Chapters 4,5, and 6

Best Part Breaking Up Chapters


Chapter 4:

"Fred why can't you just talk to Judge Stevens. I'm sure you could convince him to move the trial up to an early date."

"I can't."

"Why the fuck not?"

"Hey lets keep the anger down a bit, k," Wes had been listening to the two people he cared most about argue for about twenty minutes. He hated it when they did that. Fred and Spike got along well enough, but they disagreed on things law wise. Spike was more of the defend the criminals type while Fred was more the put the criminals away type.

"No, Wes, I can handle this by myself. I'll tell you why the fuck not, because I can't just go around like a stuck up bitch asking other judges to move up trials for my friends."

"Well if the shoe fits."

That was enough. Spike was going to say, if not had already said, something that he would regret. Wes had to intervene.

"Look, Spike, I know you want to help but yelling at Fred isn't go to help. It will only end up that you two will stop talking. Let's not have a whole re-make of the OJ Simpson fiasco. You two didn't talk for a week." Both Spike and Fred mumbled what sounded like an 'I'm sorry' and then began to cool off.

"Ok, now can we get back to enjoying or dinner that Fred made for us? I know that it isn't as exciting as yelling at each other, but it's less painful to the friendship."

"Oh, Wes, you don't have to worry about us not being friends. Fred and I argue, but somehow we work things out. Ain't that right Fred." Spike flashed his big, fake, tooth, grin that always made Fred laugh. Fred in spite of her resolve laughed at her friend.

Fred hated it when her and Spike fought, but it seemed to happen a lot when they talked about their jobs. Spike had been an A.D.A when Fred won the position of judge.

They had gotten along fine until Spike switched from being put the bad guys away to try to keep the bad guys out of jail. That was when all the disagreeing started. Fred will loved Spike as a friend. Spike had been the one to push her into pursuing Wesley. She would be in his debt for doing something like that for her.

Spike hated to make Wes and Fred unhappy, but this case mattered.

Not because of Buffy or anything like that. She isn't why I'm doing this, although it sure does feel like that is the only reason I'm doing any of this.

Spike put those thoughts out of his head. He wouldn't deny that he was attracted to her, but that was it. He was doing this because it was for the good of the case. Spike pushed his food around with his fork.

If she isn't why I'm doing this than why am I doing this, he wondered.

"Well if it means that much to you I guess I can try and see if Judge Stevens will move up the case. I can't guarantee anything, but I will true. There are you happy now."

"Ecstatic. No really I'm very pleased that you would even consider talking to him. I mean I can be a real piece of shit some times when I don't get my way."

Yeah well I've grown to accept your piece of shit ways."

"We all have." Wes said. Things were returning to there natural flow.

"Alright we've classified that I'm a piece of shit can we eat now?"


Wes and Spike sat outside on the porch smoking cigarettes and drinking some beers. Fred was washing the dishes and it was time for Wes to talk to his best friend. Spike had been his friend since they were little. At first, Spike helped Wes through some tough times, like when his parents divorced. Then it was Wes's turn to help Spike through troubled times. They had always been there for each other and both knew the other's moods pretty well.

Right now Wes could tell that his friend was in a bit of confusion. He watched as Spike took a sip of his Heineken and then slowly dragged on his cigarette until it was nothing but ashes. His eyes had that sparkle they had when he was in deep thought about things. Wes didn't want to interrupt Spike's thoughts but knew that he had to.

"Spike what are you thinking about?" it was a simple question that didn't have any hidden meaning. It was honest.

"How many cigarettes do you think I go through in a week?" Wes saw that either he was trying to change the subject or all those years of dying his hair blonde were finally going to his head.

"I don't know. Maybe a pack a week. Now that I've answered your question why don't you answer mine."

Shit, he was going to get off the subject anytime soon.

"Nothing just thinking about stupid shit. You know me. I was just thinking. I'm always thinking about fucking nothing in particular." It was an offhanded remark that didn't hold much truth and Wes knew it. His friend couldn't hide anything from him.

"That ain't what your dumb ass was thinking about and I know it. Why did you get so angry with Fred earlier? You've asked her tons of times to do things like that and accepted it. Why did you act like a bastard this time."

"This time is different. It is a very important case."

"It's not like the fucking president is getting a divorce and your defending Barbara Bush here. You don't even like that shitty job."

"I know, but this case is different."

"Fine if you don't want to tell me what the hell is going on that's fine. I will find out though. I always do. So you better tell me know so I can approve your dumb ass decisions before you make them."

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions."

"Old enough but not smart enough."

"Look I better go. It's pretty late and I have that case to work on tomorrow. Tell Fred I said bye, k."

"k" Spike sauntered off to his car as Wes watched with apprehension. Wes picked up the beer bottles and went inside wondering what was up with his friend.


Spike went to work early hoping to get some work done. He had been doing this for two days now. Fred had called and said that she got Judge Stevens to move up the date to the thirteenth of June, which was two days away. He had to work his ass off if he wanted to have a presentable argument. Buffy was to show up later that day to discuss everything before they went to trial. Spike hoped that he would be able to forget about his stupid crush on her and just be her lawyer.


Buffy had an appointment with Spike today. She knew that it was last one before they went to trial and that they needed to talk about what to expect. He had insisted that Dawn come along. He needed to make sure that Dawn really wanted to live with her before things went any further. Buffy sat waiting for Dawn to get home so they could go. Buffy had been anxious to see him again. She was very assured that nothing would happen, but she still could look. She was still married, but she wasn't dead. She could still think about other men and what would happen if she was in a room alone with one in particular.

A loud knock on the door shook Buffy out of her daydream.

"Who is it." She called out. She didn't want to open the door and see Riley there.

"It's Willow."

"Oh wait a minute, Wills." Buffy got up and opened the door.

"Hey, what are you doing here. I thought that you had a client with some sort of weird psychological disease today."

"Problem with psychos is that they some times forget appointments and take to much Valium the day before."

"Oh well Valium can do that to you."

"So can Demerol and Morphine. So what's up today."

"Meeting with Mr. Flannery. I'm just waiting for Dawn to come home so we can go. We have to get all of our "evidence" ready."

"Oh so you're going to see the hottie lawyer again. Yum."

"Willow. He's good looking, but Dawn will be there."

"Are you saying you would you know, if Dawn wasn't there?"

"No, I'm married. Well okay so not happily considering I'm getting a divorce, but still married."

"I know I'm just teasing. I was wondering if you still needed me to testify on your behalf?"

"I don't know. Will, I mean Mr. Flannery wasn't said anything about it."

Crap that didn't sound good.

"On a first name basis huh. Well isn't that... cozy?"

"He didn't want to be called Mr. Flannery so I happily obliged to call him Will. That's all."

"Sure." Willow was about to say something more when Dawn walked in the door. Willow looked at her. Dawn looked a lot like Buffy. She had the same green eyes and cute little nose. She acted like Buffy too. The only thing that made her seem different from Buffy was the hair color. Dawn had brown hair. It was virtually the only difference between the two.

"Dawn its time to go."

"Why do I have to go to this stupid meeting with this lawyer. I don't want to."

"Dawn come on. It won't be bad I promise."


"Why don't I go with you? I mean you shouldn't have to take the bus when I could give you a ride." Willow couldn't pass up this golden opportunity to see the guy that had Buffy a little more Buffy these days. Buffy glared at Willow for awhile before agreeing and then they all left.


Spike had everything set up and ready for when she arrived. He would make this a short meeting because she was bring her daughter or at least that was what he kept telling himself. He knew that his really reason was so he didn't have to see Buffy for to long of a time. Spike was musing around some more when he heard a knock on his door.

"Come in." he said. When he looked up he expected to see Buffy and her daughter. Instead he was looking at a very petite woman with red hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a business suit. Spike was about to ask who she was when she yelled, "Buffy he is in his office."

When Willow opened the door she didn't know what she expected to see. An ugly man who was wearing glasses was not what she opened the door to. Buffy was right he was in fact very good looking. In fact he was more than just good looking he was handsome, even hot. Willow wondered if her cheeks were turning red because she felt like she was blushing. All she could do was yell Buffy's name from across the hall. Buffy came running instantly with Dawn at her side. Willow looked back at the man siting in his chair behind his desk. He was smiling at her. Willow gave him a nervous smile.

Buffy entered the office to see Will grinning nicely and Willow grinning like an idiot. She walked past Willow and took a seat in the usual chair she sat in during these meetings. Dawn came to sit in the chair next to Buffy. Willow stood in the doorway not sure of what she should do.

"If your friend wants she can sit down in that chair over there." Spike said noticing that the redhead was still standing in the doorway. Willow looked at the chair Spike had pointed to it. She felt like a total retard.

" Not to be mean or anything, but who is she and why is she here?" Spike asked Buffy.

"That's Willow. She dropped us off and wanted to know if there was anything she could do to help with the case."

"Yeah that's right. Just wanted to be of some help."

"Oh well I guess we could use all the back up ammo we can get. I was just thinking that it should be kept simple. The only terms that will be under negotiation will be the hours that Mr. Finn gets to spend with Dawn. I'm pretty sure that if we can prove the abuse than you'll be rewarded the hours you want, Ms. Summers."

There was that word again. If. It was a small word with a big price. Buffy couldn't let Riley get custody of Dawn. The only way he would be able to see Dawn was if it was during a supervised visit.

"You do think that we can prove the abuse right?"

"Of course. There aren't just your statement, but the hospitals, police departments, and your friend Willow's testimony. We also have Dawn who can testify to some of the abuse, although I don't want to have to use her."

"What if Dawn doesn't want to testify against her own father." Dawn said startling everyone in the room.

"What if she just wants everything to go back to the way they used to be. Can they go back to the way the used to be?"

"Dawnie, I don't..."

"Can they go back to the way they used to be!" Dawn was practically screaming. Buffy and Willow were a little nervous. Spike decided that he should speak up. He always had a way with kids.

"Dawn, you don't have to testify, but I don't think that things can go back to the way they used to be."

"Why?" Dawn's voice was pleading and her eyes were big with suppressed tears.

"Because your mommy and daddy don't want things to go back to the way they were. It's not because of you, it's because they can't be around each other anymore. They aren't the same people anymore and they want different things. But the one thing they both want is for you to be happy. If there is anything you want just speak up and I'll make sure that I discuss the best way of doing whatever it is you want out of this mess." Dawn calmed down and answered Spike's question.

"I want to be able to go with my dad to get ice cream once a month like we used to. Do you think that's okay?" Spike looked in Buffy's direction to see if there were any objections. There were some, but Spike thought it would be better to just tell Dawn that he would try.

"I'll try to see what I can do. Now, why don't you go to the day care center that is just a few doors down from here and wait for your mom. I think that they are serving some sort of snack right now. Tell them Spike sent you." Dawn looked at her mother to see if she would let her. Buffy nodded her head and Dawn happily skipped off.

Willow was amazed at how well Spike had just handled that. He sounded like a professional. He didn't say anything about Riley being a bad man, which was a good thing. Dawn needed to think her dad was a good man even if he wasn't. She wondered how he knew exactly just what to say. Even she didn't know what to say to Dawn to make her feel better and she was paid to do that kind of stuff.

Buffy was angry at Spike for telling Dawn that she might be able to see Riley once a month to get ice cream. What surprised her most was that she was also impressed by his genuine sincerity. Those were beautiful words that he just said to Dawn to make her feel better. He was definitely a lawyer who cared a great deal about his clients.

"Spike." Was what Buffy finally managed to say.

Spike blushed. She had found out his nickname because he let it slip.

"Yeah, it's just a nickname I picked up. So let's get to the business at hand." Willow's pager went off after he said this. She looked down at it.

"Great, remember the psycho I was telling you about?" she told Buffy.

"The chic on Valium."

"Yeah well she just got up and now I have to go over there and deal with her. Will you be alright getting home?"


"Okay then bye." Willow practically ran out of the office. Spike cocked an eyebrow.

"Do I even want to know what that was about?" he asked in a suspicious voice.

"Willow is a psychiatrist. She deals with crazy people all the time."

"Oh that would make a lot more sense then the theory I had worked out in my head." Spike said jokingly. Buffy laughed at the joke. Again he was making her laugh; it was uncanny.

"Well I think we've wasted enough time on small talk, so lets try to focus on why you came here." He stared at into her eyes as he said this.

Buffy wondered why he had to do that. Didn't he know that he had the most beautiful eyes in the world? They were like tiny little pools to his soul. She tried to look away, but her effort was only half-hearted. He was the first person to pull away from their little staring contest.

"Well, like I was saying I don't want to make Dawn testify. Mr. Finn is her dad after all and it would be a draining experience. I also wanted to talk to you about being a little more understanding with the hours. I think that it would be good for the visits to be supervised, but maybe a few more times a month. Like two maybe three Saturdays a month instead of just one. There has to be a little wiggle room."

Buffy only half listened to him. She was looking at his face. He was very handsome. He seemed to get more handsome every time she saw him. It seemed like he did it on purpose.

"I know that I'm probably being a little unreasonable, but I just feel that Dawn is so young and impressionable. I don't want her to get hurt."

"And you don't want her to act like him." Spike finished for her. It would be hard for her to admit that so he did it for her.

"Look I think everything should be fine. Just be truthful tomorrow and everything will run smoothly. This whole new hours thing is just in case. I think you want to end this as soon as possible and the only way of doing that would be to compromise a little."

"Yeah I understand. Well if that's it I think that Dawn and I should be going home."

"Is there a way you can get home?"


"Why don't you let me drive you guys home. I have nothing better to do today."

"It might be out of your way."

"Where do you live?"

"Revello Drive."

"Well, that isn't to far away from my place. I live on Hemory."

"Oh I guess that isn't to far away. Alright then, just let me get Dawn."


The drive to Buffy and Dawn's apartment was made on total silence except for the occasional comments made by Dawn about Spike's car. Buffy had imagined that Spike drove a small sports car, but he surprised her when he motioned to a very big, black SUV. It was a very nice car and not what she expected a single twenty-eight year old to have. Dawn instantly feel in love with the car.

They were parked in front of the apartment complex were Buffy and Dawn lived. No one moved for about a minute after Spike turned off the car. Buffy finally spoke up. " Dawn why don't you go inside and get started on your homework. I have one more question to ask Mr. Flannery." Dawn pouted, but decided it wasn't worth the breath. She opened her door, got out and yelled, " Bye Spike."

"Bye Dawn," Spike said back as Dawn shut the door. He then turned his attention to Buffy.

Buffy was sitting quietly staring out the window. She finally realized that Spike was staring at her.

"Oh right. I was just wondering if there was any way that you could pick me up for the trial tomorrow. I'm afraid I'll be late if I take the bus."

"Sure." He expected her to say all right and jump out of the car. When she didn't he was curious to know what was up.

Buffy wanted to move away from the car, but her legs weren't moving. She wondered what was up with her. Sure he was a handsome man and he knew how to talk to kids, but this whole dance was insane. She was still married albeit to a man she hated with passion, but married nonetheless. She couldn't just go off and start dating and sleeping around.

Not that that was what she wanted to do with Spike. Her relationship if you could call it that was more based on respect. Her attraction to him was about his ability to be so open. She hated all this confusion. She didn't even know the man on a more personally level. Although she could if she wanted to. Buffy cleared her throat and was about to talk.

Spike couldn't keep debating this in his mind anymore. She seemed like the type who wouldn't admit to things easily. Stubborn. That was just what he needed, someone who was just as stubborn as he was. He didn't know Buffy as more than a client, but he figured that knowing what he did, he could conclude that she hated to take no for an answer. He knew he had to say something. Buffy was getting ready to talk, but Spike didn't notice.

He spoke faster than she did, "You know I'm having this debate in my mind as to why you aren't moving."

Buffy didn't know what more to say then, "And?"

"Well it's one of two reasons. One either your legs suddenly don't know how to work and you can't move."

"That one is unlikely."

"Or we can go with option number two."

"Which is?"

"That you have the insatiable need to say thank you are something to that affect."

Buffy wasn't sure which one she liked better. Obviously the whole leg thing wouldn't work, but it might be better than admitting to him that he was right. She wanted to say thank you, but it had to be much bigger than that.

"Well..." she began

"I was wondering if, as a thank you for helping with Dawn today, you would consider letting me take you to lunch?"

Spike pondered the question in his mind. Saying yes would be like setting himself up for defeat. He already felt an attraction to this woman, but going to a meal, even lunch, with her would most likely overwhelm him. Although saying no might crush her. She really needed to have a lot of friends around. She had already admitted to not having to many friends. Friends.

That was what Spike could be. A friend. He had girls who were just friends. Okay so he only had one and she was married to his best friend, but before that they were good friends. He hadn't wanted to be with her or anything. He could build a friendship with Buffy and have nothing happen. After hearing yucky awkward teens stories he probably wouldn't think of her that way anymore.

"Sure I would love lunch."

Buffy let out a breath she didn't even realize she was holding. He hadn't answered her right away and she wondered if maybe she was to forward.

"Okay then. Lunch it is."

"Are you going to tell me were this lunch will be at and maybe when?"

"After the trial tomorrow. I know this quaint little deli that is located pretty close to your office. I think that you'll enjoy it." Spike wasn't a deli man, but a meal was a meal. Besides it was a meal that would include Buffy which was a plus for it.

"Okay then, well, I think I better get going. Big day tomorrow and I want to be prepared." Buffy said this as she started to exit the car.

"Okay then see you tomorrow." Buffy closed the door and Spike turned on the car. In the back of his mind he wondered what he had just gotten himself into. He shook of the looming feeling of that he had made some sort of mistake and drove away.

Chapter 5:

Spike was ready for today. He would be in front of a judge again. Although he hated the type of law he was practicing, being in front of people and making grand speeches was such a rush for Spike. He was a little nervous about the other lawyer, but he wouldn't let that get him done from his happy mood.

He was parked in front of Buffy's apartment complex. He had been waiting for her for about five minutes now. She was helping Dawn get ready for school. He was looking over his notes when he heard the knock on his window. It was Buffy. Spike quickly on locked the door and Buffy climbed into the car.

Buffy situated herself comfortably in the passenger's seat and said, " Dawn threw a fit when she realized that you came in 'Your totally cool car'." She used the air quotes to show Spike that it was what Dawn had said.

"It wouldn't have been to bad to give her a ride."

"I don't want her to get to attached to the car. I mean unless you don't mind her sleeping in it." Spike started the car and pondered that comment. He knew she was joking about it, but it was a comment he found himself wishing applied to Dawn's mommy.

"Well, very respectable people sleep in cars."

"Like bums. Wait bums don't even have cars half the time. So, what people who get kicked out of their homes."

"No people trying to live their dreams. I have a friend who slept in his car so he could save money to live his dream."

"You didn't offer him a place to live?" Buffy found the story amusing. She wondered how Spike could just sit back and watch a friend sleep in his car.

"I did. He wouldn't except if he couldn't pay rent. The whole idea was to save money. He was a stubborn jackass, but he made his point."

"So, he lived in his car for how long?"

"It was about a month or two. Then Fred came back from her consult in England and got so pissed at him. She, of course like all of us, had to practically beg him to come and live in a house."

"Oh so this is about your friend Wes." Buffy said very proudly. She knew some of the people in his life and for some reason this made her happy.

"Yeah. Fred, his better half, although some times she can be his worse half, forced him to live with her."

Buffy admired the way he talked about his friends. So open. She never talked about Willow with other people. He must have been very close with his friends.

"So, this Wes guy who slept in car. What was it that he slept in his car for?" Spike chuckled. He remembered Wes determination to start his own medical practice. He was a man just out of medical school and didn't have very good credit.

"He was trying to save money to start his own medical practice. He is a pediatrician. He was just out of medical school so his credit was, pardon my French, shot to shit. He wouldn't let Fred pay for any of the expenses. They fought over that for years. Not the sleeping in the car thing, but his whole 'Fred can't pay for anything' approach to his situation."

"Well he was certainly stubborn. I think if someone wanted to help pay for my dream I would gladly let them."

"That's the difference between men and women. Men can't except help. It's a whole pride thing."

"So if someone you loved wanted to help pay for your dream you wouldn't let them?"

"Many people have tried, but I've turned them down so many times. I want my firm to be only mine. God I can't count how many time Anya, Angel, Wes and Fred have offered me money."

"Well I would rather get my dream finished then not have it finished. I wouldn't care if that involved borrowing money."

"So what's your dream?"

The question hit Buffy hard. Her dream. It had been such a long time since she thought about the dream she always had. When she married Riley the dream was put aside. When she had Dawn that dream was thrown away in the that'll never happen pile.

"I guess that would be to become a doctor. I always wanted to be a doctor. When I got married and had Dawn I just settled for nurse. Its okay, but not that great."

"Well now you'll be able to accomplish your dream."

"Are you kidding! I can't waste money on my college when Dawn was to go to college. That would be un-parently."

"Well you know Riley will be helping you pay for the whole 'Dawn goes to college and gets married' thing. You should do something for Buffy."

"You obviously don't have kids. My life revolves around Dawn."

"All I know is that you are entitled to a little suppressed twenty-something syndrome." Spike said this as he pulled into the courthouse. The words danced around in Buffy's head. She had never had the wild and adventurous twenty- something life and never wanted it. If anything she wanted to go to med.-school.

Spike realized that he had said something that Buffy was actually pondering. He didn't mean to say something so offhanded, but he would have been lost if he didn't have those rebellious years. Although his had come a little earlier than twenty, but he needed those years to show him " the error of his ways". Buffy hadn't had any time to let lose. She had to be a buttoned up conservative woman.

What had she gotten for her troubles? A marriage to an abusive husband and a six-year old daughter. Spike wondered how love could turn so vicious. He pulled into a parking space and turned off the car. "Well we're here." Buffy nodded to acknowledge she knew what he was talking about. Both of them stepped out of the car and started to walk to the steps.

Spike had a natural habit to look at the cars that surrounded the courthouse. He say two cars that he thought looked familiar. One reminded him of Anya's car and one was definitely Angel's car. Nobody else could have that stupid sticker that said "Police detective on board. Watch out and don't speed". He wondered what they might be doing there. Buffy saw him looking in a certain direction and followed his gaze to two cars. Both were huge SUV's and one had a stupid sticker on the bumper.

"What are you looking at?"

"Those two cars over there belong to my sister and brother."

"Oh. Why does that worry you?"

" Doesn't really. All of us use to frequent courthouses. They still do. Must be some huge case or something, because I see tons of police cars and one that belongs to another detective." When Spike's assessment was finished Buffy eyed him with curiosity.

"Are you sure you aren't in the wrong profession. That sounded a lot like a detective to me."

"In the blood. Come on lets go." They made their way to the courthouse.

They were inside the building that seemed so huge. To Spike it was home. It was the place that he was supposed to be. Sure his father would say that was because he was a good for nothing piece of shit, but that wasn't it. When he was younger he loved to hear the story that he was almost born in a courthouse. It just added to his theory. Buffy was a little nervous to be in there. She felt that this place was so huge at that she was so little. Spike seemed at home in this environment. She knew exactly why he was a lawyer just by looking at his face.

He loved courthouses. All of a sudden a group of people came out of a courtroom. It was a huge crowd of people that seemed to be there because of some big story. Lots of police officers were at the head of the group. Along with a very pissed of man and a girl who was trying to calm him down. Both Buffy and Spike knew who the girl was. It was Anya. Spike noticed that the man was Angel. Without realizing he was running towards them he took off, leaving Buffy wondering what he was doing.

"Angel! Anya!" Spike yelled. He wondered what had gotten his brother so pissed off he was kicked out of a courtroom. The crowd had all gone back into the courtroom leaving the courthouse quiet once again. Angel and Anya slowed down when they heard their names being called. They turned around to see that it was Spike.

"Hey, Will, what are you doing here?" Angel asked. He wondered why his brother was in a courthouse, which was stupid considering his profession.

"I have a case that is going to trial to day. Now I think the more appropriate question is what are you doing here?"

"I had to testify for a big case that I helped cracked. You remember me telling you 'bout that." Spike knew his brother was going to try and change the subject, so he turned to his sister for the answer to his unspoken question.

"He was thrown out because he doesn't know how to act in a courtroom. He yelled at the judge for Christ sakes!" Spike knew that his brother had not been in a courtroom in his life and that Angel also had a temper that would flare up and the littlest thing.

"So mind telling me why you yelled at the judge. Don't you know that that is the cardinal rule to courtroom edict?"

"Things just didn't go the way I wanted them to. I got a little angry."

"A little angry! You called the judge a fucking piece of shit ass wipe and said his verdict was bullshit." Spike chuckled in spite of the angry look on Angel's face. He knew that Anya would be very blunt on the truth.

"Thanks, Ahn, but I don't think Will needed to know all the details of my stupidity."

"Sure I did. You always get to hear all the details of my stupidity. I figure turn'bout is fair 'ame." He was speaking with his accent. Why was it that when he was around them it came out? Both Anya and Angel spoke with a slight accent.

"Well I guess, but still it was 'otally 'barassing. I don't think I'll be able to step inside a courthouse for 'bout a month or two." Angel said this with a grin on his face.

"Well actually I would give it 'bout four months for your display of jackassism. That is if they don't get a restraining order on the psycho who yelled at the judge." Anya said this and all of them broke out laughing.

Buffy stood not to far away from the small group. They seemed so close. She had caught parts of their conversation and knew that the older looking man who appeared very angry was his brother. They all seemed to fit together perfectly. The oldest had a bad temper, Spike was stubborn, and Anya was the one who lightened situations with her own brand of humor.

They were like the three musketeers. Buffy found herself wanting to have had a special relationship with anyone like the one Spike had with his siblings. She looked down at her watch and realized that they needed to be on their way. She cleared her throat loudly to catch Spike's attention.

Spike heard her clear her throat and knew that time had gotten away from him.

"Sorry, but I think it might be time to go," he said to his siblings, "I do have a court hearing to catch and I don't think Ms. Summers would be happy if we were late." Angel and Anya turned their attention to the small blonde standing a few feet away from them. Angel instantly understood the attraction. She was very pretty and held herself quiet well. Not rude, but gracefully.

Angel turned his attention to his little brother and said, "Okay, anyway I think I need to get something to cool down my temper. Although, this saves me a phone call, Cordelia and I are having a barbecue this weekend. You have to come."

It wasn't even a question and Spike knew that, but he had to ask his next question, "Is dad going to be there?" Spike had avoided his father since he was fired.

"Oh, Spike, cut this stupid teenage shit off. Xander and I are going. Wes and Fred are showing up. Giles is even coming." Anya was the one who said this. Angel was about to respond with something to that affect, but she was quicker than him.

"Still doesn't answer my question." Spike said quiet stubbornly. He knew he sounded like a little kid, but he had to inquire.

"Yes, Will, mom and dad are going to be there. But as Anya stated get your shit together, because Cordy will kill me if you aren't there. So I suggest that you get over the whole 'my dad hates my guts' bullshit and show up. I really don't feel like being castrated."

"I'll think about it."

"If you don't show up I'll get the whole fucking Sunny-D police department looking for your stubborn ass," Anya said.

"Alright. I really have to go now." Instead of waiting for their answer he grabbed Buffy and took off down the halls.

Buffy wasn't sure why he was so stubborn about going to his brother's for a barbecue. He seemed to love his family.

"Why are you so objective to going to your brother's house for some good family fun?" Buffy asked.

"I'll tell you about it later. Right now we have to get to a courtroom." That was the only thing he said as the silently searched for the courtroom that they had to go to.

When they found it the hurriedly stepped inside. No one was there so Buffy and Spike made their way to the benches where the people are suppose to sit. They sat quietly for a few minutes until the judge made his way inside the courtroom. Buffy and Spike stood up and sat down accordingly. The judge's voice boomed throughout the courtroom.

"Where is the defendant?"

"The defendant wasn't shown up yet." The bailiff said, in a monotone voice.

"Well we could get started or we can wait. Personally I will have to talk to Judge Price about this. She swore that everyone would be on time." Spike felt a twinge of guilt pass through him. He made a mental note to buy Fred something nice and pretty for her troubles.

"Well we haven't got all day. Why don't you start with your open argument, counselor." Spike stood up and adjusted his tie. He picked that up from Giles. Adjust the tie to make yourself look serious always impressed.

It is fairly simple, your honor. My client was married to the defendant and had to endure psychical and mental abuse. Now she wants to divorce her husband. She isn't asking for too much and I think that the other counselor and I can reach a mutual point on almost everything that is if they show up."

Good point out the flaws.

"The only thing that isn't being handle with ease is the matter of their six-year old daughter Dawn. My client wishes are that Dawn is only allowed to see her father under supervision. He has displayed time and time again that he is very abusive and my client thinks this is a reasonable request. Now she is willing to give this a little wiggle room, but not too much."

The judge seemed to ponder this for awhile.

"What about the matter of child support?"

"My client is willing to be very lenient on that matter. She doesn't want too much from Mr. Finn."

"Well I would have to agree with Mrs. Finn on the matter of the child. I don't think that a poor child she bear the berth of something so heinous as an abusive parent. Although I have no proof of this abuse and the defendant isn't hear to argue an case yet." Just than the doors opened wide to a woman and Riley Finn.


Dru walked with ease into the courtroom. How hard could a divorce case be? This guy was a piece of shit, but she was a defense attorney. She knew that the whole trick of showing up late would piss off the judge, but it would give the dire affect it always did. There was only one time it didn't work and there was no way that he would be there. That was until Dru spotted him. He seemed to be confident even though he was looking directly at her. That was what she admired most about him. His confidence in the courtroom. Of course that was only in the courtroom and nowhere else. That was why she cheated on him. She regretted it later, but at the time it was a good idea. He never stood up to anyone outside the courtroom especially his family. Dru could have shit her pants when she saw him. She walked confidently to the other bench and took out her files from her brief case. She silently looked them over.

"Well counselor I'm glad you decided to show up. We were just discussing your client. Now it has been brought to my intention that Mr. Finn is an abusive man. Care to reiterate?"

"Yes your honor. I believe that you have been lied to. My client was never abusive to his child or the defendant. This is all quiet ludicrous." Buffy's face fell into a frown. She couldn't believe Riley was actually pulling that card. He was a piece of shit, yes, but she never pegged him as a liar. Especially in a courtroom. It was just another side she never saw of him and now she would never see of him.

Spike looked at Buffy trying to tell her that he had prepared for this. What he wasn't prepared for was to have his ex-girlfriend defend Buffy's husband. He knew that it would be tougher than he thought. He could handle it though. He knew Dru's tricks. The whole 'come late and you'll win 'em over' wasn't going to work this time.

"Well my client has proof that the defendant was abusive. If the defendant wants to take that route to things than my client and I are happy to oblige. Although I must know that everything is agreed upon before I go any further." Spike finished.

"Everything with the settlement is agreed upon." Dru said. She wasn't going to let him intimidate her. She knew him and she would win. So what if the guys really did hit his wife and kid? It wasn't her problem. Riley looked over at Buffy and then Dru.

Buffy looked so hurt and he knew why. He was lying. He was letting Miss Collins lie. It was wrong, he knew, but he would do anything to see his daughter. Even if it meant lying. He wouldn't put up with supervised visits every once a month. He wanted to be involved in his daughter's life not a spectator. He put on his resolve face and went back to listen to the lawyers talk.

"Since everything is boiling down to just the matter of the child and it doesn't seem the plaintiff is prepared to started witness testimony, I'm granting a recess until 9:00 o'clock next Monday morning. That is three days to come up with witnesses and evidence, Mr. Flannery. And please don't go asking other judge's for continuances or to speed things up. It puts me in an awful position." With that the judge left and both sides gathered their stuff.

Buffy and Spike put their stuff away pretty quickly, but couldn't avoid a confrontation with their ex's.

"Well, Spike, it seems you have your work cut out for you." Dru commented.

"Well if you mean by that winning this case and never letting you forget it I think I will enjoy that work."

"Remark with the witty puns all you want, but we both know who was more experience."

"Sometimes more experience isn't a good thing." With that Spike started to leave the courtroom, but realized Buffy wasn't following him.

Buffy was staring at Riley with murder in her eyes. She started to speak in a low voice, "You fucking cock sucker. You are a piece of shit son of a bitch. Why don't you just admit you hit Dawn and me? You fucking throw bullshit at me after what you put me through. You shitty bastard! I outta cut your useless dick off!" Buffy was screaming by the time she was finished. Spike ran over to her and tried to get her to stop.

"Oh like you were Miss Perfect. You were a stupid bitch!" Riley was beginning to loss his grip. She shouldn't be yelling at him. She was taking his kid away.

"I never hurt my kid you fucking dickless son of a Bitch!" Buffy knew she was being stupid, but she couldn't help yelling at him. She ignored Spike as he tried to calm her down.

"You are such a whore you know that. You are the one trying to take my kid away. You fucking bitch!"

"What are you going to do? Hit me." Riley really felt liking hitting her, but he knew he couldn't in front of all these people.

Spike knew this would turn uglier if he allowed it to go on.

"Alright. Both of you shut your mouths. This will not help anything."

"Your client started it." Dru said with ease.

"That ain't the point. I'm stopping it. Now Buffy go outside and Dru, next time, try to stop things. I could have used some help. But then again you were probably eating this up." With that Buffy and Spike left.

"What was that about?"

"I got angry." Buffy knew it wasn't a good response.

"Fuck! You got angry. Shit! You know how much re-con I'm gonna have to do to fix this. Fuck! Get mad at him after." Spike was cursing too much for his liking. He took a deep breath and then calmed down.

"Let's just go to the deli and maybe after I eat I'll calm down." Spike nodded and they left.


They were sitting in the deli. They were quiet the whole way there. Buffy only talked to give spike the directions and Spike didn't feel up to talking to her right know. They order and were know waiting for their food. Buffy thought that she should break the silence.

"Look I know I was irrational, but I couldn't help it. It got a little out of hand."

"S'kay. I would have gotten upset too. I just want you to know that you can't act like that anymore."

"Understood. Now I think that I have two questions to ask you."


"Well was it just me or do you know Riley's lawyer?" Buffy thought she saw the surprise in his eyes when the black haired woman entered the courtroom.

"Actually, yes, I do know Dru."

"On a more personal basis then work?"

"Yes. She and I dated for quiet some time. I dumped her last year when I caught her cheating on me. She was a real bitch to me anyway. Said that I wasn't confident enough."

"Oh well you don't really need that."

"No I don't. I just haven't been able to think about women since I dumped her. She did a number to my head. So what is the second question?"

"Well it is actually the same question I had earlier." Spike knew which one she was talking about.

"Oh, well I really don't get along with my dad."

"I sensed that."

"It's a whole thing."

"I have time."

"Well, he wanted all his kids to be perfect. I was slightly less then fitting to that image. I guess you could say I was a bad kid. Got arrested a few times back in my teen years. Anyway, he thought I would amount to nothing. He also wanted all his kids to become police officers. I, obviously, didn't follow that trend. So as you can see, he hates me."

"There isn't more to that story?"

"Well the whole fact that we fight constantly doesn't help."

"So know dramatic stories?"

"No, I'm afraid not. We never hit each other or anything like that. Just never got along. Giles was more of a dad then he was."

"Your mentor."

"Yeah, he was there for me when I needed him. In fact, come to think of it, it would be nice to see him again."

"See you should go. It would be good for you to clear things up with your dad."

"Yeah, but I'm very stubborn. I'll probably won't decide to go until the last minute." Spike and Buffy laughed at the insult to Spike.

"Well you aren't the only stubborn one. I can be pretty stubborn."

"It isn't like it is a bad thing." Buffy giggled. She couldn't remember the last time she laughed. It felt like years ago.

"Also, I know I said two questions, but I have to ask. Is the accent real?"

Spike tensed up for awhile and then answered the question, "Yes."

"How come you hide it?"

"Well I hate where it comes from."

"Which is?"

"My dad moved us from England when I was seven. I loved it, but hated it at the same time."

"Okay I'm not going to get a whole answer from you am I?"

"Well I guess I could tell you about Spike's horrible England experiences. Well my dad was always working and so was my mom. They worked their asses off trying to provide for us. I never saw them. When my dad moved us from that country to the US of course I was heart broken. It was the only home I knew. I had to leave friends and family. My dad took us away from there because he didn't think it had much to offer. I don't speak with the accent because of all the ridicule I received from peers. Also because that country is the reason my dad took a more active interest in my life."

"Lost a little. I thought you wanted your dad to spend more time with you?"

"Are you insane. My dad did nothing, but nit pick at my life. Even as a little boy. It got much worse when he had time to sit down and do it properly."

Buffy thought about that. When her dad was alive and around he had never treated her like that, but she knew what nit picking could do to a kid. Her mother was like that. Every little thing Buffy did wasn't up to her standards, except for marry Riley, which showed her mother's lack of common sense.

"I can image how that feels. I hate it that my mother picks at every little detail of my life. She just can't seem to get it that I'm a grown-up that can make her own decisions. She used to do that constantly until I shut her out."

"See so shutting out parents is a good thing every once in a while. I love my mom, but I can't stand my dad."

"I love my mom, but can't stand her." they laughed at how similar their lives were.

Their lunch came and they ate, but not in silence. Spike told Buffy about his niece and nephew, who he spent a large amount of time with. He told her about how his big brother was like his dad and that he and his sister called their brother dad as a nickname. He told her more about his wild life as a teen and about the only person he would give his life for without a second thought, his best friend Wes. The way he talked about Wesley was enough to mill her over. He held this man in the highest respect. Buffy never talked about Willow that way and she didn't understand why. Willow was her best friend and she was always there for her just like Wes was always there for Spike.

"So enough about me. Let me here something about you."

"Well it's pretty uneventful. I grew up in Los Angeles and moved here because it was where Riley was from. I had Dawn when I was about twenty one and I've been a mom and a nurse since then."

"What about being a doctor? What happened to that?"

"Well I went to pre-med. and I finished it before I gave birth to Dawn. I never went to med. school because I had to take care of Dawn. I settled for being a nurse instead. I still help people so it isn't too bad."

"You never thought about going back?"

"Course I did, but I decided that I had to care of Dawn. It really wasn't a hard decision."

"So, what about friends? Any besides Willow?"

"Not really. I never made friends with anybody besides Riley's friend's wives. They were boring, trophy wives. They didn't really appeal to me, but I kept up appearances. Willow is probably my only friend."

"Well now you have two."

"What. Oh you. Yeah I guess you're right I do have two friends." Buffy kept the disappointment out of her voice. She knew now that he just wanted to be her friend.

Spike knew that Buffy wanted to hear that, or at least he thought. He was relieved that he was able to say it without sounding to fake.

"You know what?"


"Friends really shouldn't let their friends do something they don't want to do alone."

"Your point."

"Well I think that maybe you should go with me to this bb-q. I really don't feel like going alone." What was he doing he thought. This was an invite to meet his family and Spike didn't think that that was appropriate.

"Well I don't know. Dawn and I are probably doing something." Buffy wasn't sure what he was getting at so she played it off coolly.

"Dawn can come. I know that she really loves my car. Besides, my niece and nephew are about her age so she won't be bored." What was he doing he thought. This was totally unlike him.

"I guess when you put it that way it seems okay. I just thought that Wes would be there for you." "Wes wants me to put this whole I hate my dad thing behind me. I need someone who doesn't know my dad so that I could have somewhere to retreat."

"You make it sound like a bombardment."

"It will be. It's going to be Will this and Will that. He's going to pick on me for every detail of my life. He already was enough ammo, which is partly my fault, but still. I need someone who will be there to say 'Spike you know that your life isn't totally in the shitter.' Not to mention the fact that Xander will be there. He loves it that my dad picks on me so much. It makes his job a lot easier."

"Alright I get the picture. I know that it would probably be easier to have a friend there. I guess I can't say no to you. I mean you will be all helpless to defend yourself against your big bad dad and his evil sidekick your brother-in-law."

"Exactly. I can't defend myself."

"Maybe you're in the wrong business."

"No I defend other people. There's a difference."

"Right. Okay so you'll pick us up at..."

"4:00 on Saturday."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Great then I guess we are on for Saturday." Spike wondered what he had just done. He had asked a woman who he was very attracted too to a family gathering. It wasn't just stupid, but selfish for him. Why did he have to open his mouth ever?

Buffy thought about the invitation all the way home. There wasn't anything wrong for two friends to go to one friend's family gathering. It was a normal thing friends do. Meet each other's families and hang out. She could be a friend with a guy she was attracted to. It would be different, but she would probably stop feeling that way soon. She had to otherwise she was doomed.

Chapter 6:

Spike had been thinking about telling Buffy that Angel had cancelled the stupid barbecue and that they should just take Dawn and go do something. All week he agonized about what to do. He was stubborn that way. He couldn't just go over to Angel's with Buffy and say 'This is Buffy and her daughter Dawn and we are just friends. That wasn't him and his friends and family would see through it. He asked himself for the millionth time why did I ask her to go with me to this stupid thing?

It was Saturday and he had decided that he would just go with her and act natural. He put on his favorite leather duster because it was a very breeze day and looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing normal black dickies work pants and a white buttoned up shirt. He would rather be wearing all black, but even though it was breezy, the sun was out. The pants and the duster would be enough black. Also his father hated it when he wore black. He was pushing it with the duster.

Spike always wanted his dad's attention. He would never admit to that, but he subconsciously worked around it. Spike disliked his father, but he still respected him. He never wore, did, or said anything that would piss his father off. Even when he came home too drunk to walk and had smoked three packs of cigarettes he would never cross that line.

Except for that one time. Spike remembered that night all too well. He had just gotten home from a ten-hour workday and was very tired. All he wanted to do was go to sleep. When he got to his loft his father called him right away with urgent news. Spike jumped in his car and practically flew to his parent's house.

Spike didn't remember what he was thinking at the time. Maybe it was Anya, or Angel, or someone else who had gotten hurt. He rushed inside the house and looked for his father.

"Da where are ya?"

"In the study, William." He remembered his father's voice being calm and collective. With anyone else it would have relieved the worry, but it only intensified it for Spike. Nathaniel Flannery was known for not showing any emotions, especially when the worst happened. Spike apprehensively entered the study fearing the worst. He came and sat by his father and waited for him to talk. Nathaniel looked up from his drink and stared at his son. He found his voice and started to talk.

"I know this may be hard for you to understand, but you must know." Nathan always had the thickest British accent. Spike waited for the news to be delivered.

"You need to learn to take responsibility for yourself."

That was it. That was the fatal blow that his father was giving him.

"Da, I know that seems like it is a huge deal, but I was thinking that someone died or something. You don't have to sound so melodramatic."

"William this is serious. You must clean up your act."

"It's squeaky clean. I don't need to clean up anything. I've been at my job for almost two years now. I'm fine."

"No you're not. Your life was been one big party after another. Alexander told me that Angel and Wesley had to pick you up from a bar in the middle of the day."

Spike could kill Xander. That was none of his business. He had just broken up with Dru at the time and he was going through a lot. He still had his job.

"I'm fine now. I had a slip up. It won't happen again."

Crap why am I still seeking his approval, Spike thought.

"Your boss called me. As you know I'm good friends with him. I called him after Alexander told me about your drinking. He said that you yelled at him and he was considering firing you. I don't think that's squeaky clean."

"So now you are checking up on me?" Spike was getting angry. He was twenty-eight and could do what ever he wanted without his dad's approval. He could live on the street if he wanted. It was his choice.

"I'm just trying to do what's best for you. I think I could get Mr. Chamberlain to reconsider firing you if you promise me you will stop this path to self destruction."

"Don't do me any favors. I hate working for that old bastard any way."

"Sour grapes won't help anyone."

"Fuck sour grapes. I'm twenty-eight. I can do whatever the fuck I want. I'm not little William any more."

"I know that but all this most stop. You don't realize that what you are doing isn't benefiting anyone."

"Well that just proves you right now doesn't it. You always said that I would never amount to anything."

"Will that is not true."

"Just admit it. You never thought I could do anything right. I was ruining your shitty image. 'Mister Cop'. When I didn't want to be a fucking pig you assumed that I would be poor and stupid the rest of my life!" Spike was screaming. He was trying to get out all his angry in one spout.

"You know what, 'Spike', you are absolutely correct. You want to know why I thought you would never amount to anything because you won't!" Spike's dad was yelling too.

"Well that wasn't so hard now was it? You think that I'm a piece of shit!''

"That is because you are a piece of shit!''

"Well it's nice to hear you finally say it. You could have said it earlier. I wouldn't have given a fuck about what you thought anyway."

"Oh, right, you were always crying out for my attention. I could see it all the time. I tried to give it to you, but you didn't deserve it!"

"Shit yeah that was how it always happened. Right! Angel was more of a dad than you ever could be!"

"So you're not going to pull the whole 'you paid more attention to Angel and Anya than you did me' speech? What kind of shitty lawyer are you?"

"One that wishes you would back the fuck off! I don't need you anymore. Shit I never needed you. You treated me like a stupid motherfucker and I put up with it. I don't know what the fuck I was thinking! You are the piece of shit you stupid ass wipe!" Spike could see that his dad was offended by the remark or at least didn't see it coming.

His father calmed himself and started to talk in a low voice, "At least I don't have to pretend to care about you anymore. You will never amount to anything and I don't want to look at something disgusting fail at something so easily. You'll fail at life William! Now I know that I don't have to care anymore."

Spike didn't know what to say. He wanted to say something equally as hurtful, but couldn't think of anything smart or witty.

"Fuck you! I don't give a shit if you care or not. You may be my father by blood, but you're a fucking asswhole by choice you piece of shit!" after saying this Spike ran off and out of the house.

Since then Spike avoided his father at all costs. He was fired from his job shortly after that and that was when everyone found out about his tiff with his dad. Angel and Anya felt that it should have happened sooner, but were thankful they weren't around to see it. They both saw how their father treated Spike and were disgusted when he did so.

Anya got him a job at Xander's firm and scolded him for telling her father secrets like that. Spike was sorry for Xander, but happy that someone put him in his place. He knew that the job at the firm was temporary and that everyone supported him with whatever he did, but he couldn't help it that his father's words rang his mind.

You'll fail at life William!

Spike got in his car started on his way to Buffy's maybe he would forget about all this if he just talked to her. He didn't know why he thought that he just did.


Buffy and Dawn were ready to go. They had been for about twenty minutes now. Spike was late and Buffy was beginning to worry that he wasn't going to show up.

He probably realized that it seemed a little irrational, although we are just friends. I mean at least that what he said we were, Buffy thought.

She didn't really think Spike's invite was real until he started to talk about it more seriously. She thought that Spike was just trying to be funny, but he started to get that tone in his voice that spoke otherwise. It didn't take Dawn much convincing. She really liked Spike because he treated her like a person and not as a kid even though she was one. Willow was another story. Buffy had had dinner with her and Oz yesterday night. She could still hear Willow's voice in her mind.

Buffy had gone over to Willow and Oz's for dinner. She thought that it might be a nice change of venue. Willow was such a good cook and Oz was a joy to have around even though he spoke in monosyllable. Buffy was having a great time until Willow asked her to come out with her and Oz Saturday.

"Well I kinda have plans already," Buffy said uneasily.

"Oh come on you and Dawn can do whatever silly thing it is your doing some other night."

"Well we are kinda going out somewhere and I promised Dawn that we would." Buffy wasn't lying too much. She had told Dawn that they were going to a barbecue with Spike and Dawn made Buffy promise not to her change mind.

"Okay then," was Oz's response. Oz was great at trusting that people were telling him the truth even if he knew they weren't. He figured Buffy would tell them what was up on her own time. Willow was not as easy to convince.

"Oh come on Buffy. You need to get out and not just with your daughter."

"My daughter is my life, Will. I can't just decide that 'me time' is more important."

"Dawn will understand that you have been put through some stress. She'll let you go out, so what's the prob?"

"Look I just want to do this with Dawn okay." Buffy was getting angry and that was a sure sign that she was lying.

"You are lying to me. What are you hiding?"

"Nothing. I just want to spend the day with Dawn. This invite is last notice and all."

"Willow, maybe we should just forget it." Oz was trying to lighten the situation. He didn't think Buffy needed to be treated like a child.

"No, Oz, my best friend is hiding something from me. I should be able to know everything that is going on in your life Buffy. I'm the one who is there for you."

"Don't try to guilt trip me, Will. It isn't even a blimp on the radar screen."

"Then why not just tell me?"

"Alright. I'm going over to Spike's family's house for a barbecue."

Willow was silent for a while. She didn't know what to say. Buffy had known the guy for a little while and already she was going to his parent's for a BBQ.

"Buffy I thought we discussed that you should hold off on going after the guy. You are still married."

"I know. I'm just going over there as a friend. He said he would need a friend to help him face his dad. It would be fun. I don't have very many friends, Will. Spike seems like such a nice guy and Dawn seems to like him."

"Still it is so totally wrong. I think that you should just leave it all up in the air before going to a family gathering with him. What if he turns out to be an asshole? Then what? You'll be in so deep that you'll have another Riley on your hands. It's not your fault, but you end up with the retards that don't see a good thing when they're looking at it."


"Okay I'm going out on a limb here because I don't know much about this Spike guy, but is he the lawyer?" Oz asked.

"Yes." Both girls said in unisons.

"Just checking. Please continue with the ranting about how wrong it is. Soon you'll need the guru named Oz to help you with this one."

These words were said sarcastically, but they had an effect on both women. Oz was always a wise guy and they wanted to see what he thought of the situation.

"Okay we're biting guru now spill it." Buffy said.

Oz cleared his throat and started to speak.

"Buffy you obviously think that dating Spike is wrong, but you are attracted to him. Now, you think that by being his friend you'll forget all that stuff and just be pals. Willow you think that this is all wrong and that she will end up falling too deep for this guy. You think that she should limit contact to just lawyery stuff. Well seeing as both of you can't agree I think that I will voice my opinion. I think that Buffy's way to approach things is best," Buffy let out a triumphant 'ha' and Oz looked at her before he continued, "The reason I think this is because you get to find out stuff about him without having to do all the dating stuff. It's perfect."

Both women had to admit that it was a good idea. They called a truce and went back to eating their dinner.

Now Buffy was waiting for Spike and she wasn't sure that he was coming. She thought that he would, but she couldn't be sure. Just then a honk woke her out of her trance. She and Dawn ran outside to see Spike in his car waiting for them. Spike saw Buffy and Dawn come out and thought to himself, Wow she looks great! Buffy was wearing a green peasant top and a denim knee length skirt. Her hair was doing a wavy sort of thing. Dawn got in the back seat and Buffy climbed into the passenger seat. Spike wasn't sure what he should say so he uttered the first words that came to his mouth,

"Okay then lets get going."

"Okay then."


They got to Angel's house in a matter of minutes. Dawn mostly talked to Spike and Buffy, sometimes, joined in on their conversation. Buffy wasn't sure what to say so she thought it would be better to keep quiet. When they reached Angel's house Buffy looked at it with awe. It was a two-story house and had a beautiful garden in the front. It reminded her of a mansion because the outside paint was white and there were many steps to reach the front door of the house. The front yard was very spacious. The whole house looked very clean.

"Wow, it looks like such a cool house," Dawn said.

"It is very cool. The front yard isn't nearly as pretty as the back yard," Spike said.

He saw the look on both Buffy and Dawn's faces and wanted to laugh. To him this house was a little shack compared to his parent's house. Spike always had lived in big houses. Except for his loft, which was pretty big considering. It amazed him how people could be so awe struck over a big pretty house. He decided that he better not say anything because it would make Buffy feel poorer then she really was.

"Well like I said the house is better looking as you go further back. I think we should get a move on it because we're already late." Dawn and Buffy moved like they were on automatic as they slowly got out of the car. Again Spike wanted to laugh but thought that it was better he keep his mouth shut. They reached the front door and Spike was about to knock when Cordelia answered the door.

Angel was getting very ancy that Spike hadn't showed up yet. Cordelia could see that look on his face that told her that he was worried or annoyed. She guessed it was annoyed. She felt bad for her husband, but she understood Spike's point on things. He and his dad never got along and she had witnessed Nathan picking on the man a few times. Nathan could be very brutal when it came to his youngest son.

"You know I think that I'll go check to see if Will is here yet." The brunette got up from her seat and went to the front door. When she got to the door she saw that Spike was there, but so were two other people. A woman who looked about Spike's age and a young girl about five or six were standing next to Spike. The woman was a little short, but only a little skinny. She was very pretty and had blonde hair. The little girl had long brown hair and green eyes like her mom or at least Cordelia thought it was her mom.

"Hey, Spike, we thought that you decided not to come."

"Hi Cordy, we're not that late are we?"

"No, but your parents are here and Angel thought that you wouldn't come."

"I decided that it was time to try and forget all that."

"Well I'm glad. Why don't you and you're guests come in." Buffy looked at the woman. She was a brunette and sort of tall. She was slim and her hair was up in a bun. She was also very pretty in a classic way. She was wearing a bright summer dress. She sounded so sincere that Buffy wondered how Spike's parents could be as bad as he said. She noticed that the woman had mentioned Spike's parents being there in relation to him not showing up.

Spike ushered Buffy and Dawn inside the house. Spike was right; it was a very pretty house. They reached the sliding doors that led to the back of the house and Buffy and Dawn saw that the back yard was just as floral as the front if not more. There was also a pool. They reached the outside of thew house and smelled meat cooking on a barbecue. "Everybody this is Buffy and Dawn. Buffy and Dawn this is everyone," Spike said.

"Hi." was Buffy's response. She could see his brother and sister. She knew from the pictures in his office that the couple sitting at a table was Fred and Wes. Buffy sat down at a table and waited to get bombarded with questions. She didn't have to wait long.

"So, how do you know Spike?" Fred asked.

"Oh, well I met him because he is my lawyer."

"Oh so you are his new client." This was a comment made by Wes. He seemed to have had an epiphany about something, but didn't share.

"Well are you two dating?" Anya asked. She would love it if her brother was dating someone and she didn't care if she sounded blunt.

"Anya!" Spike said in an outraged voice.

"It's okay. No we're just friends. He asked me to come here with him for moral support. Personally I just think he's a big baby."

Everyone laughed at Buffy's joke. Buffy was relieved that they weren't going to tense up on her.

"So, speaking of the whole moral support thing. Where is dad?" Spike said, with a hint of nervousness.

"He's upstairs giving some gifts to Connor and Maddy," Angel said. He was running his finger over the edge of his cup.

"Oh so that's why it's so quiet."

"My kids aren't that loud, Will."

"Please, Dad, all kids are loud and especially your kids," Anya said.

"Well Dawn here doesn't seem to be loud," Angel said. Everyone looked at Dawn.

"That's because there isn't anything to be loud about. Once other kids are around her the volume raises." Buffy said. Dawn still sat there looking at everyone.

"Well she seems very quiet to me," Angel said.

"Start talking about cars." Buffy instructed Angel.

"Okay, Dawn what's your favorite car?"

"LS-50 Furrier. It's a vintage classic."

"So, what's the horsepower on that car?" Wes asked. He was startled that a little girl would know what a furrai was.

"200-horsepower. Doesn't go that fast, but the interior is pure leather. The outside is also very shiny and you don't even have to wax it. The lights could be a little lower though." A round of laughter burst out as Dawn went on and on about the car. (A/N: I know nothing about cars so this rubbish. :)

"Well I guess Ahn was right. So, Dawn, did you bring your bathing suit?" Angel asked.

"Yes I did."

"Well as soon as my kids come out you could go swimming, if you want."

"Great." As if on cue two kids came running out of the sliding doors; a boy and a girl. The girl was older than the boy was. She looked like she was about ten and the boy looked about Dawn's age. They were both wearing bathing suits.

"Connor! Maddy! I want you to meet someone. This is Dawn."


"She is six and came her with Uncle Will." When the name 'Uncle Will' was said the two kids sprinted in Spike's direction.

"Uncle Spike!" both of them squealed. Spike picked them up in his arms and twirled around. Then he safely put them back on he ground. "Hey guys this is one of my friends." He pointed to Dawn.

"She is probably feeling a little nervous about meeting new people for the first time so why don't you make her feel more at home." The two kids walked over to Dawn.

"Wanna go swimming?" Connor asked her.


"Okay let's go." They ran off and jumped into the pool.

"Well kids will be kids." Spike said.

"So when are we eating?"

"As soon as Giles comes back with the meat and I cook it."

"Well then do you have anything to drink?"

"The sodas are over there." Spike wanted to ask if he had any beer, but he knew that he did and that Angel would never let him have one.

"Okay then. Anybody want anything to drink?"

"I'll take a beer." Anya said.

"Yeah me too." Wes said.

"Buffy, would you like something to drink?"

"Sure, is there any diet coke?" She was asking Cordelia

"Yeah, it's the only thing I can drink. I hate beer."

"Alright then I'll be back with the drinks."

Spike went inside leaving the group alone. It didn't take long to hear them erupt in laughter over something. Spike could hear Buffy's little giggle. He loved it when she laughed. Her whole face lit up. Spike searched for the ice chest containing the beverages. He found the one with the beer first so he grabbed two for Anya and Wes.

He was looking for the other ice chest when he heard, "William it is so good to see you again." It was his mother's voice. Spike turned around slowly.

"William, are you drinking again?"

"No these are for Anya and Wes. I was just looking for..." he didn't have a chance to finish before his father's voice interrupted him.

"So you are drinking again." His voice was smooth and calm and had a matter of fact tone to it.

"No these aren't for me. They are for Anya and Wes. I was just looking for the one with soda in it."

"It's over there by the refrigerator." His father said and then left.

"You must excuse your father's behavior William. He is still a little angry about your fight." With that his mother left. Spike grabbed the Diet Coke and a can of Sprite. He sauntered his way outside and sat down next to Buffy.

While Spike was inside the house, his parents had come outside. They were surprised to see Buffy there because they didn't know who she was.

"Hello dear. May I ask who you are?" Spike's mother said.

"Um I'm... Will's friend Buffy." She said. Buffy didn't think that his parents called him Spike so she said Will.

"Oh, how long have you to been seeing each other?"

"We aren't 'seeing' each other. We are just friends."

"Just as well. That boy will never amount to anything." Buffy was appalled that he would say something like that even though she knew that Spike's father was mean. It was weird to hear it confirmed though.

"Da, stop it. I already told you that if you were to come you should remain civil. Now let's not badger Buffy. She is actually a very nice person," Angel said.

"Very well, so, Buffy, is it?"


"Is that short for something?"

"No, it's just Buffy."

"Oh, so what do you do?"

"I'm a nurse."

"Oh that's nice." Spike had just come out and sat next to Buffy. He had a tense look on his face. He handed Anya, Wes, and Buffy their drinks. He avoided looking straight at his dad.

Conversation started and Spike stayed out of it. Buffy was talking and having a good time with his father. Why was it that everyone else could get along with his father, but Spike couldn't? He pondered that in his mind as he listened to the others talk. They were all so engaged in their conversation and they all seemed so happy. He felt like an outsider watching this display of perfect family togetherness. Even Buffy seemed like more a part of his family than he did. They were laughing at a joke that Angel told. Spike thought was a rather bad one. He wished that Giles would hurry up with the food. As if on cue Giles came out to the back door carrying a bag of meat.

"I have the rest of the hamburger meat," he said.

"The rest?" Spike said. He thought that Giles was coming with all of the meat.

"We ran out of meat and knew that we would need more," Anya said.


"Spike, I didn't know you would be showing up. It is so good to see you my boy."

Giles was totally honest when he said this. Nathan had always thought that Spike would never accomplish great things and it upset him. Giles knew that Spike was destined to be a great lawyer. There was just no denying that. Even before he realized his passion for law, Spike was always had a way with words. He could talk his way out of a wet paper bag. Not only was he persuasive, but he had a talent for arguing, which was mostly because he could be so stubborn there was no talking to him.

"Hey Giles!" Spike's voice turned from dull and dreary to upbeat and happy.

He always loved it when he saw Giles. Giles was like Wes. He never judged Spike now matter how stupid he was, but he did tell him when he was being an ass. He was like the dad he always wanted. He encouraged him to go to law school when his father criticized him. Spike went up to Giles and gave him a hug.

"It is really good to see you. It was been a long time since we last talked," Spike said.

"Yes I know. I've been so busy lately I've forgotten to see how my apprentice was," Giles said. He had always called Spike 'my apprentice'.

"You know what? I've been meaning to talk to you about something very important. Can we discuss it after dinner?"


Nathan looked upon this display with jealousy. Someone else was always the one to get through to his son. For Christ sakes it was his son. It was never him that got through to William. It was either Wesley or Giles. Someone who wasn't related to his son was able to talk to him without making Will feel small or explode. Sometimes it was even Angel and Anya who were able to get through to that thick skull that William had.

Will's mother was always able to get through to their son too. He remembered how he would run to Samantha when Nathan had made him upset. It provided ammo against him. Nathan would call him a little momma's boy and that would just make Will even madder.

Nathan never thought that his son would hate him. That was the only explanation for his entire behavior. He was rebelling against his father. Nathan never asked his son if that was the reason, but he figured that it was. He didn't need conformation. It was bad enough he did those things. His son was supposed to love him and be his son. They were supposed to do father/son things, but they never had a good relationship. It just never happened that way.

"Well, I think that we should get these hamburgers started," Angel said. He took the meat from Giles and headed over to the barbeque. As if by magic Wes, Spike, and Giles followed him with drinks in hand.

"Must be a guy thing," Anya said. Buffy laughed at the joke.

"Yeah well it's better that they're over there where you can see them than where you can't," Cordelia said.

"So, speaking of guys, Anya, where is Xander?" Anya's mom asked.

"Oh he's at work with millions of stacks of paper work. He fired his last paper-pusher so now he was to pay the piper."

"Well it's good to know that he won't get shot. I'll tell ya I'm always afraid that Angel well get shot when he's pulling one of his undercover raids."

"Cordelia you must be sensible. Angel will not get shot." Nathan said.

"No offense Mr. Flannery, but Cordelia is just expressing a worry that most wives think about. It would be scary if she didn't care," Buffy said. She remembered being married to Riley and how it made her sick to her stomach to think that he might get shot. Now of course she was the one who wanted to pull the trigger.

Nathan looked at the blonde with some surprise. She was confident enough to speak up against him.

"Well Ms. Summers I just think it is unreasonable to think that way. Angel has never been shot at or anything like that."

"Yes, but there is a first time for everything. Look I know it sounds a little hasty, but people just can't help thinking that way. Blame it on Murphy's Law."

"Well she has you there, Nathaniel. I think you should retire from the hencoop here. Go with the guys and be manly," Samantha said. Nathan looked at his wife before he got up and went over to the barbeque.

"Well now it is just us girls. So, Buffy, I know you said that nothing is going on between you and my son, but now that no one is here you can tell us the truth. What is really happening?"

"Nothing Mrs. Flannery."

"Call me Sam. Now you say nothing, but I can see it."

"Sam, I'm still married. Well legally anyway."

"What happens after that?" Cordelia asked. This conversation intrigued her. She thought that Spike needed someone in his life.

"We stay friends I guess."

"You don't want to be anything more?" Anya asked. Buffy felt like she was being interrogated.

"Well I don't think that he wants to be anything more than friends. He was the one who wanted us to be just friends."

"So then there is sparkage then?" Fred asked. She wanted in on this conversation.

"I have the weird feeling that you aren't going to let this go."

"Well, we all want what is best for Spike. He's my brother; my mom's son and he, Cordelia and Fred were friends before he set them up with Wes and Angel."

"He set you guys up with your husbands?"

"He sure did. I'm very happy that he did."

"I was mad at him at first, but I really loved Wes so I got over it."

"Well then he might just wanna set me up with a friend of his."

"He doesn't have any left. You two would be perfect. You know after you got a divorce."


Angel had been flipping the burgers with such concentration. He was tense about something and Spike could see it.

"I didn't know it took that much concentrating to flip a burger."

"Yeah if you throw that thing down with anymore time we'll be eating by next week for sure," Wes too had notice Angel's delay on cooking the meat.

"It's just that it seems that they are talking about something." He pointed in the direction of the girls.

"I wonder what about."

"Well women will be women," Giles said as he took a swing out of his beer.

"I'm very lucky that I got Jenny when I did. I don't think I could deal with the women of today."

"Cordelia acts like that. She was always a person who knew exactly what she wanted and went for it. Her motto was 'screw anyone who gets in my way'."

"Fred is independent and all, but she still treats me with respect. We get along just fine. She isn't really the 'I am woman hear me roar' type."

"Yeah I get along with Cordelia, but sometimes she wants to do things that I just can't understand. She's a little too independent some times."

Spike wasn't really listening to their conversation. He was staring at Buffy. She was having such a good time. That was all he wanted was for her to have a good time. Everything else didn't matter. Dawn seemed to be enjoying herself too. They were both enjoying themselves. It was nice to think that he had something to do with that.

"Hey, we asked you a question. What is up with you and that Buffy girl?" Wes asked. He was dying to know if his friend was finally moving on with things in his life.

"Nothing we are just friends."

"Right just like you and Dru were just friends." Angel said.

"That was different. Dru wasn't married and she was very, very persuasive. Buffy isn't a psychotic bitch that uses people like toilet paper. She can just be friends with someone without having to have sex with them."

"Look Spike, Angel, Wes, and I just want you to be happy. You seem to light up when you're around her. When she laughs you laugh. You're like a couple."

"We are a couple...a couple of friends. Nothing more." Spike took a drink of his soda and wished it was a beer.

"Well at least she doesn't seem like the type to put herself before anything else."

"That is because she doesn't know how. Her stupid dumb ass husband wouldn't let her do that. Besides she had Dawn to worry about."

"All I'm saying is that I wish that Cordy would just try and be a mom more than superwoman."

"She's living her dream and you are lucky to be part of it. A person needs to live before anything else. Cordy just needs to be herself even if that is a strong independent woman. She loves you and her kids. It's not like she would do anything to put them danger."

"Yeah I guess. It's just sometimes I wish she was around more. Her job at the magazine always seems so much more important."

"Well Angel, you should realize that isn't true. Fred spends hours at work, but she always comes home."

"Jenny may have a job, but I know she loves me." Spike looked at his brother. He could see in those brown eyes of his sadness beyond anyone's imagination.

"Wes why don't you take over cooking the hamburgers. Angel needs to take a little break." Spike said as he ushered Angel to the house.

"I'm fine."

"Angel its okay if you have something else to do."

"He does he was to talk to his little brother for a sec." That was all that was said before Spike rushed Angel to the house.

Nathan had been listening in on the conversation. William had said some pretty nice things about women and how they needed their space. He knew that that advice had come from within and it made a lot of sense. It also had a hidden meaning. He realized that his son was so wise beyond what Nathan gave him credit for.

He had learned that what he did was wrong, but he had also came to the realization that people need to do things in order to find themselves. It was a great lesson that Nathan himself had barely learned right then and there. He was surprised when both of his sons went into the house so abruptly. He had to know what was going on.

Spike closed the door to the den and looked at Angel. He hadn't seen it before, but Angel looked so tired. Tired beyond years and it made him look older.

"Mind telling what is going on?"

"Nothing. Nothing is going on. I'm just..."

"Angel you don't look good. What the hell is going on?" Spike was worried. He didn't know why he just thought that there was something to worry about.

"I went to the doctors yesterday. I have been feeling very tired lately. Anyway he said that I might have some sort of kidney failure. I'm not sure I remember what it's called, but he drew some blood and told me the tests results will be coming in a week." Angel said all of this in a casual voice, but Spike could see right through it. He was scared. More than scared he was frightened. In all the years Spike was alive Angel had never been scared of anything and seeing him like this made Spike scared.

"Did the doctor tell you what might happen if you do have kidney failure?" he tried to stay clam, but his throat choked at the end.

"He said that I would need to take some sort of drug and stuff. It would also be a good idea to start looking for a donor match. He didn't say anything like I was going to die, but I don't think I will."

"So what are the symptoms of this disease?" Spike didn't know what else to ask. He had just found out that his brother might have a serious disease that would render him helpless and he just couldn't wrap his mind around it. Angel was the strong one. He was the one that everyone depended on and the one Anya and him had always turned to. He was their savior. He couldn't be dying.

"Well, he said that it would be typical to have no symptoms at all. Just a little more tired than usual."

"So when do the tests get back?"

"Tomorrow. I haven't told Cordy yet. The doctor said that this might have happened from me missing my insulin shots. I just always forgot to take them. You know that they are such a hassle."

Spike remembered how it had been when they were younger and Angel had to take his insulin. He had always made an excuse to forget it until one day we went into diabetic shock and nearly died.

"I won't tell Cordy, but you need to promise me that you will tell her when the results come back. No matter if they're good or bad. You also have to call me when you find out. You can't do this alone."

"Will," Angel's voice sounded so small. It reminded Spike of when Angel was in the hospital for not taking his insulin. It tore Spike up inside.

"Yes Angel?"

"I'm scared. I don't know if I have a terrible disease or not. I look at my family and I don't want to leave them. I can't..." Angel's voice broke and he started to weep uncontrollably. Spike ran over to him and comforted him.

"Sssh. You're not going to die. I won't let that happen. I can't let that happen. Do you know what dad would do to me if he found out I let his oldest son die?" Angel laughed at the weak attempt to lighten the situation.

"I would be more worried about Cordy killing you than about dad."

"I guess I have lots of people to worry about if you take the dirt nap." Both brothers laughed at that and continued laughing until Cordy came to the den and announced that dinner was ready.

Nathan had been listening to the conversation Angel might have kidney failure. His son might be faced with the possibility of dying young. He knew that both Angel and Will thought that he didn't know so he would wait to hear the news like everyone else. He just wished it would come soon.


Spike was on the road and taking Buffy and Dawn home when he realized the severity of the situation. His big brother, his hero, his personal bodyguard and friend was facing the harshest thing that anyone had to face. Spike had eaten his dinner fast and rushed Buffy and Dawn out in a hurry. He had forgotten to talk to Giles about the big thing. He was trying to forget the fact that Angel was sick.

The fact that he might die... Spike's throat constricted and he was worried that he might cry in front of Buffy. She was sitting in the seat and staring out the window. Dawn seemed to be resting her eyes. She had spent a day with his niece and nephew and he knew from personal experience that that was a draining event. Spike arrived to Buffy's apartment building and stopped the car.

"Alright then we are here." Spike said. Buffy was shaken out of her state of thought by Spike's voice. She had been thinking about the conversation that she had had with his family and friends. Maybe she did want more, but she wasn't sure if he wanted more. His face seemed unreadable right now.

"Why don't you come up for some coffee?" Spike thought about the question he really needed to talk to someone right now. It couldn't be Wes. Spike thought about how many times he had said that during these past few weeks.

"I think that that would be great."

They all got out of the car and headed up to Buffy and Dawn's apartment. Dawn was so tired that she fell asleep on the walk up there so Spike carried her the rest of the way. They finally reached the apartment and Spike put Dawn down in her room.

"I think that she was a little tired. I can't blame her. Connor and Maddy are very exhausting kids."

"So what do you like in your coffee?"

"I actually take it black. I don't really ever put anything in it because black wakes me up."

"Sounds very easy." Buffy put the coffee grinds in the coffee maker and started it. In a few minutes they had nice hot coffee. She poured Spike's into a mug and handed it to him. She did the same with hers and then sat in a chair next to Spike.

"So mind telling me about these mood swings you seem to have?"


"You were happy before seeing your dad, and angry and sullen when you did see him. You were happy before going to the barbeque and withdrawn after talking to your brother. Are you pregnant?" Suddenly Spike started to cry for no reason.

"See it is really scary if you don't know what it is all about."

Spike managed to stop crying enough to say, "Angel might be dying. That was why I was so withdrawn at dinner. He expects me to be the tough one. I'm not the tough one he is. I can't do it. I can't." Spike resumed crying and Buffy walked over him and hugged him close to her.

Buffy didn't like seeing Spike like this. It scared her. He seemed like a helpless little boy.

"Spike, ssssh, everything is going to be fine."

"You don't know that. I know that kidney failure is common with people who have diabetes, but he is too young to worry about that."

"Sometimes these things just happen. He is going to be fine. Lots of people overcome kidney failure. He will get over this."

"What if he doesn't? I can't watch him die. He is the only person in this world I care about more than myself. He was always there for me. He is the strongest person I've ever met." Buffy patted Spike's head. She was trying to find comforting words that would help him. All she could do was rub his back and try to take away his pain.

"You have to think that he will be fine. You don't even know anything for sure. It could just be stress," she cupped his face in her hands.

"You can't think that he will die. You have to be strong no matter if you can or can't be." Their eyes locked. Buffy wiped the tears from his face. He had such a handsome face.

Spike loved the fact that her hands were on his face. He wanted to kiss her so badly. She was so beautiful and kind. Her she was trying to comfort him when he was totally over re-acting. Buffy's hand was stroking his face now. She wasn't sure if she even had control over her hand anymore. It seemed to have a mind of its own. She wanted to kiss him so badly. He was right there and he was so vulnerable. She wasn't sure what she had decided before his hand was on her face and pushing it towards him.

She lifted her chin and looked at him. His blue eyes seemed to be piercing into her soul. She parted her lips and lifted herself up to him. Spike knew that that was his cue to kiss her and he didn't waste anytime. He pressed his lips against her and just kissed her on the lips. Buffy needed more then that and she opened her lips and tried to push her tongue into Spike's mouth. He lost the battle and she started to explore his mouth deeper. In a little time he caught on to the way she was moving her tongue and started teasing her tongue with his. They kissed for about five minutes before breath became an issue. Even then they still tried not break the connection by keeping their lips close to each other's.

Both Spike and Buffy tried to get their breathing to become regular. Spike was the first one to talk.

"Buffy I hope that you don't think that I was trying to take advantage of you. I'm sorry for doing that. I know you're still married and I don't want to do anything to hurt your chances of winning your case."

"You weren't taking advantage of me. I think both of us are pretty vulnerable. I know you wouldn't do something to hurt my case. Why don't you sleep here tonight? I mean on the couch. You're in no condition to drive even if you are sober. I'll get some blankets and sheets." Buffy went off into the hallway before Spike could protest and came back with the sheets and a blanket.

"Now try to get some sleep. I'll see you in the morning and then you can go into full detail about your brother." Buffy had to resist the urge to kiss him again. She went off into her room with desire for the man that was inside her living room.

Spike was amazed how quickly she could forget things. He decided that he better listen to her and sleep there tonight. He couldn't leave and then have her mad at him. Besides she was right. Spike was exhausted and he didn't feel up to driving. He made himself a comfy place to sleep on and tried to sleep. He wanted to be next to Buffy, but knew he couldn't. He put the thought out of his mind long enough to be overcome by sleep.

Chapters 7, 8, and 9

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