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cool-pics! at the watering-hole
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Here's a small collection of a few pics that I thought were awesome and different. Unless otherwise stated, I took all of the pictures. I think they're quite cool! You can't click on them to enlarge, yet.

This picture is courtesy of Kah. Though the picture is "still" it looks like its moving.
American flag with light shining through, taken at a Wal-Mart. I received it from a forwarded e-mail.
My friend Virginia Severns, holding the bottom end of a hot-air balloon open. A member of "Koko-Rojo" Balloon Team.
Just some flowers that I saw on UNM campus.
Two girls let this stranger take a picture of them while they relaxed near UNM Duck Pond. They looked photogenic at the time.
My sister, Tanya, took this pic of her husband on the greens in Page, Arizona.
This is that pic seen in e-mails by NASA from the Hubble Telescope called the "Eye of God."