Hey! That's My Life

Hey! That's My Life


Chapter 1:

Spike treaded through the graveyard. He had done this more then once in his life time and he would definitely have to do it again and again and again. Thus was his sacred duty. Directed by the Powers that Be themselves. He was chosen. The chosen one... or well not really, but the original.

It wasn't fair. Nothing in his life was really fair and hadn't been for awhile. Nothing was ever easy for Spike. His life was never easy. There was a time when he excepted that at face value. He had done everything he could to protect Dawn. His time had been up. Why did they have to be so selfish and bring him back here?

Hell his ass. Why would they think he ended up in hell? Had he not died saving the world? They ripped him out of heaven and now that they knew he was supposed to be strong so they could feel all guilty. Right that's a great existence to come back to. They were his friends. His best friends and the only real friends he had or had ever had.

They cared and he cared about them. Before becoming the slayer Spike didn't have any friends. He was a geek and the butt of mostly everyone's jokes at Hemory. After finding out that he was doomed to live a life tragedy and death he had changed his look a little and started acting out.

He hated the stupid destiny and he hadn't even had a chance to be introduced properly to it. He disregarded everything his first watcher, Merreck, tried to teach him. He killed all the things that went bump in the night, but that didn't mean he had to like it. His grades naturally slipped due to the lack of sleep and attendance at school. One day he went home dressed in all black and with his hair died to look something akin to a Billy Idol do and his mother almost had a heart attack.

His behavior toward most changed. He was no longer sniffling William Summers who ran away scared from everyone. He got into fights knowing he had an unfair advantage, but not caring. Most of his battle scars came from disgruntled classmates rather then vampires. One in particular was the nice criss-cross scar above his right eyebrow was received from a fairly big football player with a class ring.

If it wasn't bad enough that he was all of a sudden this even bigger freak, his parents fought more then anyone and shouted loud enough for the whole street to hear. Some fights were about him, but others were about stupid things. Spike knew where they were headed, but didn't like it. That's when drinking started.

Alcohol can really impair a slayer's performance and while he was out he almost got himself killed and got Merreck killed. Sure Merreck's last words to him were that he was a great slayer and did things his own way which was great and that it wasn't his fault, but Spike couldn't help but think it was.

So he changed slightly. He tried to be centered on killing the forces of evil, but it just didn't work out that way. He got into even more trouble then when he wasn't trying. When he was finally expelled from Hemory, for setting the school gym on fire, his parents were divorced, he was living with his mom and she moved them to Sunnydale.

He changed his look to a more conservative one although he kept bleaching his hair. He liked the look. Good old Sunnydale was supposed to be about fresh starts, but it turned out to be worse then LA. Sunnydale was located on a Hellmouth. That meant bigger then evil then just the once in awhile vamp.

But Sunnydale offered something that Spike never had: friends. He met Xander first. Xander and Jesse had been very friendly towards him. Willow had been somewhat shy and later Spike figured out that it was because Willow had a crush on him. The popular girl Cordelia tried to make him her little project, but he had declined. He had too much history with jocks and cheerleaders to just let all of that go and try and fit in with their group.

He also met Giles there who ended up turning into his second father considering his didn't give a damn about him. Spike had first tried to stay away from slaying, but within two days he was already involved in the extra slaying activities. Sunnydale also gave him one more thing. Dru. Drusilla the vampire cursed with a soul had first been sort of a co-worker, then a friend, and then a girlfriend.

Life was hectic though. No it could never be easy for the slayer. Things always had to be thrown in his face. You think life's going perfect then something massive happens. First you have to fight the Master Vampire and although you've already killed one this guy is big business. You die and another slayer gets called. Kendra. Then your girlfriend looses her soul and goes all evil joining up with her psycho friends.

Angel and Buffy sort of like the Bonnie and Clyde of the vampire world. He was a bit of a whack job and she was just too damn confident and annoying. So you fight them join up forces with Buffy to take down Dru. The conditions being you get Giles and you don't warm her precious Angel. Then you send your girlfriend to hell to safe the world even though you find out last second no thanks to your best friend Xander that she has a soul.

Then you run away from home and become an assistant to a mechanic. After that happens you met up with some former vampire groupie named Lily, save her life from the forces of evil while getting sent to a hell dimension even though you swore not to get mixed up in those things any more.

You let her keep your small apartment and go back home. You try doing the normal thing. Hey you're cleared from the murder of Kendra who was killed by Angel so why not. Try getting a normal girlfriend and what happens. Your formal vampire girlfriend is sent back from hell. Yeah starting to not like this life give it a couple of more years.

You get lovey dovey with your ex again despite the weird looks given by your family and friends. Another slayer comes, Faith, and turns out to like evil better then good. The mayor comes up with a plan to ascend into a demon and eat everyone at your high school while you just want to do the normal thing and go with your friends to Prom with your girlfriend.

Then she breaks up with you saying that you need a normal life. She gets shot with poisonous arrows and you have to save her. Then you fight the huge battle, win of course, and she leaves. Here comes the hard part.

College. If you thought high school was evil try studying for a huge psychology exam and fighting the forces of evil that just happen to be your new roommate. Being a grown-up is definitely harder then being a kid. Mysterious men from the government all of a sudden make a guest appearance and an old acquaintance pops up.

You end up having a girlfriend who is in this little government branch called the Initiative. Rene Finn. The government really has no business trying to fight the forces of evil and definitely doesn't have any business trying to assemble a half-human half demon army. Although it gave one good thing, Elizabeth the Bloody got a chip in that annoying head of hers and can't hurt anyone. Sometimes you gotta love Sunnydale and sometimes you got hate it.

Don't think that's the end do you?

Soon, but not yet. You start year five of your life slaying demons and up pops a sister. Dawn. It turns out she's some mystical key that opens a hell dimension and a very strong very powerful hell god wants her so she can go back home.

Your girlfriend leaves you for the government.

Buffy tells you that she's in love with you.

Your mom dies.

You're finally forced to run away from the hell god.

She gets Dawn. You die to save Dawn and go to a nice heavenly dimension where you're happy.

Your friends pull you out of there.

You have no idea what you're going to do with your life and you have no money.

The only person you can be around is an evil soulless vampire that claims to be in love with you.

A sing demon comes to town trying to take Dawn.

You lose your memory, call yourself Randy, and find that it's easier to do that.

Your best friend Willow goes off the deep end with magic and gets Dawn hurt.

You become invisible.

Then you have to work at the Doublemeat Palace and smell like meat.

And not only do you have to do this you can't stop hanging around the vampire that's in love with you and you have sex with her. Over and over and over and over and over again.

Hate this life yet. Oh yeah you do. "What do you want?" Spike said as he walked passed a tombstone.

He can feel her. For some reason now she gives off a different vibe then just a regular vamp. It used to be like that with Dru. Spike isn't really up for her tonight. He had just been going through another round of my life sucks in his head.

"Alright so you caught me." Buffy says coming out of the shadows. She's wearing black leather pants, a shiny red halter-top and the coat. The legendary duster she got for killing her second slayer.

That's right Spike. Remind yourself she's a killer. Hopefully it works this time. Spike thought as he walked closer to her.

"So what do you want?" Spike asked her with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"What you want, luv."

"I'm not in the mood today. Stressful day at work."

"Looks pretty quiet right now." Buffy said looking around the graveyard.

Spike rolled his eyes at her. "My real work. You know the one where I have to wear the funny hat."

"That's not your job. That's something you have to do ta keep social services off you back. It's beneath you." Buffy said as she walked closer to Spike.

"It's still a job and it's very stressful." Spike said not moving from his spot even though his mind screamed for him to get away.

"I can think of couple of ways ta relieve stress." Buffy said moving her hand up and down his thigh.

"No, no not tonight, Buffy. I have to get home tonight. I haven't exactly earned the best brother in the world lately. I haven't even been good enough to be considered a candidate. I should really get home."

"The bit can take of herself. It's not like she needs Big Brother to take care of her. I know that she is fully capable of being home alone. She is sixteen." Buffy said not moving her hand.

"That's not the problem. I'm trying to be the good brother who cares. So far I haven't been there for her. The whole klepto incident doesn't help any. I need to be around." Spike said slowly losing his resolve.

Think about Dawn. She needs you to be there for her. You can't spend anymore time with the bloodsucking fiend. It takes your mind off of things for awhile, but in the long run it's hurting you. Spike reasoned with himself.

It was getting harder and harder to ignore her hand though.

"You're a good brother. A couple of hours aren't going to make a difference. If you don't want to then I'll just leave. But you gotta tell me that loud a clear because your mouth says one thing," Buffy said then cupped him with her hand, "but your body says something totally different."

"I can't." Spike whispered in a hoarse voice. Not that he really he didn't want to. He so did want to, but he couldn't.

"Can't or won't." Buffy whispered in his ear.

"Little bit of both I guess." Spike said.

"No I think it's won't. I know you can." Buffy said seductively.

Okay where's your resolve. It's has to be here somewhere. Come on just because she's touching you there... oh she knows just where to touch you. God that feels ... no it doesn't feel good. It feels bad. Oh who the hell are you kidding. Spike thought as he gulped and opened his eyes. He wasn't sure at what point they had closed on him, but they had. He knew they must be clouded and lust filled.

"So what's it gonna be." Buffy said looking into his eyes already knowing his answer.

Spike lowered his head and crushed his lips against Buffy's. The kiss was forceful and bruising, full of need. Buffy was glad that she didn't need to breathe, but almost forgot that Spike did. He pulled away from her for a second.

"We have to get to your crypt." Spike said in a rough voice.

"Why there's plenty of room out here." Buffy said.

"It's dirty out here. People might see."

"Who the dead?"

"I just don't want to do it out here."

"Okay, but it'll take longer."

"I don't care." Spike said crushing his lips to Buffy's mouth again and pushing her towards her crypt.


Spike walked inside his house trying to be quiet. He didn't want to wake anyone. It was midnight when he finally convinced Buffy to let him go in peace. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn't help it. There was just no way to say no to her. Being with her made him feel alive, made him feel at all. He had been an empty shell when he got back. He still was, but at least now he found a way to stop feeling so helpless. Guys had meaningless sex all the time so why not.

He walked up the stairs and was about to go inside his room when he heard, "You're home late as usual."

Spike turned around to see Dawn standing in the doorway of her room.

"I tried to get home earlier, but patrol was kind of tedious." Spike said lying easily.

"Yeah either that our you didn't want to be around me." Dawn said in a hurt voice.

"No Dawnie, I just..." Spike put his hands to his head and massaged his temples. "Things have been really hard lately, but I promise that they will get better. I know I haven't exactly been the best brother these past few months..."

Dawn snorted and said, "That's the understatement of the year."

"I know. I'm trying, but being back getting used to everything is going to take some time. I can't just be okay because someone snaps their fingers and orders me to be." Spike said with more bitterness then he intended.

"I know that things have been hard for you, but maybe they wouldn't be so hard if you talked to someone. Anyone at all. It would be better then staying like this. You don't even talk to Willow and Xander anymore. Least of all me." Dawn said trying to reach out to her brother.

"I'm the one that is supposed to be listening to you talk. You're not supposed to take care of me. I'm supposed to take care of you." Spike said. "We need to take care of each other. We are all we have. You're closing yourself of though. You're not letting anyone in." Dawn said.

Yeah you are. Just not the right person. Why can't you talk to you're friends. Why is the only person you can talk to dead? Don't you think that says something about your character?

"Look Dawn it's late and I'm tired. Can we talk about this in the morning?" Spike said trying to get out of talking to his sister. If he did that she would be able to see the guilt on his face.

"You're always tired or you always have to do something else. I thought you said that you were going to at least try." Dawn said angrily.

"I am trying. It was just a long day at work and with patrol. I just don't want to burden you right now." Dawn looked at her brother with a hurt expression. "Why because I'm just your kid sister? Because I don't even matter." Dawn said trying to fight back tears.

"No... yes ... I mean sort of. No what I mean is that you're my little sister and I don't want you to have to listen to my stupid problems. Not because you don't matter. You do matter." Spike said walking over to Dawn and trying to hug her. Dawn moved away.

"Burdening me with your problems is better then scaring me. Sometimes I wonder if you're even going to come back after patrol. You don't want to be here so why not go and get yourself killed." Dawn said not bothering to keep her tears in anymore.

Spike gave her and incredulous look. "No Dawn I would never leave you again."

"Oh right." Dawn said. Spike grabbed her shoulders and made her look at him.

"Listen to me. Everything I do is for you. No matter if you can't see it right now it is. I'm fucked up Dawn. Right now I don't know what the hell I'm doing. If I didn't have you I'd probably be on the streets right now doing good knows what. The only reason I stay alive is because of you." Spike said grabbing his sister and hugging her tightly.

Dawn's crying became louder. She didn't realize that Spike was in that much pain. He never cursed in front of her. He tried to make it a priority not to.

"I'm sorry I was being selfish. I just want my brother back." Dawn said quietly.

"I'll try to find him." Spike said hugging her closer to him. They stayed like that until it was really late. Dawn had school in the morning so Spike let her get some sleep and went off to his room to enjoy another sleepless night.

Chapter 2:

"Welcome to the Doublemeat Palace. How may I help you?" Buffy said through fake cheeriness. Yes she hated her job. If you had it you would hate it with a vengeance as well. Many times she though about asking Anya if she knew any good vengeance demons to help curse her boss or that annoyingly condescending jerk that thought he knew everything just because he went to night school.

No one knew the kind of torment she had to go through to keep this crappy job that was killing her on the inside. Everything was killing her on the inside these days. The only time she felt anything at all was when she was with Spike.

And that was a whole different matter all together. It was wrong on so many levels, but god how it felt good. She felt alive when she was with him and it wasn't all about sex. Before the sex there were nice conversations and well booze. Lots of booze and even though she had been riding the porcelain bus for hours it was liberating.

Booze did that to you, but it did nothing for her slayer performance. But the sex wasn't bad. If Buffy let herself admit it and that was never, he was the best she had ever had. Her experience was limited of course, but it was something.

Wasn't it supposed to be better when you're in love?

And if so how come with Spike sex was better then her one special night with Angel?

Thinking about it to long made her head hurt. It didn't matter anyway. He didn't really love her. He believed it, but a vampire without a soul couldn't love. He was evil and soulless and what they did was at the bottom of her list of things to worry about.

Dawn was on top right now. Buffy had to make things right with her little sister. Dawn was crying out for attention and Buffy had to be the one to give it to her. So no matter how much she hated this job, she definitely couldn't give it up. She needed it to keep Dawn safe and protected.

"Um. . . what exactly are the Doublemeat nuggets?" the man asked.

Buffy looked up, but didn't see how she expected to see. Spike had asked her that once on her first day here. He hadn't been back to her work since. He said the lights made his eyes hurt.

"I think they're chicken." Buffy said to the man. He seemed to be fidgeting nervously.

"Oh well then chicken is good. um. . . what about the Fisherman's Medley meal? What does that come with?" the man said still looking like he was being forced to do this under gunpoint. Buffy would have cared, but it seemed that he didn't have a demon on his ass so why bother.

"The Fisherman's Medley meal comes with the Fisherman sandwich, a large drink and fries." Buffy said putting on her professional voice.

"I know what it comes with it what is the fish made of?" the man asked. Buffy pondered the question for a second. This man was beyond odd, he was bizarre. Maybe she had stepped in biazrro world.

"Uh. . . fish?" she said.

A smirk played on the features of the man. He had a face of an evil villain when he did that even with the bottle specs making him look like an owl and enhancing his brown eyes. He had a homely appearance despite the handsome features of his face.

He appeared almost homeless with his dirty clothes and beat up shoes yet he seemed to young to be homeless. Younger then her and he couldn't be much older then Dawn.

"Are you gonna order something or not?" Buffy asked despite the creepy feeling in the pit of her stomach.

"No I'm not." The man said.

"Than can you move over for the real customers?" Buffy asked with a hint of annoyance.

"I know who you are. Such pain and confusion. I wish I could just wash it away, but I can't. I have a job to do. Must show you the way."

"Alright crazy guy lets shove off before. . ." before she could finish her sentence the man grabbed her arm and a weird sensation went through her. She felt as if she was floating, but there was something about this that was different then just floating.

"Hey is this guy bothering you, Buffy?" one of her co-workers asked the man let go of her arm and said, "Soon you will see the way. Even if it kills you both."

"Alright buddy lets go." Buffy's co-worker said ushering the guy outside.

"Soon you will see it. Open your eyes and it will come. Don't worry. Just let the feeling rush through you."

Buffy looked as two guy co-workers tossed the crazy man out of the door. The customers were buzzing with conversation over the crazy lunatic that just assaulted the blonde Doublemeat employee. Buffy knew that there would be a few questions. She shrugged off the creepy feeling invading her body and put on her professional tone.

"It's okay folks. Some times we get real crazies, but all taken care of. Now next customer."


Spike pressed the wrong button. He had been doing that a lot lately. Zoning out and feeling helpless. It was all part of the same thing. Although something felt different lately. Like something was coming. It had been two weeks since his little encounter with Dawn and his break down. He had been trying harder. As hard as he possibly could without breaking down from exhaustion.

He was working shorter hours and slaying less, but the other thing just couldn't go away. No matter how much time he cut back and how much time he stayed with his friends and family there was just no breaking the hold.

Buffy has inside his head and every time he felt weak he ran to her. He tried to run to his friends, but they didn't give him what he needed. He still felt empty around them and he couldn't shake that feeling off no matter how hard he tried. There had to be something wrong with him. But he knew there wasn't.

He had Tara check over and over again until she refused to do it any more. She told him it was okay to use Buffy like he was. Tara was understanding and caring. Spike knew that she could keep a secret even though she didn't want to. It had to be tough considering her and Willow were getting all snuggly again.

The same Willow that had a crush on him when he first came to Sunnydale was gay.

"Sorry miss. I accidentally pressed the wrong button. It'll only take a second to fix." Spike said to the customer in front of him. It was a woman or more accurately a girl. She couldn't have been much older then Dawn.

"You pressed the wrong button? That's okay I wasn't really hungry." The girl said waving her hand in the air dismissing it.

"It's just going to take a second." Spike said not wanting to lose a customer.

"You have any idea what's coming." The girl asked in a low voice that Spike almost didn hear her. When he had a chance to think about what she said he frowned.

"Your order if I can get this right." Spike said not bothering to look up from the cash register.

"It'll only be the beginning. The beginning of the end. You're so confused. You don't even see it. The monsters are coming, but you can't beat it. You're not really here. You don't have the strength to beat it. You can't. Not yet." The girl said. Spike looked at her with a confused look on his face.

"Excuse me, but I don't know what you're talking about. If you're not going to buy any food then could you please leave? I have customers waiting." Spike said feeling his skin tingle a little. He was getting a creepy vibe from this girl.

"Waiting that's all you ever do. Wait for the feeling to come back, but there's only one way to do that. You have to feel first." The girl said.

Spike sighed. He never got anyone this certifiable before. There had been some crazies like that wig lady, but this girl was just creeping him out. He couldn't put his finger on it, but there was something about her.

"Okay let's go lady. This establishment doesn't have time. . ." Just as he was about to grab the girl's arm she grabbed his. A weird sensation ran through his body. After it was gone he looked at the girl.

"It's coming. You'll know it when you see it. Open your eyes." The girl said before walking away and out of the fast food restaurant. Spike looked at the customers. They stared at him with odd looks on their faces.

"Sorry about that folks. Some times we get really strange people coming in here looking for a free meal."


Nighttime. It was a little past six if her senses were right and they always were. Spike should becoming any time soon looking for a little cold comfort. He was using her. She knew it, but that didn't mean that she was complaining. Not right now anyway. She never complained when she was with him or the hours before she knew he was coming.

She was too excited although she never showed it. That would be a little too girly. No she would just stand out her smoking a cigarette and looking for any beastie to kill. Saving her energy was probably a better idea, but she couldn't help it if being trapped in that crypt all day made her jittery.

One thing Buffy was certain of was that he was definitely coming. He did this every night. He would get off work at five, go home and change into a less pylon looking outfit and coming out for a quick patrol. He'd spend a good hour killing things that went bump in the night before making his way to her cemetery.

It had to be quicker then usual nowadays. He had this pact with Dawn saying that he had to talk to her more. It appeared that their twisted relationship was getting in the way of his relationship with Dawn.

So it got routine and even though Buffy hated herself for letting him use her she couldn't stop. Maybe she really was a masochist like Darla and Dru told her all those times all those years ago. Why she would fall for the Vampire Slayer when she had killed two herself was beyond her. She could have had any guy she wanted. Human or vampire. It wouldn't matter.

She chooses the only one that could never love her back. The one that could never feel the same way about her as she did about him. Love burns and consumes and it devours until there nothing left, but an empty shell of what that person used to be. She had said that once. He was changing everything about her and all that was left was him. All she felt for him.

Now she was slipping. She couldn't deal with being treated like dirt anymore. It had lasted awhile. Her tolerance was high because she loved him, but the games he played hurt her head. He made her do crazy things and one of these days she might just snap like she told him she would.

"It should be easier." A voice said from behind a bush.

"Who's there?" Buffy asked gripping the stake in her jacket tighter. She just prayed it was a vampire and not something bigger.

"Love should be easier." The person said again and stepped out from their hiding spot. It was a young girl. She looked to be nothing more then a teenager and she definitely wasn't a vampire or a demon.

"Littl' girls shouldn't be out past their bedtimes." Buffy said.

"You can't stop it like this. You can fight and you can be good, but you can't stop it. Not in this state of mind." The girl said.

"What are you talkin' 'bout. You're speakin' in sodding riddles. I can't comprehend it." Buffy said getting annoyed and losing her patience. It wasn't like she could hurt this girl though.

"Not yet. The time isn't yet. You'll see when it's time. You'll understand then. Open your eyes." The girl said.

"I thought I said I didn't like riddles." Buffy said with even more annoyance.

"It's coming soon. Just open your eyes. You'll know when it comes." The girl said disappearing behind the bush she came from.

"What the bloody hell." Buffy said walking over to the bush. No one was there. She looked around and around, but she didn't find anyone at all.

"Okay that was weird and sadly disappointing. Better keep searchin' if 'm gonna burn off this extra energy." Buffy said walking away from the bush and forgetting all about the encounter with the girl when she found some fledgings.


Spike walked around Main Street not doing anything in particular. He was holding two grocery bags and a small brown paper bag that contained his weekly allowance of blood that he had set up with the butcher. He was avoiding going back to his crypt.

It had only been an hour since the sun set and he knew that Buffy would be coming over any second now. Daily routine that was less pleasant then he hoped. At first things were good. He was getting a part of her that no one could touch, but now after the fancy glitter had worn off it seemed a little. . . unseemly.

And dirty.

He let it go on though. He could say no. Buffy would probably just take that as an answer and never come back to him. Then things would really get hard. He couldn't live without her yet he couldn't very well let her keep using him like this. It just gave him so much hope that he didn't want anymore.

There was no hope. Who was he kidding to ever think that Buffy would ever love him the way he loved her? It was totally impossible. Yet he still let her use him the way she did. She needed it and he could never deny her anything. Why start with this?

He followed her like a man possessed. Isn't that what he said in that little song and dance number he did when that singing demon came around? He couldn't stop himself and even though he told Buffy to leave him alone she didn't. She just kept coming back for more and more.

So if neither one of them could stay away from each other then what was going to happen to them. When was one of them going to realize that this just wasn't going to work. That if one of them didn't leave he would surely kill someone.

Just then a homeless looking man bumped into him. "What the bloody hell. Watch where you're going, bloke." Spike yelled at the man. Once he got a good look at him he realized that he was barely just a teenager.

"Sorry I didn't see you there. No one sees you there do they. You just walk around like a human pretending to fit in. so you can please her, but it never feels like enough does it. You think she'll never love you." The boy said looking at Spike with an intense stare.

"Don't know what you're talkin' 'bout mate. Gonna havta stop speakin' in riddles." Spike said getting slightly annoyed.

"Neither of you are ready yet. You'll never be ready if you destroy each other. There's only on thing I can do." The guy said not looking away from Spike. It didn't seem like he was blinking.

"Oh yeah. Whas' that?" Spike said brimming with some confidence he found somewhere despite the fact that he was getting a creepy vibe from this guy.

"I can't wash away the pain and confusion. I have a job. It's coming, but you won't be ready you'll have to open your eyes. Just let the feeling rush through you." The man said walking away and turning behind an alley.

Despite the feeling in his stomach and the voice in his head telling him to just forget the man he walked after him. He turned into the alley and looked around. He wasn't there and the alley was a dead end.

"Bugger this. I havta get home ta put my stuff away." Spike said walking away.


"So what exactly did we just set in motion with this whole thing. I had to act like a crazy man for crying out loud. How come she got to act like a regular person with regular clothes." Brian said flipping around. His clothes instantly changed and he became the handsome man that he always was sans glasses and dirty clothes.

"Because I'm the favorite, duh!" Maddy said. She was a short girl with dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. She was just as pretty as Brian was handsome.

"Oh please. Just because you've been at this longer doesn't make you the favorite." Brian said with a hint of annoyance.

He loved Maddy and they loved each other, but some times they could get on each other's throats.

"What does it matter. The plan is set in motion and now it is only up to them to fix it." A voice said from the dark.

"Well how can we trust that they'll do the right thing. This could take awhile you know. What if they never realize it and they get stuck." Maddy said voicing the concern that both her and Brian had.

She was confident in her ability to send the two pairs of people to the desired destination, but to leave it up to them to get themselves back was going to be different. Unlike her boss she wasn't one to just sit and wait for results.

"Yes. I'm confident that this little show will make them realize the truths. If it doesn't kill them first." The voice said. it seemed incorporeal, but Maddy and Brian knew exactly who was behind it.

"I know that you have confidence in me and all that mumbo jumbo, but this is the first time I've ever done something like this. And I've got the original pair of people. If anything happens to the Slayer and the. . ." Brian said.

It was the first time that he did anything this powerful. Simple spells and a few hard ones were about as far as his expertise went.

"Everything will go according to plan if you do as I told you."

"What if it doesn't?" Maddy asked.

"It will. I'm only worried about what happens if they don't work this out. I've seen the future and it is not a good one. If they don't learn how to control these feelings they'll burn." The voice said pausing briefly as if he were thinking about something.

Perhaps contemplating if taking matters into his own hands had been the best decision.

"So we just sit here and wait. If it doesn't work out then the whole world is doomed. Isn't there anything more we can do?" Maddy asked a little panicky.

The voice looked over at Maddy's direction. Both Maddy and Brian were his most talented studies. Maddy had more power then Brian, but she was too quick to judge. She was the shot first shot some more then ask questions type. Brian had precision and had to have everything just right.

Neither one were patient though.

"We've done everything we can for now. They have to work it out now. It is up to them. The can either change or the can burn."

Both Maddy and Brian were quiet for a second before Maddy said; "Well if it's going to be the end of the world we might as well do it right. Anyone up for Jell-O-shooters?"

Chapters 3 and 4

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