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Mojave Desert Memories - Desert Parties
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Mojave Desert Memories
Desert Parties!!

Desert Nights Were The Greatest Nights in the World!!
Growing Up In The Middle Of The Mojave Desert Ment Having
Those Nights All Year Long.  Hundreds Of Us Would Meet Out In The Middle -  SomeWhere?  Ü  With Names Like Wagon Wheel, Circle, Mini Crater, The Rocks, Just To Name A Few,
And Rock 'N Roll All Night Long.

My Wonderful Friend

Danny Miller - My Great Bud, The Drummer For Our Rock'N Blues Band The Stumpbreakers

Danny Was The Drummer For The Stumpbreakers
Our Home Town Rock 'N Roll Band.  They Could Play Anything!  You Request It And They Would Play It.  They Are The Main Reason The High Desert Was Rock'N & Roll'N In The 70s!!
Check Danny's Site Out - Really Cool


Cheyenne's Babies Cheyenne Was And Is A Great Friend. I Remember Sitting Around His House Partying, Listening To Great Music And Just Having A Wonderful Time. He Sent Me This Picture Of His "Babies" And I Just Couldn't Resist Including It Here.

Many Of My Friends Were Musicians Of One Kind Or Another And They Always
Made The Parties Come Alive.

High Desert Party Photos

Hi Everyone, Please Click On Each Number To See Different Desert Parties, All From Different Places And Times.  I Am Truly Sorry For The Quality Of The Photos, Years Of Storage Have Taken There Toll.  However, The Memories Are Wonderful And Worth Posting.


The Mojave Desert
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