Chapters 13, 14, and 15

Best Part of Breaking Up


Chapter 13:

The sound of the heart monitor woke him up. Spike hadn't even realized that he was still in Angel's hospital room. They had talked about brotherly stuff until late last night. Angel kept coming in an out of sleep. Spike had spent most of the night working on Buffy's case. Sure he never spent that much time on one case ever in his life, but Buffy was a friend.

Just a friend and not anything else like everyone said. He might want there to be something more, but that wouldn't happen any time soon. He wasn't even sure that he really should start anything. He didn't have the best track record with women. He knew what it meant to be in a long-term relationship, but they never lasted.

Spike started to gather up all his stuff. It was close to nine. He wasn't supposed to be in court until eleven, but he was going to meet Buffy at his office for some last minute preparations.

"Hey you stayed?" Cordy said. She was standing in the doorway.

"Yeah I guess I really didn't feel like going home to an empty house." Spike said.

"Your house isn't empty. You still have your dog."

"Sure, but he only pays attention to me when he's hungry."

"Going to court today?"

"Yeah at eleven. I really should be going. I'm supposed to meet Buffy at my office before."

"Ah Buffy. I saw her yesterday at the mall. Just so you know you'll be taking Dawn with you to the movies and the park Saturday."

"Sure Dawn's great."

"So what's up with you and Buffy. I know you just think that it's a friendship thing, but I know it's not."

Spike sighed. "I have to deal with you too. Angel was giving me shit about it as well."

"Yeah so re-hash your conversation with Angel, but with less swearing because it's too early in the morning."

"We are just friends. We're not going down that road."

"But you want to?"

"I'm not sure. She's nice and sweet and kind and everything I could possibly want in a girl, but I don't know if I know myself well enough to enter another relationship. And then there's Dawn to think about. I don't want to be there and get to know Dawn only for it to end up badly."

"You have to have more faith my friend. What happened to the guy who used to believe that there was such a thing soul mates? What happened to the guy who used to take a chance on love no matter what?"

"I'll tell you what I told Peaches over there. He died a long time ago."

"Well I think that you better hurry up with Buffy. I can tell that she really likes you and that you really like her. Stop playing it like you're in high school and hook it up already." Cordy said.

"It's not that easy. Look just let me run my life the way I want. I love you to death, but you people are so controlling. I have to go now. I'll see you guys later."

"Yeah okay."

Cordy watched as Spike left the hospital room and sat in the seat that he was sitting in.

"So he's still in denial even after our nice little chat?" a voice said. Cordy jumped and looked over at Angel he was sitting up in his bed.

"You scared me." Cordy said.

"Sorry honey. I think you're right though. He should just go for it."

"Yeah, but Spike has always been known to do things on his own time."

"Sure, but let's hope he doesn't let this one get away. She's good for him and he has to know that."

"Yeah and I intend to show him."

"Okay your not trying to play Matchmaker are you? That's Will's job."

"Just give me some credit. I introduced Xander and Anya. That worked out."

"Yeah, but it took them like three years to get it through their heads."

"Well this will be different. There is already the introduction and the feelings. They just need a push."

"Just be careful."

"Am I ever not careful?"



"Sorry Warren can't show up until Saturday. At least it will give us some only adult people time. Dawn is going to be over at Cordy's house." Buffy said to Andrew as they walked up the steps to Spike's office.

Today was the day that her mother was going to testify against her. She was a little nervous by everything, but Spike said that he had a trick up his sleeve and Buffy believed him.

"Do you think that it's wise to let Dawn stay over at a boys house. I mean I met Cordy and she seems like a nice lady and the kids seem really great, but it's still a boy." Andrew said.

"Dawn's six. Thoughts like that don't enter her mind. Besides there'll be a girl there and I think that Dawn will spend most of her time with her. And Spike is taking them to the movies and the park. Things will be fine. Dawn doesn't have that many friends and she seems to really like Connor and Maddy. Just except that." Buffy said.

They were in front of Spike's door by this point.

"So are you going to knock or shall I?" Andrew said.

He knew that this had to be hard for Buffy what with Joyce testifying against her. Andrew was sure that Joyce didn't know what she was doing, but he still didn't know if he could forgive and forget.

"No I can do this." Buffy lifted up her hand and knocked. She heard Spike say to come in and she did.

"Hey Buffy, Andrew you guys are early." Spike said looking at the clock on his wall.

"Oh sorry." Buffy said.

"No it's okay. I was just noting it. So I'm not going to ask you if you're ready because I don't think that anyone can be ready for this, but why don't' you sit down." Spike said.

Buffy and Andrew sat in the chairs. Andrew was calm, but Buffy was visible shaken.

"So what's the plan?" Andrew said taking the initiative for Buffy.

"Well I know that Buffy and I discussed using Dawn as a witness. I know that I said I wanted to avoid it at all cost, but we're running out of options here." Spike said.

Everyone was quiet for a little while until Buffy said, "You want to use Dawn as a witness." It was a question and a statement at the same time.

"Yes, I know that it is going to be very traumatic, but we have limited options."

"How can you? I thought you already used up all your witnesses?" Andrew asked. He wasn't entirely sure how these things worked, but he thought that their turn was over.

"Well I can use Dawn as a rebuttal witness to their rebuttal witness." Spike said.

"How can we do that?" Buffy asked.

"Well it won't be easy. I'll have to get Joyce to open the door herself and that could be tricky. I'm not entirely sure what her testimony will do to the judge. I'll have to make the decision on what to do when I'm in there, but I have ran scenarios. If I can get Joyce to say exactly what I want her to say I can use Dawn."

"So we're going on what she says. A little risky don't' you think?" Andrew said not wanting to seem like he was telling Spike how to do his job.

"Well yeah it is risky. I'm not putting all our eggs in one basket, but this is our best shot."

Buffy was quiet for a while. She wasn't sure what this would do to Dawn. It couldn't be much worse then letting her be near Riley without supervision, but it would scar.

"So if we do this, if we get her to say what you need her to say, what will happen with Dawn?" Buffy asked quietly.

"I'll have to give it a couple of days. I'm thinking that we should be ready by Tuesday maybe Wednesday at the latest. You'll have to convince Dawn that she needs to do this. That might take some time, but you have to do it. It's going to be scarring and I know that, but you have to try, Buffy. This has to be done." Spike said.

He knew that it would be hard for Dawn to do this, but it was necessary. He had tried his hardest to make it so that she didn't have to testify, but he had failed at doing that.

"Okay I think that I can convince her to do this. She'll be upset, but if you get her to see that this is the only way then she'll do it. She's scared of Riley, but she needs a father. She's trying to hold on to that." Buffy said.

"Father figures are important. Do you really think that you could get her to do this?" Spike asked.

He needed to know that if he got Joyce to say the right words and the judge decided that Dawn's testimony would be relevant that Dawn would do it. He would look pretty stupid if she backed out.

"Yeah I think that there'll be major convincing, but she'll do the right thing in the end."

"Well that's good. Now it's almost ten-thirty and we have a court appearance at eleven. Let's get going. I'll meet you guys there."

"Yeah sure." Buffy said.

She stood up and came face to face with Spike. He was brimming with confidence and care. She knew that everything with the case was going to be all right. Her love life was another story.


Spike couldn't stop thinking about Giles's call on the way over to the courthouse. He had gotten it before Buffy and Andrew showed up. He had offered him a job at his new law firm. Sure it was supposed to be great. It was a defense law firm and Giles was going to make him a partner.

The down side was that he was opening it in San Francisco, which didn't come as a big shock considering Giles and his wife Jenny lived there. Spike replayed the conversation in his head.

"Will Flannery's office."

"William it's me, Giles."

"Oh hi Giles. Why are you calling?" Spike asked.

"Sorry if I bothered you, Will, it's just that we never got to talk at your brother's barbecue."

"Oh right. Sorry about that Giles, but you've probably heard from the grapevine about Angel."

"Yes I heard and I was terribly saddened."

"Yeah so was I. Anyway so you called here because you had something to say."

"Oh right I was going to tell you that I'm opening up another firm."

"Really that's great."

"I wanted to know if you would like to join in. I was thinking about making you a partner."

"A partner!? You're kidding right. You're thinking about making me a partner at your new firm. Did you go totally over the deep end."

"I thought that you'd be happy."

"Well I'm insanely happy, but I'm wondering if you're insane."

Spike could hear Giles laughing on the other end of the phone.

"That's great to hear. So do you think that you want the job?"

"Sure!" Spike said. He was very happy. This was a step in the right direction. This was a good thing.

"Good I thought that you would like it here in San Francisco."

"Wait. San Francisco?"

"Yes that's where I'm opening the new law firm."

"Oh... I didn't know that. I think that maybe now I have to think about it."

"Why? William there is nothing keeping you in Sunnydale."

"Well Angel's sick and that's a big deal. I have to be here for him."

"I'm sure that you can come ever weekend. Will, you have to think about your future. This is a big step in your career. You have to take it."

"I don't know if I can. Look just give me some time to think about it."

"You really should do this. I hope that you think about it and realize that this is the best choice. I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to, but give it some thought."

"I will." Giles hung up the phone and Spike did the same. Then Buffy and Andrew walked inside the room.

Now Spike thought about Giles's offer. It would be a great step in his career. He would be a partner and at one of Giles's firms. Both of the firms that Giles had were big time. What was holding him back in Sunnydale?

He could see Angel every weekend and things would get good. If he didn't take this job what would happen once Angel got better. He wouldn't be able to live with himself and the fact that he didn't take this great job. So why was he thinking about saying no? The answer to that question was simple.

It was the possibility that anything could happen with Buffy. Sure he could tell all his friends and family that they were just friends, but he knew that he didn't want that to be true. He wanted to be with her and the possibility that that would happen was what was keeping him here.

So he had a decision to make and it wouldn't be a small one. It would be one of those keep you up all night decisions. Of course he couldn't think about that right now. He was on his way to court and he had to think about the case.


Buffy sat in the courtroom waiting for Riley, his lawyer, and her mother to show up. They were a few minutes early, but they were waiting. Patience wasn't one of her best virtues and it was clearly not Spike's either. He was fidgeting with his pen and tapping his feet on the ground.

"Stop that you're making me nervous." Buffy whispered to him.

"Sorry, it's just a I hate waiting."

"Well so do I. How can Andrew be so calm? This is totally nerve racking and look at him. Cool as a cucumber."

"I think that he figures someone has to be. I know you haven't broken down which is amazing on your part, but I think that he doesn't know what to do. Guys like to remain indifferent about things."

"Even gay guys?"

"It would appear so. He's just trying to be the strong one just in case you decide to break down."

"Well I'm not going to break down. I need to be strong for Dawn and I just can't. Not over Riley. Not anymore."

"That's the attitude to have." Spike was going to say something more, but just then Riley, Dru and Joyce walked in the courtroom.

Joyce looked over at her daughter. Buffy looked distraught, but was keeping her emotion at bay. Sure Joyce knew that this wouldn't crown her mother of the year, but the truth had to be spoken. She was going along with everything Riley's lawyer had asked her to do.

She was lying she was telling the truth. Joyce looked over to see Andrew sitting on one of the benches. He was very angry with her and glaring. Andrew had always had a soft spot for Buffy, but Joyce knew better then to just trust her. She lied for too much and now the court would know about it. Dawn deserved a father.

Buffy had had a father and even though there was no love at the end of her marriage with Hank she had stayed with him. Kids needed their fathers and Joyce gave Buffy hers. Joyce thought it was selfish to even consider divorce, but here Buffy was divorcing her husband. She couldn't allow Buffy to take away Dawn's father. So she sat quietly in her seat and waited for instructions.

Dru told Riley to sit and he sat. The guy was trouble that much Dru knew. And boy did he have a temper. It was the worst. He blew up at every little thing. Dru almost felt guilty for lying about him beating his kid, but she was all about winning no matter what the cost. She walked over to Spike to see if he would take her offer to settle.

"So are you still going to be stupid and not take my offer. It's still on the table you know." Dru said. Spike looked up at her and had a smug look on his face.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to have to pass. Thanks for the offer though." Spike said calmly.

"Now Spike you know that I have something up me sleeve I don't understand why you don't just take the offer. Look I'll even make it so that he only sees the kid only ever other weekend. It's going to be much better then half-custody or perhaps even soul custody." Dru said.

"Well them I'll just have to make sure that doesn't happen. Now if you'll excuse me I have to get some things together." Spike said.

Dru knew that he was trying to play it off cool. "Well let's just see who the best lawyer is." Dru said hoping to provoke him.

"Yeah we'll see who wins." Spike said not bothering to look up at her.

His mind was a million different places and he didn't have time for her before the hearing banter. Dru glared at him and then stalked off to her seat. He was being too cool. Either he had something else on his mind or he had something up his sleeve and wasn't affected by her threats. Dru thought that the latter was probably the best one to go with.

"Well you certainly showed her." Buffy said with a little sarcasm.

"Yeah I don't really care what she thinks or says. She thinks that she's got this thing one, but she doesn't know. Besides I've got about a thousand things on my mind that don't include her." Spike said.

"Are you sure you're okay to be all lawyer-y? I mean if you've got other things on you mind then that might be a bad thing."

"No I'm good. The main thing on my mind is this case."

"Yeah and the other is Angel."

"Yes he's in there, but it's no big deal. Just brotherly stuff that means nothing, but I keep it in my head just because."

Spike was partially lying. He did have Angel on the brain, but it was more about the Giles decision that he would have to make.

"Okay if you say so."

The judge entered the room and the bailiff instructed everyone to rise.

"You may be seated." The judge said.

"Miss Collins please call your witness to the stand." The judge said.

Dru called Joyce up to the stand and Joyce went to the witness stand. The bailiff made her raise her right hand and swear to tell the truth. After that was done Dru went over to Joyce.

"Please state for the court and your relationship with Mrs. Finn." Dru said.

" Joyce Schafer, I'm her mother."

"Tell me Mrs. Schafer, did you ever see my client hit his wife or his child."


"And you've been over at their house plenty of times right."


"How was Mrs. Finn as a child?"

"Objection, relevance." Spike said. He wasn't sure what Dru was getting at, but he wasn't sure he liked it.

"It goes against Mrs. Finn's character. She was been attacking my client's and I just wanted the court to know hers."

"Overruled. You may answer the question, Mrs. Schafer."

"Well she was a good kid, but there was this one incident."

"Can you elaborate?"

"Yes when she was a child, around the time she was ten, she had this problem telling the truth."

"How so?"

"Well the specialist said that she was had some sort of problem with attention. That she would make up stories and such to get our attention.

Spike looked a little nervous. He wondered why Buffy hadn't told him about that. It was nothing, but it still mattered. Buffy was shifting in her seat. She had forgotten to tell Spike that, but it was such a long time ago and it was something she did for attention her parents weren't giving her any.

"So she would tell lies when she felt that she wasn't getting attention?"


"What kind of stories?"

"Just ridiculous things like she tripped when she didn't."

"So she pretend to get hurt."

"Mostly. She used to get her friends to play a long."

"Friends like Willow Rosenburg?"

"Yes Willow used to play a long all the time."

"How about Andrew Schafer?"

"Andy used to help her come up with stories."

"Did you ever see any evidence that Mr. Finn beat her?"


"Did anyone ever tell you he did these things."


"No further questions your honor." Dru said with a smug smile on her face.

"Your witness counselor." The judge said to Spike.

Spike looked down at his papers. There was nothing on them, but he was buying time. He looked over at Buffy and then stood up. He took a deep breath and then walked over to Joyce.

"Mrs. Schafer you say that your daughter used to makeup stories about getting hurt to gain attention right?"


"And no one ever told you that Mr. Finn was beating on my client?"

"That's right."

"What kind of relationship did you have with Mr. Finn."

"Riley and I got a long very good. He was a nice boy."

"What kind of relationship did you have with your daughter?"

"We were sort of fighting all the time. We didn't have a very good relationship after she became an adult."

"After you met Mr. Finn, did you talk to him a lot?"

"Not a lot. I don't think I ever talked to him unless he was around Buffy."

"So you didn't have a special relationship with Mr. Finn?"

"What are you insinuating?"

"I'm insinuating that you and Mr. Finn were very close."

"If you think that I had an affair with my daughters husband then you're out of line. I would never do that."

"Oh I'm sorry for bringing it up. So tell me how is your relationship with your granddaughter?"

"Dawn and I have a good relationship."

"Did your granddaughter ever tell you that Mr. Finn was hitting her."

"No she never said anything."

"Did you ever find out if she had this attention problem."

"Yes and she didn't have it."

"So let's say that we brought Dawn in here right now and she told you what was really going on. She wouldn't say anything that could be misconstrued as trying to get attention?"

"No she wouldn't say anything that wasn't true. She doesn't have the same disorder as Buffy."

"Well isn't that interesting. Your honor I'd like to call a rebuttal witness against their rebuttal witness."

"What you can't do that." Dru said.

"Oh, but I think that I can. See Mrs. Schafer opened the door. I would like to have Dawn testify. Although I would also liked ask for a recess till Tuesday morning seeing as Monday is a holiday and I need time to talk to the witness."

Judge Stevens thought about this. The man that stood before him was a very good lawyer. He had probably planned it this way and it was true that Mrs. Schafer had opened the door.

"I'm going to grant that because you have a point. Court will convene at eleven on Tuesday morning." Judge Stevens said as he walked back to his chambers.

Joyce walked over to Dru and Riley and asked, "What happened?"

"It turns out that Mr. Flannery is still as good as ever." Dru said glaring at Spike.

"Well you do know first hand. Should've known I had something up my sleeve. I always do."

"The kid isn't going to do anything. Your witness testimony is shot to hell after this."

"Oh contraire. See I think that Dawn's testimony will be icing on the cake. Should be fun to watch you squirm again."

"Well will see."

"We sure will. Let's go." Spike said to Buffy. She got up and started to walk away when her mother caught her by the arm.

"Why are you doing this? You know how important it is to have a dad and you're denying Dawn that. And you." Joyce said looking at Spike.

"Do you even know the importance of having a dad."

"Let go of my arm." Buffy said. Joyce let go of her arm.

"Riley hit us." Buffy said.

"It's not a lie."

"Of course it is Buffy. You're just making this up." Riley said.

Dru had told him to play a long with the little charade and he excepted.

"Oh that's right. I'm the liar. You can go to hell for all I care. Our marriage is over and that's it. You won't hurt my daughter though. I won't let that happen." Buffy said.

"It's all just a lie. Dawn needs to be around people that won't lie to her." Joyce said.

"It's not a lie Joyce. I've seen him beat on Buffy badly." Andrew said. He had come over after seeing Joyce grab Buffy's arm.

"You always lied for her, Andy. How am I supposed to believe you." Joyce said.

"Yeah everybody but Riley is lying here." Buffy said

"Look I hate to break up this little family reunion, but we have to go." Spike said.

"Again I ask why are you helping her? Is it because it's your job? Do you know how important a father figure is?" Joyce asked.

"A father figure, yes, but fathers aren't all that they're cracked up to be. Now we must go before any more words are exchanged." Spike said ushering Buffy and Andrew out of the courtroom.


Willow in one of the many chairs in her office. She didn't have any clients until two and was using her free time to just browse the Internet. She wished that she could be there for Buffy, but she had a client at eleven and it was now twelve.

Even if she made it over there things would surely be done by that time. So here she was just sitting and doing nothing. It was really boring. She was thinking about the news that she had received from the doctor. She would have to tell Buffy soon, but not before she told Oz. She was thinking about how they would take the news when she heard a knock on her door.

"Come in." Willow said. When she looked up to see who it was she was surprised.

"I didn't expect you to be showing up today." Willow said.

"Yeah well I had some free time after court and decided to drop by." Spike said.

"So what's on your mind?" Willow asked.

"Nothing really. Okay that's a lie, but I just wanted to see if you were still interested in listening to my problems for free." Spike said.

"Well I didn't have a chance to talk to you about it what with the interrogation and such, but I guess now is as good a time as any." Willow said.

"Good because I've come to grips with the fact that I need professional help."

"So let's start off by setting a time that fits your life best."

"Well see that's the thing. I'm not exactly sure what time that'll be."

"Why not?" Willow asked.

"I got this really good job offer, but it's in San Francisco." Spike said.

"Oh. Are you considering taking the job?" Willow asked.

The professional in her was saying to encourage this, but the friend in her was saying to talk him into staying no matter the costs.

"I was thinking about it. I mean this is a great job opportunity for me. But San Francisco is far away and I want be able to see Angel when he needs me." Spike said.

"Well what do you think is the logical answer?" Willow asked.

"There is no logic. I mean the work orientated me is saying take the fucking job and get out of this shitty hellhole. The family friend me is saying you have to stay because your life is here. I'm not sure which one to listen to." Spike said.

"Well listen to the one that makes the most sense."

"That's just it I don't know which one makes the most sense."

"Yeah have some time to think about it right?"

"Yes I do."

"Well then you have to figure out what's keeping you here and all the things that would be good about the other job."

"Yeah I guess. I have to get back to Giles soon though."

"Then you better start working on it."

Spike looked down at his watch. It was almost twelve thirty. "

Okay well let's set a time just in case I decide not to take the job."

"Okay so what are your free days?"

"As a lawyer I don't have any free days."

"Oh well I know how that is. Are you sure there aren't any days that you could come?"

"Well I could probably come on Monday at noon. Does that work out for you?" Willow looked through her agenda. She didn't have anyone at that time.

"Well it'll be a tight fit. I have a patient right after that."

"Well I guess it's a date. Excuse me I have to go know. I'll see you later."

"Bye." She watched him walk out. As a professional she wasn't allowed to breech confidentiality, but if she didn't tell Buffy then he might leave.

He couldn't leave and Willow hoped that he would see that. She was being selfish on her friend's behalf, but he made Buffy happy and vise verse. Willow could only hope that they would realize that.

Chapter 14:

Buffy sat on the couch and stared blankly at the television. She wasn't even sure what was on. It looked roughly like a commercial. Andrew and Dawn were in Dawn's room deciding what Dawn should pack for her weekend away. Buffy could hear the faint sounds of laughing that leaked from the hallway to the living room.

They had ordered Chinese take-out and the boxes were scattered all around the kitchen. Buffy swore she'd clean it up later. Ways to get Dawn to agree to testify was the only thing on her mind. Dawn loved Riley, as she should. Riley is her father. Would she be able to do something like that and have it not kill her?

She was grateful to Spike for helping her out of this situation. He was being nothing but great about everything. He truly was a good lawyer. But actually talking Dawn into it was another thing all together. She briefly wondered if maybe he could do it. That would be unloading a lot on him, but it was wroth a shot.

No she couldn't do that. Of course if she was weaker then she would, but Buffy knew she couldn't do that. So she was thinking of easy ways to break it to Dawn. Easy wasn't an option more like smooth and less evasive and pushy. Buffy decided that she should just do it. Get it over with. Buffy got up off the couch and walked over to Dawn's room. She could feel herself shaking, walking down the hallway like it was the green mile.

It was a simple talk with her six-year-old daughter and she was acting like someone in a horror film. She made it to Dawn's room and couldn't help, but smile at the scene that was playing out before her. Andrew was playing dress up with Dawn. He was dressed in woman's clothing and didn't seem bothered by it. Dawn was trying on different hats to see which one matched his outfit.

"Ahem." Buffy said clearing her throat loudly.

"Oh hi mom. I was just dressing up Uncle Andrew. He's really nice about that sort of thing." Dawn said placing another hat on Andrew's head.

"Hey I don't mind. Is there something you wanted Buffy." Andrew said knowing that Buffy was going to talk with Dawn.

"Yes I have to talk to Dawn in private for a moment."

"Sure thing. I'll be in the living room minding my own business." Andrew said walking out into the living room.

Buffy pushed some stuff of off Dawn's bed and sat down.

"Dawn there is something I have to ask you to do. I know that it will upset you at first, but understand that it is for a good purpose." Buffy said. Dawn looked unfazed by what Buffy had just said.

"Okay talk." Dawn said trying to find where her stuff bear had sat before it was carelessly thrown on the ground.

"Why don't you sit down on the bed." Dawn frowned but came to sit next to Buffy.

"See the thing is, remember how we were talking about you having to tell the judge about what daddy did to you?"

"Yeah." Dawn said the fearing starting to set in.

"Well I know that we said that you might not have to, but it turns out that you do have to."

"But if I do then they won't let me see daddy."

"No you'll see your dad, just only on the weekends."

"But we won't be able to get ice cream when I get good grades."

"No, but we could do that."

"It's not the same." Dawn said in a pleading voice.

"Dawn people have to know what daddy did to you."

"He didn't do anything wrong." Dawn said with a hint of anger.

Buffy frowned and then let out a sigh. "Dawn we already went over this. You know what your dad did to you was wrong."

"He didn't mean it. He didn't do anything wrong. That's what everyone needs to know."

"That would be a lie Dawn. You know that he hurt you. You were the one that told me."

"I was lying. He didn't mean it. I don't have to listen to you. Get out of my room."

"Dawn calm down."

"No I want tell that mean judge guy that daddy hurt me. He didn't mean it."


"No get out. Get out! Get out! Get out!" "No Dawn you need to calm down."

"Don't tell me what to do. Leave me only! I hate you!" Dawn said shoving Buffy out of the door.

Buffy knew that she was letting her. She was shocked that her daughter had said she hated her. Dawn had never said anything like that before. So she let Dawn push her out of her room. As soon as Buffy was in the hallway Dawn slammed the door. Andrew had heard the commotion and came running over to Buffy.

"What happened?"

"She just needs to think about it for a while. She'll realize it's the best thing." Buffy said trying desperately to keep the tears at bay.

"Buffy are you okay?"

"Yeah I just need to get some sleep. Watch Dawn for me. If she comes out of her room that is. Tell her to go to sleep at eleven."

"Okay." Andrew said as Buffy turned her back to him. Once Buffy made it to her room she could no longer keep the tears away. She cried herself to sleep.


Little kids are creatures of habit and Spike knew that from experience. You start doing one thing every third Saturday of the month and they have to keep doing it. So every third Saturday of the month he would take Maddy, Connor, and his dog Spot to the park and then the movies. Of course it wasn't too much of a hassle. He loved seeing his niece and nephew and to be truthful he took Spot to the park anyway. It kept him close with his dog and his family.

This Saturday there would be another person coming along. Dawn was going with them. Spike had no problems with Dawn coming along. He really liked Dawn. She was a good kid and pretty funny. Spike wasn't sure if she'd be too happy with the fact that she was going to have to testify against her dad. He might get the scarier end of her anger and that would prove to be a very upsetting day.

Spike was in his car driving to her house right now. Maddy, Connor and Spot were in the backseat laughing and arguing. Maddy wasn't usually one to laugh a lot. It wasn't because of her dad either. She was just a very mature ten-year-old and really liked being right.

Connor was more carefree like a little kid should be. Wanting nothing, but the things that six-year-old boys want. The news about his dad didn't bother him as much as it did Maddy. Maybe because he didn't really know what was going on or maybe because he was the positive one of the two children. It was like the Ying-Yang with those two.

"So what movie do you guys wanna see?" Spike asked.

"It's up to doofus and Dawn."

"Hey are you calling me a doofus?" Connor said throwing a squeaky toy at Maddy.

"No I was talking about Spot." Maddy said sarcastically.

"Uh. Well I want to see that Pirate movie. Anything but Charlie's Angels."

"I have to agree with the kid there." Maddy said.

"Okay so no Charlie's Angels. Let's see what Dawn wants to see then we'll decide." Spike said parking his car in front of Dawn's apartment building.

"All right let's go get her." Spike said as they got out of the car.


It was a busy day at the Summers apartment. Dawn was rushing to get last minute things packed before Spike showed up at eleven. He was picking her up and they were supposed to be going to the park and then to the movies. Andrew had bee running around trying to hurry up and get to the airport to pick up Warren. Buffy was trying to talk to Dawn and stay out of Andrew's way. It was too much for the small apartment that they lived in. Through the bustle of the morning came a knock at the door.

"Oh my god! They're here already. It's not even eleven yet." Dawn said as she stuffed more things into her bag.

"Dawn, sweetie calm down. I'll get the door." Buffy said.

Dawn was still a little mad at Buffy and didn't even say anything to her. Buffy sighed and then went to the front door. There stood Spike and two small children. Buffy's eyes weren't anywhere near the kids though.

He looked so unprofessional. His slightly bleached hair was doing that cute spiky thing. It made him look younger then twenty-eight. He was wearing all black even though it was pretty warm outside. Tight black shirt, tight black jeans, black combat boots and his black leather duster were all part of his outfit. He looked fairly nice.

"Hey you're early."

"Oh sorry. They just couldn't wait."

"No it's okay. Dawn's almost done. Why don't you kids come inside and go to Dawn's room."

"Sure." Connor said running inside.

"He had some sugar before coming here. It's perfectly natural. I'll go make sure he doesn't run around in a circle chasing his non-existent tail." Maddy said pushing past Buffy.

"So I'm guessing that you didn't send the kids in there because you want to deal with the mess that an overactive six year old could cause." Spike said.

"Well I threw them in there because I wanted to tell you that I talked to Dawn."

"Oh I'm guessing that didn't go over well."

"No it didn't. She got very upset at me. I can talk with my daughter. That I don't have a problem with. I just don't know how you go about telling your daughter something like this. I guess you can cross off the jump right in approach."

"Kids are delicate little creatures although you wouldn't guess it by the cover they put up. They're already putting up walls right now as we speak. When I talk to Maddy I sometimes forget that she's only ten."

"Yeah I sensed that. I talked to her and she sounded like she was going on forty with a degree in psychology."

"Sounds like Mad."

"So my only problem is talking to her."

"I offered to do it. The offer's still there."

"No that would seem like I was running away from my responsibility." "You're not. Trust me. I've talked to more witnesses then you can imagine. Parents are always happy to unload that burden on me and I have no problems with it."

Buffy sighed. She was pretty sure that he was right.

"Okay I'll let you do this. Just tell me how you do it?" Buffy said.

"It's nothing really. I don't have kids so it's easier to talk to them like adults. I guess I just have a knack for it. That'll probably go away when I have kids of my own."

"Do you plan to have kids of your own?" Buffy asked.

"Yeah one day. I mean I was always the one dreaming about a family and the perfect life. Anya never even thought about it and Angel was robo-cop so he didn't want it. No they both are going to have it before me. Sure I sound bitter even though I'm happy for them. I just wish that I could find that special someone someday."

"That's sweet. Usually guys don't think about that sort of thing."

"I'm not getting any younger. I know that sounded like a woman going through menopause, but I think that way. It's not that I want to rush into a family. Quiet the contrary, I just wish I would find the one already. Patience was never my best virtue."

"Well good things are worth waiting for." Buffy said.

"Yeah, but like I said I hate waiting. I mean after going through stuff that I've been through I just don't now if I have enough optimism in me to stay positive."

"Well I never did. I was always pessimistic by nature."

"That helps a little."


"Yeah everyone I know is always optimistic and it's good to be around someone who views the glass as half empty."

"I'm optimistic about some things."

"Yeah, but not about love and I need to be around someone like that." There was a moment of silence. Neither knew what to say. Spike fidgeted in the doorway and Buffy tried to smooth down her hair.

"Okay let's go." Connor said.

"You shouldn't be so bossy Connor. Didn't your parents teach you any manners?" Dawn asked while trying to carry two big bags.

"It's not like Uncle Spike minds. He's a total pushover." Connor said.

"Yes next time why don't you insult him to his face. Save the middle man." Maddy said sarcastically. Spike rushed over to Dawn and took one of her bags.

"Alright then we better go before Connor starts pushing. See you later, Buffy." Spike said as he walked out the door trailed by three overly active kids.


"I got it, I got it." Connor screamed as he ran after the Frisbee.

"Connor isn't the dog supposed to get it?" Dawn asked as she watched the boy run after the disk.

"Spot doesn't chase the Frisbee. He's weird that way." Maddy said watching Connor do what he did every time they went to the park with their uncle.

"Oh so the dog just sits there?"

"That would be it. He runs around, but other then that nothing happens. Pretty lazy dog. Takes after his owner." Maddy said looking over at her uncle who was currently lying on a blanket looking what appeared to be asleep.

"Isn't he afraid that someone would try to take us?" Dawn said.

"No not really. He has this whole thing were he gets really scary if anyone tries to hurt us. We just have to scream jellybean."


"It's the easiest thing to come up in a conversation between a child."


"Okay I got it. Now let's throw it again."

"But the dog doesn't even go after it." Dawn said.

"One of these days he might. I want to be there when that day happens."

"Don't try to argue with the logic Dawn. I don't."

"So this is all you do?"

"What else is there?" Connor asked.

"What about the swings? Or the slide or something." Dawn asked.

"Connor has this irrational fear of heights."

"I do not!" Connor yelled at his sister.

"It's not errational!"

"You don't even know what that means."

"Yes it means stupid."

"Which is what you're being right now."

"Am not."

"Why are you 'fraid of heights?" Dawn asked.

"I'm not 'fraid anymore." Connor said lying unsuccessfully.

"Dad was swinging him on the swings when he was four. Dad swore it would be safe, but then Doofus here fell/jumped off the swing and broke his arm."

"Oh." Dawn said.

"It was really high and I got scared." Connor said trying to defend himself. He could see the laughter threatening to come from his sister and his new friend.

"That's okay I guess. Everyone has a fear of something." Dawn said seriously.

"Sure whatever you say." Maddy said getting up and picking up the Frisbee.

She waved it in front of Spot a few times before throwing it. The Frisbee flew in the air and landed. The three kids looked at Spot expectantly and sighed when he lay down on the grass.

"I'll get it this time." Maddy said as she made her way over to where the Frisbee landed.

Connor stood a few feet away from Dawn looking down at his feet. Older sisters could be such a pain at times. He couldn't believe that Maddy had told Dawn that he was scared of heights. It made him seem like a scared stupid little boy.

"It's okay that you're scared of heights." Dawn said knowing that was why he seemed uncomfortable.

"It doesn't make me seem like a poof?" Connor asked using a word he had heard his dad and his uncle use many times.

"What's a poof?" Dawn asked with a questioning stare.

"I'm not sure. I think it means scared-y cat."

"No everyone is 'fraid of something."

"Are you 'fraid of anything?"

"Sort of."

"Can you tell me?"

"No I don't think so. It's kind of personal." "Oh okay." Connor said. Maddy was coming back over to them.

"Think it's time for some ice cream." Maddy said.

"Already. That was fast." Connor said.

"Yeah well my watch says three and if we want to get to the movies we have to get the ice cream now." Maddy said.

"Well let's go wake up Uncle Spike." Connor said with a wide grin on his face.

"How come Connor's making it sound like fun?" Dawn said.

"The only way to wake up Uncle Spike is to jump on him. He sleeps like the dead." Maddy said.

"Oh that does sound like fun. He doesn't get mad?"

"No in fact I think that he knows it's going to happen. It happens every time. Connor was the one who figured out how to do it."

"Come on let's go before he wakes up." Connor said dragging Maddy and Dawn by the sleeves of their shirts.

Spike knew what was coming. It came every time he went out with his niece and nephew. Although the experience was painful at first, he grew a tolerance for it. It was sort of a tradition and his niece and nephew were totally creatures of habit.

Maddy wasn't so much into it anymore as she was when she was little. He assumed that she knew that he was faking it. Connor was still at the age where he believed it and that made him jump harder. Spike braced himself for what was to come and closed his eyes. He could hear the rustling of the grass that would tell him Connor and Maddy were going to strike soon.

"Uncle Spike are you awake." Connor said in a low whisper.

"Connor you know he's just faking it." Spike heard Maddy's logically voice.

Spike suddenly wondered how Maddy had gotten so old in her short amount of time. It wasn't because of Angel's condition. She had always been more a logical thinker. Never a kid; always too mature for her age.

"No he's asleep. He's always asleep. You know how it goes Mad." Connor said in a matter-of-factly voice.

It was weird that Connor was still such a kid. It was natural being that he was only six, but he was so different from Maddy it was just weird.

"Yeah Maddy he looks asleep to me. Besides you should just let Connor have his fun." Dawn said.

Spike had almost forgotten that she was there. It was going to be even more painful if there were three kids instead of only two.

"Oh I don't think that he's going to get up." Connor said and Spike could hear the smile in his voice.

"Oh just get it over with." Maddy said. Just then Connor let out a little grunt as he jumped on Spike.

"Oi!" Spike said as he felt the full weight of his nephew on his ribs.

"That never gets old does it?" Spike asked his nephew.

Connor shook his head and his semi-long hair became messy.

"How come there's only one munchkin on me. Where's the other one?" Spike said propping himself up to see Maddy standing there with her arms across her chest and Dawn standing there looking around at the pond.

"Can we just get some ice cream?" Maddy said tapping her foot impatiently.

"Sure." Spike said placing Connor on the ground and standing up. Connor seemed disappointed that there wasn't more to the little game they played.

"Why don't you and Connor go order. I want to have a little chat with Dawn."

"Okay. Do you want the usual?" Maddy asked.

"Yes and what would you like Dawn?"

"One of those Flintstones push-ups I guess."

"Okay meet you there." Maddy said grabbing Connor and running over to the ice cream stand.

"So what did you want to talk about. Probably what my mom was trying to talk about yesterday, right." Dawn said not looking up at Spike.

"Yeah pretty much." "I don't want to not see my dad." Dawn said.

"I know, but he's lying about hurting you and your mom."

"He didn't mean it."

"Is that what he said. That he didn't mean to hurt you. That he just got really angry and lost his temper."

"Yeah that's what he said."

"Now I know that he probably loves you a lot. You're his little girl, but it isn't okay to hurt you. It isn't okay for him to beat you." Spike said.

Dawn's head dropped further down. "No what you need to keep in mind is that your dad needs some help. He's willingly to get it, but you can't be around him too much before he does."

"I'll get to see him though?" Dawn asked hopefully.

"Every weekend for a couple of hours. Someone would have to go with you, but you will get to see him. People have to know what your dad did to you."

"So he won't hate me if I do this?"

"Not if he really loves you."

"What if he doesn't?" Dawn asked looking up at Spike with tear filled eyes.

Spike didn't have a good history with dads, mainly his own. He was sure that Dawn's loved her though. Fathers always love their children even if they don't like them. That was just how it was.

"He loves you Dawn. Every parent loves their child no matter what they do. Right now your dad is lying about hurting you and that's not good. You have to do this so that you're dad gets the help he needs."

"So he'll be okay if I tell the judge guy the truth?"

"Yes it's very simple. Your mom and me'll be there with you. It'll be alright."

"Okay then. Let's get some ice cream."

"Okay." Spike said as he followed Dawn to the ice cream stand.

"Okay just wait a sec. My uncle'll be here in a minute." Spike heard Maddy say.

She was holding her strawberry shortcake ice cream and Spike's Choco Taco. Connor was holding his drumstick and Dawn's push-up.

"Okay how much do I owe you?" Spike said as he approached the vender.

"Three dollars." The man said. Spike handed him his money and ushered the kids to his car.

"So what does everyone want to see?" Spike asked again now that Dawn was there.

"I kind of wanted to see that new Charlie's Angel movie." Dawn said.

"Yeah that sounds good." Connor said. He and Dawn were walking in front of Spike and Maddy. Spike and Maddy exchanged confused stares.

"I thought you said no Charlie's Angels." Maddy said.

"When did I say that?" Connor asked.

"Looks like someone has a crush." Spike whispered to Maddy.

"Yes and it's disgusting." Maddy said. Spike laughed and kept walking to his car.


Cordy, Anya, and Fred sat in the dining room drinking coffee. Cordy had been spending so much time in the hospital, but today she would have to play the entertaining hostess mom. Anya was always over lately. She was Angel's little sister and she worried. Cordy couldn't complain.

Fred had decided to drop by after finding out what happened to Angel. Cordy and Fred had been friends before, but weren't very close. Cordy didn't have very many close friends. She was grateful to have Fred and Anya.

"So what's on the agenda for tonight. Watching the grubby little kids and playing mom." Anya asked.

"Yes Anya I know how unappealing that sounds, but it's me." Cordy said taking a sip of her coffee.

"It doesn't sound that bad. Some day I would like to have kids too. I just want to wait for the right moment." Fred said.

"Well Maddy was unplanned. Not to say that Angel and I didn't want her after we found out that we were going to have her. She was a great surprise." Cordy said.

"Xander and I are considering starting to have kids. He's the boss of his job and can basically make his own schedule. It's time I would think." Anya said.

"You guys have been married for two years now right." Cordy asked.

"Yes. I'm twenty-six and I think that it's time." Anya said.

"That seems good. Wes and I have been married for three years now and we don't have any kids. I don't think it's on our minds just yet. I know that we're twenty-eight, but with me being a judge and him struggling to keep his doctor's office open, we just don't think it's time yet." Fred said.

"Yes well I think that it's time." Anya said.

"That's good for you." Cordy said and was cut of by the doorbell.

"I'll be right back." Cordy said as she got up to open the door. Cordy made her way to the door and opened it. It was Buffy and Andrew.

"Oh hey Buffy. What are you doing here?" Cordy asked.

"Dawn forgot her toothbrush. I knew she would forget something. Is she here yet?" Buffy asked.

"No. It would seem that Spike just had to take them to two movies. Come in." Cordy said moving aside.

"Oh no we have plans for later. First night away from Dawn in awhile and Andrew here convinced me to go out to dinner with him and Warren." Buffy said.

"You guys couldn't come in for just a little while." Cordy asked flashing one of her pleading smiles.

"Come on Buffy it wouldn't hurt to just come in for awhile." Andrew said.

"Oh alright. Just for a few minutes." Buffy said walking inside with Andrew following behind her.


"Yo ho-ho and a bottle of rum!" the four people in the car sang loudly.

Spike was pulling up to his brother's house right this second. They had gone to see Charlie's Angels and then just because Maddy knew she and Connor both wanted to see the Pirates of the Caribbean movie and so did he they saw that movie as well. Now they couldn't get the song out of their heads so they started to sing it out loud. Most of it was humming because they didn't know all of the song. The bottle of rum part was about the only thing they knew.

"Okay kids we're here. This is where the really fun begins. I bet Cordy has movies and popcorn already set up." Spike said.

"Good. More popcorn is always good." Dawn said.

"Yes and movies are great." Connor said.

"Alright then lets go." Everyone piled out of the car and made their way up to the front door. There was still singing going on. Spike rang the doorbell and Cordy answered it.

"Yo ho-ho, mommy." Connor said.

"You took them to see that pirate movie didn't you." Cordy asked. Spike shook his head.

"You do realize he's going to talk like a pirate for days now." Cordy said.

"I tried to warn him." Maddy said stepping inside the house. Connor and Dawn followed her.

"How much sugar did they have?"

"Well there was the ice cream at the park. The candy, soda, popcorn, bon-bons, and nachos at the movies. Then there was the Cold Stone ice cream that they finished in the car." Spike said stepping inside the house as well. Cordy shut the door behind him.

"That's a whole lot of sugar. You should really think before you let them have so much. It'll rot their teeth." Cordy said as she watched him sit down in one of the chairs in the living room.

"Come on. I get to be the cool uncle who let's them eat all the junk food they want." Spike said.

"Okay I'll give you that, but some times I think that you spoil them to much."

"You can't spoil kids too much."

"You're only using them until you have your own."

"At the rate that I'm going that'll be never." Spike said.

Before Cordy had time to react Buffy, Andrew, Anya, and Fred walked into the living room.

"Well it was nice to meet you, Andrew." Fred said.

"It was nice to meet you too." Andrew said in a totally sincere voice.

"We should all go out some time." Anya said.

"That would be perfect." Buffy said. She was beginning to like Spike's friends more and more. She just hoped that she wouldn't totally wreck things.

"Good then it's settled. We'll make time. Go out for dinner or something." Andrew said.

"Yeah that'd be great. Then maybe we could Buffy and Spike together." Anya said.

"Anya I already told you that it's just a friendship thing." Buffy said.

"That's Buffy for you Queen of Denial." Andrew said.

"Are you guys talking about me when you think I'm not around?" Spike asked standing up from the chair he was sitting in.

"Spike! We didn't know you were there." Fred said.

"Oh please don't be so whimp-y, Fred. He should hear that. Start hooking it up Spike." Anya said.

"My baby sister." Spike said, "Excuse the bluntness."

"I rather enjoy it. It's refreshing and she's totally right." Andrew said.

"Well if we're putting our two cents in then I'd have to agree." Fred said.

"Okay that's enough talking about me like I'm not in the room." Buffy said.

"Well they're right Buffy. Didn't we already go through this at the mall." Cordy said.

"Oh so there's more talking about me behind my back. You lot know how to make a guy feel welcome." Spike said sarcastically.

"Well we wouldn't have to talk about you behind your back if you made a move already." Anya said.

"Ahn, maybe you should stop talking like that. Kids are barely in the next room." Spike said trying to change the subject.

"They've already been subjected to the torment."

"Not Dawn."

"And she won't be if you don't make a move on her mommy."

"Do you people not see me standing right here." Buffy said.

"Oh sorry Buffy." Anya said.

"No it's just that's never happened to me before. I start to hang out with you guys and all of a sudden it's happening all the time. You've got Willow and Andrew doing it as well." Buffy said.

"Just the perks of being around us. You'll learn to accept it." Cordy said.

"I know I did." Fred chimed in.

"Well as much as I love talking with you guys, reservations are at eight and it's six thirty. That doesn't give us much time to get ready." Buffy said.

"Oh where are you going?" Spike asked.

"We are going to a nice little French bistro that I found on the internet. Looks lovely. Anyway Buffy, Warren and I are going to have a nice adults night out." Andrew said as something suddenly popped into his head. It was perfect timing.

"So you see why we have to go." Buffy said.

"Yeah and hey would you like to tag along." Andrew said to Spike avoiding the glares he was getting from Buffy.

Spike wasn't sure what to say. Would that seem like a date? No not unless it was with Andrew and he was sure that wasn't going to happen. What harm could it do?

Big harm you git. You're tryin' to stay away from her in romantic settings remember. Just friends. Spike's mind was screaming to him.

"Sure why not." Spike said kicking himself for accepting.

"Great meet us at Buffy's at seven thirty. Bye all." Andrew said dragging Buffy out of the house.

"Bye." Everyone said.

"Well it would seem the little monkey is going to do your job for you." Anya said.

"It's just a dinner." Spike said mostly to himself then anyone else.

"A dinner you accepted readily. Just admit it, Spike. You like her. A lot. I can see it in your face." Fred said.

"We're just friends. She's still married and I'm her lawyer. Remember that little piece of information." Spike said.

"It really doesn't matter. You'll give in sooner or later." Cordy said.

"Preferable sooner for all those involved. You need to be happy. You haven't had a girlfriend in over a year." Anya said.

"Girlfriend doesn't always equal happy, Ahn." Spike said.

"Yeah well if you're doing it right it could equal a happy." Fred said.

"Fred you did not just say that. Are you channeling Anya or something? Look I better get going. Not a lot of time to get ready." Spike said.

"Yes because you have to look extra special." Anya said.

"Get off it. Tell the munchkins I said bye." Spike said as he exited the house.

"Yup those two should be together in no time." Cordy said.

"Yeah if they stop being so stubborn." Fred said.

"Well we all know Spike. He can be very stubborn. Hard-headed at times as well." Anya said.

"Buffy looks like she's just as stubborn." Cordy said.

"Well at least when they bump heads their heads will be so hard they can't feel it." Fred said.

"Yeah well that could be good and bad." Anya said.

"Mom! Come help us with the videos. Connor's trying to use the VCR." Maddy yelled from the other room.

"Duty calls." Cordy said.

"We better leave before we get dragged in." Anya said dragging Fred out of the house.

Chapter 15:

Nervous wasn’t exactly a strong enough word for what Buffy was feeling as she got ready for her dinner with Andrew, Warren and Spike. The big butterflies in her stomach jut wouldn’t let up. It was supposed to be a regular dinner. Nothing big at all. Just a dinner with Andrew, her stepbrother, and his boyfriend.

It was suppose to be a get to know you with this Warren guy. She should have known that Andrew would pull something like this. This was Andrew after all. Always trying to make her decisions for her. He had objected to Parker and Riley. Of course with both he hadn’t been too far off. So maybe she should just let Andrew take over her social life from now on.

It still didn’t make tonight any easier. This was going to be a little scary. She had feelings for Spike, that much was evident. Anyone would have feelings for him after spending time with him. How that Dru lady could even think about cheating on him was beyond her. He was prefect.

He had problems, but everyone had problems. Like Willow said it just added to his character. So yeah she had feelings for him. It was kind of hard not to, but that didn’t mean anything. Both of them just wanted to be friends.

Then why do you have butterflies as big as bats floating around in your stomach? Buffy thought.

Buffy pushed the thought aside as she got up and examined herself in the mirror. It was a very fancy yet causal blue dress. Spaghetti strapped and silky with a thin sheet of lace on top. The hem of the dress was uneven, but on purpose. It accentuated her curves quite nicely. She wore her hair down and wavy.

She wore a little makeup with pale blue eye shadow. To finish the outfit of she had on strappy blue sandals; a cross necklace with little blue stones and a matching purse. All in all she looked perfect.

“Buffy come one we’re going to be late!” Andrew yelled from the living room.

“Just a sec.” Buffy said as she grabbed her shawl and made her way to the living room.

Andrew was standing by the door tapping his foot impatiently. He was wearing a brown suit with a blue shirt and maroon tie. Andrew was one of those people that looked like he was born in a suit unlike Spike.

“Where’s Warren and Spike?” Buffy asked. She hadn’t seen Andrew’s boyfriend at all yet.

“He got a hotel room. Can you believe him? The first thing he does when he gets here is ask me to take him to the nearest hotel. Said that he doesn’t want to intrude on you and that I could stay with him.” Andrew said a little hurt.

“You could stay with him. It doesn’t sound like your relationship is all that stable. You should stay with him.” Buffy said.

“I’ll think about it. I guess all we’re doing now is waiting for Spike to show up. Willow and Oz are going to meet us at the restaurant.”

“Willow and Oz are coming?” Buffy asked.

“Yeah I thought it appropriate. This should be fun.”

“The women will be outnumbered to the guys. It’ll be a first.”

“Well I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you out in that department, but gay here.”

“Yeah I know. So will just wait for Spike.”

“Yup because he’s coming you know.”

“Yes I know. You invited him.”

“I know. I thought it would be nice to get to know him more.”

“Subtle Andrew really subtle.”

“I’ve never been the king of subtlety.”


Spike turned off his car. How many times a week had he been in front of this same apartment complex? How come it felt so nerve racking this time? Spike looked through his jacket for a cigarette. It would be a couple of hours before he had another one and he was going to make this one last. He rolled down the window and lit the thin stick.

He slowly brought it up to his mouth and inhaled the nasty habit happily. It was one of the only things that could calm his nerves besides coffee and alcohol. Cigarettes were a safer addiction. Tonight was going to be like any other night or so he tried to convince himself that. It was nothing more then a night out with some friends.

It wasn’t a date with Buffy. Andrew was the one who asked him to tag along and he knew it wasn’t a date with Andrew. For one he just didn’t go that way no matter how nice of a guy Andrew was and for another Andrew was supposedly in a committed relationship. So, no, this wasn’t a date with anyone.

Of course his nerves told him different. They told him that things were not just friendly. How could they be when you’re deeply attracted to one of you’re so called friends? Well the only way to know for sure is to go to the apartment and announce that you’re here. Spike opened the door to his car.

His cigarette was half way gone already so he threw it on the ground and snuffed it out. He straightened out his jacket and set the alarm on his car. It was time to make an entrance. He walked up the steps and to apartment six. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Buffy heard the knock and answered the door. There stood Spike. He was a bit more dressed up then he had been earlier, but still appeared to be casual. He was wearing a black suit with a regular long-sleeved cream colored shirt underneath. He had on no tie. On his feet were causal Doc Martins. His hair was tousled like it was earlier. That looked suited him better then the slicked back look he was always donning.

For a moment Buffy wasn’t sure that her mouth was working properly. He just looked so good. Spike examined Buffy for a second. Maybe he had gone a little too causal. Buffy was wearing a pretty blue cocktail dress. Although he was wearing a suit it was one of his more casual ones and he wasn’t wearing a tie. She looked beautiful. The dressed showed off her figure perfectly.

There was a long silence before Andrew came out into the living room. Buffy and Spike were just staring at each other. “Oh Spike you’re here. Finally. Willow called to ask if we were coming or not. Warren is already there.” Andrew said saying the last part sadly. “Huh? Oi! Right the restaurant.” Spike said. “Yeah the place we were supposed to be over five minutes ago.” Andrew said a little annoyed, but he tried to hide it. Spike and Buffy looked like they were having a moment and Andrew cursed himself for ruining that. “Geez Andy it’s only five minutes. Besides it’s not like we don’t have a reservation and Willow and everyone else are already there.” Buffy said just as annoyed. “I know I guess I’m just nervous.” “What are you nervous about?” Spike asked. “Nothing it’s nothing. Let’s just go.” Andrew said as he pushed past Spike and made his way outside. Spike gave Buffy a questioning stare. His head was tilted to the side, one of his eyebrows was cocked and a half smirk tugged on his lips. Buffy noticed that the eyebrow had a small scar on it. She’d have to ask him about that later. “What?” she said. “What was with Mister Ball-o-Nerves back there. I thought he was in a relationship?” Spike said. “He is. He’s having problems with his boyfriend.” “Oh. Yeah.” There was an awkward silence before Buffy said, “We better get out there and get to the car before Andrew gets antsy.” “Gets?” “Okay so before he gets any more antsy.” “Right let’s go.” Spike said moving out of her way. She walked out of the door and Spike looked at her. Yup tonight was going to be a long night. Spike though as he closed the door to her apartment. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Spike was somewhat used to fancy restaurants. He was from England after all and a lawyer. Buffy was not used to fancy restaurant or French ones for that matter. She had barely passed French in high school. Buffy looked to her right. Spike was sitting in the seat next to her and he seemed to be having no problems with the menu. Warren was sitting next to him biting his nails. Andrew sat across from him and Willow and Oz sat on the same side as Andy. She nervously looked over the menu again. It was all in French. She would have asked for help in deciding what to order, but she didn’t want to appear stupid. Almost everyone at the table was fluent in French and Buffy didn’t even know how to say one in French. “Ah I give up. I don’t care if I look like a totally retard I have know idea what this gibberish says.” Warren said. Buffy let a little smile grace her face. She wasn’t the only one who didn’t know what the menu said. “Oh good we aren’t pretending to be grown up now. That’s great.” Buffy said. “Yes I was also about to ask for help.” Andrew said. “Ditto.” Oz said. “I though you knew French, Andy.” Warren said. “I know how to speak enough to get us around Europe that one time, but it’s been awhile.” Andrew said honestly. “Then why are we here?” Buffy asked. “It’s fancy and some of us know French.” Willow said. “Stop showing off, Wills. This place may be fancy, but let’s hope they have a translator because I thought you took Latin in high school.” Buffy said. “She’s right.” Oz added. “I know some French. Besides this place has good reviews.” Willow said trying to defend herself. “What are you getting?” Warren asked Andrew. Andrew could have laughed at the helpless look on his boyfriend’s face. “I was thinking the chicken, but it would appear that there is more then one chicken plate on this menu.” Andrew said. “Great so we’re going to starve. We could have just gone to an English speaking restaurant.” Warren said. “With you there Warren. This place only has things in French.” Buffy said. “Well it looks like number thirteen is chicken something. Stay away from anything that says escargot.” Willow said. “Number thirteen isn’t chicken, it’s steak and not a very good choice. And snails can be good when cooked properly.” Spike said not taking his eyes off of the menu. All eyes went towards him and Spike looked up at the five people staring at him. “What?” Spike said shrugging his shoulders and placing out his hands. “You know French.” Warren said. “Well yeah, British here.” Spike said. “So you let us panic for nothing?” Willow asked. “It was sort of fun. Watching you lot figure out what you were going to do without looking stupid. I remember Xander tried to do that once, but at a Spanish restaurant. He asked the waiter for a to go box and they came back with ice.” Spike said laughing a little. When he saw the angry faces of the people he was eating dinner with he stopped. “Guess you had to be there.” Spike said looking at his menu again. “Okay so you can cook and you know how to speak all these different languages. Tell us oh smart one what to get.” Buffy said with sarcasm in her voice. “Why don’t you let me do the ordering.” Spike said. “I’m cool with that.” Oz said not really wanting to test his French. High school was a long time ago for all of them and if Spike wanted to order he was happy to go along with it. “Yeah whatever gets the food the fastest.” Warren agreed. “Sure as long as you don’t order snails.” Willow said. “I already told you they aren’t that bad.” Spike said sighing. “I don’t care. It’s icky.” Willow said. “A professional psychiatrist and you use words like icky.” Spike said. “She’s right though. No snails or frog legs for that matter.” Buffy said. “Then why come to a French restaurant?” Spike asked. “I thought we cleared that up. It’s fancy and high priced.” Andrew said. “Personally give me a hamburger and a good football game and it’s the best dinner ever.” Warren mumbled. “Ditto.” Oz said. “Well I wouldn’t agree with the hamburger part and the football thing is okay, European that is.” Spike said. “Oh right like soccer is better then good ole’ American football.” Warren said. “Well it’s like rugby really only for less dangerous guys.” Spike said. “Football happens to be a very dangerous sport.” Warren said. “Yeah right I have my views and you have yours. Although American football isn’t all that bad.” “See. I guess soccer isn’t either.” Warren said. “Any sport is better then some sissy drama.” “Ditto.” Oz said. “Is that all you know how to say?” Warren asked Oz. “No.” Oz said simply. “Guy’s not a talker.” Spike said. “So do you have a favorite ‘American’ football team?” Warren asked Spike. “Probably the Raiders, but it might be the 9’ers soon.” “The 9’ers suck this year. Stick with the Raiders. That’s my team.” Warren said. “Why would you have to be a fan of the 9’ers soon? Are you moving somewhere?” Andrew asked. He wasn’t really sure where the niners played or who they were, but he thought he should say something. “Excuse Andy’s total lack of anything to do with sports. The forty-niners play in San Francisco.” Warren explained to Andrew. “It’s okay. I barely know anything about sports myself.” Spike said. “Well there isn’t any time for sports ever. Besides, not to be stereotypical or anything, but I just don’t see the point.” Andrew said taking a sip of his water . “Are you planning on going to San Francisco?” Buffy asked. She couldn’t believe that Spike was moving to San Francisco and not tell her. What hurt more was the fact that she didn’t want him to move. Spike looked over at her. “Well I was thinking about it. Giles offered me a job at his new defense firm in San Francisco.” Spike said looking at Buffy. It wasn’t even on his mind that much, but he just had to go and open his mouth. Sure he was thinking about taking the job somewhere deep down. He knew that he would probably end up turning it down what with everything that was going on. It still didn’t keep the thought from resurfacing every once in awhile. “So you’re going to take it?” Buffy asked. “No probably not. It’d be a good career booster though.” Spike said. “Why wouldn’t you take it if it is such a good job?” Warren asked. “Because my brother is going through some stuff and I already have a life here in Sunnydale. I’ve lived here since I was seven so I’m attached.” Spike explained. “Yeah that makes sense. Sunnydale seems to rope you in after awhile.” Andrew said. “It’s really quiet quaint.” Willow said. Though she in Oz technically didn’t live in Sunnydale they were always here and she liked this town. Warren snorted. “What?” Willow said. “Quaint is a word people use to describe boring one Starbuck’s towns. I prefer a big city.” Warren said. “Yeah I work in L.A and its nice enough, but it’s not the place for me. More of a small town guy myself.” Spike said. “Warren has a fear of small towns. I think that he thinks all the people that live in small towns are like in those low budget horror films.” Andrew said. “I do not. I just don’t see room for growth in a small town. I mean sure nice place to raise a kid and have a family, but for a single person it would be torture or at least that’s what I thought.” Warren said. “Spike isn’t your regular single guy.” Buffy said. “I’m a regular bachelor. Look in my fridge and you’ll find nothing but half empty Chinese food containers.” Spike said trying to defend himself. “I think Willow meant to attack that which is holy to the single male. She was just making an observation.” Willow said. “What’s not regular about me?” Spike asked Buffy. “Well for one I don’t know of a single man who is so devoted to his family and friends like you. And there’s the whole thing about you wanting a big family. Then the actual wanting commitment thing. There’s just things about you that don’t scream bachelor.” Buffy said. “Yeah I guess you’re right.” “That I am.” Buffy said. “Oh the waiter’s coming.” Andrew said. “Okay let’s get ready to let Spike order for all of us.” Willow said. “Yeah leave the hard tasks up to me.” Spike mumbled. The waiter made his way to the table and looked at the group. “Hullo folks, what can I do for you this evening? Shall we start of with drinks?” The waiter asked. “Yes can I ask you what your best wine is?” Spike asked slipping into his more sophisticated side. “Well we have a 65 Amontillado.” “Is it breathing?” “We can open it to breath.” “But it’s been kept chilled?” “Of course.” “Okay then bring that out and a Coca Cola please.” “Would you like to order?” “Sure.” Spike said and then started talking French. His words were so precise and fluid that anyone who walked by would have thought that that was his natural language, which in a way it was considering he was from Europe. He held up his fingers as he talked indicating exactly how many of each thing he wanted and the waiter seemed impressed. “Well thank you sir. I’ll be back with your drinks in a minute.” The waiter said as he scampered off. “Move back for Mister Cultured.” Oz said sarcastically. “Well I try.” Spike said trying very hard not to look to proud of himself. “It sounded like that was your natural language.” Buffy said. “Well it kinda is. I learned how to speak French and Spanish while learning English. It’s in all the parenting books or just something my grandfather made up.” Spike said. “Still very impressive. What did you order me?” Warren asked. “I ordered a roasted chicken plate for you and Andrew, the Steak Sauce Bordelaise for Oz, the Pork Chops Dijonaise for Willow, and the Scallops in Champagne Sauce for Buffy because she said she likes fish.” Spike said. “Wow I think he got us head on.” Willow said. “Yup I’m big on the steak.” Oz said. “I think that waiter was pretty impressed. I’d say he wanted to do more then take your order.” Andrew said. The table looked at him with questioning stares. “You can tell that sort of thing?” Spike asked . “Call it Gay-dar, but yeah I know. That and the way that he was looking at you like you were a nummy treat.” Andrew said. “Well I’m not sure whether to be flattered or freaked out.” Spike said a little perplexed. “Who’s the Coke for?” Warren asked. “Um… me.” Spike said getting a little nervous and hoping that he didn’t have to answer any questions of his past. “Not a heavy drinker. I get that. Give Andy two drinks and he can go out like a light.” Warren said. “Hey just because I can’t drink like a fish doesn’t mean anything. I just don’t enjoy drinking like other people. Job prevents me from doing that.” Andrew said. “Yeah well sometimes you can enjoy it a little too much.” Spike said quietly trying to make sure no one heard him. No one but Buffy had. The table was going on about there jobs now. “It’s okay that you don’t drink. I don’t really drink that much either. Besides you have an exception.” Buffy said to him quietly. “Yeah well I should have never started drinking in the first place. It was a bad, bad idea and something I’ll never go back to. My life was a complete mess back then.” Spike said. “Have you ever slipped up?” “Once or twice or maybe more then that. I remember one time I drank myself silly because I was terrified of flying. I hate flying.” Spike said. “Where were you going?” “Back to England to visit my grandmother. I was about twenty-six at the time. They didn’t allow smoking on the plane so I restored to drinking. Luckily Angel was there to keep me from drinking too much.” Spike said. “You really need to quit smoking. It isn’t healthy.” Buffy said. “Let’s just keep it at one bad habit at a time. Not totally over the alcoholic thing just yet.” “Things will heal with time.” “Yeah I know.” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Warren took another drag from his cigarette. He had started the habit up again and hadn’t told Andrew. He was a big freak about those sorts of things being a doctor and having seen damaged lungs before. Warren was supposed to be in the bathroom, but decided to make a beeline for the sanctuary that was outside and light a cigarette. He knew that cigarettes were bad. He had seen homes and lives destroyed because of them in his line of work. An unattended cigarette could lead to a fire was one of the first things he learned as a firefighter. He had been a smoker for most of his life. He had started in high school and just stopped a couple of years ago when he met Andrew. Now things in his life were so stressful that he turned back to his thin nicotine filled friend. He loved Andrew. He knew that. It was just so hard to tell that to everyone else. He had told his family and they had been less then pleased. Some still thought that it was some sort of elaborate joke even after bringing Andrew to the Meers family dinner and kissing him in front of everyone. And why shouldn’t they think that. Warren had never displayed any gay qualities in his life. He was football star in high school and had been Prom King along with his Prom Queen girlfriend, Katrina. He went on to get a scholarship for football to Stanford. He attended the college for awhile before deciding that he wanted to become a fireman. There were no desires to play with Ken dolls when he grew up and he never held a flamboyant grace to him. He hated school like any normal kid and always chased after girls in his high school years. So no he didn’t act like the stereotypical gay man, but he has gay. He knew it just by the fact that when he looked at Andrew his heart expanded in his chest. The dinner had been going on rather nicely and Buffy and Willow seemed like nice women. He found himself talking to Spike and Oz constantly throughout the dinner and actually bonding with them. They talked about sports and stuff like that. That was another thing that made Warren doubt his gayness. He was a guy like any other guy. Of course then Andrew would do that cute little thing when he was giggling and his face would scrunch up and he would know he was gay. Things with Andrew were hitting a hard place. He knew that Andy deserved someone who was open with their lifestyle, but Warren wasn’t quiet ready to do that and he wasn’t ready to let Andy go. And apparently Andy wasn’t ready to give up on him. Warren had met Andrew’s dad. The man was pretty excepting to the idea of his son being gay. Andrew had a close relationship with his father. Warren had even met Andrew’s mother who was less then thrilled that her son was gay, but knew it was coming. Then there was Joyce, Buffy’s mother and Andrew’s step mother, who was very pleased with him. Now he had met his friends and his stepsister who he treated like a real sister. If that didn’t scream committed then Warren didn’t know what did, but he couldn’t help feeling like he should let Andy go so that he could have a guy who would be honest about everything. Warren just didn’t have the strength to let someone that important in his life leave him. He threw down his cigarette which was merely ashes and snuffed it out. He was walking back inside when he bumped into Spike. “Oh sorry.” Warren said. “I thought you were in the bathroom.” Spike said. “Came out here for a smoke. What about you.” “Same.” Spike said. “Oh I didn’t know you smoked.” Warren said. “Like a chimney. Horrible habit I know, but I can’t shake it off. That and caffeine. How about you?” “Oh I’m a smoker from way back. I quit for awhile, but some times life throws you a whole lot of lemons and you can’t make lemonade quite that fast if you know what I mean.” Warren said. “Yeah I get it. I’ve never quit actually. Tried once, but I became all mean so now I’m just content to die with a cigarette in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.” Spike said. “Well I could get in trouble for smoking so don’t tell anyone.” Warren said. “Ah the Missus doesn’t know.” Spike said. “Not as of yet. I want to tell him, but he gets all irrational when it comes to smoking. Seen one too many black lungs not to I guess.” “Look I know it’s not my place what with being as new to the gang as you are, but I heard that you and Andy are having some problems.” Spike said. “Yeah a little. He’s just mad at the fact that I won’t admit to being gay to everyone. I’m not fully out of the closet I guess.” “Why are you letting that get to you?” “I’m not. He is. I’m not exactly model gay guy. Add that to the stress of his job and the fact that he hates big cities and you got one stressed out guy. I try to be the best boyfriend I can be, but it’s been a stressful year.” Spike took out a cigarette and played with it a little before putting the thin stick between his lips and lighting it. “I get that. It’s kinda been a stressful life for me.” Spike said then took a long drag from his cigarette. “Sometimes I wonder if maybe we just aren’t meant to be. Relationships shouldn’t be this hard.” Warren said sitting back down on the bench he had previously been sitting on. “They shouldn’t be, but they are.” Spike said. “Yeah I think maybe we would all be better off alone.” “So do I, but as people we can’t live alone.” “Stupid human characteristics.” “It sounds like you two just need to sit down and talk things out.” “You don’t think I’ve tried. Whenever we sit down and talk it turns into a yelling match. He’s like a clam when it comes to opening up.” Warren said. “Who says he has to be the one to start the conversation. Corner him if you have to. If you really care about him as much as you say you do then do everything you possibly can to keep him.” “Ah the up front approach. I don’t have to literally corner him do I? As much fun as that sounds I think I should be a little more subtle.” “To each his own.” “You’re right though. I can’t always expect him to make the first move.” Warren said standing up and getting ready to leave. “Thanks.” He said and then walked off. Spike threw his cigarette on the ground and stomped it out. “You’re welcome now if I would only follow my own advice.” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ “I wonder what’s taking Warren saw long.” Buffy said a little bit after Spike excused himself to go have a cigarette. “He’s probably outside having a cigarette.” Andrew said in a melancholy voice. “Warren smokes?” Willow asked. “Yeah we quit for awhile, but he used to smoke like a chimney. He just recently started up again. He thinks I don’t know about it.” Andrew said. “You two really need to communicate.” Oz said. “I know, but communicate just isn’t one of the things we do best. Fighting and arguing is though.” Andrew said. “Really cause tonight you guys seemed like a great couple.” Willow said. She hadn’t picked up on any negative vibes at all. “Yeah we can be at times, but I don’t know lately things haven’t been all sunshine and puppies.” “Well maybe you two just need to talk. Every relationship hits rough spots. Communication is the best way to get through them.” Buffy said hopefully. She really hated seeing Andrew this depressed he was always the more happy of the bunch. The optimist while she was the pessimist and Willow was just Willow. “Sure I mean we haven’t called it quits yet so there’s a definite possibility that things will end well.” Andrew said gather some of that optimism he stored in the back of his mind for special occasions. “See and this weekend is the perfect time to start. You’re away from all that big city smog and you can have a clear head.” Willow said. “You’re right. Excuse me for a moment.” Andrew said getting up and walking over to the entrance of the restaurant. Warren came in through the doors and they face each other. “We need to talk.” They both said at the same time. Warren smiled at Andrew and Andrew massaged his forehead. “Look I know that things haven’t exactly been the best these days, but that has nothing to do with you. I mean sure I’m annoyed that you won’t tell your friends about us, but I knew that going into the relationship that you weren’t exactly open about being gay yet. So that isn’t it. It’s just with work and all that I feel trapped sometimes. Not trapped with you just trapped. I’m too young to be this stressful. I just…” “Shh, Andrew I get it.” Warren interrupted. “I was babbling wasn’t I. See I try not to, but sometimes I can’t help it. I’ve tried to stop and I’m doing it again.” Andrew said looking down at something that caught his eye on the ground. “I think it’s cute. And you’re right. We do need to talk. Maybe this free weekend will give us time to do that.” Warren said. “So is the invitation to stay at your hotel room still open?” Andrew asked not looking up from the ground. “I don’t think we’ll get that much talking done that way.” Warren said. “I promise to behave. If I stay at your hotel then this will be the perfect opportunity for Buffy and Spike to have some alone time.” Warren gave his boyfriend a questioning look. “You aren’t trying to play matchmaker are you?” “So what if I am.” “Andy people need to start relationships on their own. Pushing them into something won’t help.” “Sometimes people need a push.” Andrew said. “It’s not your place to push.” Andrew pouted at little then said, “They need to hurry it up already.” “Oh not the puppy dog face. You know how much I hate that.” “Yes but you still love me.” “God help I do.” ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Buffy shifted nervously in her seat. She was happy that Andrew and Warren were working things out, but she would give anything for him to be in the car right now. She was alone with Spike. Tonight was great. There was laughing and fun times. Spike fit in so perfectly with anyone. He was a people person. The silence in the car was deafening. She wasn’t sure if she should talk or remain quiet. If she talked he was bound to say something so darn cute that she would want to jump him right there. If she didn’t the tension would get so high that she would feel like bursting. No one was at her apartment. She would be all alone. “So I talked to Dawn.” Spike said trying to break the silence that had settled between them. He was fine with it, but when he looked over at Buffy he could see that she was nervous. “Oh.” Buffy said happy that he had been the one to break the silence. “Yeah and I got her to agree to testifying.” Spike said not taking his eyes off of the road. “That’s good. Maybe when she gets older you could talk to her about curfew too.” Buffy said jokingly. “No I think that’s somethin you’ll have to do on your own.” Spike said shifting in his seat. Buffy took a deep breath and then resumed looking at the window. Silence again. After a minute or two Spike tried his hand at conversation again. “Can you believe are friends talking about us like we aren’t standing right there. I’m sorry about how blunt Anya can be at times. I’m used to it, but others find it a little scary.” Spike said slipping into his friendly conversational voice. “Yeah it was a little scary at first. You get used to it after awhile. It’s nice though.” Buffy said. “Nice?” Spike said looking in her direction with a questioning stare on his face. “Nice that they care so much.” Buffy said clarifying herself. “Oh yeah I guess.” “It is. I don’t have any siblings so I don’t really know how that feels.” “You have friends.” Spike said. “Yeah, but with family there’s this difference. I don’t know what it is.” “Yeah I guess. Although it should be the other way around considering I’m the older one.” “I’m sure there were times when you looked out for her and look at how you are with Angel. Brothers and sisters tend to care of each other.” Buffy said as they pulled up to her apartment complex. “Well I guess I should get going.” Buffy said as she opened the passenger door. “You know it’s very dark. Why don’t I walk you to your door.” Spike said. What the hell was that? Walk her to her door? She lives in an apartment complex. You’re playing a dangerous game mate. Spike thought. Buffy looked at him for a second. Say no. Say you can get to your door without his help. If he goes up then he might not go back down for awhile and you can’t have that. “Sure.” Buffy said betraying the little voice in her head that was telling her not too. “Okay.” They made it up to Buffy’s apartment without talking. They were at her door and Buffy took out her keys. She unlocked the door and then turned around to find that Spike had moved closer to her. Spike hadn’t expected her to turn around so suddenly. When she did her face was buried in his chest. She was too close. They both knew it and the thought rang in both of their heads. Buffy looked up and tried not to stare at his chest. That was when she saw the scar again. “Where’d get that?” Buffy said outlining the scar with her forefinger sending little jolts through Spike’s whole body. “There was a time when I would have said bar fight, but I’m past that stage.” Spike said closing his eyes and gulping. Buffy’s finger was betraying her as it kept outlining the scar over and over again. “So what do you really get it from.” Buffy asked. “Um… … … I was in New York once and I got mugged. Told all my friends it was from a fight so I didn’t look weak.” Spike said realizing that she was the first person he admitted that to. Wes even thought that the scar was some old battle wound. “So you lied to keep up your bad boy image.” Buffy said. It came out a little throaty and her finger trailed down his cheek. “Yeah I guess.” Spike said still keeping his eyes closed. Was she even aware of the affect she was having at him? “Lying is bad you know.” “I wager I’ve learned my lesson.” Spike said his accent shining through. He opened his eyes and looked down at her. Before either knew how it happened there lips were touching. Like their kiss before it was shy and more of a brush then a kiss. Spike felt like he was going to spontaneously combust if the kiss wasn’t deepened. His tongue darted out and outlined her lips as if asking for permission to deepen the kiss. Buffy’s lips parted immediately and joined Spike’s tongue in a tango. Tongues battled for dominance and hands started to roam. Spike’s hands ran up and down Buffy until they finally rested on her hips. Buffy’s hands rapped around Spike’s neck and started to run through his hair. She liked it tousled and disheveled. It was like no kiss either had ever had in their life. Spike pulled Buffy as closed to him as he possibly could. Her body against his was making him feel dizzy and lightheaded. The same thing was happening for Buffy. If Spike wasn’t holding her so tight she feared that she would have been reduced to a puddle on the ground. After a minute or so of nonstop making out, Buffy pulled away slightly. “You want to come inside.”

Chapters 16, 17, and 18

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