try and kill these things.” Buffy said.

“Shouldn’t someone go see if Spike’s all right? He hasn’t gotten up.” Anya said.

“Okay yeah you do that.” Buffy said suddenly remembering spike was very human and could have been very hurt. Anya shook her head and ran over to were Spike was lying limply on the ground. Xander took a cross bow suddenly wishing he had more weapons. Buffy could understand the feeling although she had let Spike talk her into carrying an axe.

“All right… let’s do this.” Buffy said charging at the big demons. They seemed utterly confused after their first initial attack on Spike. The obviously were waiting for some kind of order from Andrew, but Andrew had suddenly become very still.

Buffy ventured a glance over to where Willow and Tara were sitting. Tara looked as though she were concentrating very hard about something and Willow was most likely acting as her anchor. Buffy assumed she had put some kind of whammy on Andrew and Warren to keep them from moving or talking. It was easier for Buffy and Xander to surprise attack the demons although it didn’t take long from them to realize the threat and start attacking back.

Punches and kicks were thrown and Xander stood a little ways away shooting a bolt at them every once in awhile although it just served to make them angry. Buffy wasn’t having much luck with the axe. Although their skin seemed slick and easily penetrable it was just a smoke screen. Their skin was actually hard under all the ooze. Buffy was hacking and slashing, but wasn’t leaving much more then scratches. At one point Anya had stepped into to help. She seemed to have gotten a sword from somewhere and Buffy took a second to try and remember who had brought it before going to attack the demon again.

Spike and Xander weren’t having much luck with their demon although he was riddled with crossbows and swaying slightly. Spike began to hack more away with the axe, but he found the same resistance Buffy had encountered. The demon hit him throwing him a little ways away. Spike lay on the ground for a few seconds before scrambling to his feet. Xander was still loading his crossbow and shooting them at the beast. It seemed the demon no longer thought Spike a threat and was going after Xander now.

Xander tried his best not to be terrified, but the words ‘I’m going to die’ were running through his head. Spike saw the demon and saw how close it was to Xander and leapt in front of Xander to stop the demon’s attack. Spike let out a sharp cry of pain when the demons claws dug into his chest. Spike tried to muster up the strength to fight back, but the demon kept on it’s assault.

Xander watched on in horror as the demon mauled at Spike and tried to get in a clean shot. It was useless. Spike was in the way and the demon wasn’t moving until it thought Spike was dead. Spike kept trying to hack his way into the demons chest just like the demon was trying to do to him. Finally Spike, after losing a lot of blood during the assault put his hands up and tried to break the demons neck.

It was tough considering the demon was keeping its head up avoiding attack. Spike knew it was his only option and when his hands connected with the demons neck he twisted it violently. When the demon fell to the ground dead Spike fell to. He could vaguely hear someone calling his name. It sound like a few people, but he was to drained to care. Xander run up to him.

“Oh God, man. Okay it’s not that bad. Really it’s fixable.” Xander started to babble.

“No… just… take this… go help the other… help Buffy.” Spike said as he coughed up some blood. It had been a long time since he had a heart beat and now he could fell it slowing. He knew he was dying. Xander took the axe and nodded his head.

Buffy had been fighting the other demon with a little trouble but Anya’s help was proving to be a good thing. Somewhere in the middle of the battle she and Anya had traded weapons because Anya was better with the axe and Buffy was better with the sword.

She didn’t hear anything from Xander and Spike and didn’t bother to look over there because she didn’t want to be distracted. She did turn when she heard Spike’s name being screamed by Xander and Willow and Tara. Buffy and Anya turned around to see that Spike had fallen to the ground and he was bleeding… badly.

“Oh no!” Buffy said as she kicked the demon she was fighting. The demon soared through the air and she made her way over to Spike not concerned with Anya or the other demon. She was almost half way there when she felt it… when she heard it.

No… NO! You can’t let him die again. You were here and you let him die again! NO! He can’t die! Not again. I can’t go through this again! SHIT! I have to help him! Have to save! No! He can’t die… hecan’tdie… HE CAN’T DIE!!!

Buffy fell to the ground. She thought she was going to be sick for the second time that night. She looked over at Spike who wasn’t moving on the ground. She could feel something. Something the other Buffy was trying to get through to her. It was some feeling she was having. Buffy knew one thing for certain was that the other Buffy didn’t want Spike dead. She could almost call the feeling love.

It was so strong and so real and Buffy wondered if this was how Spike felt when they were on patrol and a vampire got to close. If he waited everyday for the day that might take her away again, but it couldn’t be because Spike couldn’t love like this. These emotions couldn’t be real, but the voice in her head kept telling her to get up and help him. It kept chanting that Spike couldn’t die. The feelings were real enough, but they couldn’t be.

“Buffy watch out!” Someone screamed.

Buffy turned around to see the demon charging at her. She turned around and waited for it to come closer. When it was so close she could feel its breath she rammed the sword through to where it’s heart should be if it was in the same spot a humans heart was. The demon roared when it was stabbed and drool and a little demon blood fell onto Buffy.

The demon swayed a bit before falling on top of Buffy. Buffy rolled the demon off of her and went over to Spike. She checked his pulse. It was weak, but it was still there. There was still a chance that he might live. This wasn’t going to take one of their homemade jobs though. He had to get to a hospital they could blame it all on Warren and Andrew and Jonathan. Buffy was sure Jonathan would go along with whatever story they came up with.

Buffy picked Spike up and walked over to the rest of the Scoobies.

“He’s alive, but we have to get him to a hospital.” Buffy said urgently. Xander walked over to Andrew and shook him.

“If he dies know that even the safest place in the world won’t keep you safe. I swear if he dies…” Xander trailed off, but Andrew got the general picture as did Jonathan and Warren.

“Willow, Tara take these dead men walking to the jail. Anya go with them. Me and Buffy will take Spike and the girl to the hospital. We shouldn’t leave the girl here considering the demon corpses. Let’s go.” Xander said picking up the girls body and walking of in the direction of the hospital.

Anya, Willow and Tara didn’t argue as they shuffled Warren, Andrew and Jonathan to the jail.

Buffy followed after Xander. She looked at Spike’s wounds. They weren’t as bad as she had seen. She had gotten worse sometimes. He was still bleeding though and he was unconscious. He had obviously lost a lot of blood, but he was in a Slayer body so he would probably make it.

The feelings had calmed though and Buffy was trying not to focus on how broken the voice in her head sounded. She focused on getting to the hospital as fast as she could. Getting Spike fixed was the only thing she would allow on her mind.

Chapter 11

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