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Mojave Desert Memories

~~ Rock'n High Desert Gal ~~
Mojave Desert Memories

Sierra Nevadas - Five Fingers
Taken By Cathy Padgett Schmeer

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My Mojave Desert Memories

I Am Originally From Ridgecrest, California. This Beautiful High Desert Town Is Located In The Northeast Corner Of Kern County, In The Northern Mojave Desert, Just West Of The Great Death Valley. This Was A Great Place To Grow Up, There Was And Is No Other Place Like It On This Earth!!

Surrounded By Four Mountain Ranges; The Sierra Nevada On the West, The Cosos On the North, The Argus Range On The East, And The El Paso Mountains On the South. We Had More Freedom Than One Could Ever Ask For, And A Way Of Life That You Just Couldn't Get Any Where Else.

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I Still Have Many Pictures To Add
And Many Wonderful Friends Still Living In The Mojave Desert
So My Photo Gallery Will Continue To Grow
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